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Festivities, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by robrae


... worn previously on the trip. Yusuf had small chocolates at the entry of the bus as part of the festivities. On arrival in Kusadasi it was time for a leather fashion show in a complex with eight large showrooms and glitzy stages in small theatres. Usual ...

Kusadasi, Troy, Pergamon & Adaland, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi, Troy, Pergamon & Adaland

A travel blog entry by bretquinlan


... decision to make. After two full days of touring Gallipoli, Troy and Pergamon ruins in 38 degrees heat we arrived into Kusadasi. The town contains Europe's largest waterpark and there lie the problem! Our tour was scheduled to head to Ephesus, famous ...

Reunited with my bag, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Reunited with my bag

A travel blog entry by joelwx39

We got to Kusadasi and my bag was there. It was nice to wear something different. It is easier to travel with no stuff though. Less worry about putting things away. All the batteries are charged. Pictures downloaded. ...

Just a dot on the map, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Just a dot on the map

A travel blog entry by jegibbs

Back in Turkish waters and at the town of Kusadasi. It is from here that most folk go to visit Ephesus. As I have been there twice it was my morning for a delicious breakfast and a quiet morning with a book. Just recorded here to literally get a spot ...

Shake? Rattle? Roll?, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Shake? Rattle? Roll?

A travel blog entry by mleff


I swear an earthquake just woke me up.  Then,of course I woke Jill up/ she woke up from it as well.  I am waiting for a tsunami to come, but Jill said they don't happen in seas.  I went to the computer to look it and found ...

Day 8, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Day 8

A travel blog entry by seeme


Kusadasi - Ephesus - Kusadasi We explored over 2000 year old streets , a theatre, the library of Celsius and Hadrians Temple in Ephesus. Next we went to the Virgin Mary's stone cottage and went down to the springs where the water is blessed and is said to ...

Sunday in Ephesesus, Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Sunday in Ephesesus, Turkey

A travel blog entry by bsrancho5


We arrived in Kusadasi early this morning & it was simply amazing to watch our ship dock! We're surrounded by mountains & the bluest water--it's just gorgeous. This was another early tour day, & we set out with about 30 others for Ephesus, ...

A long drive & a visit to St. John's grave, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

A long drive & a visit to St. John's grave

A travel blog entry by brendakwilson


... , so we skipped these this time around since we were able to see both from the basilica). After checking into our hotel in Kusadasi, we walked through the bazaar quarters and did some more shopping. We ate at Green Cafe, and it was also very delicious! ...

Kusidasi and Miletus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusidasi and Miletus

A travel blog entry by herbguhl


Our port of call for today was Kusadasi, Turkey, for which the primary attraction is nearby ancient Ephesus. Virtually all of the Holland America shore excursions included Ephesus in some way, but we had visited Ephesus in 2007, so we decided to take the ...

Honeymoon - Pt. 4, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Honeymoon - Pt. 4

A travel blog entry by amyanderson


... and we drove to the ancient city of Ephesus.  Then we visted the ampitheatre at Didyma, with a stop for a traditional lunch.  We then drove to the Temple of Apollo, before returning to Kusadasi for a "rug show" at a local rug ...

Kusadasi, Kusadasi, United States travel blog


A travel blog entry by tsuniah

Seriously impressive ...

Ephesus & Virgin Mary - Information overload, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ephesus & Virgin Mary - Information overload

A travel blog entry by julie.tennett


... a chick!   It was a very long day.  Some of the group flew back to Istanbul, we went back to Efe Boutique in Kusadasi - weary but quite satisfied that we'd "done" Ephesus!  We both agree though that we have been spoilt in some of the other ...

Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by journeyguy


... promptly and stayed with us until we were fully checked in. Euphrates Travel has not let us down in any way so far on the Turkey part of the tour. Great outfit to work with in setting up the trip and they shine in the execution. Kayseri -> Istanbul ...

Nov 01, 2011, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Nov 01, 2011

A travel blog entry by hurf


Revolving door, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Revolving door

A travel blog entry by mazsha


June 26 - Kusadasi (6) Another couple crew members are disembarking in Istanbul (2 days away). Crew I hang out with :-(  It seems the international send off activity is eating - you know, the last supper. In this case, the last lunch! We went back to ...

Turkey - Ephesus & Cappadocia, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Turkey - Ephesus & Cappadocia

A travel blog entry by ireneinmexico


TURKEY, Kusadasi – July 11 & 12, 2013 Another beach resort, but somewhat different from Antalya, which we visited a week ago – not that we had much time to visit the city.  Our guide told us it is very popular with many European ...

