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Blue Grotto, WW2 Shelters & Catacombs, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Blue Grotto, WW2 Shelters & Catacombs

A travel blog entry by wardtrip

... them. They sheltered in fear and distress. They chipped away some Catacombs to make the shelters. There were a lot of Catacombs aswell. People were very small in the 12-1600’s. Malta is amazing but our Maltese trip ends here. By for now, from ...

Going Flat Out In Malta, Birzebugga, Malta travel blog

Going Flat Out In Malta

A travel blog entry by kewlabah


... . I think at one point we had argued over whos turn it was to wear it. Heaps of fun for all! I have been in Malta for seven days now and havenīt really stopped drinking. When i arrived at the airport i remember looking out the window and being ...

Pretty gardens!!, Floriana, Malta travel blog

Pretty gardens!!

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21


... was a nice day so no problems! It is all statues, churches and gardens. So of course we ended up going to Valletta for a little shopping!!! We went along Republic Street which only pedestrians are aloud on and its all old historical looking buildings with ...

Golden Bay & Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay, Malta travel blog

Golden Bay & Ghajn Tuffieha

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


In my first 10 days on the main island of Malta I had managed to tick off many of the places that I had pencilled in when planning the trip thumbing through my trusty Lonely Planet guide back home. It is a surreal process spending hours reading, ...

A remote island in the middle of the Mediterranean, Valletta, Malta travel blog

A remote island in the middle of the Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by ashifreeshma


Check out our ...

Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by tvandeve


... Sicily and Africa.  As such every power, Phoenicians, Romans, French, and even the British have controlled these 3 islands. The defeat in 1565 of Sulliman the Great here by the Knights of Malta ended the western progress of the Islamic conquests. ...

On The Rock!, Msida, Malta travel blog

On The Rock!

A travel blog entry by natandy


... by a visit to the oldest temple in the world!....the 5000 year old Mnajdra! Whoah! Later we caught the bus into Valletta for a wander around the capital before coming home for an incredible home cooked feast! Up at five tomorrow morning (aarggh - it's ...

On the road again, looking for the Maltese, Valletta, Malta travel blog

On the road again, looking for the Maltese

A travel blog entry by paleojohn2010


... morning by cleaning up and getting a long hot shower. Today’s plan is to travel in the direction of Valletta, to explore the walled capital of Malta. We are taking the interior roads as they are less subject to getting lost and going in the wrong ...

The city of Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The city of Valletta

A travel blog entry by hansonerin


... to see why it has been the setting to many movies. As we left the ship we headed by bus to the city of Valletta. This city was built as a fortress to protect the knights of Malta from invading troupes. Although after listening to the stories of various ...

More of Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

More of Malta

A travel blog entry by landltravel


Our return to Valletta, Malta.  We loved it the last time we were here about ten years ago.  This time we took the Hop On Hop Off bus around part of the island.  The HOHO experience was not good but let’s not focus on the negative. ...

We made it!!, Marsaacala, Malta travel blog

We made it!!

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21


... , Cypus but we weren't aloud to get off the plane so we just sat there for about 1 hour and then were on our way to Malta!! We were finally there!! Lots of tears (Mum and Nana!) and hugs and kisses from what was the strangers!!! Bec and I were in a ...

Malta - Making New Friends, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Malta - Making New Friends

A travel blog entry by ozziesescape


... to him. And Joe has the stories to prove it, which he will gladly share with you in great detail over a beer. Strategically located, Malta has held the world's attention since the days of the crusading knights (the Knights of Malta). As a child, Joe was ...

Pretty Bay in Birzebuga, Birzibuga, Malta travel blog

Pretty Bay in Birzebuga

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21

Uncle Jo offered to take us to a sand beach called Pretty bay, (and rightly so) in Birzibuga. Katia and Rob were supposed to take us to another beach for the day but unfortunately Katia got sick. The beach was beautiful but the sand was really ...

Ahhhhh, Malta!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Ahhhhh, Malta!

A travel blog entry by kempstertravels


... cheese or mushy peas - divine!) as colourful fireworks lit up the night sky. The first two nights in Malta were spent in the capital - Valletta. This city is so well preserved that you could almost be tricked into believing that you were walking the ...

Very old and interesting, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Very old and interesting

A travel blog entry by stephgraeme


... rotten. As you can probably tell by my stories, I am not big on descriptions and detail of the places we have been but Malta was absolutely beautiful with so many old walls and a lot of WWII history. Could easily go back there for a drive around. They ...

