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Suomi, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by aborder

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Helsinki, Finland -    Right, let's be honest, Helsinki is not a backpackers city. It really isn't! It's very expensive and in my mind more suited to a romantic weekend or maybe part of an actual 'holiday' in Finland, while exploring Tampere ...

Over to Finn Land - yoo hoo, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Over to Finn Land - yoo hoo

A travel blog entry by jennykelly

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  The drive from Vyborg to Rastila Camp ground in Helsinki Finland was a breeze with wonderful roads all the way and friendly Immigration and Customs officials at the Finish border. Exiting the Russian border was a bit more assertive with the ...

Corny, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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... streets immediately to check out the sights. The most impressive was the Tuomiokirkko a huge presence of a cathedral in the main square. Helsinki like Turku also housed a market, this time on the docks that was very colourful and full of life. I ended up ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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. ...

Slightly damp in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Slightly damp in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by woggley

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... to go to a bikers rally by a big fat finnish guy and his wife, but I really needed to find a campsite or a room when we landed. Got on the boat for the short part of the cruise, couple of new strapping issues, but all done. Helsinki day trip done. ...

Kapselisängyssä, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by anssku


Ai ai, kun oli rentouttava yö kapselisängyssä! Pallontallaajilla olikin juttua tästä uudesta "relaxion areasta", ja osasin innolla odottaa tätä. Tosin intoni laantui kentällä ja pelkäsimme, että emme pääsisi tänne, kun selvisi paikan ...

Hello Helsinki ... Hello Rain, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hello Helsinki ... Hello Rain

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... back into the Café Esplande on our way back and got Jim a Cinnamon Roll - so he would at least have a little something to remember Finland by.  He enjoyed his day on a quiet ship - he went to the gym, relaxed on the balcony and started reading a new ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... up Pohjoisesplanadi, past the Presidential Palace & then hit the City Museum on Sofiankatu where there's a permanent exhibition entitled "Helsinki Horizons" which creates an overall picture of the city in three realms - the Swedish era, the Russian era ...

Still before the storm.., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Still before the storm..

A travel blog entry by ilari

090209 Helsinki. Finland. Viimeiset valmistelut stadissa ja Memmulla parin paivan piinaava odotus.. Lahdon ajankohta loppuun asti epaselva joten moikattiin viela kavereita ennen h-hetkea. Torstaina sitten viimein Helsinki-Vantaalle ja odottamaan jo ...

Full on two days, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Full on two days

A travel blog entry by shawnandchris


... the canal tour was cancelled because it was frozen. Today it started to snow which was really nice but may I say bloody cold. Tomorrow is another full day and we leave to go to Copenhagen on Thursday. Overall Helsinki and the Finnish people are ...

Behind the scenes, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Behind the scenes

A travel blog entry by ensio


Jokainen seikkailu alkaa askeleesta. Askeleesta kohti tuntematonta. Tulevana keskiviikkona tuo askel otetaan. Oltiin tammikuun lopussa remontoimassa Antin kämppää, kun Anna-Marian kanssa aloimme keskustelemaan hänen vuoden matkastaan Australiassa. ...

Sweating in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sweating in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... Finnish company produced rubber boots - useful trivia for a pub quiz, eh? All I knew about this country when I touched down at Helsinki airport, was its geographical location and the fact that its far north is home to a portly, bearded old man in a red ...

Finland and Estonia!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finland and Estonia!

A travel blog entry by colerumbough


The day before we arrived in Helsinki, Finland was a pretty special day. Firstly, it was my good friend, Aaron's birthday. Also, it was the day of Semester at Sea TEDex. Aaron didn’t want anyone to know it was his birthday so people wouldn’t ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk

... African guy who will be on the same exact train as us from Moscow to Mongolia, pretty random. We took the ferry to Helsinki, got here yesterday around 4 PM. Everything weve heard about Helsinki is that its not very fun, so were not planning on doing ...

Lejana Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Lejana Helsinki

A travel blog entry by k0k0m0

... su cordialidad de alojarme. Lo primero que hicimos fue ir hasta su casa, un complejo de edificios ubicado en las afueras de Helsinki y rodeado por un bosque, en donde dejé mi equipaje. Luego fuimos hacia un centro comercial, que según por lo que Jari ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by lok


... Finland gained its independence in 1917, after under the Russian rule for 110 years. Prior to that, Finland was ruled by Sweden for some 750 years. Helsinki (population of Greater Helskinki 1.2M) is the capital city, across the Gulf of Finland ...

