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Museums and Churches, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Museums and Churches

A travel blog entry by priscahoffsta


      This city exploration consisted mostly of looking at churches and museums. I'm not religious, but churches have always amazed me. I enjoy sitting in the enormous space silently and respecting.  I visited Die Frauen Kirche, ...

A City Reconstructed, Dresden, Germany travel blog

A City Reconstructed

A travel blog entry by valaryr


... . We got fresh pretzels and coffee at a little market, then wandered around looking at all of the arcitecture. Like I said before, Dresden has really old buildings and really new buildings (still being built), so the town is a bit bizzarre. Half of the ...

Rebuilding the War Torn City, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Rebuilding the War Torn City

A travel blog entry by andrewy


On my fifth day of travel, I have arrive in Dresden Germany. This is a town Southeast of Berlin almost at the border of Czech Republic. The train ride was about 2 hours and very uneventful. I met this nice elder couple from Berlin who told me a bunch ...

Beer, beer, more beer, sausages and sauerkraut too, Dresden and Munich, Germany travel blog

Beer, beer, more beer, sausages and sauerkraut too

A travel blog entry by kenanddonna2005


* Dresden ... where to start ... oh yes, how could I forget ... the WWII carpet bombing of Dresden that destroyed over 80% of the city and killed over 35,000 people at a time when the war had almost ended (in February 1945)!!! We were constantly ...

Germany at last, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Germany at last

A travel blog entry by buckleypup


our first stop in Germany was the city of Dresden. Many impressive structures and a statue of Martin Luther at the centre square. A local speciality of curry wurst at a very mild level 2 out of 7. bearing in mind that 3 is as hot as tobasco sauce. Back ...

Dresden - Our last rest day, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Dresden - Our last rest day

A travel blog entry by istanbultoparis

Greetings from Dresden, Germany our last rest day before Paris. We left the rather odd hostel in Görlitz, it looked like an old christian manor house and was a little bit in the middle of nowhere, yesterday morning keen to get on the road. The difference ...

Visiting Brittany in Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Visiting Brittany in Dresden

A travel blog entry by h_hurst


... of the sky - especially as I have discovered that my umbrella is no match for the insanely windy sudden downpours of Germany! Oh well... I came Dresden from Berlin for a few days on my way towards Prague, mainly just to visit with Brittany (one of my ...

To Hell and Back! (Hiking in Sachsische Schweiz), Dresden, Germany travel blog

To Hell and Back! (Hiking in Sachsische Schweiz)

A travel blog entry by h_hurst


Brittany and I enjoyed a half the day doing some amazing hiking in the area outside Dresden. It is sooooo beautiful - untouched, rugged, and green! The climb up the first mountain was quite steep and lots of steps, but at least the view when we got to the ...

Underway, finally, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Underway, finally

A travel blog entry by mkuechel


... cleaning and eventual tossing of said filter. It remains to be seen whether thus was the hoped for silver bullet. We have arrived in Dresden, and the last 200km went fine. Some hiccup of the fuel still but we will see. Now we stay at friends here and ...

1st Day, Dresden, Germany travel blog

1st Day

A travel blog entry by hadden

... to go and see the Museum of Military History. It was pretty interesting. Of course, it contained the Allied Firebombing of Dresden, which was, in it's own right, a genocide. The people targeted by the bombing were civilians and nothing more. After ...

visit with the Stahl's, Dresden, Germany travel blog

visit with the Stahl's

A travel blog entry by kcomai

Thanks so much to the Stahl family for a wonderful stay in Dresden!  And especially thanks to Alex for showing us around Dresden in the short time we had there.  We enjoyed the museums, caparinhias, and german ...

Holidaying, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by elizabessie


... headed to northern east Germany to do some exploring. I had been told many times by many people that Dresden was a great city, and I didn't want to leave Germany without visiting Berlin. So, we combined the two into a fabulous trip. We took the trains to ...

Forest For The Trees, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Forest For The Trees

A travel blog entry by yearoftheshorts


... learning could come into play. So as the trains have us running back and forth we share things we’ve noticed about Germany, and about Europe in general. His grasp of the German is better than mine, but still believes he cannot carry a conversation, ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by pyres

Dresden is a very nice little town. It's historic centre is completely restored after WWII and the whole lot of cathedrals, operas and palaces bunched together looks magnificent! Also the royal painting gallery contains many interesting works by Rubens, ...

