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A expulsão (Fr+Pt), Dakar, Senegal travel blog

A expulsão (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... jour chez elle. Pas de problème, allez hop, prochain arrêt : inconnu. Une seule certitude, ce sera en dehors de Dakar, je veux m'éloigner toute de suite. Les mauvaises expériences comme les bonnes sont acceptées comme faisant partie du parcours, ...

Day 14 : Mboro Plage - Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Day 14 : Mboro Plage - Dakar

A travel blog entry by arnaudfoubert

... road was nice, with many baobabs around, and a side-of-the-road refuel with a pleasant encounter with kids. Entering Dakar through Rufisque was particularly a nightmare because of usual massive traffic congestion. My buddy Quentin picked us up at a ...

A few pictures!, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

A few pictures!

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


hello! thought i'd include a few pictures from the past six months. i'm hoping to add more within the next couple of ...

Life in Kolda, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Life in Kolda

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

... ideas for packages sent my way. Gladly, ill include some of my latest ideas. Jennifer Neves PCV BP 278 Kolda Senegal, West Africa Crystal light tea mixes any form of candy :) dried fruit Oatmeal or cream of wheat antibacterial soap (rainy ...

Cranky pants, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Cranky pants

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


Hello! Id like to start this message out by saying that i've never been so cranky in my whole life. For the past five days (today is day six) i have been fasting with my Senegalese family and friends. Ramadan began on the fifth of October and will ...

Ending with a bang, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Ending with a bang

A travel blog entry by sarakmills


... in Dakar after 12ish hours of flying/airport time around 2am on Sunday night/ Monday morning, with hardly any prior knowledge of Dakar or Senegal and no idea what to do when I got here.  When my backpack finally came out through the baggage claim, ...

Ausflüge in und um Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Ausflüge in und um Dakar

A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


... wir samstags nachgeholt. Durch den Salzgehalt leuchtet das Wasser rosa. Bekannt in Europa ist er hauptsächlich, weil dort die Rallye Dakar endet. Wie bereits erwähnt ging es mir nicht besonders gut, so dass ich während der Überfahrt mit einer kleinen ...

Vamos até Dakar (Fr+Pt), Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Vamos até Dakar (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... je risque de passer au moins la nuit  à la frontière et rater l'occasion de ce passage qui me ramènerait jusqu'à Dakar, devant après en trouver un autre. J'étais fatigué et ayant comme seule envie d'avancer j'ai acceptée la proposition. Il y ...

Cap Skirring, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Cap Skirring

A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann

... zu dem Preis, zu dem der erste Taxifahrer uns auch gefahren hätte. An diesem letzten Abend vor der Rückkehr nach Dakar waren wir erst in Philipps Bistro direkt am Flussufer, wo man ganz wunderbar bei einem kalten Gazelle den Sonnenuntergang genießen ...

Dakar, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by antje.gohmann


... steht sehr malerisch ganz in Strandnähe in einer kleinen Bucht. Dort bot sich mir dann auch das typische Senegal-Postkarten-Motiv: Fischer, die mit ihren Pirogen aufs Meer rausfahren, dem Sonnenuntergang entgegen. Kitschig schön. Abends gings wieder ...

Downtown in a Nutshell, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Downtown in a Nutshell

A travel blog entry by mimiworld

... say you get a better rate that way. We visited Place de I’independence, which was built around the time of Senegal’s independence from France. This sits in the middle of Dakar’s financial district.  While searching for an ice cream ...

Keur Massar (Fr+Pt), Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Keur Massar (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... , moi je vais à gauche pour reprendre la route national vers Mbour. La prochaine fois, inch allah.   Determinado a sair de Dakar no proprio dia, avanço com o unico desejo de deixar km nas costas, passo pela autoestrada, entro na estrada ...

O Visa (Fr+Pt), Dakar, Senegal travel blog

O Visa (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


... com muito melhores modos transmitindo-me porém a noticia que ja esperava « não podemos fazer nada, és como um fantasma no Senegal, agora so tens é de chegar a fronteira com a Gâmbia e explicar a tua situação. Eles serão ...

Toubab, Dakar, Senegal travel blog


A travel blog entry by nick.iprogram


A friend told me before I left Mali for a 4-day excursion that Dakar, Senegal was a great combination of the Europe and West Africa, but I thought of Dakar as a Bamako 2.0. Just seconds outside the airport and I saw all the signs that I was in fact in ...

Cultural differences, Theis, Senegal travel blog

Cultural differences

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

... children from each m other, as well as in-laws, distant cousins, and sometimes family friends all in the same compound. Here in Senegal, families are your support system, and noone is left on their own. The perception of the "American norm" to turn 18 ...

