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Tiberias, At The Sea of Galilee  (Israel), Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Tiberias, At The Sea of Galilee (Israel)

A travel blog entry by usatexan


... " (the supreme court) moved here, and 13 synagogues were built. During the 4th century Christians established a community in Tiberias and Christian pilgrims started coming here to see the Christian sites around Galilee. NEXT: "AROUND THE SEA OF GALILEE ON ...

I'm on a Boat (Don't you Ever Forget), Tiberias, Israel travel blog

I'm on a Boat (Don't you Ever Forget)

A travel blog entry by turner72


Probably a little misrepresentative to make that my title, considering I was only on a boat for a while in the morning, but hush, I wanted it that way. So last night was epic and involved water and suspiciously little swimming suit, and that's all I have ...

walking on water, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

walking on water

A travel blog entry by babamissesyou


So today we started out with a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee.  It was so cool!  Well first it was a little surreal, as we pulled away from the dock they raised an American flag and played our national anthem.  It was a little weird and ...

It has been three weeks already!, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

It has been three weeks already!

A travel blog entry by cddangel


... are from Germany except one is from Montana. They are part of a prayer team that come to this region to pray and support Israel, (no touring). There is a house up the road that sponsors the gatherings and that is where they go for most of the day. Having ...

Jaffa, Caesaria, Megiddo, Nazareth and Cana, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Jaffa, Caesaria, Megiddo, Nazareth and Cana

A travel blog entry by gregd999


... amount of water into wine - nearby shops are still selling it today. By now it was dark and cold, so we drove to Tiberias and started the various motel drop offs. Being Shabbat (Sabbath), the town was deserted. Luckily the hotel was serving a buffet ...

A Very Good First Day, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A Very Good First Day

A travel blog entry by johnacac


... residents, but today Nazareth is a mix of Christian and Muslim Israelis.  When we left Nazareth, it was a 35-minute drive to Tiberias on the coast of the Sea of Galilee, where the team is staying at Caesar's Hotel, right on the Sea of Galilee. ...

Day Two, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Day Two

A travel blog entry by dblegldave


... , Laura has had 6 years of Spanish helped us as she translated almost all of it for us. Then we visited way North in Israel. Saw the Israeli Jordanian and Israeli Syrian border. Even got a pic of a sign saying, "Beware of Land Mines." We were ...

Road Trip, Destination: Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Road Trip

A travel blog entry by melindaerickson


... to the Italian restaurant downstairs.   Only two minor mishaps with the car:  Neil parked for the night in a parking lot in Tiberias; in the morning he found a parking ticket on the window.  The writing is all in Hebrew, so we don't know ...

Kinneret, Tiberias, Israel travel blog


A travel blog entry by martartu


Отдыхаем на ...

Hof Gay, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Hof Gay

A travel blog entry by martartu


Один день на ...

A great day in the HolyLand, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A great day in the HolyLand

A travel blog entry by holyland


Dear Friends and Family, Breakfast here includes assorted salads, yogurt, cheeses, bread, eggs, fish, and pancakes.  The food is delicious and healthy.  After breakfast, we started the day at Tabgha, which is where Jesus performed the miracle ...

Fuck the Lebaneese, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Fuck the Lebaneese

A travel blog entry by toddhorwath

Being that I have been staying in Jerusalem/ Bedoin Tents / Crap accomidations the last few nights and filled all of my days with stories of camel rides, 4am concerts, too much alcohol, and otherwise deeply religous experiences, The amount of time i ...

A step back in time, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A step back in time

A travel blog entry by salmorton01


... actually learn about the Israeli diamond trade, but we ain't going to learn anything here........... Then on to the hotel at Tiberias on Lake Galilee for a 2 night stay. It is now Shabbat (dusk Friday for 24 hours essentially), and as they are generally ...

Galilee and the Golan Heights, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Galilee and the Golan Heights

A travel blog entry by salmorton01


... both countries. Exhausted, back to the hotel, where the dining room is mostly empty tonight. A walk after dinner up into Tiberias main town, which confirms our initial impression of it being a shithole. We are rapidly learning that, surprisingly, Israel ...

The first day of touring with the group, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

The first day of touring with the group

A travel blog entry by holyland


March 5, 2008 76 degrees   It is Wednesday and our first day of sightseeing.  Having come into Tiberias at night, we opened our windows this morning to find a gorgeous view of blue skies, rippling water, and white buildings cut into the green ...

Caught in a war zone..., Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Caught in a war zone...

A travel blog entry by toddhorwath


... outside of the bus talking about how strong the human spirit can be in times of attack... POP! POP POP! 3 more Katushas hit Tiberias, this time a bit farther away... Car alarms ring 10 feet from us as the ground shaked from the blasts, some 2-3 ...

