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This Greek Salad is All Green to Me, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

This Greek Salad is All Green to Me

A travel blog entry by joe-and-jill


Days 243 to 245 On our way to our final stop on our Turkish tour, our bus finally arrives in the city of Kusadasi at about 9PM, where someone from our hotel is meeting us. After standing on the side with our backpacks for about 20 minutes and no sign of ...

Market Day in Kusadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Market Day in Kusadasi

A travel blog entry by hingstontribe


... around the waterfront and watched the old men fishing, till we got to an old fortress on Pigeon Island. I can't get over how beautiful Turkey is. We sit on the pier and lazily watch the fishing boats and are just soak up the scenery. At Micah’s ...

Kusadasi, Turkey- Day 13, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi, Turkey- Day 13

A travel blog entry by nicski


... you only have to touch something or look at it for 2 seconds & they won't leave you alone. I can't shop like that, need to shop in peace. I said to one guy "I'm just looking" he said, "that's okay I'm just selling". So didn't buy anything in ...

Kushadasi, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by anaguran

test ...

The Best Ruins Ever, Turkey /Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

The Best Ruins Ever

A travel blog entry by raylee


Boarding our motorcoach, we are on our way to the ruins of the Basilica of St John which was built over the tomb of St. John.  Frescos and mosaics still remain and graceful columns hint at the structure's former grandeur. ...

Experiencing Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Experiencing Ephesus

A travel blog entry by mtbrown


... option when you buy your tickets to Ephesus, but I heartily recommend it).  Ephesus is about a half hour bus ride from Kusadasi, through some very pretty countryside.  On the way to Ephesus the guide explained its history as a major seaport on ...

Kusadasi, House of Mary & Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi, House of Mary & Ephesus

A travel blog entry by tapestry

... at about 6:30am. I am not sure if it was the sun but our first impression of the port was delighted surprise. We thought Kusadasi (koosh-a-dasee) would just serve as a quick jump off to Ephesus and not offer much in its own right.  A small sandstone ...

Cruise Kusadasi and Patmos, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Cruise Kusadasi and Patmos

A travel blog entry by trishfr


... Back in Greece territory again gosh how many countries have we visited .. England, France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Vatican City, Greece, Turkey !!! Wow talk about a whirlwind trip We opted out of the tour to Patmos. ... Just wandered in ourselves and had ...

Greek Island Cruise, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Greek Island Cruise

A travel blog entry by mcclure


Had an early start this morning as we arrived in Turkey. Toured the village of Kusadasi. Visited the ruins in Emphesus which was very interesting. Had time to explore and take many photos. The theatre was particularly good. Next visit was at a ...

A night on the town- only just got in!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

A night on the town- only just got in!

A travel blog entry by saledwards


... my hotel room bout 15 mins ago(some of you may read this shortly after I post it with the 5 hr diff). We're in Kusadasi (pronounced Kusa-dashi) and have had yet another massive day. won't write about that yet either. this blog is about tonight! My first ...

Day 14 (Aegean Classic Cruise): Kusadas& Patmos, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Day 14 (Aegean Classic Cruise): Kusadas& Patmos

A travel blog entry by shallan


Day 14 / Day 3 of the Aegean Classic Cruise: Kusadasi (Turkey) and Patmos (Greece) This morning it was another 6am start (two in a row - ah, we need a real holiday start time please!) but definitely worth it. We docked into Turkey and were off the boat ...

Ephesus and another  Grand Bazaar, Pamukkale to Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ephesus and another Grand Bazaar

A travel blog entry by kimberly_r


... Dinner was at 7:30 and it was a buffet, not bad.  We were to meet at 9:30 to go out for a night on the town in Kusadasi.  I had every intention of going, but I had been battling a minor cold for the last few days and when I got back to my room I ...

Benıdorm ın Turkey, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Benıdorm ın Turkey

A travel blog entry by happydunk


So down to Troy wıthout the Brad Pıtt Turkey ıs very expensıve to get ınto anythıng they have really jumped on the Tourısım boat. Dıdnt go ınto troy as 15TL and ıts a wooden horse and not the ...

Visit to Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Visit to Ephesus

A travel blog entry by traipsingshorts


Another private tour with Sinan, today Ephesus - and words cannot do justice to this ancient town. Again we asked - how did they do this so long ago? We visited the terrace houses that are being excavated, what an insight to how these people lived! ...

Best of Ephesus Tour, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Best of Ephesus Tour

A travel blog entry by geoffbro


A little about Kusadasi, Turkey From the port of Kusadasi on Turkey's Anatolian Coast, one travels into the past. Nearby stand the ruins of ancient Ephesus, a major site of archeological excavation. The city was once a Roman provincial capital and trading ...

