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Day 9 - Vespa pilgrimage, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Day 9 - Vespa pilgrimage

A travel blog entry by moltomadmod


... . A restrained Paul enjoyed puy lentils with finely-chopped bacon and the moved on to La Bodeguitta - a trendy bar on Livorno's canal system featuring live music. The latter featured the ex-drummer from Prince's band with accompaniment, I hope., ...

Wine tasting in Tuscany., Livorno, Italy travel blog

Wine tasting in Tuscany.

A travel blog entry by daryl75


This morning we arrived in the Italian City of Livorno, in the provence of Tuscany.   Livorno is another port city, and Florence is about a 11/2 hour drive away.     Phoebe is very unhappy about the prospect of going to the Kids Club, ...

Turning Japanese in Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Turning Japanese in Livorno

A travel blog entry by ilari


15-16032011  Livorno. Tuscany. Italia. Back to mainland! Sardiniassa kohtaamamme uniikki vieraanvaraisuus jäi nyt taakse ja laivan saapuessa satamaan Livornon häikäisevät valot toivottivat matkalaiset tervetulleiksi. Sardiniassa oltiin selkeästi ...

Hello Mediterranean, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Hello Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by ktchris


... spot overlooked the Mediterranean perfectly. We went to sleep with the ocean in our ears. The next morning we drove into the city but Livorno seems to be a very industrial place so we didn’t stay very long. We made our way into Pisa where we found a ...

The Colorful Cinque Terre Coast, Livorno, Italy travel blog

The Colorful Cinque Terre Coast

A travel blog entry by halleyc


This morning we pulled into the port of Livorno, Italy just before 7 a.m. Livorno is on the upper Western coast of the country. It's a very industrial area, not pretty (at least not from the ship). Cruises dock here because it is the closest port to ...

Livorno + Pisa, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Livorno + Pisa

A travel blog entry by brooklyn85


... , and it was raining.. so what did we decide to do? Take a train to some place that wasn't raining. We ended up going to Livorno: an industrial marine harbor that to us wasn't very special. (BUT I have heard great things about the place.. you just need to ...

Pisa & Florenz, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Pisa & Florenz

A travel blog entry by travelfishes


Schon wieder gehts kurz nach 6 zum Frühstück, denn um 7 startet unsere Tour nach Pisa & Florenz. Obwohl Trenitalia uns ja in Rom prima Dienste erwiesen hat, gehen wir heute mit einer "Transfer only tour" von RCCL auf die Reise. An sich ganz ...

The Tower Really is Leaning, Livorno, Italy travel blog

The Tower Really is Leaning

A travel blog entry by sunnygurl


I had quite the adventure today! We are in Livorno which is the closest port to both Pisa and Florence. Kristine and I decided to take the train to Pisa to see the Leaning Tower. We made it there only after getting lost a few times :) The local tourist ...

Tastings and Traveling in Terrific Tuscany!, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Tastings and Traveling in Terrific Tuscany!

A travel blog entry by big_red_truck


Sorry, couldn't resist the alliteration… Today Jacqui and I had decided to actually book an excursion through Holland America. Livorno, where the cruise ships dock, is so far away from Florence that the expense for the excursion is not much more ...

Gateway to Tuscany, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Gateway to Tuscany

A travel blog entry by streeter


... once a Fortress and the old walls are still there. Like all European towns they seem all to have a main square and so did Livorno, called the Grand Piazza. In one of the small streets that lead from the Piazza we found a small shop called Bijou Brigitte ...

Perusing Pisa, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Perusing Pisa

A travel blog entry by dangabesisaak


... , scrambled eggs, sausages and hash browns, the four of us set off by shuttle bus into the Italian port city of Livorno, a pretty, classically Italian town.  Picturesque as it was, we were headed for nearby Pisa, and wandered the streets map in hand ...

Finally got the Picture!, Livorno/Pisa, Italy travel blog

Finally got the Picture!

A travel blog entry by sunnygurl


... , it worked! It actually turned out kind of cool. I will post it eventually, promise. We were super rushed though. It was a holiday in Italy that day so the trains were on a holiday schedule. We got to Pisa and had an hour and 15 minutes to get to the ...

Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by sogone


Italy has made me a coffee drinker again...mama inner pig dog is having a, pasta, wine... Overall, I think that people are more alike than they are different. We all share the human experience... We all have similar needs ...

