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riding the wave, Jibhi, India travel blog

riding the wave

A travel blog entry by ajmawson

Whoa! Where has the time gone! This really isnt the most exciting travel blog.... but it really isnt the most exciting thing to do to sit in an internet cafe when I could be out exploring! I have finished the yoga course... said goodbye to many good ...

Goa away, Marmagao, India travel blog

Goa away

A travel blog entry by la-vie-de-suz

Finally, a day of rest.  Up at about 7:30 for yoga at 8.  Then to breakfast, then laying in chairs on the lawn, b/c the chairs at the pool were the most uncomfortable things ever sat on.  Jennie went for a massage at 11, I at 12.  ...

Kanha National Park, Kanha, India travel blog

Kanha National Park

A travel blog entry by mattandlou

Kanha NP was the setting for Kipling's 'Jungle Book' and it is extrememly dense jungle in parts. Kahna is 1,940sqkm and has 131 Tigers. The park is beautiful and in the morning is covered by a layer of mist which made great photos with the sun shining ...

Drugs, Beaches, And Sunsets, Palolem, India travel blog

Drugs, Beaches, And Sunsets

A travel blog entry by sprflycat


... than where I've been. There are so many tourists here and it's just a bit of a trip! It's expensive, well, expensive for India (I'm staying on the beach with Samuel for 5 dollars US). I just found out that the Patriots ripped a hole into Minnasota. The ...

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies..., Alleppey, India travel blog

Tangerine trees and marmalade skies...

A travel blog entry by andreasolo


... the waterways) as they pass, or the loons, or the other zillions of kinds of birds and frogs and snakes.. Whatever, the "garden of India", as one eight-year-old put it to me, is really amazing, and exactly that.  I think that Kerala will see it's ...

Optimizing Crop Productivity, Bidar, India travel blog

Optimizing Crop Productivity

A travel blog entry by martysb


Hassan Mulla is Chairman of Manjra Agritech Private Limited - a firm that does consultancy work to cooperatives of farmers to help them manage their business, increase productivity and quality of the product that they provide - thus dramatically ...

work hard play hard., Village of Sitamarhi, India travel blog

work hard play hard.

A travel blog entry by ban-anna

hello again, i managed to sneak into the computer room, though its quite late.  Does India ever sleep...?  I can't.  There is always loud music playing somewhere and from where it pumps out from i have no idea..there are fields just ...

2 weeks down... 10 more to go!, Madhya Pradesh, Bandhav Garh, India travel blog

2 weeks down... 10 more to go!

A travel blog entry by clemsongirl7

Yesterday, the 16th, I woke up at 5:00 am to prepare for my safari.  It was extremely cold for India (7 degrees Celsius), and of course, I wore tons of layers. (God, I don't think my "warmer" close will last until April.)  We drove around for three ...

Buddha's First Teaching, Sarnath, India travel blog

Buddha's First Teaching

A travel blog entry by rvalenzi

... , give them a pen (not really sure what the value is here for them but I am making it my mission over the next 2 weeks in India to find out), or buy them some chocolates.  But if you do this---as I've found out being the sucker that I am---word ...

Jungle safari at Kabini River Lodge, Kartikulam, Karnataka, India travel blog

Jungle safari at Kabini River Lodge

A travel blog entry by love1017


After a quick lunch at a pizza place (of course, curry pizza) Doneth and I left hastily for Nagarahapole National Park. We did not want to miss our first jungle safari which started at 3.30pm. I thought we were making excellent progress for the first ...

India-The land of a billion people!!, Dehli, India travel blog

India-The land of a billion people!!

A travel blog entry by lordos


... utmost calm in the face of screaming children for 7 hours.I must have obtained karma on the way to this mystical land of India as I was strangely at peace-I have become very mellow in the last few years.The flight was peculiar because closing my eyes I ...

Time with the Former Head of IBM India, Bidar, India travel blog

Time with the Former Head of IBM India

A travel blog entry by martysb


... the same time - two years ago. Anal changed his life focus and is now Managing Director of MicroVentures, India - a funding a support organization to microfinance institutions..  He had met and interviewed Niranjan before (not in Bidar), liked ...

I made it......., Ziro, India travel blog

I made it.......

A travel blog entry by kwt1981


Well I am here!!!! It's been a rough few first days, but today I was up and running in my normal mode. Wow, the plane ride has been the least strseing part of the trip. I don't have a lot of time, so here it goes... DGot to Delhi late at niight, hotel ...

an everyday, The village of Sitamarhi, India travel blog

an everyday

A travel blog entry by ban-anna


... so seemingly cut-off from the modern world there are people who are breaking the mould.  This is what I love about India...these contrasts and paradoxes. Last week, there was a large blanket distribution for the village, courtesy of Mr.Punj, one ...

Eight-legged Freaks, Alleppey, Kerala, India travel blog

Eight-legged Freaks

A travel blog entry by shelleypp

... to be great. A bus up to Trivandrum, and then another up to Varkala saw us reach our first bit of real beach life in India :) Varkala is another sacred place for Hindus, but it's also a tourist hotspot, and after Tamil Nadu it was strange to see so ...

