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Searching for Kouros, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Searching for Kouros

A travel blog entry by tuross11


... . Also met up again with the French.....happy people too.  Decided to go straight to Appollonis, the northernmost village in Naxos...a slow drive, twisting roads and spectacular scenery. Dave wished he was in the MX5 instead of a boxy Nissan Note. ...

Day Thirty-One, Aliko, Greece travel blog

Day Thirty-One

A travel blog entry by stigandwally


Having explored the north of the island by Munkey, today the plan was to explore the South by boat. We arrived just in time to board the Iason, an 18m wooden antique fishing boat captained by a larger than life ginger Greek, which we found ...

Hire a quad bike on Ios!, Ios, Greece travel blog

Hire a quad bike on Ios!

A travel blog entry by sarniasiren


Another morning on Ios. The views have to be admired no matter how many times we see them. We have yogurt with honey, fruit and nuts on our balcony. What happens next is a first for me, I hire a quad bike! Feel very uneasy with it at first and initially ...

Archaeological Remains At Every Turn, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Archaeological Remains At Every Turn

A travel blog entry by kitkrozser


... caught up with this blog.  Later in the afternoon, Norma, Jack, David, Robert and I went down to see the Portara - Naxos' most famous landmark.  The Portara is the remains of an unfinished Temple of Apollo.  It's basically just ...

Relaxing in Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Relaxing in Naxos

A travel blog entry by rachstagnaro


... closed then anyways. I think I could get used to this type of life. We have spent a few mornings wandering the alleyways of Naxos town and it's all adorable. The island is not lush like Thailand, nor does it have gentle breezes like Hawaii (more like ...

Last day on the beach :-(, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Last day on the beach :-(

A travel blog entry by julianandhazel


Today we where down on Agios Georgios Beach early to grab sun beds on the front row. All day on the beach so not much to tell. Hazel read and dozed and I watched ferries come and go after finishing my book. We had a Pita Gyros from a local taverna where ...

Naxos Airport, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos Airport

A travel blog entry by bibi64


Well Naxos had the biggest airport in the world!! What can be seen in the pictures is it ........ Hilarious there were also these 2 huge men who were the luggage handlers - they were like tweedle dee and tweedle dum. They seemed to have their own way of ...

Changement de programme, Plaka, Greece travel blog

Changement de programme

A travel blog entry by ludetbri


Aujourd'hui encore, le vent souffle fort sur notre petit coin de paradis. On se fait une petite salade grecque maison le midi ( fort bonne ! Les concombres ont le goût de ceux de mes grand-parents ! ). Après une petite séance de bronzage à côté ...

Home sweet home., Naxos, Greece travel blog

Home sweet home.

A travel blog entry by jackee

Jackie ventured out to buy some coffee and croissants at the nearest cafe as we were high and dry. The Hotel owner then offered us some more coffee as we waited for the shuttle to the port. We then left at 10h00 to the port and boarded the Fastjet ferry ...

Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by goosfrabah

Naxos ...

Heading forever east, Náxos, Greece travel blog

Heading forever east

A travel blog entry by paulformby


... off into town to find a room and just found everyone asleep but we're sorted now overlooking the beach at Agios Georgios. Naxos has a completely different feel to it, much bigger and livelier it seems geared for thousands of tourists, lots of cool bars ...

BOOBIES, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by gelinas23


... restrictive awareness of others the way we do in North America (unless Wreck Beach is your summer oasis), so if you hang out at a beach in Greece, sooner or later you are gonna see a pair.   Or a couple of pairs. Or multiple pairs. I swear to God ...

Vi båtloffer til Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Vi båtloffer til Naxos

A travel blog entry by turida


  Vi hadde kjøpt billetter til Naxos med Blue Star Ferries dagen før, pris 16 euro pr. pers. Ferga skulle gå kl. 16.00 om ettermiddagen så vi hadde god tid til å være i bassenget/gå tur i byen. Før vi dro avgårde spiste vi deilig lunsj på ...

Naxos at last, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos at last

A travel blog entry by ireneandchris


... hatch leaked as Cuttyhunk dug her bow into the oncoming waves and my side of the bed got very wet.  Why is always my side? Naxos harbour is not very big and had we not already visited here I would have hesitated to go in as it faces north and does ...

around naxus investigating, Naxos, Greece travel blog

around naxus investigating

A travel blog entry by crownie


... our beach, that had seen better days. It has closed due to the financial crisis, as we saw a lot of that effect in Greece. We arrived here in the shoulder season, and it was still quite cold. interestingly lots of people either swim, or walk around with ...

