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Home for 1 more week..., Nieuwegein, Netherlands travel blog

Home for 1 more week...

A travel blog entry by stuandcynth

Thursday started early with packing the last few things. Cynth said goodbye to Moya and Ian and we left to say goodbye to Stu's nan and to say goodbye to Claire and Finlay. We left Claire's a little later due to sorting out our travel insurance ...

Domesticity?, Woerden, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by rachelkw


We took a walk around the castle in the centre of Woerden's canal system. It had a jazz photography exhibition in the lower corridor, which was quite interesting. The kids had a good explore. I managed to wash most of my children in the shower, before ...

Quiet Starts And Familiar Faces, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Quiet Starts And Familiar Faces

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... year ago with intensions to only stay two weeks and never went home. You can really fall in love with a place like this, Utrecht being lucky enough to not have the reputation of Amsterdam, while still keeping a competitive music scene. Vincent and I share ...

Mangled Vowels, Maarssenbroek, Netherlands travel blog

Mangled Vowels

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


The night at Gary's consisted of a series of disturbances: Gary came home at 11 and parked his bike next to our bed; a drunken fishwife had a screaming argument outside the window; my phone decided it was charged and sounded an alarm. In the end it ...

Home, sweet, home., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Home, sweet, home.

A travel blog entry by milenarachel

... . En in dit vakgebied ik loop ook stage in voor de komende vijf maanden in bij een leuk en gezellig bedrijf in Utrecht! Kortom: druk zijn en weer een beetje regelmaat hebben helpt zeker! Ik hoop over een aantal maanden een leuke baan te vinden, het ...

Another Day O' Chillin, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Another Day O' Chillin

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... materialised in the surrounding bunk beds throughout the course of the night. It's been a good couple of nights here at the B+B Hostel Utrecht and i'm beginning to feel like a part of the family, or at very least, a piece of the furniture. I don't ...

Assessment in Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Assessment in Utrecht

A travel blog entry by doro


Das Assessment in Utrecht.... Los ging's um 9:00 morgens. Wir wahren 6 Leute, die anderen 5 waren alles Lehrer aus Holland. Bis zum Mittagessen haben wir in Gruppen Aufgaben lösen und ein ziemlich langes persönliches Gespräch über uns ergehen lassen ...

window of opportunity, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

window of opportunity

A travel blog entry by theonepercent


My friends, as I am sure you know it's been a hard wee time here in grey old Utrecht. But you know the lack of blue skies can sometimes mean it's easier to see the sun shining. Jobs are sparse for people like me who, instead of settling down Yair-style ...

Haarzuilens: castles., Haarzuilens, Netherlands travel blog

Haarzuilens: castles.

A travel blog entry by rachelkw


Kasteel de Haar started off as a farmhouse with a tower about 900 years ago. Successive generations added to it until it was abandoned and fell into ruin. Around 100 years ago the wealthy de Haar and van Zuylans families restored it. They thoughtfully ...

Utrech, Utrech, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by samuvk


beautiful city near to ...

A Day in Utrecht., Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A Day in Utrecht.

A travel blog entry by shannoncoade


... flights of stairs and are actually right at the edge of the canal water. We checked out the incredible "De Dom Van Utrecht", a catholic cathedral, which dates back to the year 1358 and still has statues and engravings in the floor from this time! ...

Partying with Belgians and Legion Dave, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Partying with Belgians and Legion Dave

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... the sort of on edge dude who was perpetually toey-er than a Roman sandal. Dave was another chamption character of the Utrecht crew. Leaving the Italiano Macho behind and saving Maiike from his slimy advances, the three Belgians, Dave and i head into ...

Windmills! Windmills!, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Windmills! Windmills!

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... on my application with Robert’s address, changing this may raise questions about Robert. Walter and myself, keeping me in the Netherlands for longer than I have allowed. I had already expected to have my pass, so suggest this be or back up. After ...

First match, perfect match., Maarn, Netherlands travel blog

First match, perfect match.

A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Hallo allemaal, Nou, vrijdagavond gezellig een uur op Skype gezeten met de familie. Was totaal geen gespannen gesprek, maar juist erg gezellig. Heb de kinderen gezien en met de oudste gepraat, was erg leuk. Hij was gek op de stoomboot en op Sinterklaas. ...

Afgestudeerd!, Maarn, Netherlands travel blog


A travel blog entry by milenarachel


Lieve allemaal, Vorige week vrijdag heb ik mijn scriptie verdediging met vlag en wimper doorstaan en ik ben nu officieel afgestudeerd met een 8! Ben er zelf blij mee, maar vooral trots dat ik mijn studie met zo'n mooi cijfer afgerond heb. Dit betekent ...

Nog anderhalve week, Houten, Nederland travel blog

Nog anderhalve week

A travel blog entry by froukje_l


Oh wat vliegt de tijd!! Rete spannend allemaal! Bij deze een plechtige voorname om niemand te vervelen met super lange verhalen, heb ik immers helemaal geen tijd en zin in. Maar een beetje updaten is wel leuk denk ik zo. Echt nog geen idee wat me staat ...