Germany as a tourist, Berlin and Dresden, Germany travel blog

Germany as a tourist

A travel blog entry by freyr

... who suffered there. I had two nights in Dresden. At first it seems like a just another German town but it does have quite a charm. I went for a good walk and saw the city. I really love the atmosphere in Germany. Everyone is so happy and ...

Day Trip from Dresden to Meissen, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Day Trip from Dresden to Meissen

A travel blog entry by wareameye


... of the day free.  Some of us went for a boat ride while others went to museums or wine tasting. We also ran into the Wicked Witch of Dresden. Later this evening some of the gang will be going to check out the gay life on our final night in ...

Leaving, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by hadden

Sorry, I can't say much because my plane leaves soon, but I wanted to say that, I am a bit nervous as I have never left the country before and my german is not really all that good. Well, my plane is abput to leave so I will post another entry ...

Cycling in Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Cycling in Dresden

A travel blog entry by brookeandnick

We spent two lovely days in Dresden, our last stop on our first Germany visit, before entering Poland. With the risk of sounding like a broken record, we again had beautiful weather – it was actually extremely hot (28!) and sunny.  Dresden is ...

On to Dresden, Germany, Dresden, Germany travel blog

On to Dresden, Germany

A travel blog entry by wareameye

This morning after breakfast we left Prague en route to Dresden Germany.  It is only a two hour bus ride, and although the boys were tired from last night they still passed the test I gave them to see how much they learned in Prague.  Then some ...

Dresden!, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by dabassisst


More to ...

Goodbye Germany..., Dresden, Germany travel blog

Goodbye Germany...

A travel blog entry by alijstock


... - Dresden was covered in fog, a layer thick as peanut butter, reminding me of the foggy city that I just left! Germany is a country of contradictions, especially here in the east where remnants of the GDR and socialism still lurk in dark ...

Noche de Salsa!!!!, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Noche de Salsa!!!!

A travel blog entry by pablitomiralles


Programa distinto!!! Y aunque no lo crean, en Dresden hay un lugar para bailar salsa!!!! Se llama Baila Amor jeje Nos juntamos como siempre en Albertplatz, que es la parada de trenes nexo entre la Altstadt y la Neustadt (para los que todavía no se lo ...

Leipzig to Dresden & our first win!, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Leipzig to Dresden & our first win!

A travel blog entry by samlisa


... 2 jump seats by the luggage store, all other seats seemed to be taken, but we weren't on the floor this time. We arrived in Dresden 5 minutes late.First stop was at the information kiosk in the station to pick up a city map and check where our hostel was. ...

Rewind, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by v1213


... enjoyed a nice dinner. I'm typing this update on the laptop in Mum and Dad's room, enjoying the sights and sounds of Dresden's fantastic trams rolling past constantly. I haven't seen any of their older trams yet o it seems that they've expanded their ...

1st day on the trains, Dresden, Germany travel blog

1st day on the trains

A travel blog entry by iancandy

first try, Dresden, Germany travel blog

first try

A travel blog entry by mart

... ! One hour later we went home, my home is a castle of mine, too, I guess. And why should I go to Moldova if Germany succeeded becoming Moldovian, already? Well, I went to Berlin four times, to buy a ticket, to get Moldova visa and Ukraine transit visa - ...

Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk


... , and I just have to tell them I dont speak German)...Anyway, I toured the 17th century fortress that used to protect Dresden. Drawbridges, cannons, the whole nine. I know thats accurate cause they gave me a little phone thing that played narratives in ...

Brief Stop in Dresden, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Brief Stop in Dresden

A travel blog entry by tomsmidlife

... sucked up all the oxygen from the air- about 40,000 people died that night, many from suffocation, in a 'safe haven'. Dresden has been rebuilding ever since. Their greatest effort has been to meticulously restore the old buildings in the city center- ...

Meeting new friends, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Meeting new friends

A travel blog entry by roundthecorner


... on the country roads. As I'm still adjusting to get in to a good routine I just pushed on through to get to Dresden. I found the campsite on the outskirts but as reception was closed the gardener just pointed me to the motorhome section. after looking ...

Gigante estación de tren, Dresden, Germany travel blog

Gigante estación de tren

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0


A las dos horas de salir el tren hizo una parada en Dresden, casi a mitad de camino entre Berlin y Praga. Lo que más me llamó la atención fue su gigantezca estación de tren. Realmente preciosa ...

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