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Guinea - Vine bridges, elusive chimps and Tutu, Nzerekore, Guinea travel blog

Guinea - Vine bridges, elusive chimps and Tutu

A travel blog entry by antandrel

On leg 2 of our journey across West Africa, we were thrilled to be entering Guinea once more, being greeted all the while with the joyous calls from kids of Blanc! Blanc! (white) who would leap up from what the were doing to run alongside the truck waving ...

Home away from home, Lariabina, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Home away from home

A travel blog entry by thurls


I spent this weekend in Laraibina village on the east coast of New Ireland. This is where Jeffery's family lives, a local guy that made friends with me and straight away adopted me into his family. On Saturday afternoon we hopped aboard a minivan bus ...

Meeting the chief and his pigs, and his wives., Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Meeting the chief and his pigs, and his wives.

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


Sunday 26th Sep Up early and ready for our day's adventure. First stop was in Paiya at the sprit house, Here we heard lots of stories about spirit sticks and other things that the chief would use to talk to the spirit world ( think he also smoked ...

Entree du Fouta Djalon, Labe, Guinea travel blog

Entree du Fouta Djalon

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


On remarque tout de suite la transition avec la guinee bissau. Pas de route mais des pistes rouges qui oblige a nettoyer tout vos habits et vos sacs tous les jours. Et il fait frais pendant les nuits car on est a plus de 1000 m d ...

Bissau, Bissau, Guinea-Bissau travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal

L appareil photo a été volé, après avoir bu la tasse. Donc pas de photo. Cette ville possede un jolie centre ville et surtout les fameuses barco qui vont vers les iles bijagos. Ce sont les memes barques qu utilisent les clandestins pour aller vers ...

Frontiere Liberia -Guinée, Yerepa, Liberia travel blog

Frontiere Liberia -Guinée

A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Je me rappelerai longtemps de cette frontiere. En effet, j avais appris qu il etait possible d avoir un visa a la frontiere guinenne ( et l ai vu chez un voyageur et un douanier me l a confirmé), mais a ce petit poste frontiere il n etait pas possible ...

messing about on the river, Ambunti, Papua New Guinea travel blog

messing about on the river

A travel blog entry by gonroamin


Friday 1st Oct Up and out in the Canoe by 04:30, bit of a late start because the skipper didn't turn up on time. It was still pitch black as we got into the canoe, i am not sure how these guys manage to steer the canoe in the dark with only a small ...

Small World, Conakry, Guinea travel blog

Small World

A travel blog entry by hifromdella

You'll never guess what happened at dinner last night. Some of my co-horts and I were sitting around the table just finishing eating and talking and laughing and having general fun on our last night together before taking off this morning for our ...

Hippos, National Park Outamba, Sierra Leone travel blog


A travel blog entry by vmarchal


Enfin j ai pu voir les hippos. Un petit coin charmant pres d une riviere. Presqu aucun ...

Experiencing Huli culture, Tari, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Experiencing Huli culture

A travel blog entry by maggie360


... . This was supposed to be the material of "National Geographic" articles.  Still though, our reception in Papua New Guinea had been anything but friendly up until now.  The different wave lengths of thinking were palpable.  Service, ...

A most tense reception, Vanimo, Papua New Guinea travel blog

A most tense reception

A travel blog entry by maggie360


... flying ourselves there just increased the adventure.  We knew between the two flight legs, exiting Indonesian immigration, entering Papua New Guinea, and filling up the plane that it was going to be a long day.  Johannes had rented a moped to ...

Gbangbadou and me, Gbangbadou, Guinea travel blog

Gbangbadou and me

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


Week 3. Welcome to my life.  This is going to be long one so prepare yourself.  I would walk you through a typical day in my life but as that does not exist, I cannot.  Currently I'm sitting in my mud hut, known as a case (pronounced ...

Work Begins, Gbangbadou, Guinea travel blog

Work Begins

A travel blog entry by kylejesw

So my first three months of community integration are almost over.  I'm glad too.  I've made my hut as comfortable as possible with the funding I've been given and the materials available.  It now lacks a foam mattress (I have bed bugs in ...

Knock on wood, Conakry, Guinea travel blog

Knock on wood

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


I used up all my "knock on wood" sayings.  I told about 5 people that I have not yet gotten sick; you may remember that from the last blog... Ok well, I'm sick. Like really sick. Food poisening is what I've been told. I woke up at 2:30 AM ...

Hi from Conakry, Conakry, Guinea travel blog

Hi from Conakry

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


Wow, I'm here in the capital of Guinea.  It's amazing but not what I expected at all.  We are spending the first couple days in a compound in the captial city of Conakry.  I live in a room with 7 other girls, on a bunk bed with mosquito ...

