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July 2006-Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

July 2006-Jamaica

A travel blog entry by sunnyd

1 fun-filled carzy week in ...

Aiports and Queues, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Aiports and Queues

A travel blog entry by dragon762


Island Time, that is how our adventure to celebrate our 35th anniversary in Jamaica started. Our anniversary is actually April 15th, but we took our time and started our trip on April 21st. Our flight was not until 9:00, but we arose at 4:45, drank ...

The Ins and Outs of Negril Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

The Ins and Outs of Negril Jamaica

A travel blog entry by violetraymond


My first weekend in Negril Jamaica I stayed at Kuyaba Hotel. This hotel was so pretty, the grounds were very clean and groomed, with beautiful palm trees, to bamboo walls. The rooms were almost like little cottages, wooden floors, doors, etc. The room I ...

Negril AGAIN - by far the best trip to date....., Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Negril AGAIN - by far the best trip to date.....

A travel blog entry by jamcan


... actually opened the doors yet. The grand opening....I felt like a married couple about to cross a threshold and I'm nervous.  Remember, I'm in Jamaica facing a city boy who didn't want to be on this trip.  This is day one, I don't want to go ...

Day 7, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Day 7

A travel blog entry by gonetraveling


We took a cab at 9:00am to explore the outskirts of Negril. There was 7 of us. We first went to YS falls, which is $17 US. Bring your swimsuits because the $17 is worth it because you take a tractor/ bus ride to the falls (about 10min). When you get there ...

You Really Do Feel All Right..., Negril, Jamaica travel blog

You Really Do Feel All Right...

A travel blog entry by sunandsnow


Recently, I traveled to Negril, Jamaica for my uncle, and now aunt's, destination wedding. Traveling anywhere outside of the hustle and bustle of New York excites me, but leaving the country and entering another environment entirely is a dream. I live to ...

Travel day, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Travel day

A travel blog entry by travel-n-chick


The drive to Negril was a bit of a culture shock.  I think that if our driver had of talked to us it wouldn't have been so bad.  Driving in Jamaica is an art ...

Jamaica .. Ya Man, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Jamaica .. Ya Man

A travel blog entry by ozpaula


Escaped Florida and flew to Jamaica for a week (stayed for three).  Spent New Years Eve on the beach in Negril.  Met some fellow travellers from Bosnia, Serbia and Scotland (that was a fun mix) and started exploring the island.  We ...

Negril and Runaway Bay, Negril and Runaway Bay, Jamaica travel blog

Negril and Runaway Bay

A travel blog entry by taniad

Jamaica has gorgeous beaches, nice people and the craziest parties I had ever been to. We drove from Runaway Bay to Negril and enjoyed the 45 minutes ride more than I expected. There are small fishing villages everywhere and the scenery is really ...

Day 5, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Day 5

A travel blog entry by gonetraveling

We walked to grocery store. It rained at 2:00 pm. And went to the beach. ...

Part 2, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Part 2

A travel blog entry by pnp53

... snorkeling.  It was too rough for me and other boats around and people.  Overall I did not enjoy the snorkeling in Jamaica. We had scheduled a tour to the falls and the rum estate but they cancelled on us without telling us, so we wasted several ...

Sunny with music please, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Sunny with music please

A travel blog entry by lizamilburn


... birds and flora. While breakfast had been buffet style, lunch and dinner are ordered. The gift shop has tshirts and sun tan lotion and Jamaica shot glasses along with some art and posters. I bought a day pack that says "Irie" which can't make me more of ...

Cool Runnings, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Cool Runnings

A travel blog entry by jacandpito


... highly recommend it. The event doesn't sell out and you can register right up to 9pm the night before. Accomdation and travel in Jamaica is reasonable you just need a cheap flight. The night after the run we hooked up with the wedding party that Renae ...

Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog


A travel blog entry by conte4202000

Greatest trip that I have ever been on, Lisa and I had a great time, everything from getting drunk on the resort to the Jungle canopy tour. I really had the time of my ...

Relaxing ..., Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Relaxing ...

A travel blog entry by trackers


Hey guys, wunderschöner Tag hier in Negril im Westen Jamaicas. Das Wetter ist traumhaft und der Strand braucht nicht lange auf sich warten lassen. =) Gestern legten wir einen eher ruhigeren Tag an, da es sehr heiß war und wir den Tag am Strand genießen ...

