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Where is everybody?, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Where is everybody?

A travel blog entry by mrconfused


... town - no doubt because of the 12 universities here, meaning 1 in 4 residents is a student - that I haven't experienced elsewhere in Romania, yet still I was incredibly bored. Two reasons for this: I knew nothing about the place, and there was no-one else ...

Follow-üp, Kolozsvár, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by csaladenes

... wonders of Nature, like I am, it is an invigorating experience. Greece, as a country was great. Its landscape its just unbelivable, too bad most of its settlements resemble Romania so much... See you soon! - don't forget to like my posts on Facebook ;) ...

Visited a church, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Visited a church

A travel blog entry by jcastellan


On the way to camp, we stopped at a ...

A frozen popsicle!, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

A frozen popsicle!

A travel blog entry by tokyo_cate


... blood wine (which tasted really bad according to those who bought it), t-shirts and dolls. We stopped in the town/city of Cluj Napoca and we had 1 1/2 hours to explore. We went to St Michael's Cathedral... but to be honest I can't remember anything ...

Romania countryside, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Romania countryside

A travel blog entry by kellyann

We have been traveling around the Romanian countryside by car for the past few days.  Romania has been wonderful.  The people are so helpful and hospitable.  We are really had some neat experiences here.  I'll have to catch up with the ...

Home in Kolozsvár / Otthon Kolozsváron, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Home in Kolozsvár / Otthon Kolozsváron

A travel blog entry by dotsintheworld


Kolozsvár, an even homier home. I've lived here for three years in which the city has changed a lot. It has even more since then, but the streets are still familiar. Az I walk the same old roads, I remember long seen faces and long heard stories. ...

First entry on world wide adventures!, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

First entry on world wide adventures!

A travel blog entry by dylanboyle


... hike to Brusov to see Dracula's castle and have a few pints of blood! mmmm tasty! So far I have had a wonderful stay in Romania and have found the people to be more than hospitable and friendly (aside from the guy in bucharest who tried to steal my ...

map pin cluj napoka, Cluj napoka, Romania travel blog

map pin cluj napoka

A travel blog entry by oldagetraveller

map pin ...

The best of Eastern Europe, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

The best of Eastern Europe

A travel blog entry by adambrownell


... night because the town is littered with beautiful girls! We walked the streets, saw the Botanic Gardens (which we paid for??) and it looked like a bunch of trees and a stream with a fence around it! Well done Romania…a cool little city ...

Highlights, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by _mqqm_


:( Necajala mare, back to business. Pe langa ca trebuie sa imi rezolv 1000 de hartii, am mai accpetat sa si lucrez la job fo douaj de ore in cele 3 saptamani. Si am si "surprize" pregatite, asteapta numai. Dar inainte de a mi se taia apetitul de ...

Day 40: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Day 40: Cluj-Napoca

A travel blog entry by ryan.lee


... in Romania. Especially since we are only in 2 Romanian cities for a total of 2 full days. Everything is quite affordable in Cluj-Napoca, and the grocery store next door accepts VISA (luckily). We were hoping to check out the Botanical gardens and do a ...

ROMANIA - Maramures and Bucovina, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

ROMANIA - Maramures and Bucovina

A travel blog entry by vinkor


... the white and big house of Mathias Corvinus, a middle age hungarian king considered an heroe by romanians and hungarians. Cluj Napoca has a great minority of hungarians as this region belonged to Hungary and Austrian Empire along many centuries. We ...

Day 41: Training through Romania, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Day 41: Training through Romania

A travel blog entry by ryan.lee

Hello World! It is early evening in Bucharest and I can already feel the difference between here and Cluj. Bucharest is a bigger city, but I prefer the feel of Cluj. A big turn off was the mass amounts of people that approach asking to buy their ...

Now this place is having trouble..., Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Now this place is having trouble...

A travel blog entry by beardsley


Cluj is my favorite part of Romania, it is a bit touristy and has a great garden. Mostly, though, it seems to have more employment than the rest of Romania and I am not sure why. To eat a meal in one of the cafes is to join a community of sorts, usually ...

Let it pour!, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Let it pour!

A travel blog entry by nadinesmith28


I spent an hour today staring at the grey sky. My thoughts were plenty and as grey as the sky i stared into. I was overwhelmed with how to deal with them, having had few problems with my thoughts of this kind over the past couple of months i was struck ...

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by jkloewen

This is a top pick!

