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Our Last day In Tokyo, Narita, Japan travel blog

Our Last day In Tokyo

A travel blog entry by jennystravels12


... way regret as my sausage omelette muffin was delicious! On our return to the hostel we got our things together and set off for Narita. We decided our last stay should be near the airport for ease of travel (10 mins away). I couldn't be more happy ...

On our way...lonoooggg flight!, Narita, Japan travel blog

On our way...lonoooggg flight!

A travel blog entry by vieraadventures


... definitely try to fly with them again if Travis can trick the system again and get us some cheap tickets. .. We arrived in Narita (city outside of Tokyo where the airport is) on Tuesday night and we went straight to the hotel because we desperately ...

Leaving Japan for NYC, Narita, Japan travel blog

Leaving Japan for NYC

A travel blog entry by nigeljbennett


... mins.  We pre-bought our train tickets thru our Japan Rail Passes (this is a must if you come to Japan).  We were able to access all the Narita Express trains, all the JR Tokyo subway system and bullet trains for a 2 week period for about $340 ...

Hello Japan, Narita-shi, Japan travel blog

Hello Japan

A travel blog entry by haddons


We've arrived after our epic journey from Cairns via Brisbane & Auckland. We know that we're back in the northern hemisphere as it's cold and raining. We had to wait ages for our shared transfer to our hotel which a pain after so many hours ...

blergg..... Is how I felt., Narita, Japan travel blog

blergg..... Is how I felt.

A travel blog entry by j-san


Arrived in Narita last night after a less than average plane trip. Motion sickness FTL.... Probably because I was sitting at the back of the plane. Aiport wasnt very crowded, and went through very quickly. Had a coke for dinner, after my almond kurowa-san ...

Sayonaraaa, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mimiama


tak ...

SAYO-FUCKING-NARA, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by rejsepeter


... , og en englaender gik i seng efter at danskeren havde vaklet op paa tredje sal!! I dag sidder jeg paa et hostel i Narita lige udenfor lufthavnen i Tokyo og det pisser ned udenfor, saa derfor denne update lige for Thailand. Jeg har hele tiden vaeret ...

A necessary evil, Narita, Japan travel blog

A necessary evil

A travel blog entry by sk4r4m4ng4


... a complimentary shuttle service from the airport and like the trains it left exactly on time and we were in the Radisson Narita in twenty minutes. Last time we came to Japan we got a taxi from the airport which cost us the thick end of £100 so the ...

In Tokyo!, Narita, Japan travel blog

In Tokyo!

A travel blog entry by bahnmi_and_we


We made it to Tokyo! Can't wait to spend a couple hours here on the way home. So far, so good, other than having my bag completely ripped apart by security. Damn bike tool. (4:20am EST) Thank you Japanese for going through every inch of Jamie's bag ...

Narita, Tokyo, Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Narita, Tokyo, Japan

A travel blog entry by johnterry_oz

Transit to ...

Springtime means Cherry Blossoms, Narita, Japan travel blog

Springtime means Cherry Blossoms

A travel blog entry by reds_adventure


It was a nice day in Narita Japan and I decided to take a walk to downtown. There is a Shinto temple in downtown, and they have many Cherry trees that are starting to bloom. In a couple of weeks they will be full of blossoms, but right now there are just ...

Japani jäämässä taakse, Narita, Japan travel blog

Japani jäämässä taakse

A travel blog entry by matkaajamaks


Matkan Japanin osuus on ainakin minun osaltani päättymässä, lennon kohti Hongkongia pitäisi lähteä huomenna aamusella. Ilen Japanin matka sen sijaan taitaa olla jatkumassa vielä hetken tuhkaisten taivaiden vuoksi - varmaa tietoa lennon ...

Standing and Waiting, Narita Airport, Japan travel blog

Standing and Waiting

A travel blog entry by nancycaldwell

I am publishing this entry mainly so the pin that sets the lines on the nap will show a stop at Narita Airport.  My layover was supposed to be one hour but turned into 2.5 hours, most of it standing in our "Zone" lines for ...

Malonie bus from Narita to Utsunomiya, Narita, Japan travel blog

Malonie bus from Narita to Utsunomiya

A travel blog entry by meaghanmcc


I got out of customs in one piece and am now sitting on the bus I had feared I wouldn't miss. I am pretty exhausted and am pretty sure that I will sleep through this one finally. I haven't got more than an hour of sleep since before leaving Seattle ...

Fish out of water make strange bedfellows, Narita, Japan travel blog

Fish out of water make strange bedfellows

A travel blog entry by catiechan


... , are knit close together when in foreign lands. I met a very nice duo while waiting for my connecting flight to Detroit from the Narita Airport. Her name is Chickay and she was traveling with her mom en route to the US. Surrounded by the inflections of ...

Narita-san, Narita, Japan travel blog


A travel blog entry by mimiama


A takto sa hladaju velke chramy, ked ma niekto viac stastia ako rozumu. A ...

