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A nightmare in Miri!, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

A nightmare in Miri!

A travel blog entry by ceriandsteve

... walking with 20kg in 32C heat but it was a pretty stroll along the river through the forest.  It was the first time in Malaysia that we had seen true poverty, some of the huts on the way were little more than a four bamboo poles with some straw ...

Back in Borneo, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Back in Borneo

A travel blog entry by nas.latif

... followed by exit from Brunei, entry back into Malaysia, then exit Malaysia and another entry into Brunei and a final entry into Malaysia. I had not appreciated before this trip that there were 2 bits to Brunei.  The other passengers got off ...

Proud to be an American!, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Proud to be an American!

A travel blog entry by callmejoseph


I was having one of those I-haven't-slept-properly-in-too-long dreams when it happened. "Good morning, indecipherable" "Good morning! indecipherable" It was the giggly voice entering my left ear, this I knew, what I couldnt understand was why. ...

Planning ahead ...... a tough day, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Planning ahead ...... a tough day

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


... fly home from and whether we would stop off in Europe somewhere. 2..decided that Kota Kinabalu would be our last stop on Borneo Malaysia 3.. on 14th July fly from Kota Kinabalu to KL and stay overnight near hotel 4..on 15th fly to VIENTIANE in LAOS and ...

Miri to Kuching, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri to Kuching

A travel blog entry by tombenson


... companies loading loads of timber onto boats. There were thousands of trees all just lying on the bank waiting to be collected. Malaysia has a real problem with deforestation at the moment and this was the first example that i had seen of it. The trip ...

Onto Belaga, Belaga, Malaysia travel blog

Onto Belaga

A travel blog entry by ceriandsteve


We got up early the next day as a local guy had told us last night that we needed at get a tourist permit to head further upriver to Belaga. Apparently you get this for free from the Kapit Resident Office.  There is no road and air access to or from ...

Passing through, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Passing through

A travel blog entry by dunk_and_amanda


We stayed here for a few nights before our flight to Mulu. We took the opportunity to rest up for a while and visited the Petroleum museum. Guesthouse was nice and friendly ...

Biggest sweat, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Biggest sweat

A travel blog entry by schellenberg


This morning we left for Miri, leaving our friends behind in was weird to continue without them, we had a great time eventhough we didn't get as many Gin Tonics as promised!!!! Will do better next time! Thanks for the great time you lovely ...

Misfits in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Misfits in Miri

A travel blog entry by 2totango


... like we're back in Bangkok again...what do we do? Fly to Indonesia for a week? Fly to the Philippines?  Continue with Malaysia? Touring the rivers and parks of Sarawak may have been nice, but they didn't give us internet, so all of our research ...

Belaga -> Batu Niah, Batu Niah, Malaysia travel blog

Belaga -> Batu Niah

A travel blog entry by france_rejean


Salut tout le monde Nous allons bien. Nous sommes partie ce matin en 4x4 dans un beau chemin de terre battue dans la jungle. 2:30 plus tard, nous avons rejoint la route et rouler un autre 40 min. La jungle et bien des montagnes denude, il y a de la ...

Han du Sud, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Han du Sud

A travel blog entry by pvdyck


... le commandant décide d'attendre l'avion suivant et nous offre un Kentucky Fried Chicken, summum de la cuisine américaine exportée. Miri est une ville champignon née de l'explosion de l'industrie pétrolière offshore. Rien a voir, rien a faire... ...

Bats, bats and more bats, Niah Caves, Malaysia travel blog

Bats, bats and more bats

A travel blog entry by ceriandsteve


Having been woken up in the night by a pack of dogs howling and fighting all night outside our windows, I wasn't feeling on top form. We grabbed a quick coffee and some delicious pastry things from the cafe and waited for our 4X4 to take us from Belaga ...

Goodbye jungle, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Goodbye jungle

A travel blog entry by charlotterowley

Time to leave the jungle and caves behind. I waited around until 3pm for another 30 minute flight back to Miri. My carbon footprint recently has gotten rather large. In the past two weeks alone I have taken 8 flights, spending 32 hours flying. No more ...

Aug 08, 2011, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Aug 08, 2011

A travel blog entry by lionelrishi


Quick stop in Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Quick stop in Miri

A travel blog entry by chris74

There's not much in Miri. It's really only used as a stop off for travels to and from Brunei or the Gunung Mulu national park. I've seen enough national parks for the moment (and enough monkeys too) so I'm going to head off to Brunei. My bus leaves in ...

