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Day One of Trip-in-a-Trip!, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Day One of Trip-in-a-Trip!

A travel blog entry by caitlin82


So, got up early to get going early.  Went to Killarney and stayed the night in Dingle, had to be my favorite places in Ireland so far.  We went through the KIllarney National Park, and it was so beautiful! The mountains and eveything were just ...

The Blarney, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

The Blarney

A travel blog entry by wwpjstevenson


... I am waiting for that. We spent the rest of the day winding through sunny second roads to reach CO. Kerry and the Dingle peninuslar - home for the original filming of RYANS DAUGHTER. B&B has superb view over the Dingle Bay and some rather steep hills ...

Road Tripppp!, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Road Tripppp!

A travel blog entry by dizzysparkles


... , a quaint little town and set off to find Staigue Fort, a round fort thought to be built before Christianity arrived in Ireland. We found Loher Fort randomly - another round fort (right on the ocean!!!). I definitely did several little happy dances - ...

Day Two, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Day Two

A travel blog entry by loganriddick


Went to mass 11:30 at St. Mary's by the pier in Dingle. My dad's grandmother went to school here in 1910. Then we took Slea Head Drive out to the Blasket Islands and saw the Gallaris ...

Day One, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland travel blog

Day One

A travel blog entry by loganriddick


Just landed in Ireland! Left Shannon airport and headed to the Bunratty castle and Blarney woolen mills and then on to the Cliffs of Moher. Then on to Dingle where my great grandmother ...

Rain, beer, and more rain, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Rain, beer, and more rain

A travel blog entry by serengetidude

... really cool farmer's market. We moved on to the Dingle Peninsula, which is supposed to be some of the best scenery in Ireland. The town of Dingle is small, cool, and half full of tourists. We found a good B&B then hit the pubs. We had some excellent ...

Danglin on the Dingle, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Danglin on the Dingle

A travel blog entry by uvanmathias


Cead Mile Failte, that's a gretting in Gaelic. Today we are on the Dingle Peninsula on the West Coast and it's beautiful. Today was the nicest day so far, it was actually hot and there wasn't very much wind. We're staying at a hostel/camp area about ...


A "short" trip to Dingle

A travel blog entry by njofielding


... the cider.  We also shared a piece of apple pie which was really interesting.  The crust was sort of cake-like. salads in Ireland are kind of interesting also.  They are mostly garnish with a tad bit of lettuce to sit it on.  I guess ...

Tour de Dingle, Dingle Peninsula, Ireland travel blog

Tour de Dingle

A travel blog entry by brianna1026


... to see this performance.  It was traditional Irish instrument playing, singing and dancing.. along with some story telling about Ireland's history.  It was a beautiful experience.  I'm not ashamed to say I had tears in my eyes during the ...

Ring of Kerry to Dingle Peninsula., Kerry, Ireland travel blog

Ring of Kerry to Dingle Peninsula.

A travel blog entry by narabouts


... Head Famine Cottages. This is now a visitors centre intended as a memorial to the tragedy of famine which has affected Ireland on many occasions, but especially during the Irish Potato Famine from 1845 to1850. The population of Ireland fell by over two ...

The Family in Ireland, Dublin, Glendalough, Monasterboice, Kildare,Adare,Dingle..., Ireland travel blog

The Family in Ireland

A travel blog entry by rosielondon


... early and drove clear across the country! on friday we visited: glendalough (home to the "most perfect high cross in all of Ireland," Monasterboice which is the site of St. Kevin's monastery and a BEAUTIFUL national park, then we drove all the way down ...

Into Dingle Late, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Into Dingle Late

A travel blog entry by ryanhaber


... I am not positive it was Irish, but it wasn't any other language I can tell, and it was almost certainly sailor talk, whether they were fishermen or not. No pictures from Dingle yet, but you can expect some tomorrow.  All the best from County Kerry. ...

Dingle - Amazing views!! - Map pin Only, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Dingle - Amazing views!! - Map pin Only

A travel blog entry by phlegmorph

Ring of Dingle, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Ring of Dingle

A travel blog entry by grantgirls


... the fog never cleared and the higher parts it was very heavy. We somehow missed a turn and ended up back in Dingle instead of finishing the ring. By this time people were awake and stores were open. We stopped by the visitor’s center ...

Who Let the Dogs Out?, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Who Let the Dogs Out?

A travel blog entry by amberandbobbi


... made us feel bad. But everything was OK and we continued on before climbing one last hill and then making a long descent into Dingle. After checking into O'Neill's B&B, a very clean and well-kept mother-and-son operation near the heart of town, we ...

