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Week One of

Week One of "The Indian Experience"

A travel blog entry by wchristian

... of Chicago and began my great Indian journey. As noted, I am spending the first semester of my junior year working for Cummins in India. Taz Kadam, a fellow junior at DePauw, is also part of this program in India. We met in the international terminal of ...

hi friend's welcome mandar blog, Pune, India travel blog

hi friend's welcome mandar blog

A travel blog entry by mvm1607

hi friend's welcome mandar blog, u can sen me email on this ...

Superglue and Nerves, Pune, India travel blog

Superglue and Nerves

A travel blog entry by bigmacx

... at the airport all checked in, my goodbyes all said and still no nerves. When I first decided to take the position offered in India I didn't feel nervous or worried, although I seemed to be vaguely aware that I should, after all moving half way round the ...

We're going SHOPPING!, Pune, India travel blog

We're going SHOPPING!

A travel blog entry by jlthatcher

... for Olivia).  I got some earrings, an elephant for Dave Phillips and I got my arm done with the henna decorations that they do in India.  When we got back to the hotel we decided to go down to the lobby and see if we could get into "Sceam", the ...

Museum, the Fort and lunch with Mahesh, Pune, India travel blog

Museum, the Fort and lunch with Mahesh

A travel blog entry by stuffnthingz

... through some family photos and got to see some of Mahesh's mom's jewelry, bangles, and pendants and her marriage necklace. In India you wear a wedding necklace, not a ring. They are black and 24k gold and are exquisite. My horrible morning turned out ...

På väg hem!, Pune, India travel blog

På väg hem!

A travel blog entry by frida_peter


Lars tror att jag bär på någon typ av rese-fö sitter nämligen i Delhi och är försenade igen... Inte så speciellt mycket men risken är att det är tillräckligt för att vi skall missa ...

Bollywood and Taxi drivers, Pune, India travel blog

Bollywood and Taxi drivers

A travel blog entry by adamorjeff


... as I had to shave off my beard, but they did pay me 500 rupees (six quid) and lunch. I am writing this from Pune train station (either pronounced Puneey or Puna) after finding great uncle Frank's war grave, which despite the rest of Pune is a peaceful, ...

Happy Hour!, Pune, India travel blog

Happy Hour!

A travel blog entry by pamdoyle


Each time we visit Harbinger Systems, they have a team building event called Happy Hour.  (If you recall the last time, I was wrapped up in TP and became a mummy.)  This visit we also had a Happy Hour.  In Happy Hour the team plays several ...

snaps, Pune, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by aditya.vasal


Have a look at the snaps ...

KABIR BABA'S BLOG, Pune, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by kabirbaba

This was the first free blog I have ever created.I was just simply browsing on the Web. I didn't find anything to engage myself in. So, I thought of creating a free blog.I created my free blog on 17th August 2009 @ ...

Traffic, Pune, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by fiona.hill.589


I could have written about this in either of the two days, but I have decided to devote an entire chapter to the Indian roads. What an experience they are! The first rule is that there are no rules; however it seems that the more wheels you have the ...

Diwali, Pune, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by valleau


This is kind of like our Christmas. Karina will add more to this but my take is essentially fire crackers throughout the night, over commercialization of a sacred holiday and nicely dressed people. We also saw some great concerts (more on that in the ...

Man VS Food, Pune, India travel blog

Man VS Food

A travel blog entry by mickariane


L'Inde est un beau pays. La culture, les monuments valent à eux seuls le détour. Mais l'Inde est également un bon pays, gourmand et fier de sa cuisine. Ou devrait-on dire de ses cuisines? Nous le découvrons chaque jour, la cuisine varie d'état en ...

In India, Pune, India travel blog

In India

A travel blog entry by openarea


India is a different place, you can feel it with any sens the time you land. I post this long time after the travel so is probably better just to put on some picture and hope I will back there at some point ...

Journey from Pune To Allahabad, Pune, India travel blog

Journey from Pune To Allahabad

A travel blog entry by anuj_wanderer

... at a very young age!It so happened that me, parents and granny decided for a long trip to cover many pilgrim places of North India. We booked our train tickets well in advance. Those days roaming India in long trips in sleeper class for 2-3 days in trains ...

Getting Over A Break-Up: Tips To Move On, Pune, India travel blog

Getting Over A Break-Up: Tips To Move On

A travel blog entry by michaelvick730

Have you simply just buy your coronary heart damaged by way of male which team you considered could be now there available for you for a long time? Do you feel feeling hopeless all night . complications moving forward to following the break-up? Do you ...