Where am I, oh right Helsinki...., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Where am I, oh right Helsinki....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


... baby half devil kind of thing dotted around. Not really sure what that was about but I'm sure it's art to someone..... So that's if for Helsinki, the most Northerly part of my celebrate I'm looking a bit camp in one of the photos...not sure ...

Paluu arkeen, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Paluu arkeen

A travel blog entry by loskoivisto


Kotimatka Santiagosta Madridin kautta Helsinkiin kesti takseineen 25 tuntia. Madridin lennon aikana ehdimme hämmästellä useaan otteeseen Iberian lentohenkilökuntaa, jonka tylyys voitti jopa Finnairin Bangkokin lennon lentoemot. 13-tuntisen matkan ...

Euroadtrip!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gouldy


... to go the honest way. We had a few hours before the Viking ferry departure so we set a meeting point and I took a stroll. Helsinki seemed a nice city, perhaps a little too perfect and definitely too pricey. I kept an eye on the time as with our luggage ...

Girls Weekend in Helsinki!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Girls Weekend in Helsinki!

A travel blog entry by krosell


... including, or course, Uppsala.The tour was very interesting. Apparently a majority of all cruise ships in the world are made in Helsinki. There was a fascinating old fortification out in the harbor that is not on my list to visit. Sweden built it when ...

The road to Tallinn, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The road to Tallinn

A travel blog entry by talamarko


... i required i got a bus from Tornio to Kemi for Eur5 and in Kemi i got the overnight train to Helsinki. Unfortunately my student card didn't work in Finland, only Finnish student cards will work, so i had to pay the full fare of Eur70. Still the trains ...

Settled in (for now!), Jyvaskyla, Finland travel blog

Settled in (for now!)

A travel blog entry by jagrant


... is around here (not to mention lakes!). The nickname here is ¨Lakeland¨. Right now we¨re situated about 300km north of Helsinki in central Finland. ¨We met our greeters at the bus station after we arrived an hour early (we got on the wrong bus!) ...

Helsinki Day 2, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Helsinki Day 2

A travel blog entry by miss.chris


... them anyway. Then the group finished with Finlandia. We think we’ve heard it performed 4 times now, but then we are in Finland. We later came back to the Christmas Market as there were some candles that I wanted to take home. After we bought the ...

There and back again, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

There and back again

A travel blog entry by renard


... in the city. I met them after some quite necessary shopping (CDs, DVD and another old book by Aleksis Kivi - couldn't leave Finland without them!) in the squirrel island, that Stephanie wanted to see and I saw just quickly because as soon as I got there ...

Just another piece, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Just another piece

A travel blog entry by renard


... I came upon an used bookstore and bargained for an old copy of the kalevala, now I just have to learn to read it... Back in Helsinki, I joined Jutta and some of her friends for partying - some bottles of wine at home and then an Irish pub which had some ...

Finlandia, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gallopmonkey


... body, occasionally waving my arms and yelling in English, "Go on, get!  go on!  Shoo!" Freak on a Leash Helsinki is a pretty interesting city of contrasts - on one hand, you have terribly accomplished young musicians who set up on Alexanderskatu ...

Strawberries, Crepes... and Peas!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Strawberries, Crepes... and Peas!

A travel blog entry by dorrance


... they are picked later here, or if the endless summer sun contributes to the high sugar content. Our stroll along the Helsinki waterfront garnered us another treat -- some fantastic crepes at a street café alongside the docks and tourist boats. ...

All the way to Helsinki (Espoo), a great one!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

All the way to Helsinki (Espoo), a great one!

A travel blog entry by maplefanta


... there. It's only later that we all moved to meet with another girl HC member (with somehow a typical Finnish behaviour... or Helsinki one which include mainly having conversation about sex... anyway). We went downtown for a drink on a terrass as the sun ...

Good Food and Good company, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Good Food and Good company

A travel blog entry by mjozwell

... warm and the skies were clear, what a nice welcome to Finland after having 12c and rain in Stockholme. The time in Helsinki was spent with good friends eating good food with warm temperatures. Thankyou Merja for your good hospitality and lovely homemade ...

The long way back, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

The long way back

A travel blog entry by backpackandgran


Very early flight to Helsinki. 10 hours with the classic 'I'm going to put my chair all the way back and not move it for 10 hours type of guy' watched 4 movies so successful flight. In hotel now. At 10:30pm hk time but only 5:30 Finland time. Very sleepy ...

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