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Should I stay or should I go?, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Should I stay or should I go?

A travel blog entry by yorron


... and support each other, and it was certainly not the case here.  So as I continue drifting west on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey, I'm focusing on the many things I'm grateful for and appreciate in my life. And oh, what a glorious life I have, and ...

Piratehood, Kas, and Sailing the High Seas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Piratehood, Kas, and Sailing the High Seas

A travel blog entry by thesaxman


... and sewed scarves, as the sun slowly came down behind us all. Another reverberating call to prayer bellowed out from the Kas mosque as we strolled back towards to docked gulet, eventually gathering at the table for another fine meal, good eating, ...

myra and kas**, Kas, Turkey travel blog

myra and kas**

A travel blog entry by loelai


In English En espanol   German KAS Petite ville portuaire trés agréable, avec toutefois des allures de côte d'azur, turques au taquet et énormément d'étrangers possédant ici une résidence secondaire.Un peu trop de touristes donc et un ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by laine


... , but there were no coals or wood, just rock and a flame come from the rock. We left olympus after breackfast and headed to Kas (Kash). It was once just a small fishing village, but is pretty much just fot the tourists now. Still it wasn't all that ...

Victim to the captains games, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Victim to the captains games

A travel blog entry by danielfernandez


... blue medusa eye, we will conquer. Staring out to infinity, to much time to think. I miss my family. Visited the city of Kas. Anchored in a bay close by and swam till I became pruny. Captain showed us different types of knotts and some games.  Victim to ...

taking the plunge, Kas, Turkey travel blog

taking the plunge

A travel blog entry by skye


Yesterday I went on a day charter scuba diving! We left at 11 am, on this huge dive boat, TP, you would kill for it! It could probably hold 40 divers and all their gear no prob. Anyway, we headed out about 20 minutes out of the harbour, to this secluded ...

Let's see Santa., Kale, Turkey travel blog

Let's see Santa.

A travel blog entry by triskele


On our last day in Antalya, we rented a car to see some of the sights again. First, we went to Chirali to see the Chimaera. This is where natural gases come our of holes in the rocks and catch on fire when it comes in contact with the oxygen in the ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by rnriggins


... Sunken City we persuaded Bridget to change our itinerary. She contacted the Fez office and they quickly found us a place to stay in Kas for the night and cancelled one of our nights in Olympos. In hindsight this was definitely a good decision on our ...

The Heat is On - Chimaera, Kas, Turkey travel blog

The Heat is On - Chimaera

A travel blog entry by gr8escape


... our names.  AND we must stop at Chimaera to see the birthplace of the Hephaestus mythology.  There is a place in southern Turkey where natural gas flows out of the ground and is permanently burning in the rocks.  The ancient Greeks built a ...

May 19, 2012, Kas, Turkey travel blog

May 19, 2012

A travel blog entry by ragowski


Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jon_and_liz


Kas (pronounced Kahsh) was our first stop on the Mediterranean coast and it became a relaxing place to spend 3 nights.  The town has a small population of only about 10,000.  Money from tourism and European investments ...

Enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by juliank

... of the morning to try and prevent myself chucking my guts up. For lunch we stopped in the picturesque harbour town of Kas (pronounced "Cash") where I stocked up on roasted chickpeas and checked all my Travelpod fan mail that has been flooding in (not ...

Sun, Rain, and a Guy Named Spaz, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Sun, Rain, and a Guy Named Spaz

A travel blog entry by natecropp


... got married in Mexico. For the next 24 hours a rain storm that can only be described as biblical tore through south eastern Turkey. Lightning ripped open the sky the entire time and the thunder was so loud that you couldn't even hear the calls to ...

kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by justin


cruising to ...

Submerged antiquities, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Submerged antiquities

A travel blog entry by stevecori


... we have come to appreciate on this trip, has been fantastic, but as is often the case for us on this trip, far too brief. Turkey is the navel of civilization; one of the few birthplaces of humankind, so with only 14 days in the country when we took stock ...

it is how old ?, Kas, Turkey travel blog

it is how old ?

A travel blog entry by amberyan


... glorýous spot to build a city. As we headed off towards Gallýpoli we had one more stop at the most famous ruins of turkey - Ephasis. It is easy to understand why they are so famous as they have put together the ruins so that there are many buildings ...

