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A trip to Modena and Balsamic vinegar heaven, Bologna, Italy travel blog

A trip to Modena and Balsamic vinegar heaven

A travel blog entry by ceesadventures


Today, we went to a beautiful home I Modena where they produce Balsamuc Vinegar over many years. We tasted 7 vinegars that were aged from 15-25 years. They were so unique with subtle differences. They dont sell to shops, but freight to anywhere in the ...

Bologna - the city of the 3 T's, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna - the city of the 3 T's

A travel blog entry by winegalcj


... tortollini - by the thinness - near transparency of the pasta - you should be able to see the filling.  Who knew?  Bologna is known for the 3 T's - Towers, Tortolloni (not the little tortollini's) and, you guessed it, Tits.  i love a city ...

The Doves, Bologna, Italy travel blog

The Doves

A travel blog entry by mavsqb1


... strong safety to injury against Bergamo.  It seemed like a bad situation. We rolled into the stadium and there was a large Doves Bologna banner hanging above it.  The field was much firmer than Bergamo, a bit sandy in the middle, but firm on ...

Luca, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by joshnadeau


... going to Torino (Turin) and'll drop me off on the other side of the Mont Blanc tunnel - the border into Italy. I can hitch from there to Bologna.   Two rides and only just inside Italy. I don't want to be anxious about timing, but I'm thinking about ...

The Beckers Final Blog, Bologna, Italy travel blog

The Beckers Final Blog

A travel blog entry by kcassaro


... Gennari (the chef at our wedding) and Laura's 85 year old mother. After taking advantage of the winter sales in Bologna, Chiara returned to Washington DC to start her second semester at American University, hopeful of repeating her Dean's List first ...

Tirocinio Cardiologia - first week, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Tirocinio Cardiologia - first week

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

My first week in the department of Cardiology is over and it was a really great week. Everyone explained a lot to me and helped me with translating everything into Italian. And the capo reparto invited me to see everything I wanted. By the time also me ...

Great food!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Great food!

A travel blog entry by gary.rosewarne


So we spent the night walking around Bologna enjoying the local cuisine. We also managed to squeeze in enjoy time for a quick cocktail in one of the busy bars. The city by night is GREAT!   ...

When in Rome (or Bologna in this case)..., Bologna, Italy travel blog

When in Rome (or Bologna in this case)...

A travel blog entry by jolawrence1


... life. Silky mozzarella, the freshest tomato and basil and paper thin base, all eaten whilst sitting on the pavement opposite Bologna's famous two towers. Could life get much better... Well yes actually when I discovered another little pasta shop where I ...

End of my first tirocinio, Bologna, Italy travel blog

End of my first tirocinio

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

My first clerkship in Italy is over - I did nothing during the whole week, just talked with the other students. So today our tutor decided that we had to prove, that we are able to do a proper nerological examination - the first time of the week, that we ...

Bologna - April 27, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna - April 27

A travel blog entry by jcharwell


... , I woke up from a great nights sleep at Hotel Hollywood to grab the EuroStar from Rome's Termini Station to Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy.  The trip only took about 2 two hours.  I arrived in Bologna around 1 PM.   After stopping ...

Day One at the Fair, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Day One at the Fair

A travel blog entry by linds_and_ryan

The Bologna ceramic tile fair is the holy shrine of the industry. Thousands of people flock to Cersaie to see the latest in technologies, styles, sizes, colors, shapes, and uses. The experience is overwhelming--just when you think you've seen it all, you ...

Elective in Farmacology, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Elective in Farmacology

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

I survived my first lecture of my elective in farmacology. Though, the lecture was really good, but for me it was hard to follow: I don't have a clue of mathematics in German, so why should I suddenly understand everything in Italian. Anyway, after the ...

Bologna map pin, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna map pin

A travel blog entry by eadamson

map pin ...

Bologna... wow, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna... wow

A travel blog entry by guyandhilli


... the weather for rearranging our plans to enable us to have an evening and a morning exploring the mediaeval quarter of Bologna. The astonishing density of beautiful and well-preserved buildings in the old city (some dating back to the eleventh century) ...

