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history day, Valletta, Malta travel blog

history day

A travel blog entry by sydneyalicat

Spent the morning in Valletta and went to visit the Palace of the Grand Masters. This is still used as the parliment building so if they are sitting you can't visit. Very interesting,loads of suits of armour and paintings of the various grand masters. ...

You call this Winter Malta?!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

You call this Winter Malta?!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... , there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it felt great being in a singlet walking along the marina. You call this Winter Malta?! I didn’t have any swimmers, and I was too self-conscious to strip down to my underwear, so I jumped straight into the ...

Valletta´s stunning Cathedral, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Valletta´s stunning Cathedral

A travel blog entry by astrix7


... baroque churches and palaces with the occasional modern buildings that were built to replace those destroyed during the  WW2 bombing of Malta. It would have been foolish for me to attempt to walk up or down the many narrow streets which crossed the ...

The Malta Music Awards, Gżira, Malta travel blog

The Malta Music Awards

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... we walked around to the front gate and asked the security guard what was going on. He said they were having a rehearsal for the Malta Music Awards (MMAs) that night. We asked if we could go in, but the reply was 'Unfortunately not, but tickets for ...

Hop On Hop Off, Marsalforn, Malta travel blog

Hop On Hop Off

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... man followed him, and we thought he was going to be busted, but the cop just took the same shortcut that the offender had! Only in Malta! (Random fact: you don’t have to pay to catch the ferry from Malta to Gozo, but you have to pay on the way back ...

A day of wasted sunshine and possibilities, Gżira, Malta travel blog

A day of wasted sunshine and possibilities

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson

Today I slept, feeling guilty for wasting a day of sunshine and possibilities. That evening I went for a run along the marina with Egil and Jon. On the way back I took them past the Sliema playground and we frolicked on the gym equipment. Everyone is a ...

The End of Crazytown Europe, Valletta, Malta travel blog

The End of Crazytown Europe

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


... back my Lm0.20 and said to go take the taxi for Lm6.00. I gave him the 30 cents. The bus driver is always right. Malta is a strange place isolated from the rest of the world. People here go at their own pace and no faster. Although its been the center ...

Mgarr is Cancelled Mmmkay, Mgarr, Malta travel blog

Mgarr is Cancelled Mmmkay

A travel blog entry by tvandeve

Mgarr on Gozo was cancelled as a tender port due to rough weather.  We spent an extra night at Valletta. ...

I hate to say it, but crying gets you places!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

I hate to say it, but crying gets you places!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... . I was helped by a lady who took pity on me, and will try to fast track my case and get me the card before I leave Malta. I had to have my photos taken again for the card though, and was embarrassed because my face was all blotchy. I went to the city ...

Poetry on the Rocks., Sliema, Malta travel blog

Poetry on the Rocks.

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... to purchase one of his books that day and also to get it signed. I remember packing the book but had not opened it since arriving in Malta. Today for some reason Nick's book of poetry popped into my head so I put it in my carry bag and took it with me to ...

Ancient Malta and water!, Mosta, Malta travel blog

Ancient Malta and water!

A travel blog entry by ashygag


... Lira (pound) even though the Euro is coming, so it is foreign but in English.  I can do this. :D However now I leave Malta against my better judgement (I'd happily just move in) and head back to Sicily to think in Italian for a few more days before ...

A Day on Gozo, Ghawdex, Malta travel blog

A Day on Gozo

A travel blog entry by allie.boler


... at LIDL on the way to the ferry and got home about 6.  Knackered. A quiet dinner in was called for.  Malta and Gozo are so fabulous.  They have everything: amazing history and historical sites from Neolithic Temples older than Stonehenge, ...

Valletta and a Date!, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Valletta and a Date!

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... of Archaeology and the National Museum of the Arts. Both were very worthwhile, the latter containing many fantastic paintings of Malta from the 17th and 18th centuries along with numerous pieces of wooden furniture from that time. It was really enjoyable ...

Malta IV, Valletta,  Malta travel blog

Malta IV

A travel blog entry by mattccaddy


... said farewell to everyone and Winnie accompanied me to the airport. I was sad to leave and I wish I had planned more time in Malta, but i will definitely come back. It really is like a second home. My radiohead concert was postponed, so i have the ...

The water was dive-ine!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

The water was dive-ine!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... help them with the gear and the dives). I would have definitely taken him up on the offer if I’d been staying in Malta for longer. Everything seems to be coming together just as I’m leaving! I felt a bit uncomfortable baring my blinding white ...