Trip to Florence Italy, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Trip to Florence Italy

A travel blog entry by godfrey06


Bonjourno Everyone! We had another great day in Italy. We walked around town for five hours and shopped, got to see a couple of great churches and old buildings. Had gelato again, can't get enough of it. Pretty calm fourth of July. Tonight is dress up ...

Lacking Culture???, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Lacking Culture???

A travel blog entry by samanthamaguire


Our alarm goes at 5.45am, and we have not yet reached out next port of call, Livorno, Italy. It is a very pretty sight from our balcony, with the sun just rising, a delicate crescent moon still visible and the twinkling lights of Livorno ahead. Livorno is ...

Birthday on the Med, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Birthday on the Med

A travel blog entry by baumyj


We had a wake up call for 6.01am and a full room service breakfast because we had to be ready at 7.20 for the day's excursion to Cinque Terre (which I keep mispronouncing as if it was French not Italian). The breakfast arrived just after 6am and we ...

Florence.....a place to return to, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Florence.....a place to return to

A travel blog entry by midlifecruisers


... I was grateful we had purchased the Pacsafe satchels....and didn't get touched. Last stop was a scrumptious Gelati.....the Italians are experts.....I've tried many flavours since being in Italy...favourites being in Venice, Sorrento and Florence ...



A travel blog entry by burtonx2


Pisa and Wine, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Pisa and Wine

A travel blog entry by tofor85


Today, our first of four tours booked for our Mediterranean cruise. Our first stop in Italy was Livorno. After disembarking, and boarding our tour bus, we set off to the nearby city of Pisa. Its not hard to guess why. The leaning tower of Pisa draws ...

Hunting T-Rex, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Hunting T-Rex

A travel blog entry by word-a-day


... provided a good hour’s entertainment and a few amusing photo ops! From the park, we headed towards a small coastal town of Livorno for lunch. I was keen to explore at least a little part of Italy’s coastline, and as the weather hadn’t ...

More of Florence, Livorno  (Florence), Italy travel blog

More of Florence

A travel blog entry by anchors-away

We'll just have to go see all the parts of Florence we missed ...

First visit to Tuscany, Livorno, Italy travel blog

First visit to Tuscany

A travel blog entry by suzanne-norman

We woke up on Thursday to find ourselves just coming in to Livorno – the second largest port in Italy. It is the Tuscany port – very close to Pisa.  We had a tour to Sienna and La Gimignano booked so we had to get up at the crack of dawn ...

Hello Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Hello Livorno

A travel blog entry by hocking2013


... for a while, soaking up the atmosphere. Ethan was showing the first signs (well maybe the fourth or fifth signs) of exhaustion.  Bidding Livorno goodbye, we returned to the ship to enjoy its creature comforts. Tomorrow we wake in Porto ...

oh, the adventures!, livorno, Italy travel blog

oh, the adventures!

A travel blog entry by kari-the-1


... . after a trip to the medical for a busted-up toe and a bit of a lie-in, i ventured off the ship for the first time in livorno, italy. this is where the leaning tower of pisa... um, leans. well, not IN livorno - it's actually a bit of a bus ride, then a ...

Livorno, Livorno, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by greg.mcghee

Placholder.  We will be going to Pisa and Florence on an excursion.  I will probably put separate entries in for each of these ...

Day 3, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Day 3

A travel blog entry by katelynday

Throughout the night we continued to follow various South Easterly course along the West Coast of Italy. We made our final approaches into the Bay of Livorno at 0545 this morning, and embarked our local pilot shortly afterwards. By 0700 we were all fast ...

Messina, Sicily & sea day, Leghorn, Italy travel blog

Messina, Sicily & sea day

A travel blog entry by lilymay

Messina, Sicily & sea day After a little bit of a rough sea (meaning you could barely feel the movement in this larger ship), we woke up to another gorgeous morning. We passed Stromboli around 9am, gently smoking away.  Stromboli is a volcano ...

Cruise is almost over :(, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Cruise is almost over :(

A travel blog entry by moschel

So my bro, sis, and I didnt even make it to tuscany or livorno because all our friends from the ship knew it was christine and my last night on the ship so we got trashed and had a great time. We went to the piano bar where the later it gets the more ...

9th Port, Livorno, Italy travel blog

9th Port

A travel blog entry by lafalott

Livorno ...

Shall we go ashore?, Livorno, Italy travel blog

Shall we go ashore?

A travel blog entry by friendlycanuck


Today we got off the ship and went into Livorno. So we get off the bus and look at each other and say "ok remember where we get back on the bus" We walk until we found a cute coffee shop, got some drinks and tried to get on their wifi, of course we needed ...

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