Ruins and relaxation, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Ruins and relaxation

A travel blog entry by aslightdetour


... is easy to get lost in the complete maze of little alley ways. The largest and most fertile of the Cyclades islands, Naxos, which we explore by quad bike, constantly surprises us with its variability in landscape and weather. From white sand beaches and ...

Farewell Amorgos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Farewell Amorgos

A travel blog entry by blood13


... reach Naxos. The quad bike is there at the port waiting for us. This will be our transport for the next 3 days as Naxos is quite a large island. Coming to grips with the bike and the disorientating streets is an enjoyable challenge. We do eventually find ...

Never to Old......, Apollon, Greece travel blog

Never to Old......

A travel blog entry by jackee


Picked our Car up at around 10, drove to Plaka beach, which was around 6 km from where we are. Got out, wanting to swim, water was lovely, clear and turquoise color. Walked over the hill to the beach, Bang! Grandma and Grandpa, stark naked! Around 70 ...

Day Thirty-Seven, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Day Thirty-Seven

A travel blog entry by stigandwally


We decided that today was definitely a rest day in order to give our respective injuries time to recover. We took ourselves down to the local hospital, as we thought we had better make sure we were OK to windsurf the next day. The hospital was pristine ...

End of our Greek Sojourn, Naxos, Greece travel blog

End of our Greek Sojourn

A travel blog entry by r-k-worldtrip


May 16 Thursday Fast ferry (prefer slow but no choice) from Folegandros to Naxos, the last of the Greek islands visited. Picked up by accommodation hosts and driven immediately out of larger port based town five kms to small beachside village where ...

Naxos, Greece: weather is great, wish it was here, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos, Greece: weather is great, wish it was here

A travel blog entry by andrewmarnie


Day 126 - 128, 10th - 12th October 2006, Naxos, Greece: weather is great, wish it was here We were up bright and early for the morning ferry to Naxos for some sun and sand, only three hours away this time. Seeing the sunrise on a gorgeous sunny day from ...

Windstorm and Bus Misunderstanding, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Windstorm and Bus Misunderstanding

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


... Caleb played a game with his soccer cards he somehow ended up kneeing himself in the eye pretty hard - welcome to the Naxos Shiner Club!!! Each morning and every night Christine has to break up the wrestling matches between Caleb and I that inevitably ...

Ferry to Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Ferry to Naxos

A travel blog entry by canadianmom


... restaurants, including the one we ate at tonight, don’t even have an indoor seating area. There are many Taverna’s in Greece and as I remember from when I was here 25 years ago, you often see a group of men sitting around drinking, smoking ...

How good is Naxos?, Naxos, Greece travel blog

How good is Naxos?

A travel blog entry by sandgroper


... rummy had begun, it was gyros all round and the beers were flowing. By 3pm we thought maybe we would stay on Naxos forever, discussions about buying houses and quitting jobs were all incredibly logical after 4 hours at that cafe, but we dragged ourselves ...

Beach day, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Beach day

A travel blog entry by katyandjames


We spent most of today on the beach. It was actual sand for a change- a real beach! Water was slightly colder than expected but when the air temperature is 35 degrees I guess anything would seem cold by comparison. We spent the whole day sunbathing and ...

IOS, Naxos, Greece travel blog


A travel blog entry by alarcon

IOS! ...

Naxos:  Another Sunny Day, Another Sunny Island, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos: Another Sunny Day, Another Sunny Island

A travel blog entry by kitkrozser


... an internet cafe, and everyone else just hung with the luggage).  Took the slower but more roomy Blue Star Ferry from Paros to Naxos, where we stayed for the next three nights. We were met on the quay by Paras & his daughter Rena.  Piled ...

Naxos is cool, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Naxos is cool

A travel blog entry by brendan.john

... around the island. Finally in getting away from the time warp that is Germans on a camping holiday, I discovered the real Naxos is a fantastically beautiful place full of really lovely Greek people especially the young Greek women who are ...

Doing nothing, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Doing nothing

A travel blog entry by jackee


First full day on Naxos which we did nothing, but nothing! Went for a Greek breakfast, which was wonderful, Greek yoghurt, amazing! Then relaxed by the pool and chatted to our Canadian friends, who are leaving tomorrow. Caleb and Simon had a great time ...

Wind on Naxos, Naxos, Greece travel blog

Wind on Naxos

A travel blog entry by rdkflaherty


Very windy day on the island. Some good size waves and the windsurfers were having fun. The calm grotto was no longer ...

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