The Motherland, Woerden, Netherlands travel blog

The Motherland

A travel blog entry by neason


carla dropped me off at monique's house in the morning and we all piled into the car to go exploring. first stop was in their town of woerden. we walked around for a bit seeing the church oma and opa got married in, the ancient roman relics in the ...

The Wetlands, Ijsselstein, Netherlands travel blog

The Wetlands

A travel blog entry by neason


... a (dutch)  tour around there. then we went to lunch in one of the old warehouses under the buildings on the canal in utrecht and had a walk around the city looking at the huge tower of the city's dom (church). after that we went back to ijsselstein ...

Chilling out in the chillest place on Earth, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Chilling out in the chillest place on Earth

A travel blog entry by thesaxman

... churned out my usual 5 paragraphs of deep, inspiring insight and i've no idea how i got this far. Just goes to show you can always make something out of nothing. A boring, slow, yet fine day in Utrecht. Tomorrow....the hub of hedonism itself. ...

Na navsteve u bludnych Holandanov, Utrecht/ Rotterdam, Netherlands travel blog

Na navsteve u bludnych Holandanov

A travel blog entry by mozi


Ako by to bolo, keby som sa tulal po svete ako bludny Holandan a nezavital do bludnym Holandanom Zeme zasvatenej - do Holandska. Osobne som este nestretol Holandana s ktorym by bola nuda (a ak takeho poznate, tak mam s nim, prosim vas, nezoznamujte), tak ...

Fun in Well!, Well, Netherlands travel blog

Fun in Well!

A travel blog entry by danajmooney


Today was our first really sunny day in the Netherlands! We woke up at around 9:30 and the sun was up and birds were chirping! It felt like we were in a Disney movie, or something! Anyway, we had brunch at 11, and after that we were free until 1, so I ...

A Slight Detour, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

A Slight Detour

A travel blog entry by -thegrandtour-


... able to stand outside, but it was well worth it. This village of windmills is the largest and oldest concentration in the Netherlands. There are 19 of them, and they were built in 1740 as a drainage system. Naturally, it's another UNESCO World Heritage ...

Aftellen is nu écht begonnen; nog 2 dagen te gaan!, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Aftellen is nu écht begonnen; nog 2 dagen te gaan!

A travel blog entry by lesterenanne


Dag lieve mensjes, Nog 1.5 week te gaan; dan zullen we het koude en regenachtige kikkerlandje laten voor wat het is en zullen we voor 24 dagen vertrekken naar Chili en Patagonië. Aldaar zullen we ook onze Kerst en Oud&Nieuw vieren! * Oppas ...

Small change, Amersfoort, Netherlands travel blog

Small change

A travel blog entry by jdvegmond

Well, there's already been a small change of plans. First of all the flight from Bangkok to Sydney will be on December 13th and not on the 11th. Second I'll be flying from Sydney to Amsterdam on January 30th and not on the 29th. So one day is added to my ...

This Place I Love, Amsterdam, Netherlands travel blog

This Place I Love

A travel blog entry by everywhere


Amsterdam was a breath of fresh, albeit chilly, air.  The energy in Amsterdam is different than any other city - it is young and energetic and happy. As uptight as France can feel, Amsterdam is loose.  Not only are the sex and drug ...

Skills for Working in Development in Boxtel, Boxtel, Netherlands travel blog

Skills for Working in Development in Boxtel

A travel blog entry by doro

Nach dem letzten Training in Birmingham und den 2 Tagen auf Projekt in Hamburg bin ich schon wieder auf der Straße in Richtung Holland. Diesmal geht es nach Boxtel für das nächste Training, daß uns ein bißchen den Alltag auf den Projekten und den ...

Land of Tulips, Bikes, Windmills and Canals, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Land of Tulips, Bikes, Windmills and Canals

A travel blog entry by soongies


Our last long distance drive in our little black Peugeot 208 was taking us from Hamburg to Utrecht in The Netherlands. The drive was a fairly easy one on the autobahn - hardly any roadworks and reaching speeds of around 155 km/h at times! We stopped for ...

Day 27, 28, 29 - The Dutch Experience, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Day 27, 28, 29 - The Dutch Experience

A travel blog entry by abs08


... out my earplugs which worked like a charm! I can't believe I'm coming up to my one month anniversary. It has been such a memorable time already and I can't believe my luck that I'm about to go to sleep in a college dorm bed in the middle of Netherlands! ...

Follow Up Le Craft, Utrecht, Netherlands travel blog

Follow Up Le Craft

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... ’s for dinner once again. Around the dinner table talk of words and language, and how people in different parts of Netherlands speak dialects or with an strong accent that makes it impossible to understand them, but that I should understand those in ...

Het museum en een korenmolen, Spakenburg, Netherlands travel blog

Het museum en een korenmolen

A travel blog entry by pascale7171153


    Er was ons aangeraden om het museum Spakenburg eens te doen en ja hoor dat was echt de moeite. Het was een combinatie van museum en café. Zeer interessant en leuk. Daarbij konden we direct na de toeristische toer een koffie met ...

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