Negril Beach Club, Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Negril Beach Club, Jamaica

A travel blog entry by watchoutworld


Amazing place. Lovely atmosphere. Just a great place to go to ...

The Jamaican Way of Paradise, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

The Jamaican Way of Paradise

A travel blog entry by lilipathways


... a single bungalow but now it's a grand resort. It's really relaxing. Then, I went to Kingston, a great change from quiet Negril. Scotchies is the best restaurant ever! I love their jerk chicken and according to the reviews others do too. The inside looks ...

OLPC Volunteers visit Jamaica!, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

OLPC Volunteers visit Jamaica!

A travel blog entry by nsevers


... players to hit with there. Since the San Francisco Summit, I (representing Southeast Asia) have been working with Craig (Jamaica) and other volunteers representing small XO projects from Haiti, Madagascar, the Philippines, and Kenya. We call our group ...

Mini Vacation, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Mini Vacation

A travel blog entry by sxybritish

... of our exotic tropical drinks. RestaurantsTheir restaurants offer great setting for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can sip a cup of Jamaica's best Blue Mountain Coffee or you can just relax and listen to the sound of the blue Caribbean Sea.On the ...

Welcome to Jamaica, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Welcome to Jamaica

A travel blog entry by danp


... take long to learn the three most useful phrases in Jamaica. I found that one can conduct a full conversation with these phrases: Jamaica, no problem! Yaman! and No, I don't need ganja! Jamaicans like to point out how relaxed they and their country ...

More Rum!, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

More Rum!

A travel blog entry by annie5jamaica


... and we stayed in little multi-coloured beach huts on the beach it was awesome! The problem with Negril though is that it's the most touristy part of Jamaica so there are a lot of market stalls and Jamaican are persistant so you quite literally have to ...

The Long Road Home, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

The Long Road Home

A travel blog entry by steve_julie


... nbsp; A couple of days of chatting and we determine that Devon is okay and can be trusted to take us out to see the 'real' Jamaica.  So we agree to meet him this morning and head out. The trip starts at noon on his boat, which takes us across ...

Snorkeling in the Carribean Sea, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Snorkeling in the Carribean Sea

A travel blog entry by danp


... , and some background information is required. At the center of this story are Bruce Golding, the current prime minister of Jamaica, and Christopher "Dudus" Coke, a drug lord, the leader of a gang based in Kingston, in the neighborhood of Tivoli Gardens. ...

Aug 06, 2010, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Aug 06, 2010

A travel blog entry by bnd2sqrs


May 31, 2009, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

May 31, 2009

A travel blog entry by tiggerva


Hurricane Paloma, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Hurricane Paloma

A travel blog entry by crashdot

Evening now on the 8th. Hired a taxi to take us directly from the resort to Negril, because of the possibility of torrential rain from Hurrican Paloma, which right now is less than a hundred miles offshore, Category 4, and headed for Cuba, which means a ...

Off to touristville, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Off to touristville

A travel blog entry by wendy.batey


... some rough seas.  We almost decided not to continue, but the wind and waves dropped and we continued to our original destination, Negril.  On the way the best experience for the day was a pod of dolphins frolicking between the 2 hulls of the ...

In Sickness and in Health, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

In Sickness and in Health

A travel blog entry by 3oz_or_less


... felt a little nauseous again, but I managed to survive the remaining hour without getting sick, and the nausea has passed. We stop at Couples Negril to let out some people, and get back on the road for 10 minutes to get to our resort. Only 3 couples were ...

Jamaica, mom!, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

Jamaica, mom!

A travel blog entry by keysjam

Great time at the Samsara Matthew said, we saw hit the surface from 40' abov e, and 40' below! We also found out what causes rough churning oceans (from the Jamaican perspective: oll dat Spring Break activite, mon, from the Brit Scuba guide: ...

We're here, Negril, Jamaica travel blog

We're here

A travel blog entry by rastagalnj


... and they were again ready for food then off to visit the family. It was a surprise to them that we were even in Jamaica, so this homecoming had an element of mystery surrounding it. We dressed, prepared the backpack for the days needs, then off to find ...

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