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Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by lauralita

... . Ziemlich erschöpft erreichte ich dann mein Hostel und nach einem Spaziergang durch die Stadt merkte ich schnell, dass Ica nicht viel hergibt... Näher an Lima, bietet die Stadt Annehmlichkeiten wie Shoppingmalls und grosse Supermärkte ...

Ica, Ica, Pérou travel blog


A travel blog entry by worldtourmpkz


Comme prévu, nous sommes arrivés à Ica en début d'après-midi vendredi. Nous avons logé pour deux nuits dans une sorte d'auberge dont le propriétaire était unique! Une vraie pile électrique sur pattes! Toujours ...

Zwischen Wüste und Meer, Ica, Peru travel blog

Zwischen Wüste und Meer

A travel blog entry by verenas


... , Ica sehr berühmt für seinen Wein ist. Die Führung war allerdings sehr kurz und der Wein furchtbar - ich habe in Peru bisher immer nur grauenvollen Wein getrunken obwohl es tatsächlich auch guten geben soll! Am späten Nachmittag sind wir dann in ...

Fun with Mercury, Ica, Peru travel blog

Fun with Mercury

A travel blog entry by globetreker


Pisco and sand boarding, Ica, Peru travel blog

Pisco and sand boarding

A travel blog entry by tash_and_simon


Huacachina is an oasis in the middle of a giant mass of sand which stretches for kilometres and kilometres through Peru's north.. With only one day to enjoy the dunes the hostel manager suggested we do the pisco tour (otherwise known as the 'shit face ...

Nasca-Linien, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by cbieri


... Am Nachmittag fuhren wir dann noch weiter nach Ica. Nasca - die Stadt - hat mir nicht besonders gefallen... aber auch Ica ist nichts wirklich schönes. Wüstenstädte ohne besonderen Charme. Today we arrived early in Nasca and went to the office ...

changing plans, Ica, Peru travel blog

changing plans

A travel blog entry by tworedbikes

... . We're already not going to make our flight out of Ecuador, because we've been so ill (and still are). It's a shame to be leaving Peru just when it's getting to be what we like: street food, chatty people, that semi-chaos you get in Asia. Not making the ...

28 hours on a bus, a puma and a landslide, Ica, Peru travel blog

28 hours on a bus, a puma and a landslide

A travel blog entry by ajm56


... of the journey passes without further incident apart from another 2 hour delay in Ica due to a lady being ill, with some good films (courage cand a film about rachael mcadams ...

Normal Day in Leigh World, Ica, Peru travel blog

Normal Day in Leigh World

A travel blog entry by conrad.bear


I headed out at about 9am, heading for the museum.  It's only 1km south I think I can walk that. That's what maps on phones are for.  I found the museum with no drama The entry was only S/7.50.  The museum had many of it signs/information ...

Pisco & Sandboarding, Ica, Peru travel blog

Pisco & Sandboarding

A travel blog entry by cbieri


... luden kurz unsere Sachen ab und machten uns auf den Weg nach Huacachina. Das ist eine Oase, ca. 10 Minuten Autofahrt von Ica entfernt. Dort genossen wir zuerst die Oase, bevors mit einem Buggie durch die Dünen ging... das war lustig :-) dazwischen ...

Half day Oasis, Ica, Peru travel blog

Half day Oasis

A travel blog entry by tilazway


... and we got to use the facilities of a hostel afterwards! Including swimming pool! We had already decided that we would catch a bus to Ica early in the morning and then catch a bus out later that evening, so the tickets were already bought, but I think ...

Desert Coast, Ica, Peru travel blog

Desert Coast

A travel blog entry by bdsearle


... built around a lagoon. After all the desert I saw in Egypt I wasn’t expecting to be too moved by the desert of Peru, but here the dunes seem larger and steeper and you don’t need to head kilometres and kilometres away from civilisation to see ...

Little oasis of Haucachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Little oasis of Haucachina

A travel blog entry by frewcandy


Haucachina (pronounced with the H as a W) is about 5 mins from Ica and is a tiny little town nestled amongst huge sand dunes, with a lake at the center.  It really is an oasis in the desert. We spent the night catching up with Emma (Frew's ...

Apr 02, 2013, Ica, Peru travel blog

Apr 02, 2013

A travel blog entry by kryten


Chapter Eight - Ica and a winery, Ica, Peru travel blog

Chapter Eight - Ica and a winery

A travel blog entry by mmbcross


... and visit to a local winery in our programme, so at nine we were ready to leave the oasis. Like most cities in Peru, Ica has grown exponentially since we were there last. It has also suffered a couple of devastating earthquakes since then. Because of ...

