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A Finnish Fortress., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

A Finnish Fortress.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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...  to protect the Eastern part of the empire against Russia when Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. However in 1808 Finland became part of Russia, after the Finnish War and the fortress housed a Russian garrison for over a 100 years. Today it ...

Finnish Sauna., Kvarken Archipelago, Finland travel blog

Finnish Sauna.

A travel blog entry by heatheravan

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... a year, after a glacial meltdown 10,000 yeas ago. It is estimated that in 2,000 years there will be a land bridge between Finland and Sweden, at this place due to the rising islands and land on both sides. The phenominan has been caused by the ...

Automobiles, planes and that order, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Automobiles, planes and that order

A travel blog entry by zoebuck

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10:22 It's been a fraught morning! Got up at 7, which is unusually early for me! Had a bacon sandwich and a cup of sugary tea whilst I waited for Helena to arrive which we thought might be around 8am. Then the calls began! Helena and Brett were stuck in ...

Corny, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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In Helsinki I was fortunate to find a cool hostel near the centre. I took to the streets immediately to check out the sights. The most impressive was the Tuomiokirkko a huge presence of a cathedral in the main square. Helsinki like Turku also housed a ...

BL #15: Sample A Swedish Smorgasbord, Mariehamn, Finland travel blog

BL #15: Sample A Swedish Smorgasbord

A travel blog entry by pwong


Swedes absolutely love their smorgasbords, as do the rest of the Scandinavians, though they may call it by a different name.  It's quite the luxury in expensive Scandinavia, to be able to pay a set price and completely stuff yourself without ...

BL #16: Discover Helsinki's Chic Side, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

BL #16: Discover Helsinki's Chic Side

A travel blog entry by pwong


... had the time to find, or wasn't in the right frame of mind to discover.  Either way, it doesn't matter, as we quickly realized something today - Helsinki and Finland will probably be even better on a third viewing, whenever that may be for ...

Mush!, Muonio, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by shmikes

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... you are doing, then make sure that at least one hand is on that sled! There are wilderness huts scattered througout the north of Finland that are provided for the use of anyone. The rule is the most tired person has the right to the hut. So if an ...

OOPS, I'M IN FINLAND, Kemi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by modernoddyseus

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... dance. This guy was giving me the Finn grr. Door-men finally showed up and kicked him out. I returned to enjoying Finland, which had included enjoying that guy's knee to my stomach. (It hadn't hurt.) Most people in the nightclub were ...

Rovaniemi, Rovaniemi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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Rovaniemi ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by jag

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. ...

Kapselisängyssä, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by anssku


Ai ai, kun oli rentouttava yö kapselisängyssä! Pallontallaajilla olikin juttua tästä uudesta "relaxion areasta", ja osasin innolla odottaa tätä. Tosin intoni laantui kentällä ja pelkäsimme, että emme pääsisi tänne, kun selvisi paikan ...

Pello, Pello, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by finland2012


Dnes jsme po 12 hodinové cestě dorazili do Pella. Je tu asi půl metru sněhu, teplota -5 ve dne, -20 v noci. Na benzínové pumpě Shell jsme si vyzvedli klíče od naší chatky Lohitörmä:). Po cestě jsme potkali sobí ...

Hitchhiker's log, part 2, Saariselkä, Finland travel blog

Hitchhiker's log, part 2

A travel blog entry by renard

Ok, from Ivalo it was a little bit harder, even though it is much larger than Inari. Still, I managed to get a ride from the 152nd car in the 65th minute, from a very quiet Finnish guy who was only going as far as Sariselkä, some 40 kilometers south of ...

birds, Konnevesi, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by hannahrowland


At last!! Pictures of resident birds of konnevesi! A wonderful crested tit, who unfortunately puts its crest down when you handle it, nonetheless, i have fulfilled another thing on my list, now i just need to go and see those ...

Hello Helsinki ... Hello Rain, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Hello Helsinki ... Hello Rain

A travel blog entry by jimstephkrueger


... back into the Café Esplande on our way back and got Jim a Cinnamon Roll - so he would at least have a little something to remember Finland by.  He enjoyed his day on a quiet ship - he went to the gym, relaxed on the balcony and started reading a new ...

Day 50-51 - Coming Home, Tampere, Finland travel blog

Day 50-51 - Coming Home

A travel blog entry by tampere-usa


Maija: Our long day was about to begin. Risto took a cab to the airport a bit earlier than the rest of the group as he had a ticket to earlier flight. Eventually we happened to meet Risto at the airport as there had been some kind of mix up with his ...