Allah taw-en Nargaro!, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Allah taw-en Nargaro!

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Allah Taw-en Nargaro! ( may God find us next year) Alhumdouliliah, the fast is OVER. Though most of you are not celebrating the start of a'new year', I send my best wishes for health, happiness, and the spirit of the, to all of ...

Getting there: a long ride through Senegal, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Getting there: a long ride through Senegal

A travel blog entry by adminor


... stare at us wide-eyed tubabs in our "Gambia Tours" bus, peering from the windows of our self-enclosed cage, barreling through Senegal, only extending our touch towards the people on the streets for a random purchase of candy or cigarettes (not for me, ...

transport blues, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

transport blues

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut


... is the 28 or so hours it took me to get here. I went to the garage in Kolda on Monday around noon. In Senegal all transport by vehicle is arranged at the garage, which is usually a shaded structure with dozens of women and children selling things ...

the arrival, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

the arrival

A travel blog entry by matcel

... come from munich - the last thing is that there was too much snow so the plane could take off later We finally arrived at dakar where some friends of our friends were waiting for us ( foryunately because it was 4am) and they brought us to their house. ...

.... Dakar, presque la fin du voyage, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

.... Dakar, presque la fin du voyage

A travel blog entry by cmuller

Après la nuit en bus, ou j'ai quand même pu dormir un peu je suis très curieux de cette ville... on voit que c'est très différent de ce que j'ai vu jusqu'à maintenant... il y a beaucoup de "blancs" et on trouve de tout.... Après tous ces efforts ...

Sarre Kemo, Kolda, Senegal travel blog

Sarre Kemo

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Hello! I hope you all had a nice 4th of july! I certainly missed the yearly family get together in Maine. Here in Kolda we did our best to recreate the american experience with some loud music, and lots of good american style food. On the night of ...

Holidays in Dakar!!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Holidays in Dakar!!

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


Having said that spending 3 months in Malaysia is not that usual for me, spending Christmas in the sun in Senegal is even more unusual ! I think that this year is one of the years in my life when I have seen sun the most!! I love it!!! Even ...

Skiving in Senegal, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Skiving in Senegal

A travel blog entry by sweet2thlh


... day weekend that would definitely without question be a holiday appeared the perfect opportunity to visit the Dakar, the capital of neighbouring country Senegal. The main section of the journey involved a 6 hour car journey from the Senegalese border ...

Gorée (Fr+Pt), Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Gorée (Fr+Pt)

A travel blog entry by ikono


J'étais à la maison en train de me renseigner sur Gorée que je ne comptait pas visiter du à mon manque de fonds, quand Tata Annette me repérant largué dans une telle tâche s'est dépêchée de me trouver un moyen de bidouiller un moyen de me faire ...

Second Round of Pictures!, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Second Round of Pictures!

A travel blog entry by snowinsenegal


Hello hello, I've been in Dakar doing some research and prep work for some of my projects, that and I needed to get out of the village for a bit, I had my first feelings of bitterness or perhaps you could call it the tiredness of the ...

The pink lake, Near Dakar, Senegal travel blog

The pink lake

A travel blog entry by matcel


... and to enjoy as much as we can. They brought us this day see the pink lake which was the arrival of the Paris-Dakar. This is a big lake with a special plankton which gives the lake its color. This plankton gives also the color of prawns and flamingo. ...

Senegal luxe, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

Senegal luxe

A travel blog entry by sarakmills


... , Julie, Kareem, and I went with their friend Izzy to the Sine-Saloum delta, where a major river meets the ocean south of Dakar.  The drive itself took about 3 1/2 hours, about half of that on dirt roads that have seen better days.  Kareem had a ...

Petit Paradis, toubab dialao, Senegal travel blog

Petit Paradis

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Enfin du repos dans ce charmant hotel. Avec la formule que je prefere cad un hotel de standing avec un dortoir qui coute pas cher avec vu sur la mer (à 2 m de la porte) et surtout je suis seul dans le dortoir. Donc pour 5 euros/jour j ai un endroit ...

Giving Thanks, Tambacounda, Senegal travel blog

Giving Thanks

A travel blog entry by sisterpeanut

Hello! A Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I'm going to keep this message short because im running low on time before i have to make the mashed potatoes for the thanksgiving dinner im having with the other volunteers currently staying at the regional ...

The last blog from snowinsenegal...I'm coming home, Dakar, Senegal travel blog

The last blog from snowinsenegal...I'm coming home

A travel blog entry by snowinsenegal


Hello everyone, So this is it. The last entry I will make from Senegal and I'm feeling really good about it because its just time for me to go home.  I've learned more in two years living in Senegal about development than I think I ever could back ...

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