The Spiti Valley - Tribal Circuit in the Himalayas, Himalayas, India travel blog

The Spiti Valley - Tribal Circuit in the Himalayas

A travel blog entry by abose


Are you tired of the teeming crowds and invariable encounter with some familiar face in the Malls of Nainital and Shimla?  Do you want to have the desolate feel of a desert and the wintry chill of the mountains at the same place? Do you want see ...

Still at Havelock - Snorkelling at Elephant Beach, Havelock, India travel blog

Still at Havelock - Snorkelling at Elephant Beach

A travel blog entry by p.rajesh


Day 4 - Thursday, 22nd May, 2008   The alarm goes off at 4.30 and those of us who want to catch the spectacle of the sunrise splash our sleepy faces awake and walk out into the fading darkness.   The resort is not really up and about - ...

3 entries made by John in Cleveland, Ziro, India travel blog

3 entries made by John in Cleveland

A travel blog entry by kwt1981

HIGHLIGHTS    Okay, sorry about that scatterbrain first in country entry-I am back in the hotel on the laptop and have gathered my thoughts. We've just returned from spending some down time at the home of our guide. His whole house, excluding ...

Puppies, palm trees and (suspected) parasites, anjuna-vagator-palolem, India travel blog

Puppies, palm trees and (suspected) parasites

A travel blog entry by rfgrafton


Ok, I'm going to squeeze in as much info as I can on my two months in Goa, in as short a way as I can! I started my stay in Anjuna. Much like many of the places I had visited, it was not fully open as the Monsoon was not over. This did give it the feel ...

budda, Nalanda, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

... and the first members of the Sangha. SARNATH Sarnath is located 13 kilometres north-east of Varanasi, in Uttar Pradesh, India . It Sarnath (also Mrigadava, Migadaya, Rishipattana, Isipatana) is the deer park where Gautama Buddha first taught the ...

Champaner and Pavagadh, Champaner, India travel blog

Champaner and Pavagadh

A travel blog entry by mlavict


We woke up fairly early this morning so that we could get to Champaner at a reasonable time. Champaner-Pavagadh is the medieval capital of Gujarat and has become a world heritage site. It continues to be a place of pilgrimage for Hindu believers. The ...

Thiksey/Stok, Thiksey, India travel blog


A travel blog entry by altnomad

We catch a public bus to Thiksey, a monastery an hour from town. It's a hard day to describe, because so beautiful and because all the words I'd want to use to describe it have been used to death. Thiksey is more a monastic village than a single ...

Mix Fruit Sexy Cream, Patnem Beach, GOA, India travel blog

Mix Fruit Sexy Cream

A travel blog entry by andreasolo


... , please to call him because we were cracking him up.  I have a fabulous video of Marcela- who, understandably (and understanding India) refused to be parted from her luggage for even a minute, was rickshawed off in to the night, laughing our most ...

Come on England!!, Nagpur, India travel blog

Come on England!!

A travel blog entry by nathan-claire


... to watch some cricket.  Well, I wish i hadnt, as I said to Ian Abrahams (Sky Sports News cricket reporter) in Nagpur airport the next day, everything that could go wrong in the field did.  Poor bowling (oh Jimmy), terrible fielding with missed ...

Gangotri Temple, Uttarkasi, India travel blog

Gangotri Temple

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma

... many hairpin bends but once at Gangotri, the scenic beauty and serene environment takes one over. Hill Resorts in India offers complete information and online tour booking facility to tour Gangotri, Uttaranchal. Location Perched in the Garhwal ...

Rest and relaxation in southern India, Kerala, India travel blog

Rest and relaxation in southern India

A travel blog entry by mariebee


... for allowing a white woman to paddle. Dodie took me to his house, on the way home our first day. This is frequently done in India.. people take great pride in showing their homes. I met Dodie's mother. I had found out earlier in the day that Dodie's ...

holy ganga, car crash and maoist rebels, Varannasi, pokhara, India travel blog

holy ganga, car crash and maoist rebels

A travel blog entry by julesdick


... sounds like a good idea - run for the hills! On the train I meet a group of 8 who are coming to the end of a 3-week North India tour. Two of the group are heading for Nepal in 2 days time so we agree to get a taxi together. I get a room at their guest ...

munnar continued, Munnar in kerala, India travel blog

munnar continued

A travel blog entry by frodo

Today we drove through such beautiful scenery,miles and miles of manicured tea estates,so uniformly green and sometimes with a light mist rolling over them.We watched tea being cut with a box like contraption which catches the tea as its cut.The ...

Nagpur, India, Nagpur, India travel blog

Nagpur, India

A travel blog entry by abby9999

Isn't is wonderful? Above, the picture is one of Nagpur, India. This was one of my favorite stops during my trip! The land there is so breath taking! Not to mention, it's huge! It covers 1,269,219 square miles! It was very hot there. Every time I ...

Relegious Places in buddhism, Nalanda, India travel blog

Relegious Places in buddhism

A travel blog entry by kulyash.sharma


... the Buddha. Huge ovens were also excavated suggesting that there was a common kitchen for students. The Archaeological Survey of India maintains the Nalanda Museum across the road which houses some exquisite bronzes of the 9th and 10th centuries, Pala ...

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