Diaries of a Travel Shopper, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Diaries of a Travel Shopper

A travel blog entry by addictiveaddons

... my stunning, beautiful, Irish jewelry.        That being said my favorite things in Ireland were:  Jewelry (of course): mainly silver, celtic knots Wool sweaters and scarves Musical instruments Prints/paintings Crystal (home ...

Through the pass, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Through the pass

A travel blog entry by michie-and-paul

... quick stop into Limerick to see King John's castle and the town centre. Drove on to Adare, which is known as one of Ireland's prettiest villages. It has a lovely little row of thatched roof cottages and a lovely park, but too many tourists for my liking, ...

An Daingean - A Dingle Experience, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

An Daingean - A Dingle Experience

A travel blog entry by marybc


... had was what they got off the internet.  When I return to Canada I will investigate further.  Driving around the Dingle Peninsula was both  a spectacular and introspective experience.  At each turn we would be overcome by the scenery. ...

Sadly, no dingleberries, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Sadly, no dingleberries

A travel blog entry by rokrchik

... us most of the day as we settled in. It's a small seaside town but it just has a vibe. And what is it with Ireland and no grocery stores?! I mean at least in London I can come across a Sainsbury's, Tescos or a Waitrose every few blocks. Sometimes in the ...

Darling Dingle, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Darling Dingle

A travel blog entry by homebodyabroad

I'm safe and having a great time on the Dingle pennisula. This is the most gorgeous place! This morning I drove the Slea Head route, which is straight up on one side, and straight down on the other with medieval ruins all over the place. Dingle ...

Head in the Clouds, Cloghane,  Ireland travel blog

Head in the Clouds

A travel blog entry by amberandbobbi


... of Brandon. In time, we reached a main road and met another hiker, a woman from Seattle who was (to our dismay) hiking the Dingle Way solo. She had decided to stay in Cloghane a couple extra nights to relax and nurse an injured foot (her boots had given ...

Montrath-Tralee-Dingle Peninsula, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Montrath-Tralee-Dingle Peninsula

A travel blog entry by kchritz



Dublin...Dingle...and a caaahr, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Dublin...Dingle...and a caaahr

A travel blog entry by gildo


... at the early hours of 6:30 PM. After a fine breakfast at the Bed and Breakfast we were staying at, we headed off to Dingle, via secondary roads and nice scenery. I am still trying to figure out how to upload photos, so in the mean time, here is the ...

More from Dingle, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

More from Dingle

A travel blog entry by transendze


We had some trouble with this travel blog yesterday and couldn't get all of the photos uploaded.  Mike has left for Paris and Rebecca and I are heading to Cork in a few hours.  Reb's feet are good to go!  My knees belong to an 80 year old ...

just real quick, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

just real quick

A travel blog entry by matthew27hans

... laty brings me my burger and says, "here you go a little taste of wisconsin for you." haha i thought it was funny. i went to ireland and got a taste of home. so then we were off and went to galaway. but we ended up continuing down from galaway..... ok im ...

Dingle Peninsula, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Dingle Peninsula

A travel blog entry by gluxonthego


... game was a 86. Evan stated that the lanes were very dry. At least Evan can say he bowled in Ireland! We walked around a bit more before dinner. Dingle is a busy little sea town with brightly decorated buildings. Everyone is very friendly. We ate at Out of ...

The Wedding, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

The Wedding

A travel blog entry by rwetmore

... trip, which included much of the Irish countryside, was the impetus in the end for our making the move to Europe. I loved Ireland more than anywhere else I'd ever been or hope to visit. We would end up visiting Waterford, Cork, Cashel, Kilkenny, ...

Torc Waterfall, Dingle via Torc Waterfall, Ireland travel blog

Torc Waterfall

A travel blog entry by pnp53


We said goodbye to Kathy, Alfie, the chickens and the dogs and headed off to Muckross Estate.  The grounds are lovely and would be even better in the summer.  If I had this trip to do over I would skip the tour of the house. It went fast and I ...

Breathtaking Cliffs / Acantilados Imponentes, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Breathtaking Cliffs / Acantilados Imponentes

A travel blog entry by journeythrough


Cloghane and Dingle:  With a few extra days in Ireland, the Dingle peninsula was calling my name!  The streak of good weather ended, but who cares.  It's been raining non stop since I've been here and the locals say it's been this way for ...

Dingle Bay, Dingle, Ireland travel blog

Dingle Bay

A travel blog entry by phillipcoleman


Left Galway on our way to Dingle Bay first stop was Dunguaire Castle, they still use for banquets etc. Then onto the wishing well where I threw in a coin for good luck ( the Irish are very superstitious).  Next stop was Corcomcoe Abbey, then through ...

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