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Borneo, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by moskovskaja


... Tag gings weiter nach Kota Kinabalu, der Hauptstadt der malayisch Provinz Sabah. Dort verbrachten wir den Nationalfeiertag von Malaysia. Ausser dass viele Geschaefte geschlossen waren, merkten wir nichts von Feststimmung. Wir zogen weiter nach Semporna, ...

Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by wanderlustroots


PHOTOS from Semporna ...

Scuba Junkies - Addicted to Paradise in Borneo, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Scuba Junkies - Addicted to Paradise in Borneo

A travel blog entry by ellie.willitts


... . The locals who live on Mabul are/used to be nomadic people who live on the sea and travel the archipelago of Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. They are more settled now but they aren't recognised by any country and are stateless. This means they have ...

Second day in Sipadan!, sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

Second day in Sipadan!

A travel blog entry by kamsani


We got our second permit to Sipadan. Yea! Again the day started at 530 am and by 6am we were off to the island. The weather was really nice this time. We could actually see sunrise at Sipadan. As soon as we descent at the drop off which was the first ...

Days 34 to 39: Diving at Sipadan, Kampong Menampilek, Malaysia travel blog

Days 34 to 39: Diving at Sipadan

A travel blog entry by jason_m_smith


The following day we were picked up from the hotel transferred to the dive resort.  The resort is on a submerged sandbank called Kapalai close to Sipidan island which is a well known dive site, currently in the top ten nominations for the natural ...

Snorkelling At Sibuan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Snorkelling At Sibuan

A travel blog entry by stortney


... guys, the time has come! We boarded the dive boat with anticipation and were soon speeding through the water away from Semporna and toward a little island called Sibuan. Sibuan is, as our dive instructor said, "your generic tropical paradise". It's a ...

Sleeping on a coral reef., Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Sleeping on a coral reef.

A travel blog entry by gary_cailin


... to get annoyed at the Japanese blatant disregard for the prohibition of flash photography. Instead we went with Rok and Jasna to Semporna, and to a place where they had stayed the previous week. Singamata was a hostel built 10 minutes out from the ...

Incredible Sipidan Diving, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Incredible Sipidan Diving

A travel blog entry by frankoc


I had booked a 2 night stay in a place called Reef Advetures just off the coast of Semporna. It used to be a working rig but had been converted to hold 45 or so guests over 3 floors and as you would expect of a rig it was stood in the open Celebes Sea. It ...

Borneo - however brief, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Borneo - however brief

A travel blog entry by niallandnic


... just as much awe and wonder, from colonial towns to jungles to stunning desert islands. We travelled upwards from Semporna to Sandakan, a colonial town that has its own charm but that most people visit to gain access to the Orangutang ...

Diving, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by helenpretious


07/10 - We arrive at Sipidan Water village on Mabul island, all of our accomodation is built directly on the sea, wooden chalets built on stilts and connected by walkways. The room is massive, with a gorgeous balcony and our own private sunloungers ...

Smells like fish, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Smells like fish

A travel blog entry by mel_strang

This little fishing village was the gateway to Mabul island. One night here drinking beers to fill in time as it rained outside. ...

Blog Lite, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Blog Lite

A travel blog entry by fatsomoo


... and gave it to us in the bus on the way to the airport. In turn I gave him my Sony camera!! 1/10/2011 Night spent in Semporna. This must be the sister town of Sandakan as it is also a complete stinking rat infested hole. 3/10/2011 – 5/10/2011 Kuala ...

Sipadan, Mabul Island, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by mel_strang is a dive school/guesthouse. We had a great time with them and an awesome group of friends we met there and shared the dorm with. The island itself is tiny and covered with dive resorts and a village of phillippino people. Its just beautiful ...

We found paradise, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

We found paradise

A travel blog entry by joy_marc


One night in Semporna and then we took our boat over to Mabul Island to begin our open water dive course.  The sea was so rough on the way there and after an hour of butt numbing crashes into the waves we reached land so wet that we might as well ...

Mount Kinabalu - Sepilok - Bilit - Tabin - Sipadan, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Mount Kinabalu - Sepilok - Bilit - Tabin - Sipadan

A travel blog entry by jamesharrison

... is one country that I have visited and enjoyed so far that was worth spending my Porsche fund on then I have to say it's Malaysia.  Everything, absolutely everything about this place in terms of what it offers is superb!    I'm fit and well ...

In Deep, Semporna,  Malaysia travel blog

In Deep

A travel blog entry by stortney


... 730 to get our gear together and shipping out to one of the surrounding islands for a day of diving. Diving is a pretty big deal in Semporna (there isn't much else to do) so for the week that we've been in the dive shop we've been part of a little family ...