Kuşadası, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by lizconnie


A 3 night stop in Kuşadasi, we were kept entertained by some damn good bars providing fascinating entertainment.  I love travelling in the off season, you are able to negotiate the price of everything, including the price of your drinks at the ...

Descanso, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by thom_rm


La idea era de parar aqui un poco y bajar revoluciones. Vengo muy cansado y necesito descanso antes de encarar la gran urbe. Me dedique a caminar, probar comidas, dulces, escuchar musica, leer, escribir por la rambla, el puerto, los barrios y las playas ...

All Aboard!, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

All Aboard!

A travel blog entry by abarnes


... room every night and most other meals. The service left much to be desired, but the taste and variety of the meals made up for it. In my opinion, a cruise is an excellent way to see the Greece islands, Athens and Ephesus, Turkey.  ...

Ancient city overload, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Ancient city overload

A travel blog entry by christineatkins


Got up close and personal with the cliffs of Pamukkale today.  Enjoyed the walk down and a soak in the 'therapeutic' waters (not sure our feet felt the same way).  Also checked out the ancient city of Hierapolis which was situated on the ...

Secret Passageways, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Secret Passageways

A travel blog entry by anni.porter


We sailed throughout the night and next morning we'd arrived in Kusadasi in Turkey.  We'd opted for the excursion which would take us to see the Virgin Mary's House and then to the ancient town of Ephesus.  Our tour guide for this tour was ...

Addressing the Ephesians, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Addressing the Ephesians

A travel blog entry by canningt

Today we arrived in Kusadasi, Turkey which is the current seaport for the ancient city of Ephesus. Amazingly, when it was first settled some 3000 years ago, it was a seaport, at the mouth of a river.  Over the years the river silted in and eventually ...

Kusadesi, Kuşadası, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ijulie


We arrived in Kusadesi at 6am this morning and had to be ready for our tour to the ancient city of Ephesus by 7.10. What a treat this tour was! Originally built around 150 AD, Ephesus, a Roman town, was a very affluent port on the coast of the Aegean. ...

Kusadasi and Pigeon Island, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi and Pigeon Island

A travel blog entry by cruiseone2003

Kusadasi is a small but popular cruise port in Turkey which is a vacation spot for sun, fun, and shopping. The town is not that big and if shopping is your thing you will not be dissapointed by the shopping, restaurants and pubs. The vendors are not as ...

10/9 Friday Kusadasi Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

10/9 Friday Kusadasi Ephesus

A travel blog entry by mbg

10/9 Friday Kusadasi Ephesus Sailed all morning to Kusadasi, so much happening it was good to have a slower paced morning. Kusadasi is now the port city, Ephesus was, until earthquakes changed the coast line so it is now about 30 minutes away. Afternoon ...

oh wonderful wonderful Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

oh wonderful wonderful Ephesus

A travel blog entry by hms1987


you must must do the Ephesus excursion in Kusadasi. The ruins are out-of-this-world. You actually feel as though you are walking through an ancient town square, because there is so much intact (well, they rebuilt it when it was discovered obviously). ...

Troy & a horrible day, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Troy & a horrible day

A travel blog entry by madcats359


... the 9 layers of history and explain homer's Iliad. Then we all got on a bus and dropped off to pick up a coach to kusadasi, well what a horror (really grumpy service and they made you sit in your allocated seat even though it was half empty) and 7 ...

Bike Race, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Bike Race

A travel blog entry by turkishdelight

175 Miles  . Total Miles 1748 ...

water waves and swimming, Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

water waves and swimming

A travel blog entry by georgias-trip


hey ho hi i have been at the beach getting sunburned and swimming YOW ummmm i changed hotels so yea this one has yummy food i am sooooooooo tired and board! bye bye people i miss you willy  -  -   c ____ ZZZZZZZZ..... ...

Mythology, Culture and Turkish rugs, Kuşadası, Turkey travel blog

Mythology, Culture and Turkish rugs

A travel blog entry by ashleighb


... food in a roadhouse restaurant and then made our way up to the Acropolis of Pergamum. Another few hours and we arrived in Kusadasi at 6pm. Our hotel is opposite all the action of the boardwalk with cafes, marching bands (yes, there was a marching band ...

Kusadasi, Turkey...., Kusadasi, Turkey travel blog

Kusadasi, Turkey....

A travel blog entry by carlien.holt


 Kusadasi shopping baazar. People, people, people and more people! Bartering with everyone is really fun for Ray, he was in his element. A watch was €80 he got for €20 and of course its the real thing, a Rolex!!!  ...

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