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Another day at sea, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Another day at sea

A travel blog entry by rell01


Today was a day of rest we didn't have to get off the ship today. We watched a couple of shows & a couple of movie. A very slow day. The highlight was passing under a bridge that was only 4m above the ...

Outlaw Biker Gang, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Outlaw Biker Gang

A travel blog entry by cjgs1430


... island of Gotland. Gotland historically was independent before it was overtaken by Denmark. Currently, it is controlled by Sweden. Whoa. Bicycling around Visby was incredibly easy at times (on long, flat, dirt roads) or extremely exhausting (up a steep, ...

Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by almivia


Isla ...

Sightseeing in Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Sightseeing in Visby

A travel blog entry by jaunie_rockbabe


The day after my friend's wedding, Daniel and I decided to just relax and play tourists in Visby. Later in the afternoon we caught up with the newly weds and some friends at O'Leary's ...

Third leg of the journey to Farosund, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Third leg of the journey to Farosund

A travel blog entry by seacastle


... she understood me and pointed me in the right direction.  It was surprisingly hot and humid - guess I had not expected that in Sweden!   I found the school but it was locked and no one was around.  I tried calling the only number I had ...

Almost Time to Leaf, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Almost Time to Leaf

A travel blog entry by theevans


... ;Sad but exciting, I think we'll miss this place and the people here, but the next stage is 2 weeks of seeing more of Sweden & Norway so can't be too sad!  We're just really hoping this volcano doesn't stuff up our flights, that ...

Visby and relaxing on board, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Visby and relaxing on board

A travel blog entry by erylevans


... by the pool as it is sunny – well heaving for Silversea anyway! Ship berthed out at sea as too windy to dock in Visby harbour – had a lovely view of the pilot arriving and the tenders going to and from the harbour with the first of the day ...

To Gotland!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

To Gotland!

A travel blog entry by jonathanfoster


... glasses of wine.  I stayed with many of the guests in a bygdegärd, a gathering house common in towns across rural Sweden, supported by the local community, where events are often held.   The wedding ceremony was held outdoors in a ...

Snow and Sun, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Snow and Sun

A travel blog entry by theevans


People here have been telling us that this is now the most snow Gotland has had in 50 years! I wonder if that's true or if it's based on the word of some farmer who has been saying ''arrrrrrr i don't remember this much snow goin on 50 yeeeear sonny ...

Same Old Same Old, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Same Old Same Old

A travel blog entry by theevans


Well last week we didn't do a post because not much had happened and this week not much has happened either, but we figured that two weeks of nothing much adds up to one week of a bit. So here goes... Here on Gotland all the rocks are actually ...

Tour de Gotland, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Tour de Gotland

A travel blog entry by sparsel


... we arrived back in the town and we decided to go watch the sunset and finish our wine. We chose a spot overlooking ancient Visby and the ocean. It had become somewhat overcast and the sun was starting to set behind the clouds. Nevertheless the view was ...

A small Swedish island then capital of Finland, Visby, Sweden travel blog

A small Swedish island then capital of Finland

A travel blog entry by tizwoz


... July every year. I do not think this would happen in the UK. The ship was moored just outside the main marina of the town Visby and so we were tendered across to the mainland. The sea was quite choppy so the crew had to help every person onto the ...

Gonna party like its 1499!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Gonna party like its 1499!

A travel blog entry by strombone


... up in armour to practice their pretend swordsmanship, re-enacting is quite a art. To improvise realistic fighting with a predetermined outcome. The Visby army of farmers will lose and die just like in 1361. sigh At night we spend a lot of time at the ...

Tours of Visby and Krukmakarens Hus, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Tours of Visby and Krukmakarens Hus

A travel blog entry by theevans


Yesterday we were taken on a guided tour of Visby.  Peter and Pekka were our guides, Peter being the administrator and Pekka being a fellow student who has studied Gotland's history and folk lore so he knows heaps. Our house is in the middle of ...

Worthy visit to Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Worthy visit to Visby

A travel blog entry by gter1


We lost an hour of sleep because of the time change but are expected to regain it again after this visit in Visby is completed.  The medieval spirit is alive and well in this Swedish town. The cobble stone streets and the old buildings in town ...