Turkey farewell, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Turkey farewell

A travel blog entry by john.beach


... of them with Turkish flags permanently draped over their rear half as they drive around.   Ruins - practically everyone has invaded Turkey at some time ( in their view, Gallipoli/ Channakale was just one more attempt ) so there are traces of various ...

A B&Q Shed with a View, Kas, Turkey travel blog

A B&Q Shed with a View

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


From Pamukkale we headed down to Dalyan via an incredible mountain range. Rural Turkey seems to have many bullet holed road signs in amongst the goats and donkeys. However, Dalyan is by far the most tourist oriented place we have visited and how Steve did ...

Why don't they have beach clubs in California?, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Why don't they have beach clubs in California?

A travel blog entry by travelbee

... here in Kas, thank you Trip Advisor and Adam.  We spend the night wandering around town, our new favorite so far in turkey, and grab a quick dinner at a local Turkish restaurant. Anyone who is touring the Turquoise Coast must stop in Kas it is ...

The $46 Fish, Kas, Turkey travel blog

The $46 Fish

A travel blog entry by travelbee

... Spent the morning finding our next hotel for tomorrow and this proved a bit difficult as it is a National holiday weekend here in Turkey.  Then headed right across the street from our hotel to a Beach Club.  This consists of a little area were ...

Camping für Fortgeschrittene/Higher Grade Camping, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Camping für Fortgeschrittene/Higher Grade Camping

A travel blog entry by manic-trip


... a lovely campsite right on the water's edge. The days are warm enough to go for a swim and the evenings mild compared to inland Turkey. As this is probably one of the last chances to wear shorts and bikinis we extend from one night, to two…to ...

Fun in the sun, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Fun in the sun

A travel blog entry by yeats_t


... anyone didn't get it). We went and checked out the nearby beach called Pamucek which was listed as one of the best beaches in turkey by my lonely planet guide although when I got there it had nothing on the south coast but I was nonetheless finally at the ...

On the Med, Kas, Turkey travel blog

On the Med

A travel blog entry by eddieandlynn


... freshly caught Calamari and crisp white wine on the Plaza.  Afterwards we stroll around town to look for the Futbol World Cup Qualifier, Turkey Vs Spain.  We enjoy 3 mezze dishes, a few beers and see the Turks go down, tough loss.  The ...

A quiet stop over in Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

A quiet stop over in Kas

A travel blog entry by petkatravels


After our morning at Termessos, gosh, was that only yesterday!, we were dropped off at the bus station and came to Kas, pronounced as car-sh. This was a four hour run, but it took half an hour before we were out of Antalya, as we took a "local" bus and it ...

Hayley's Blog Again, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Hayley's Blog Again

A travel blog entry by familyhirsch


We went in the car and traveled and we got to the hotel. My Mom and dad went inside to check the family rooms. We unloaded all the stuff and we enjoyed our room. I got new clothes. I got a skirt nd a shirt because I didn't have a shirt and shorts that I ...

Asher - Drive to Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Asher - Drive to Kas

A travel blog entry by familyhirsch


The drive to Kas (Kash in Turkish) was also about two hours long. Then after getting to our hotel (the Hera Hotel), we went to the Hera beach to watch the waves. The bad thing about that beach was that the ground was concrete. Then we walked to a ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jaredwall


... force some food on myself. It turned out to be a good idea since the grilled chicken was literally the best-spiced I've had in Turkey. As for the sunken city itself, there is not much to see but the stubby remains of the old city walls, the poor ...

Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by voyage-bellayer


... une carte de téléphone pour appeler une ancienne élève. Elle habite depuis 2 ans à Istanbul, et doit venir pour travailler à Kas. Elle doit prendre des photos pour un Hôtel qui doit ouvrir d'ici 10 jours et qui veut construire un site internet. Je ...

Kold Hard Kas(h), Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kold Hard Kas(h)

A travel blog entry by fatduck

... chose that pension the day after I left, and he stayed there three days reading it. Unlike myself he is going to be in Turkey for 2 more months, remaining until the full solar eclipse on the 29 of March that will darken the entire country). My dolmush ...

Docking for Lunch, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Docking for Lunch

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


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