Depart Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Depart Miri

A travel blog entry by hapis


We Departed Miri Early At 7 AM.Supposed To Go Earlier Than That But Things Go Differently When 9  People Go For A Vacation. We Stayed At Grand Palace Hotel Last Night As We Celebrated My Mum's Birthday Party. Having Breakfast At My Auntie's Cafe ...

Change of plans, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Change of plans

A travel blog entry by nas.latif

... the next time I am in the area. The other plan is to get my diving certificate for when I return as there is a lot to see. So I took the flight to Miri and from here I will go down to Sibu and form there head inland up the Rejang river to the tribal ...

Miri...qué diablos hay por aquí???, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri...qué diablos hay por aquí???

A travel blog entry by clvillar


... compartió miles de programas de fotografías para Mac, para cuando nos compremos el nuestro!...excelente!. Se acabó Miri y ahora emprendemos el viaje a Sibu, en medio del camino por el estado de Sarawak. Sin duda estuvo mucho mejor que los ...

can't get down, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

can't get down

A travel blog entry by ecour0404


... singers and a make rapper that sang anything on request. the best way to compare it to the others is "same same, but different". Miri is a large(ish) city in the semi autonomous state of Sarawak. It is similar to the cities in Sabah but there are a few ...

Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by tony-helen


Up late today as in no hurry. Makes a change. Had breakfast with the Dutch couple and chats about future plans for travelling. Everyone seems to know where they are going but not us. Plan from day to day. Went downstairs to get a box from local shop ...

Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by france_rejean

... de repos probablement. Nous avons vue un scorpion ecraser sur la route. Rassurant, hein. En bref, taxi, bus, pour se rendre a Miri. Hotel miteux comparer a notre palace. mais on a un bain. Nous allons au parc Mulu en avions demain matin. Petit ...

Bintulu, Bintulu, Malaysia travel blog


A travel blog entry by yoni


... home. Shipping stuff back is always a hassle. Sometimes we have to use shipping companies like DHL, which is very expensive. Here in Malaysia we can use the post office. But for some reason we can only ship by air out of Bintulu. The freight charge ...

Anything I can't do in flip flops isn't worth it, Batu Niah, Malaysia travel blog

Anything I can't do in flip flops isn't worth it

A travel blog entry by ninedeuce


... friend of hers that could take me to Bintulu via the dirt logging road out of Belaga, so I went that way so I could get to Miri without another 9-hour boat ride and a long bus trip. This dude was from the Kayan tribe and he and his two bros were fucking ...

A walk around Miri, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

A walk around Miri

A travel blog entry by tony-helen


First day in Miri decided to do our usual......just set off and walk, and walk, and walk. Not really that exciting a place. Looked around town, some shopping malls, the fish market and the vegetable maeket........we think we need to go beaching again ...

Miri, Sarawak, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Miri, Sarawak

A travel blog entry by alexbright

Our first port of call on the Malysian side of Borneo and with a tight schedule driven by the female of the team, it was little more than a pit-stop as our tires squeeled and we took of towards Brunei, and the childhood memories of the afor mentioned ...

Boats, Planes, Crabs n Caves, Belaga, Gunung Mulu NP and Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Boats, Planes, Crabs n Caves

A travel blog entry by jtrail


... to explain that my Teva's had taken me all over the world and through far more difficult terrain than any cave! But this is Malaysia, and here the rules must be followed- or gotten around by borrowing a pair of white sox to provide the protection & ankle ...

Batu Niah Caves, Batu Niah, Malaysia travel blog

Batu Niah Caves

A travel blog entry by yoni


... from the hotel we are back at the Kuala Belait bus depot for our ride to Miri. The bus cost B$20.40 for both of us. At Miri we almost immediately board a bus headed to Batu Niah. We have a running joke between us where one of us will ask the other, for ...

Being lazy!, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Being lazy!

A travel blog entry by finn_steve

2 nights back in Miri not doing very much at all, just washing and watching ...

Something to do with caves., Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Something to do with caves.

A travel blog entry by finn_steve

Couldn't think of a title. Went here: ...

Flying in on a prop plane, Miri, Malaysia travel blog

Flying in on a prop plane

A travel blog entry by kandjgonomad


Mulu day woohoooo! Our first trip aboard Maswings and on a small turboprop aircraft into wilderness from Miri. The aircraft is reasonably small and it was great being on a plane where you could see, hear and feel the propellers. We even got a free milo ...

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