The Hamptons of Sweden, Visby, Sweden travel blog

The Hamptons of Sweden

A travel blog entry by blakes

Due to the patch on my eye and 2 shots of Demerol we had to forgo Visby.  We understand this is the vacation spot for affluent Swedes.  It does look very pretty from the ship.  They have to take you in by tenders and the time ...

Glad Påsk! (Happy Easter), Visby, Sweden travel blog

Glad Påsk! (Happy Easter)

A travel blog entry by theevans


... Good Friday it was appropriate to remember Jesus being crucified, so we went with a group of people from other churches in Visby and walked up the execution hill which is called Galgenberg (Gallows Hill).  If you remember from a previous blog our ...

Last Days, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Last Days

A travel blog entry by theevans


... faithful readers the Visby leg of the journey is almost at an end, we leave tomorrow afternoon and head for 2 weeks of travelling in Sweden and Norway then over to Canada. Last sunday Pete, Gerd and I got to plan and run the sunday meeting which was all ...

Charming Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Charming Visby

A travel blog entry by mccritec

Ship anchored and we tendered. Visby was enjoyable with great ...

Visiting Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Visiting Visby

A travel blog entry by aniemi


Visby, our second UNESCO World Heritage site in as many days. Visby is another walled medieval city, also a Hansa city, on the the Island of Gotland. It was beautiful and Andrea wants to live there. It had many ruined churches, a result of getting too ...

Kongres dagbog, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Kongres dagbog

A travel blog entry by visby

Hej Så har vi haft vores første dag på Gotland og været med til kongresåbning og middelalder middag i kirkeruinen. ...

Capital of the Hanseatic League, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Capital of the Hanseatic League

A travel blog entry by khillski


... , when it was stormed by an army from Lübeck which burned the northern parts of the town. Medieval Visby had more churches than any other town in Sweden - fifteen within the walls and two outside, which served various functions: parish churches, guild ...

Enn 70!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Enn 70!

A travel blog entry by aetal


Keskööl algasid juubelipidustused Vaakku poolt esitatud sünnipäevalaulu ja vahujookidega. Hommikul saabusime Tallinna ja pidustused jätkusid uutes kohtades ja uute külalistega. ...

Last day in Sweden, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Last day in Sweden

A travel blog entry by ccaraian


 Today allowed only a brief visit to the historic town of Visby with a long history of Viking occupation and membership of the Hanseatic League. We visited the Museum and wandered around the lovely town. It was overcast and cold but the Swedes were ...

visby, suite et fin, Visby, Sweden travel blog

visby, suite et fin

A travel blog entry by t3r


petite journée papy dans visby. petit restaurant, petite plage ...

Slusk, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by theevans


The sun has been shining for some of this week and the temperature is rising slightly, so that means slusk!!! Apparently that's what slushy melty snow is called.  So the sky has been beautiful some of the days (today's is pretty miserable) but the ...

Visby, Visby, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by willemdes

Nice old town, safe family holiday target, medieval week for the people interested in these times long ...

Destination Gotland!!!!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Destination Gotland!!!!

A travel blog entry by dgunter


We finally made it to Gotland!!! Every year we come to Sweden Bengt mentions how beautiful this Swedish Island is (biggest island in the Baltic Sea), but we've never had the time to go...  I am so glad we did - the beauty of it is stunning, the ...

Visby, Gotland - A Swedish island, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Visby, Gotland - A Swedish island

A travel blog entry by pegariah


Visby is a Northern European walled Hanseatic town which has preserved its townscape and its extremely valuable buildings.  The town wall dates back to the 13th century and is over two miles long.  It encircles the old stone houses, churches, ...

Spring is Sprung!, Visby, Sweden travel blog

Spring is Sprung!

A travel blog entry by theevans


This week Pete and I have moved into a new area of the house.  We are living in the room next to Emelie now and it is absolutely wonderful!  The room in beautiful and we have a lovely kitchen and sitting area with a window and flowers and ...