Winding down, Narita, Japan travel blog

Winding down

A travel blog entry by izbit


... .  In any case, we had a choice between a very slow local train, or taking the express Skyliner all the way to Narita airport, and then doubling back to Narita city on the local train.  We did the later, which was very pleasant especially after ...

A quick stop in our previous home, Narita, Japan travel blog

A quick stop in our previous home

A travel blog entry by fatkidfrogs


A brief stop in Narita Airport brought back memories of our previous life in Japan.   For me it will always be uniquely foreign and at the same time familiar. Going straight to the free samples of $1400 bottles of ...

The endless flight, Narita, Japan travel blog

The endless flight

A travel blog entry by fhsjapan2010


... big and we had to go from one end of it to the other; glad  we were a little early, because our flight to Japan was already boarding when we got to the gate. Continental's flight was pretty nice, if any 14 hour flight can be considered nice. Each ...

Cakanje na polet domov, NARITA, Japan travel blog

Cakanje na polet domov

A travel blog entry by andrej

... Me zanima kak se mi bo v glavi obrnil cas ko bom prisel domov. Vceraj sem peljal kombi z observerji od Motegija do letalisca Narita - kar je okoli 150km. Bilo je zelo fajn vozit, ker sem imel dobri navigatorci in se vmes nismo kaj prevec zgubili, samo ...

Tokyo Is Bigger Than I Imagined, Narita, Japan travel blog

Tokyo Is Bigger Than I Imagined

A travel blog entry by viajerillo

... , but there's more city to this city than I previously imagined and, although getting as far as I currently am (the Hotel Nikko Narita), my plans might not be as grand as I once believed. As this really is my first ever independent overseas trip, the fact ...

Not as planned, Narita, Japan travel blog

Not as planned

A travel blog entry by gekogirl


For our last day in Japan we decided to do some last minute shopping. We took the subway to Shibuya. We managed by pure chance to leave the subway at the exit where the statue of Hatchiko is. For those who don't know Hatchiko is a dog that used to ...

Japan, finally, Narita, Japan travel blog

Japan, finally

A travel blog entry by coplann


... movie) and X-Men 3 and also played some multiplayer trivia. We also tried to get some sleep, but without much success. In Narita we successfully withdrew a couple ten-thousand Yen and jumped on the city-rail to Tokyo. We are/were pretty tired. Especially ...

to Narita, Narita, Japan travel blog

to Narita

A travel blog entry by coplann

We checked out in the morning and took the local train to Narita station. There we took a shuttle bus to our hotel which we booked for one night so we can get to the airport from there with a shuttle bus instead of having to get to it from within Tokyo. ...

Some Final Notes and a Sad Sayonara to Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Some Final Notes and a Sad Sayonara to Japan

A travel blog entry by rt9812


... painter to pass by. We stuffed ourselves with street food, consisting of all our favourites from my stay in Japan. Continuing to reminisce, we headed to Narita airport, another hour away still. Hannah and I got to the airport, posted a few letters, ate ...

Back in Japan, Narita, Japan travel blog

Back in Japan

A travel blog entry by bretch

... to be gone when he flys out, so back we went, for something with a little more enjoyment. Fly to Japan, and go to the Hotel Nikko Narita. A huge hotel, with pretty average rooms (well mine was). Pay-per-view films, include Japanesse hardcore, ...

Long Journey Home-Narita/Tokyo, Narita, Japan travel blog

Long Journey Home-Narita/Tokyo

A travel blog entry by joelle


... I have to say THANK YOU JAPAN AIRLINES-we got upgraded to first class. We were able to stretch out and catch a nap before landing in Narita at 7 a.m. Since we had an 11 hour layover, I decided to take a quick trip to Narita town to check out the sights. I ...

narita: koi carp and honour, Narita/tokyo, Japan travel blog

narita: koi carp and honour

A travel blog entry by kylief


... at the hotel to go to a really big shopping centre for the day (?!), and used my one day to go for a walk around Narita. Japan is absolutely cuteness personified, I think about eight of the ten cutest things I have ever seen in my life were glimpsed in ...

Waiting waiting waiting..., Narita, Japan travel blog

Waiting waiting waiting...

A travel blog entry by skidpadstuck


... quickly grabbed him and dragged him away. (I took a few pictures so I could maintain the American tourist stereotype. Pretty cool! Japan is so unruly (haha not really). Perhaps the guy is some evil politician? The Japanese George Bush? Who knows? (sorry ...

Stopover in Japan and Continuing to Singapore, Narita, Japan travel blog

Stopover in Japan and Continuing to Singapore

A travel blog entry by sjk

Today we landed at the Narita airport from the Dreamliner flight. We took a bus from the plane into the terminal where we were hit with the heat and the realization of no A/C. It was really humid and hot. In the hour we were waiting in the airport, we ...

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