Into the deep, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Into the deep

A travel blog entry by thejones187


... than getting sensible flight times etc. Sipadan is the one place that we didn’t manage to get to when we travelled through Malaysia and I was gutted, so I decided that we would go for a week before we head home, we stayed 3 nights in Semporna which ...

Hmmm, Diving....., Semporna / Pulau Sipidan, Malaysia travel blog

Hmmm, Diving.....

A travel blog entry by jamesemorrow


... quid) to Tawau, get picked up by the dive school and get chaffeured for an hour, to the dive school in  Semporna... Alas no. It seems 8GBP flights are based on the carrier retaining a non-negotiable position of deciding whether it can be ...

The King is alive!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

The King is alive!

A travel blog entry by nloon


We got up early this morning and set off for the nearby island of Kapalai for a great days diving. We saw loads of cool stuff including a giant Moray Eel called Elvis who is 3 metres long apparently. We just saw his head poking out but that was ...

Looking for nemo again!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Looking for nemo again!

A travel blog entry by amandaroberts79

Diving ...

Shark!, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by samrandall


... such an accolade, but I just loved it. Before diving Sipidan we stayed 2 nights in Mabul, an Island just off Semporna, where I completed my Advanced Diver Certification with a very informative American dive master-if we could feed him enough noodles and ...

Under the sea, under the seaaa, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Under the sea, under the seaaa

A travel blog entry by jttours


After a quick under-whelming but efficient flight on Air Asia we were in Borneo.  Our first destination was to Semporna where we had booked to go diving for three days.  Straight away we realised that we were very much novices in diving compared ...

Diving in Sipadan, Mabul, Malaysia travel blog

Diving in Sipadan

A travel blog entry by mauddespoisse


... and i saw lots of turtles, sharks, barracudas, parrot fish, box fish, little nemos, angel fish otherwise known in my head as Malaysia Airlines logo fish, little frog fish, scorpion fish, cuttle fish, razor fish...etc... It was all wonderful to me as it ...

Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by benandcally


We have come to the town of Semporna to go scuba diving off Pulau Sipadan, an island which itself is the pinnicle of a six-hundred metre vertical rise from the ocean foor. The drop off is known as The Wall. The diving was ...

Dykkerparadis , Semporna, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by loneogmartin

Hej alle sammen der laeser dette. Saa er der endelig blevet mulighed for at skrive lidt om vores tur. Siden sidst har vi vaeret i Indonesien 8 dage og siden paa Borneo, hvor vi bliver de naeste 5 dage inden vi tager til Filippinerne. Vores foerste ...

Hafenstadt mit allem Drum & Dreck, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Hafenstadt mit allem Drum & Dreck

A travel blog entry by upandaway_gk


... am Schwarzmarkt gelandet. Nach einer eineinhalbstündigen Fahrt (natürlich in einem Toyota HiAce) entlang Palmölplantagen kommen wir in Semporna an und spazieren sogleich ins Office von Billabong Scuba, wo wir für die nächste (Tauch-)Woche ...

Droemmedyk med mareridt paa overfladen, Sipadan, Malaysia travel blog

Droemmedyk med mareridt paa overfladen

A travel blog entry by elinatroels


... af menneskelig tilstedevaerelse.  Pulau Sipadans popularitet skabte for ti aar siden en del problemer, da baade Indonesien, Filippinerne og Malaysia paastod at vaere den retmaessige ejer af vidunderet. Det resulterede i aar 2000 i et gidseldrama, da ...

Tauchen in Semporna, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Tauchen in Semporna

A travel blog entry by janinger


Nach unserem schönen Ausflug nach Brunei haben wir uns in einem 30 Stunden Boot-, Bus- und Warte-Trip nach Semporna begeben. Den darauf folgenden Mittagsschlaf hatten wir uns verdient! Semporna selbst hat nicht besonders viel zu bieten. Es ist nicht ...

Diving the Deep, Mataking, Malaysia travel blog

Diving the Deep

A travel blog entry by 2totango


When the torrential rains starter the evening before, we were a little bit concerned.  But weather moved pretty fast here.  In the morning our boat ride was more than interesting.  Forty five minuted by speed boat crashing over waves and ...

Super Snorkelling, Semporna, Malaysia travel blog

Super Snorkelling

A travel blog entry by chrismcg


... of diving schools and, quite honestly, the diving in this area must be fantastic, because the snorkelling was also fantastic. Semporna itself is a couple of streets, lots of guesthouses, a few really good hotels, restaurants, cafes, one chemist shop, and ...

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