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On the road again..., Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

On the road again...

A travel blog entry by chrisandlara

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... being dusted off and we have enough Pepto to keep us going for the next 4 weeks. This time our trip will take us to Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, the French Riviera, Normandy, back to Paris and home. We imagine this leg of the trip will be a little more ...

Bonne St-Jean!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Bonne St-Jean!

A travel blog entry by jelg

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... je suis alle faire le tour de Stockholm sur un bateau de touristes, 2h plus tard je connaissais toute l'histoire de cette ville! Stockholm me decoit un peu... malgre tous ses attraits elle ne reussi pas a me charmer. Il manque un petit quelque chose dans ...

Skulking wi da Swedes, Stockholm, Vasteros, Sweden travel blog

Skulking wi da Swedes

A travel blog entry by bonkers

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So we sailed across the Baltic yesterday on a stunning day and floated up thru the beautiful archipelago to Stockholm. Only a few hours there stomping around checking out the sites of the gorgeous old town on the islands before we had to make a hasty ...

Rain and Bridges and Bears - Oh my!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Rain and Bridges and Bears - Oh my!

A travel blog entry by itsem

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... was having a Natasha-esque moment and starting to think there was a problem with my visa (not that i need one for Sweden). Once i got into Stockholm I dropped my bag off at the hostel and set off to explore. I was aiming for a particular sight but kept ...

Nobel, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by cobi

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Heavens Capital, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Heavens Capital

A travel blog entry by jag

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... was especially since I hadn't had a shower since Prague. After our break here we got back in the car and drove towards Stockholm. Realising we weren't going to make it the full distance today we embarked on a pointless tour through the country back-roads ...

Les joies des dortoirs, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Les joies des dortoirs

A travel blog entry by jelg

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Ok des fois c'est moins l'fun les dortoirs... je me suis fait reveille en plein milieu de la nuit par une bande d'irrespectueux qui se pensaient seuls au monde! Ca parlait fort, ca criait presque. Des americains! Le croyez vous?! A part ca la ville ...

Another Day of Crusty Clothes, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Another Day of Crusty Clothes

A travel blog entry by eatdessertfirst

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Today was a blissfully boring day. We flew into Stockholm from Helsinki on an early flight and as we are kind of tired of traveling around so much, decided to stay put for the day. Our check-in at Helsinki airport was interesting as the lady behind the ...

More skids ice-fishing and playing with big dowgs, Munso, Sweden travel blog

More skids ice-fishing and playing with big dowgs

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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Olof and I also spent more time cruising around the countryside of central Sweden, checking out things under the blanket of fresh snow that dumped down on the region (causing 'Snow chaos' according to the local newspapers) whilst we were up in Kiruna area ...

Petit train va loin, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Petit train va loin

A travel blog entry by jelg

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... a 10h50 et mon train partait a 10h57! Tout etait regle a la minute pres. J' avais decide de me rendre directement a Stockholm en Suede puisque je n'avais pas trouve de bonnes auberges au Danemark. Je devais donc me taper 17 heures de train, comprenant 4 ...

Stockholm, Sweden: Locker Wars & Friends, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm, Sweden: Locker Wars & Friends

A travel blog entry by samber

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Yawn. Alarm 0530, bus 0630, train 0730 arrive Stockholm 1320. BOOM! Hello Sweden! Two notes for travellers: 1. Arriving on a Sunday sucks as nothing is open and everyone is in hibernation. Well kind of, this Sunday everyone in Stockholm seemed to be ...

The Vasa, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

The Vasa

A travel blog entry by uncle_davros

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... 't, and that's all I need to write about that little episode in my life. Still, we beat Scotland though. Stockholm was quite nice. Here was the capital city of Sweden and this place was small. There were a couple of free ice rinks, so Lucy was out there ...

Stockholms Final Farewell, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholms Final Farewell

A travel blog entry by jag

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... from a guy who confessed he only picked me up because he had to stop for petrol and his car needed a push start. I reached Stockholm and rung heaps of hostels only for them to be all booked. Having already been in Stockholm two weeks ago I decided to ...

A quick stop in Sweden, Arlandastad, Sweden travel blog

A quick stop in Sweden

A travel blog entry by keithandkim

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... 5 mins from the airport. A little full of energy after a nice flight and beautiful weather in Sweden (24c and sunny) we decided to head into Stockholm for a quick afternoon walkabout. Arlanda is about 45 mins from Stockholm, unless of course ...

Du er myckit Vacker (You are very beautiful), Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Du er myckit Vacker (You are very beautiful)

A travel blog entry by tommy

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... the night chatting to locals and dancing hard to the small hours. Great night, much better than the pretentious Spy-bar. F12 Stockholm is part of a huge archipelago of islands (roughly 25,000) on the east coast of Sweden. The next day we decided ...