Lapland - Arrival, Kittilä, Finland travel blog

Lapland - Arrival

A travel blog entry by reisender

Lapland - an Arctic Adventure - Arrival Exploring the Arctic in winter had always been a dream of ours. Lapland offers just that. A mere 200,000 people live in finnish Lapland (the size of Netherlands and Belgium taken together). Far from the nearest ...

Lapland - Second snow shoeing excursion, Kittilä, Finland travel blog

Lapland - Second snow shoeing excursion

A travel blog entry by reisender

Lapland - Second snow shoeing excursion This was a second day at our free disposal.  As we could have breakfast at our lodge, we took it easy.  The day was overcast. It looked as if it was going to snow. Finally, we once again set out ...

Lapland - Departure home, Kittilä, Finland travel blog

Lapland - Departure home

A travel blog entry by reisender


Lapland - Departure home Our shuttle bus picked us up at 7 a.m. together with a number of other guests.  Our flight was to depart Kittila at 10.05 a.m. We got to the airport in only 45 minutes.  The airport was pretty boring.  Nothing ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by danskgirl

... the National Theatre & Aaltonen's statue of poor old Aleksis Kivi, who died insane and impoverished before being acknowledged as Finland's greatest playwright. Very compact city so no harm orientate yourself (ahem), plus I couldn't have checked in til ...

Still before the storm.., Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Still before the storm..

A travel blog entry by ilari

090209 Helsinki. Finland. Viimeiset valmistelut stadissa ja Memmulla parin paivan piinaava odotus.. Lahdon ajankohta loppuun asti epaselva joten moikattiin viela kavereita ennen h-hetkea. Torstaina sitten viimein Helsinki-Vantaalle ja odottamaan jo ...

Full on two days, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Full on two days

A travel blog entry by shawnandchris


... on going to mini seminars and visiting facilities. It has been a great experience to be able to have access to the aged care system in Finland and to find out so much about the way that they manage aged care. Chris got the Helsinki card and I think he has ...

Behind the scenes, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Behind the scenes

A travel blog entry by ensio


Jokainen seikkailu alkaa askeleesta. Askeleesta kohti tuntematonta. Tulevana keskiviikkona tuo askel otetaan. Oltiin tammikuun lopussa remontoimassa Antin kämppää, kun Anna-Marian kanssa aloimme keskustelemaan hänen vuoden matkastaan Australiassa. ...

Great Show!, Vaasa, Finland travel blog

Great Show!

A travel blog entry by canandlids


The vendors in the square closed up shop this afternoon.  There is very little commercial activity on Sundays here, a very nice change from home.  The only noticeable businesses open are restaurant.  You can't buy liquor on Sundays.   ...

Sweating in Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Sweating in Helsinki

A travel blog entry by fishtails04


... these two neighbours, having originally belonged to Sweden and later fallen prey to the Russians - it was not until 1917 that Finland won its independence. Through the long, cold years of foreign domination, however, as I learned from Paivi, there were ...

Lähtötunnelmissa, Yläne, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by olesja

Tällä kertaa lähtöpäätöksemme kesti ja lähdemme tänään yölautalla Ruotsiin. Ennen matkaa oli aika paljon asioita hoidettavana, mutta nyt näyttää siltä, että saimme kaikki asiat ojennukseen. Eniten stressiä ja kiirettä aiheutti ...

Finland and Estonia!, Helsinki, Finland travel blog

Finland and Estonia!

A travel blog entry by colerumbough


... which are the kind I prefer. It was videotaped and will be up and running on the TEDex YouTube channel eventually. I really loved Finland a lot more than I was expecting to. Unfortunately, I didn’t have very much interaction with Finnish people but ...

Välimeri kutsuu, Kaarina, Finland travel blog

Välimeri kutsuu

A travel blog entry by markkupohjola

Tästä alkaa blogi, joka seuraa s/y MInnannan matkaa Paraisten Venekeskuksesta jonnekin välimeren maisemiin. Lähtö tapahtuu 1.6.2013 klo 16.00. Tervetuloa paikan päälle katsomaan. Mukaan lähtee kokonaiset 3 ...

How to spend money when you have none, Joensuu, Finland travel blog

How to spend money when you have none

A travel blog entry by carita


... so I stood at Charles le Gaulle one day too late... (maybe I'm becoming too much of an artist..) Some clear signs of approaching Finland. In the plane a drunken Finnish man came to talk to me. Trying to hit on me with his drunken charm. A man almost ...

Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland travel blog


A travel blog entry by barthdkk

Well, the remainder of our time in Estonia was fairly uneventful. We took a bike tour of the city, which was pretty nice. We were staying in the middle of the old town, which is one of the best preserved medieval walled cities in Europe. So we usually ...

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