Pooja's party, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Pooja's party

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


I Skyped Mum to tell her I was going to Turkey, and then did some washing and went back to bed. Staying up late the night before had taken it out of me! I woke up again at 7pm and made Mediterranean couscous for Debbie and I. This is now a favourite of ...

The Blue Elephant  Tasting Experience  - Hilton, Saint Julian's, Malta travel blog

The Blue Elephant Tasting Experience - Hilton

A travel blog entry by greekcypriot


... it was arranged that I have a Tasting Experience at this amazing restaurant. Widely recognized as a top fine dining spot in Malta, the Blue Elephant has received multiple awards since opening its doors at the Hilton Malta.   This restaurant chain is ...

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... sea was glistening beside me, and I studied the myriad of restaurants, faces and trendy shops as I passed them. Since I am staying in Malta for a month or two, I thought I should invest in a couple of items of clothing so I’m not always in my daggy ...

Back to Malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog

Back to Malta

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


... next ferry" and don't want to change that plan for anything. After a breakfast consisting of 4 pieces of toast, we headed back to Malta. Back at the Balco again, I set out to get my laundry done. The woman here at the hostel said they offered the ...

Mdina and Rabat, Valetta, Malta travel blog

Mdina and Rabat

A travel blog entry by ditchthecube


... LM1.00) that were constructed around the 4th century. The crypt contains the oldest Christian artwork I've yet seen. The attractions in Malta are run much differently than in France. Nobody really keeps an eye on you here and they don't set up significant ...

Mdina & Rabat, Mdina, Malta travel blog

Mdina & Rabat

A travel blog entry by andrew.galea


... limestone quarry site that depicts more recent history of Malta and explains the various stages of the limestone industry that provided Malta with the beautiful stones used to build the vast majority of the country's buildings over the last few centuries. ...

Is Qawra beautiful or what, Qawra, Malta travel blog

Is Qawra beautiful or what

A travel blog entry by paleojohn2010


The airline gave us some washing powders for clothes, so we washed a bit of clothes and put them out on the line to dry. That was another challenge, washing clothes in the sink. But the weather is in the low 60s and there still is a hour or so before ...

malta, Valletta, Malta travel blog


A travel blog entry by lisavinci

... . dave also got a bit burned(he just goes white again though not so lucky) 13th august. - bit of a lazy day last day in malta flying out tomorrow. spent the day sight seeing with marvic who i think is a danger on the roads almost got killed a few times ...

Get me outta the house!, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Get me outta the house!

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


Today I woke up with a new freckle. How had I not noticed this one before? It was right in the middle of my face! And it was huge! I was stumped all day, and then realised later that it was probably a mosquito bite in disguise. I had an inside day; ...

My farewell Scribble Party, Gżira, Malta travel blog

My farewell Scribble Party

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... equally contradictory and intriguing: 'The Knights of St John were a unique brotherhood of resolute warrior monks. From Malta, their island stronghold, these combatant aristocrats from the noblest houses of Europe, carried out their relentless crusade ...



A travel blog entry by davidwoolley


... to a place where Paul walked the streets and docked his ship, probably where our ship docked, made it a special place. Valetta, Malta has certainly become one of my special places. We all greatly enjoyed our visit here and would certainly come back if ...

Exploring the Citadel, Marsalforn, Malta travel blog

Exploring the Citadel

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


We slept in, waking up happily to the funny memories of the night before. We went downstairs where Nicole's mum was making ravioli. It looks so fun and easy to make, I’ll have to get her to show me sometime. We ate Maltese bread for breakfast and ...

Hairdryer Wind!, Malta, Malta travel blog

Hairdryer Wind!

A travel blog entry by allie.boler


Another totally boiling day but with a crazy strong wind - felt like a hairdryer on hot going full blast at you.  We decided against diving today.  All the places we wanted to go would have been right in the face of it.  Plus to be honest ...

Waiting, waiting, waiting, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Waiting, waiting, waiting

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


In the morning I posted some presents back to Australia. The post office staff know me very well now, because I'm always coming in with a handful of postcards, or a strange-shaped gift to try and send. I went to Valletta via bus, and took photos through ...

Moving the Charlotte Louise, Gżira, Malta travel blog

Moving the Charlotte Louise

A travel blog entry by caitlinnelson


... to be a part of a significant event during my time on the majestic, enchanting and often underappreciated island nation of Malta. Through friends, I had met Gabriel Tortorici, the proud owner of a beautiful old English Oak ship called the Charlotte ...

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