Malta: A Mediteranean Marvel, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Malta: A Mediteranean Marvel

A travel blog entry by chris_sayward


... several major European cities directly to Malta and compared to most of the EU, Malta is a relatively inexpensive vacation spot. Malta also boasts some of the most beautiful sandy beaches and THE best scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Unfortunately it ...

Valletta - what a place!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Valletta - what a place!

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... you somehow feel dwarfed by the stories that lie in the stones of the buildings that were built hundreds of years ago. Valletta, the capital of Malta, is where most of these stories will lead you to. It looms like a medieval fortress, ancient and rich in ...

Detox, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by pwong


... it!!! Our flight wasn't until late this evening, meaning that we had plenty of time to enjoy Modica before catching our plane for Valletta.  While charming, Modica isn't the most exciting of places, nor is it packed with any must-see sights - so what ...

travelling to malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

travelling to malta

A travel blog entry by sydneyalicat

... impressions are very arid looking but beautiful blue sea. Doesn't take long to disembark and get our luggage and we are off in to Valletta in a taxi. Get to our hotel and check in, seems very nice, get a map off the helpful receptionist and head in to ...

28-29 Valletta-Dinner-Marsaskala beach, Valletta, Malta travel blog

28-29 Valletta-Dinner-Marsaskala beach

A travel blog entry by elizabeth21


... but not very engaging (both Mum and Nana fell asleep!!). We also saw The Great Seige Bell Memorial which had a great view of Valletta!! See the pics~ That Night was Uncle Nenus birthday. We all thought we were going to the festa in Tarxien but it ...

Malta and Gozo, Valetta, Malta travel blog

Malta and Gozo

A travel blog entry by gracielastanley


... so-called civilized world, or Europe anyway, and I am vomiting violently. A nice flight into Valetta from Casablanca on Air Malta. The islands were beautiful from the air and the flight was pleasant. Arrived and went through our usual rituals of ...

Day spent with the knights., Valletta, Malta travel blog

Day spent with the knights.

A travel blog entry by yurgo56


... of large churches and there are a lot of saints in the place and street names. I have come to the conclusion that I have seen Malta and that is about the end of my association. I think if I had been a military commander I would have let the invaders have ...

A Day to Relax, Valletta, Malta travel blog

A Day to Relax

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


Today was mostly a resting day. I've been walking all over Malta and Gozo with an annoying cold and its really wearing me down. The nice weather has mostly gone and left hot weather with a very light breeze. It seems harder to escape the sun in the ...

Visiting Valletta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Visiting Valletta

A travel blog entry by allie.boler


... we drove over to Sliema (next bay) and caught a boat to take a 2 Harbour cruise around the various amazing deep Valletta harbours.  Really interesting to see the city from the waterline and also to admire the many super yachts moored up ...

Wow! Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Wow! Malta

A travel blog entry by petkatravels


... and the churches with their domes, the old buildings and the monuments along with the masses of colour from the geraniums give Valletta great charm and character.We were in for a walk through a varied history, as Malta has an archaeological site which ...

V A L L E T T A -- M A L T A, Valletta, Malta travel blog

V A L L E T T A -- M A L T A

A travel blog entry by jjndotr


Middle of the Med, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Middle of the Med

A travel blog entry by croxandlilt


... . John's Co-cathedral. We took a boat taxi ride around the Grand Harbour and had dinner out on the deck over looking the massive Valletta bastions. The food was fantastic and could there be a better view? We soon found out the answer lied on the island of ...

Polish-Filipino mafia in Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Polish-Filipino mafia in Malta

A travel blog entry by bogna


Piekny dzien na pieknej Malcie. Spacer po miescie i lody dopelnily dnia. Bylo przemilo. A beuatiful day in beautiful Malta. A little wander around the town and ice cream made the day completed. Itwas super ...

Adventures on a tiny island..., Sweqi, Malta travel blog

Adventures on a tiny island...

A travel blog entry by tabonyhl

... nbsp; Well, at least we got the tickets and there won't be any major disruptions in our travel plans.   We got back to Valletta, Malta's capital, around sunset, and couldn't face yet another bus ride, so we decided to walk back the 3 or so miles to ...

Island Adventure: Malta 2, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Island Adventure: Malta 2

A travel blog entry by siarakelyndali


Hi Everyone! Woke up early and went for a walk with Alex by the water, we met up with Princy for brunch. I opted for a Maltese omelette which was a nice change from Italian cuisine.  The omelette was paired with fries and a salad.  After ...

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