Searching for Ursala, Pune, India travel blog

Searching for Ursala

A travel blog entry by radsolv

I took train from Bombay to Poona [or Pune] to try to find Ursula my Swiss girl friend for a spell in Khatmandu. Had a letter from her saying she was going to Poona to study Yoga at an Ashram. I had heard that the fame Yogi Iyenegar had a school there. I ...

Sister Lucy vs. Guru Osho, Pune, India travel blog

Sister Lucy vs. Guru Osho

A travel blog entry by scherbindien


... geteilt, ein Plan muss also her.  Wir beschließen, in entsprechend angemessener (Tarn-)Kleidung am Samstag Nachmittag nach Pune City zu fahren und anzugeben, Freunde zu besuchen und eventuell erst am Sonntag zurückzukommen, da wir abends dort ...


Back "Home" .... =))

A travel blog entry by coreihl

Hello!!! Okay, it's been a long time I have not updated this blog! My staying in Pune was much longer than expected, means more than 3 weeks instead of  dozen of days! Multiple reasons I won't develop here! =p I feel really lazy by now about writing ...

Now for some yoga!, Pune, India travel blog

Now for some yoga!

A travel blog entry by gitakathleen


... Otherwise life is very simple. Go to class, go to practice. Rest. Walk to the vegetable market. Go across the street to Pune Central (yep, there's a shopping mall right there) for food or a minor purchase. I've been refraining from doing too much shopping ...

Remaining EWB Programme: 1 of 2, Pune, India travel blog

Remaining EWB Programme: 1 of 2

A travel blog entry by mowgliontour


... , they also became empowered and stamped out domestic violence and alcohol abuse in their community - a sad combination prevalent in India.  I am really impressed by this self help model and feel that it embraces Gandhi's philosophies for leadership ...

Not An Arranged Marriage!, Pune, India travel blog

Not An Arranged Marriage!

A travel blog entry by sueschubert


... ;Chak De! India which explores religious bigotry, the legacy of partition, ethnic and regional prejudice, and sexism in contemporary India through field hockey.  Local color.     As the days unfolded and we settled ...

Well, we are in India now for over a week!, Pune, India travel blog

Well, we are in India now for over a week!

A travel blog entry by night_owl


Sorry, it's been so long to get this in here, we had a fantastic time in Bangkok and didn't get to an internet facility at all. We saw the Buddha's we wanted to see, Pat and I did a dinner cruise on the canals on the Monday night and saw the millenium ...

Pune -> Aurangabad, Aurangabad, India travel blog

Pune -> Aurangabad

A travel blog entry by ferdi

... en el hotel, así que anduvimos con los coches y, en el ultimo momento vimos un hotel Lemon Treebque hay exactamente igual en Pune y sabemos que se come bien. Bueno, la cena fue impresionantemente buena y pudimos disfrutar de ternera y si lo pedías sin ...

india baby, Pune, India travel blog

india baby

A travel blog entry by worldrmy

i started work in pune!! im from japan and 22years love party!!! here everything diffent and hot there is no japanese food, that make me bad this is other blog. just check it!!!! ...

From desert yellow to lush green, Pune, India travel blog

From desert yellow to lush green

A travel blog entry by weloveindia


... by lush green. The high point of Pune was eating breakfast at a luxury hotel. We needed a bit of a break from hectic India. Afterwards we went shopping at the socially aware Fabindia: a department store selling traditionally made products. We found a few ...

Diverse-City....., Pune, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by elly-mai.mawson

... the story. We watched one recently that’s about a boy with dyslexia and how it’s not a recognised as a condition in India so there’s no support from anyone, even parents. It was so moving to watch and really thought provoking! The ...

So Sari!, Pune, India travel blog

So Sari!

A travel blog entry by pamdoyle


... later in November.  The travel gods are rattling my cage. Every story has a silver lining:  I've met some wonderful people here in India.  You cannot replace a smile.  So through everything, no matter what, keep your head up and smile! ...

A Look Around & Our Apartment, Pune, India travel blog

A Look Around & Our Apartment

A travel blog entry by valleau


... to join the rat race or not, here they believe one has the right to choose. We also scored on a great apartment in Pune. Karina was able to befriend some highly decorated yoga teachers in Canada that set us up with this connection. Two bedroom, living ...

my wish, Pune, India travel blog

my wish

A travel blog entry by amruta_joshi

hello all readers..........    today i want to write somthing .about comparision,          Idont know why peoples do comparison between all things............for example two brothers......two sisters ......i ...

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