Traveling the historical Christian places, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Traveling the historical Christian places

A travel blog entry by travelingwests


Saturday morning we travelled around the Sea of Galilee. We visited the special ”Jesus” places again (Mt. beatitude, Capernaum, etc.) Oh, how we love this country and how hard it is to prepare to leave, but this is what God has for us for ...

Mt. Tabor, Cana & Nazareth, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Mt. Tabor, Cana & Nazareth

A travel blog entry by spnalameda


Today is our last day and night in Galilee.  We left our hotel this morning at about 7:45 am to get an early start.  Our first stop was Mount Tabor, the site of Jesus' transfiguration.  Once we arrived the only way to get up to the Church ...

North to Christian Galilee, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

North to Christian Galilee

A travel blog entry by jmabro


An early start (7:30 AM) to drive north to see the Sea of Galilee and some of the surrounding sights, mostly Christian on this occasion. After a stop for Pierre to ride on a camel and in Tiberius for coffee we visited a number of churches and ruins: ...

He walked on the water, Kinneret, Israel travel blog

He walked on the water

A travel blog entry by jemthegem

... interesting as Arad is in the middle of the desert where there is nothing but rocks and hills and sand, driving into northern Israel where there is grass and trees and foilage everywhere! Yesterday(20th) we went to the museum of the Galilean Boat which ...

Biking on Water, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Biking on Water

A travel blog entry by eriklang


... the lake is 8 miles in breadth at its widest point, you can still observe the opposite side regardless of vantage point. Although Tiberias has a long and rich history, there isn’t much evidence of it today, as historic temples have been replaced by ...

First day touring:), Tiberias, Israel travel blog

First day touring:)

A travel blog entry by nancygoeglein


... almond trees in abundance. Everything is green now after the rains but will get very brown in the next month. 67% of Israel is desert. We overlooked the valley where Armageddon will happen! Then we drove to Meggido which was built and destroyed 25 times! ...

Jesus' Ministry, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Jesus' Ministry

A travel blog entry by bwells


... to "feed my sheep" after asking Peter if he loved him three times. Now, we had planned to go to mass at a pilgrim house in Tiberias at 5:30, so it was getting close to time. We then decided to drive to the other side of the lake to get to the Jordan ...

A New Stage..., Tiberias, Israel travel blog

A New Stage...

A travel blog entry by toddhorwath


... , in fact the israeli government is urging all border towns to get into bomb shelters and if necessary, go south to the tiberias line. 7. I'm still extending my trip, and expect it to be one of the most life changing, and worthwile experiences in my ...

Trip down memory lane, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Trip down memory lane

A travel blog entry by travelbug15


... mostly rocks and dirt but it's really pretty. The other side of the sea is Jordan, which gives us a lovely view. The Kineret is Israel's water source and thanks to a very dry few years, especially last year, there is a serious water shortage as the sea is ...

Notes on the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Notes on the Sea of Galilee

A travel blog entry by smof


... waded aroudn the specially built baptismal area (some pilgrims in white-and-rather-see-through robes were getting baptised). then back to tiberias where we decided a fitting lunch would be 'loaves and fishes' - so we bought a can of tuna and some flat ...

Die feine Kunst des Von-A-nach-B-Kommens, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Die feine Kunst des Von-A-nach-B-Kommens

A travel blog entry by brisko


... an. Ich habe jetzt keine Karte zur Hand, aber ich wuerde mal ueber den Daumen schaetzen, dass es von Amman nach Tiberias nicht mehr als 200 Kilometer sein koennen. Trotzdem habe ich fuer die Strecke um die sieben Stunden gebraucht... Die Einzelheiten im ...

From Bethlehem to Galilee, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

From Bethlehem to Galilee

A travel blog entry by bwells


... first aid immediately...yikes. Of course we stayed here way longer than what we planned and got a late start on our way to Tiberias. A couple hours later and a  quick stop at a McDonalds for dinner (we had had only bread all day because it's so good ...

Trip to Mount Merion, Tsfat and Beach Dinner, Ein Gev, Israel travel blog

Trip to Mount Merion, Tsfat and Beach Dinner

A travel blog entry by davidaf


... .  They brought out a bunch of drums which we ended up banging on for a while before heading back to the hotel.  At the hotel we stayed up late with kids from the trip on the beach with the holy city of Tiberias lit up in the ...

Relaxing Weekend?, Tiberias, Israel travel blog

Relaxing Weekend?

A travel blog entry by kristenmckersie


... So, after the beach, we went to the wharf area with all the little outdoor shops. I really wanted to get a skirt from Tiberias. But I got a dress. I white dress. That ended up being see through. What was I thinking?? I have never felt more buyer's ...

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