The past two days we spent in Cluj-Napoca was at our first couch surf! Our host was a very kind and fun French teacher named Michael. He had lived in Poland for a while with his girlfriend, and then they both moved to Romania for her work. There ...

Dus cu pluta, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Dus cu pluta

A travel blog entry by fr.imobiliara


... firmei si in masina lui. Si ce crezi ca gasesc in masina lui? O servieta plina cu stampile, stampila cu timbru sec a primariei Cluj, stampila cu semnatura lui Boc, stampila cu semnatura arhitectului sef al orasului. De ce e acuzat acum Marius, de fals, uz ...

We Don't Like Cluj..., Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

We Don't Like Cluj...

A travel blog entry by cutiebanana

The train from Sighisoara to Cluj Napoca was another sauna experience. I had opened the window, but the elderly woman in our berth asked me to close it (though she herself was sweating). The only good thing about Cluj was a brilliant candy store in which ...

Evangelical quarks or lack thereof, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania travel blog

Evangelical quarks or lack thereof

A travel blog entry by bkozuma


We all met for breakfast, then took a lightly guided tour of the city center, starting with the UCSP Unitarian Center for Students & Pilgrims, which houses both the János Zsigmond Unitárius Kollégium and the Unitarian headquarters for Erdély ...

We're all in this together, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

We're all in this together

A travel blog entry by grazzaandquinny

... comes and takes your order and brings it to the table. As our new Romanian friend 'Horatio' said on the train from Timisoara to Cluj Napoca (I meant to speak about both these places, but again I've got carried away), "we're all in this together". ...

The Bishop’s Cracked Walls, Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), Romania travel blog

The Bishop’s Cracked Walls

A travel blog entry by bkozuma


We arrived back in Kolozsvár at the bishop's official residence, in the same building as the János Zsigmond Unitárius Kollégium. The building, which was built in the 1500s, isn’t in great shape, as there are large cracks in the wall, but like ...

Dia 4., Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Dia 4.

A travel blog entry by ioana.salajan

Admireu els grans monuments que hi ha. Cluj-Napoca és una de les ciutats més grans de Romania. Després de la volta per Cluj, us dirigireu cap a Baia Mare. L'hotel Mara us espera. Com que no arribareu a la nit, podreu sortir a un ...

mondter decieves, Cluj, Romania travel blog

mondter decieves

A travel blog entry by enigmatika


welll...when time and travelling gather means i am will continue with more enlightnening ...

Latium East, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Latium East

A travel blog entry by hardiek

... that Latin characteristics show up in other aspects of the culture, like red tile roofs and city-center parks.  All in all Cluj-Napoca is nice, though without any obvious tourists or attractions… except girls, I hear.  It seems as if the ...

Ole Ole Ole, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Ole Ole Ole

A travel blog entry by lochlanjw

... crowd in celebratory mode. Making enquiries, I discovered that this street party was in honour of the newly founded Universitatea Cluj-Napoca football team, thus explaining the large groups of rowdy, drunk men, sweaty kids, and smoke flares. I arrived ...

Romainia, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog


A travel blog entry by amanda.buchanan

Top Deck Tours Camping and Hotels ...

Brought up to think the worst about this place...., Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Brought up to think the worst about this place....

A travel blog entry by kwoky86


... complete ;-) This made me happy for a few reasons but probably most importantly because this isn't the first city in Romania I visited, I actually had a 4 hour stopover on the train in a place called Timisoara on the West of Romania, and it scared ...

Stubborn Horses and Beautiful Gorges, Cluj-Napoca, Romania travel blog

Stubborn Horses and Beautiful Gorges

A travel blog entry by andyandkaren


... also a car.  We arranged some horse riding for that afternoon and headed off, armed with our new information about North Romania. The horse riding was enjoyable, but not what was expected.  Our steeds were the most stubborn animals we have met ...

Innen indultam, Cluj Napoca, Romania travel blog

Innen indultam

A travel blog entry by wtiboj

A sok grafika utan, lehet, hogy igazi munkat is kapok az Emersonnal. Meglatjuk, "mit ad a ...

Romanian cemetary, Coluj- Napoca, Romania travel blog

Romanian cemetary

A travel blog entry by aili


Romania is third-world beautiful. Passed through rolling hills and farmed valleys, following a river, beautiful in spite of the trash lining the banks. The houses were old shingled cottages side by side with communist era apartment towers. The ...

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