PARTY AT JOJO'S, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... of Chinese food, only to fall to me in a classic eating contest near our college.) Jojo can be funny. One day in Stockholm, a friend of Jojo's was lamenting that he and his girlfriend fought all the time. The friend turned and asked Jojo, "You ...

UMEA TO SPAIN - PART I, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... in jail. "What took you so long, you slowpoke!?" I met Elaine and the train she rode the next morning at Stockholm's Central Station. I and she stayed in Stockholm with Jere, a friend who'd studied with me in Australia, and his girlfriend ...

Quick Assessment, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Quick Assessment

A travel blog entry by justen

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I've officially landed in Stockholm. This was the part of the journey I was most nervous about, as my plane didn't land until 22.00 and I had to get into a new city, at night, from the airport an hour outside town, and check in. Thankfully there was a ...

Shallow Wallet, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Shallow Wallet

A travel blog entry by justen

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... and waited for my hair appointment. Basically, my hair's reached the awkward stage between long and short, so I had to get in cut and Sweden isn't the cheapest country in the world, so there's more cash. Plus, I had lunch out today and that was even more. ...

Seeing the Sights of Stockholm - The Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Seeing the Sights of Stockholm - The Hospital

A travel blog entry by wdtraveltime


... new house I got something in my eye which was still there this morning. This resulted in a trip to the centre of beautiful Stockholm and the eye hospital. Following that Rob and I drove to their house for a day of work only to discover he had forgotten ...

Stockholm - občudovanja vredna ladja Vasa, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm - občudovanja vredna ladja Vasa

A travel blog entry by jana-petan


... v Baltiško morje. Mesto je znano po čudovitih stavbah in mnogih parkih. Pravijo mu tudi severne Benetke. Stockholm se prvič pojavi v  staronordijskih sagah pod imenom Agnafit in v najbolj znani od njih, sagi Heimskringla v povezavi z ...

Wonders of the Wasa Ship and two gammla people, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Wonders of the Wasa Ship and two gammla people

A travel blog entry by houghtaling


... on August 10, 1628 to wage war on Poland, the ship sank in 100 feet of water, right after it had set sail in the Stockholm harbor, right in front of the whole town's people when the wind blew it onto its side, allowing water to enter the gun ports. ...

Going around by bicycle...., Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Going around by bicycle....

A travel blog entry by fettino


... , amusing and quiet, clean and educated!The central parts of the city consists of fourteen islands, all part of the Stockholm Arcipelago (approximately 24,000 islands!). We rent a bicycle to get about the our favourite places of the city...."Gamla Stan" ...

Stockholm - Old Town/Sea Views, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Stockholm - Old Town/Sea Views

A travel blog entry by jdp643


Hung out in Stockholm in between my trips with MB/Will and Lauren/Bobby. The city was fantastic and very scenic. I also had perfect weather while I was there with highs in the low 70s all week. The highlight of my time here was the Vasa ...

Procrastination time =P, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Procrastination time =P

A travel blog entry by chunhin


So it was after Swedish class, it was a lovely sunny day (for once), what better thing to do than to cruise around Stockholm on my bike and take pictures!?  Ahh, I have missed sunny days and the pictures come up so much better!  Massive glare ...

Jungle Fever Party, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Jungle Fever Party

A travel blog entry by norgaard007


Jungle Fever Party hos Mette og Hanna - de to praktikanter i ...

Tack vare Queen Hotel!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Tack vare Queen Hotel!

A travel blog entry by nayda_dew

... somewhere on the outskirts, on one of the central streets of the city)) Half day we spent in alcohol shops, in Stockholm their large quantity. Searched for beer for the Sergei's collection))) I also could not resist and bought three charming Californian ...

Sveden!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog


A travel blog entry by rora_8

... a lot of FUN, oh and can you buy me some alcohol???" And thats exactly what it was...the traditional finninsh cruise to stockholm is: less about going to visit stockholm and more about being able to buy duty free items, such as alcohol and tobacco which ...

We found the swedish chef!, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

We found the swedish chef!

A travel blog entry by newblogger

we have enjoyed the affordable restaurants in Stockholm so much more affordable than Norway . One in particular was fabulous with it's innovative presentation . Despite that it will be great to have some home cooking soon. Stockholm is such a beautiful ...

Public Spaces in Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden travel blog

Public Spaces in Stockholm

A travel blog entry by followkim


... . In the U.S., 7-Eleven is the crappy convenience store that you don't go to unless you really have no other options. In Stockholm, 7-Eleven is everywhere and much fancier. They have nicer food, computers with internet, and seats to eat your food at, ...

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