Magnificent Sites to See in Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Magnificent Sites to See in Turkey

A travel blog entry by sampat102012


... leashes nor did any of them have owners, just eating what the tourists gave them and enjoying being pet. The landscape in Kusadasi, Patrick compared to northern Arizona. There was not much vegetation (besides olive trees) it was brown and very dry. There ...

Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by shawaway2015

Today we docked in Kusadasi, Turkey. Kusadasi means bird island. There are about 50k inhabitants which swells to 500k during the tourist season. It became a republic in 1923. They have a dry summer with very high humidity. The tour started with a visit ...

Kudsadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by sandy1948


... them, but we assure them that we will be going to Ephesus tomorrow also. As it turned out, this group is on a 12 day tour to Turkey with Fez Travel and we are on a 4 day Ephesus tour with Fez. Same company, but we will have a different guide and mini ...

Gocek to Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Gocek to Kusadasi

A travel blog entry by wareameye


We say farewell to the crew this morning, and transfer our baggage to our bus. We have a couple of hours' drive ahead as we make our way to the ruins of ancient Magnesia ad Maeandrum. Other sites visited today include the house of the Virgin Mary, and ...

the agian sea (is trying to kill me), Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

the agian sea (is trying to kill me)

A travel blog entry by georgias-trip


LaLaLa---- oh hi so we went on a ship but we weren't aloud to wear shoes OK that's fine i guess we went to four bays Bay 1 at bay 1 we stayed for one hour 30 minutes it was 10 feet deep and you could climb down the ladder or jump i climbed down the ...

Sunday, at sea on the way to Kusadasi, Turkey, Kuşadası, Turkey travel blog

Sunday, at sea on the way to Kusadasi, Turkey

A travel blog entry by davidastevenson


... Churchill's skillful management of the full cabinet won the day over Halifax. Fascinating. Dinner was a pleasant surprise this evening. Roast Turkey. There are about 100 Canadians on board, and I had been campaigning with the Maitre D' for a turkey on ...

Aphrodisias, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jvaupel


An early morning leaving got us to Ephesus by 8:30 with very few other tourists. Entering the upper gat, we walked down through the town. It turned out to be a magnificent walk. The top of the town was crowned by an odeon leading to the agora via entry ...

You call that DRIZZLE!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

You call that DRIZZLE!

A travel blog entry by katgoaway


... " on board this cruise, and after the rather disappointing event, the cruise director announced that we may get some "drizzle" while in Kusadasi today. Well, I'm here to say, that was no drizzle!! I'd call that a small typhoon! The winds were so fierce ...

Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Part II, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Part II

A travel blog entry by blakekelsey


... and nothing you don't". But on this ship we can say "everything you need, and everything you don't"!    Porting in Kusadasi, Turkey was much different than the Greek islands we had already visited. The biggest attraction of this area is its ...

Still Fantastic, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Still Fantastic

A travel blog entry by donnaanddennis


... . I have never used the word fantastic this much in my life, isn't that fantastic. Didyma is about 100 kilometers from Kusadasi so I had a chance to stretch the legs on the car. Peppy little thing, the highways are Saskatchewan grade. Stay out of the ...

2 hours sleep!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

2 hours sleep!

A travel blog entry by saledwards

It is 6.46 am on wednesday 31 Aug - had two hours sleep. about to got for breakfast then on the road for another full day sightseeing.  Hangover hasn't hit me yet, so feeling ok....  think that may change within next couple of ...

Ölü dalgalar, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ölü dalgalar

A travel blog entry by nihatgungor


Akyarlar balıkçı barınağı hoştu..Sabah 08:04 te demir aldık.. Motor saati: 1013 Rotamız Kuadası marina.. Ama ne var ki az ilerledik, charterpilot ta rota göstermiyor, meğer bizim teknenin haritada ...

Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by robynmclennan

Ephesus- the house if the burin Mary - very moving and drank the holy water from the spring - said to give healing properties . It is where Mary is said to have died and her whole body raised to heaven. The roman ruins if Epheseus was away ahead of its ...

Instabul, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by cazzah

Woke as the ship docked back in Instabul. Again glorious sunshine - the weather has been amazing. After breakfast, Johnny decided he needed to see more of Instanbul, so he left the ship about 11.00 to catch the hop on-hop off bus on his own. He had a ...

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