Ica and Huacachina, Ica, Peru travel blog

Ica and Huacachina

A travel blog entry by rns


... great dinner at a little Peruvian restaurant called the Trattoria Novaro and tried some Peruvian red wine from the Tacama bodega in Ica. It was a little disappointing...let´s just say we won´t be bringing any home for you to try.:) We finally ...

Superb Sandbording but Nasca was a waste, Ica and Nasca, Peru travel blog

Superb Sandbording but Nasca was a waste

A travel blog entry by nath_h


Update 5: Superb Sandbording but Nasca was a waste Location: Ica & Nasca, Peru Date: Thurs 30th Nov 06 ICA Sandboarding the extensive coastal sand ranges of Ica was definitely well worth the stop. We stayed in an Oasis town called Huacachina which ...

Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by traveloholic

 Ica for the ruins museum. Pretty shady place even in the middle of the day. Best vegetarian food ...

Sandboarding and Buggy Rides, Huacachina and Ica, Peru travel blog

Sandboarding and Buggy Rides

A travel blog entry by chrisfox93

... me onto one of my musings about Peru: the dogs are aggressive shits. As I will tell later, I also got attacked in Peru and there have been numerous dogs proper barking at the top of buildings of which, thankfully, they couldn’t get ...

Feb 23, 2008, Ica, Peru travel blog

Feb 23, 2008

A travel blog entry by petora.n


Matt in Nazca, Ica, Peru travel blog

Matt in Nazca

A travel blog entry by also


... about us being stranded in new york for a day and how awesome/not so awesome(not just because we were a day late getting into peru) that was. And im sure my father forgot to mention the fact about all the adults excluding my brother having a few too many ...

Relaxation and Adrenaline Rush, Ica, Peru travel blog

Relaxation and Adrenaline Rush

A travel blog entry by debw


Last night I had a great night catching up on sleep (13 hours) and then took the morning to relax and read by the pool. This afternoon was a little more intense. We went for an adrenaline pumping dune buggy ride through the desert sands stopping at ...

Peru, Ica, Peru travel blog


A travel blog entry by anitadyer


Ica and Huacachina. Huacachina, dubbed as the sand dune capital of the world is a beautiful desert oasis surrounded by massive sand dunes with a central lagoon.  Lot's of sandboarding and getting airborne on dune ...

C.C Plaza del Sol, Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog

C.C Plaza del Sol, Ica

A travel blog entry by juan.diego


Ica, not so much., Ica, Peru travel blog

Ica, not so much.

A travel blog entry by dogggud


Sunnudagur 3. mars. Komum til Ica eeeeldsnemma, klukkan ekki nema rúmlega 6. Staðurinn frekar lítill og við vorum frekar fljót að finna hostelið okkar, þó svo að lókalvitleysingar reyndu að villa okkur yfir á annað hostel þó svo að við ...

was awesome!!!!!, Ica, Peru travel blog

was awesome!!!!!

A travel blog entry by naors

ica is great but I have to move ...

Ica, ville du desert..., Ica, Peru travel blog

Ica, ville du desert...

A travel blog entry by abrelosojos


... plus que terrifiantes, on a encore mange comme des cochons et bu de la Chicha morada (jus de mais violet) jusqu"a plus soif... Ica le soir etait bonde, la ville prepare les fetes des vendanges ce week end car c"est la region viticole du pays. Au moment ...

Couchsurfing in Ica, Ica, Peru travel blog

Couchsurfing in Ica

A travel blog entry by cereal4cats


... it in these large terracotta looking vats. Then we went to the tasting room and we tried the wine and pisco. Pisco is Peru's specialty many people drink it as a pisco sour. The wine was very sweet and the vineyard owner had some very creative ways of ...

Hello Pisco!, Ica, Peru travel blog

Hello Pisco!

A travel blog entry by jannaenjacq


... vroeg en met mijn gebrekkige spaans kon ik begrijpen dat ze ons ticket omboekte zodat we op dat moment direct de bus (naar Ica namen we aan) konden pakken. Onze tassen gingen onderin met een kaartje en wij stapten in. Onderweg stopten we op verschillende ...

I want to be running when the sand runs out!, Ica, Peru travel blog

I want to be running when the sand runs out!

A travel blog entry by myperuadventure


... , exploring some gorgeous desert sand dunes!! We left Lima at about 9 am and drove for 6 looongg hours to Ica, a desert in southern Peru. The view from the bus window was fascinating as we watched the landscape gradually change to more and more desert. ...

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