Rollercoaster, Gbangbadou, Guinea travel blog


A travel blog entry by kylejesw


... from Labe and now that I see how far in the bush it is, I might never have made it. Douki is a village overlooking Guinea's "Grand Canyon". It rests on a plateau overlooking a valley surrounded by other plateaus. A Guinean names Hassan has set up his ...

A true horror story..., Conakry, Guinea travel blog

A true horror story...

A travel blog entry by kylejesw

Disclaimer: for all you faint of heart, weak stomach or prone to queasiness you may want to stop reading here.  This is a true horror story and it ranks an 8 on the disgust-o-meter. You have been warned.  This is the story of how was inducted ...

Restorf island, Kimbe, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Restorf island

A travel blog entry by jamesh1066


A number of marine Biologists are staying at Walindi. However, they are here for land based research and as such we have the dive boat to ourselves. A late start allows us to avoid most of the seasonal monsoon that has been unseasonably lacking this year ...

Tentative source fleuve Niger, Forokonia, Guinea travel blog

Tentative source fleuve Niger

A travel blog entry by vmarchal

Je voulais les sources du Niger, mais un cretin de policier m a empeche. Tant ...

Submarines & Expats, Kokopo, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Submarines & Expats

A travel blog entry by jamesh1066


Familiar, with the efficient and cheap PMV network of east New Britain we soon travelled from Kokopo to the WW2 Japanese Submarine base north of Rabaul on Tavui Point. George and his son Paul were our guides around the bunkers, tunnels and gun relics ...

Lazy Sunday afternoon, Kavieng, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Lazy Sunday afternoon

A travel blog entry by thurls


Spent the Sunday afternoon with some R&R at Nusa retreat. The weather today has been crappy with on and off showers, and I didn't want to be stuck in the accommodation bored all day. Had lunch and spent the afternoon talking with the owners Shaun and ...

Things are looking up...finally, Kissidougou, Guinea travel blog

Things are looking up...finally

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


I've now been in Gbangbadou two weeks shy of a year. And I finally feel like things are coming along. I'm glad Peace Corps service is two years. I've heard a lot of friends and acquaintances stateside say they'd like to do Peace Corps but two years is ...

Changement de projets, Gaoual, Guinea travel blog

Changement de projets

A travel blog entry by cmuller

.... à compléter ...

Mini-vacation, Conakry, Guinea travel blog


A travel blog entry by kylejesw

... forgotten so here I am!  This last week has been absolutely wild.  I left my site and traveled to Kankan, the Haute Guinea regional capital.  The Peace Corps car picked me up and I'm so glad it did because that was the worst road I've ever ...

Happy St. Patty's Day, Kankan, Guinea travel blog

Happy St. Patty's Day

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


Happy St. Patty's Day.  I'm in Kankan, my regional capital with all the Haute Guinea volunteers to celebrate.  It is so great to see everyone and hear about their experience and to know that I am not alone.  I have now been at site a ...

Black Magic Betel Nuts, Kimbe, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Black Magic Betel Nuts

A travel blog entry by jamesh1066


Taking a break from diving we have a frustrating morning, sorting our flights and accommodation for the next stages of our travels. Nothing in PNG is simple or easy. Everything takes time. One just has to relax and accept that! After an excellent lunch ...

Bokuando na Tabanka, Sao Domingos, Guinea-Bissau travel blog

Bokuando na Tabanka

A travel blog entry by ikono


Heis-me do lado da primeira fronteira onde o português é a lingua oficial. Assim que digo que sou angolano os sorrisos abrem muito, mas o português era altamente arranhado, chamaram o Fernando, que tinha ar de ser o mais estudado e que me disse ...

Praying for avgas & into the bush, Tari, Papua New Guinea travel blog

Praying for avgas & into the bush

A travel blog entry by maggie360


We break for the airport before breakfast in the hopes of making headway with our avgas dilemma. After packing up the plane, Patrick arrives and says he's called a friend "who knows how to get things" across the boarder in Indonesia.  I should ...

Merry Christmas, Conakry, Guinea travel blog

Merry Christmas

A travel blog entry by kylejesw


... my clothes on a washboard left me very sore) and it's hard on my brain.  Trying to speak another language all the time really gives me a headache. But I wouldn't trade this for anything. This is exactly what I want. I love life here and I love ...

Girl's Conference, Mamou, Guinea travel blog

Girl's Conference

A travel blog entry by kylejesw

... Sam and Erich who stayed with me until I calmed down enough to explain why I was so annoyed. I hate public transportation in Guinea. Period. But then all the Fouta and Basse Cote volunteers started arriving with their girls so we're all catching up and ...

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