Solo a conocer la ciudad, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Solo a conocer la ciudad

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


Fui a Bolonia, un destino que no tenía en el radar, pero como había ya gastado mucho dinero en fútbol y el partido entre Bolonia-Roma no me interesaba demasiado los acompañé solamente pero no fui a la cancha. Rodrigo se bajó del partido también ...

I AM MOVING TO ITALY!!!, Bologna, Italy travel blog


A travel blog entry by peacelovertw


... travel shorts and Old Navy t-shirt), I happened upon what I believe may be an incredible love story!  On a two-day stop in Bologna, Italy – back in September – I met an incredible man. We met on the patio of a restaurant in a small ...

Bank Holiday, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bank Holiday

A travel blog entry by cainteam

... be open.  Nor tomorrow.  We will go to the park here today and then pack. The only museum in all of Italy open today is the BOLOGNA archaelogy museum.  We will do that too, if Alex is better...   We go to Venice on Monday, Florence ...

The worst pre-trip yet! (on the way to Scotland), Bologna, Italy travel blog

The worst pre-trip yet! (on the way to Scotland)

A travel blog entry by ailleagan

... is growing in it and tears start welting in my eyes...the security guard is repeatedly asking his peers, "telephono taxi di Bologna?" Tears are staining my cheeks as I start breathing deep shallow breaths trying to control myself as I slide down against ...

Trying to reach Ravenna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Trying to reach Ravenna

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

... got up quite early...but my car didn't work. After trying a few times we called for help - and finally after 2,5 hours someone came to make the car move. Fortunately, when we wanted to go back from Ravenna, the car still worked and we got back to ...

Farewell Rome, we had a great time, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Farewell Rome, we had a great time

A travel blog entry by blain_holidays


... imagine this happening back home without some form of road rage being seen. Our drive today took us to the city of Bologna during which we drove through some considerable snow falls changing the scenery from a dull winter brown to a beautiful visage of ...

Jumping the border, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Jumping the border

A travel blog entry by johnnyg

... back to Venice first as that was the closest place that an international train could be caught from. Like most decent sized cities in Italy there are lots of beggars. Most hassle you for a bit then realise you aren't going to give them any money and ...

Train from Livorno to Bologna, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Train from Livorno to Bologna

A travel blog entry by sethandholly

no ...

Adventure Questura, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Adventure Questura

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

After 2 hours of waiting I finally got to the counter to apply for my permit to stay in Italy. Since we are in Italy, and everything is going a bit slower, I have to wait for 30 days at least, to see, if I get this permit - and then I have to get back to ...

Francesco's birthday, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Francesco's birthday

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

... we ate a big cake and drank sparkling wine for Francesco's birthday. Late at night I finally had to say goodbye to all my friends in Italy, because this was my last night there - I was supposed to leave the next morning...even if I didn't really want ...

Bonassola 2, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bonassola 2

A travel blog entry by starlableu


Departure from Bologna to the south, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Departure from Bologna to the south

A travel blog entry by dreamchaser

Finally all 53 Erasmus-Students arrived at Porta San Donato and we are ready to depart for ...

Home base for northern Italy, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Home base for northern Italy

A travel blog entry by jasieniukrtw


We have managed to find Vera and Emmanuel's flat and are spending 4 nights here.  We spent the first day playing with their two older boys and the next two days travelling to Venice and Pisa....lots of travelling!  More ...

Traveling to Athens, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Traveling to Athens

A travel blog entry by amandawhitaker

... yall up on the travels that i have made after i left Italy. early on Saturday morning we all woke up and caught a train to Bologna, Italy to get on an airplane to Rome connecting then to Athens, Greece. Sarah, Margaret, and i all were so tired from ...

Bologna, che bellissima che sei, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Bologna, che bellissima che sei

A travel blog entry by viaggiatore87


... also some pork with the beef. Anyway, I had no trouble completely cleaning my plate. Then we just walked around quite a bit. Bologna is really nice for's really beautiful. More so than Padovaaaa... haha. After a while, we went on to what ...

Quick stop!, Bologna, Italy travel blog

Quick stop!

A travel blog entry by benanna

After flying from Lisbon to Madrid airport, spending a sleepless night there, and an early morning flight to Bologna we were pretty tired when we finally arrived! We had booked into a cheap hotel, but got an email just before we left Lisbon saying that ...

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