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Portsmouth, Dominica, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Portsmouth, Dominica

A travel blog entry by mariekeiii


Vi seglade från Fort de France Martinique mot Dominica i vetskap om att det skulle vara både vind och vågor. Härlig segling tills vi kom till udden där det som vanligt var starka fallvindar och strömmar som byter riktning så det blev till att stå ...

Cruise Day 3, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Cruise Day 3

A travel blog entry by travelin_kat


... We signed up for the Caribbean cooking was really fun!  We rode a bus up into the mountains of Dominica to the owner of the tour company's house.  The Drive was amazing...little narrow streets through town with all the ...

Visit to the

Visit to the "Nature Island"...

A travel blog entry by ri-anne.cruz


... went inside and its kinda pretty still despite of its age, however i think it need more attention now. I heard as well that Dominica got their independence from Britain since 1978. After we saw much of Roseau, we went ahead and got the taxi on the ...

Dominica's favorites, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Dominica's favorites

A travel blog entry by momentsintime


... , but somehow, Dominica looked more intriguing and wild.  One couldn't help but feel somehow curious about this island. Dominica lies between Guadeloupe and Martinique, which they say, is an unspoiled Caribbean paradise.  The vibrant, rich ...

I travel under God's good graces, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

I travel under God's good graces

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


Yesterday was my fancy $200 tour. It was action packed. Jem and I did a full tour. It started with Titou Gorch where I swam through a gully to waterfall (this was my favorite thing of the whole trip I think). It was fantastic. Then we drove to numerous ...

Travel day home, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Dominica travel blog

Travel day home

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty

Well, yesterday was an annoying day. LIAT doesn't tell you that they are making 2-3 stops, so what was a 1.5 hour flight became a  5 hour flight.  ON the plane, I learned that my new beautiful silver bracelet, which cost me $180 EC, or $60 US, ...

It begins, Edgewater, MD, US, United States travel blog

It begins

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty

5:05 am  Alarm goes off. Shower. Get dressed. Change sheets on bed. 6 am       Leave the house. 7 am       At the airport. Eat Wendy's breakfast sandwich. Slightly tired and confused. ...

The Landing, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

The Landing

A travel blog entry by troispistoles

After a stop to St Maarteen and Antigua, we landed in Dominica! I told my friend it was a long way to the city from the airport, with narrow roads on the side of cliffs. The taxi drivers are just nuts! They don't even slow down when they meet another ...

My sandals done walked off, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

My sandals done walked off

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


My sandals left me. I always wonder what to do with used up Reefs and these were getting there. They are 100x better than any of the junky sandals on this island, so I hope somebody makes good use of them.  I was "angry" at them for getting my feet ...

Leaving Dominica, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Leaving Dominica

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


I'm leaving today. I'm a mixture of happy and sad. I got a ride to the airport with the american couple which saved me $70 US. Yesterday was fairly uneventful. Got back on the bus from Roseau. Getting around has been an intricate system of connections. ...

May 8th, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

May 8th

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


Today, I realized that this is not a vacation. It is an adventure. And it's not about soul searching, it's about self-exploration.  I was not emotionally prepared for this. Last night, I slept with the raincoat that D. gave me like it was a ...

Two Week Anniversary/Reflection, Petit Savanne, Dominica travel blog

Two Week Anniversary/Reflection

A travel blog entry by voulap

... " is part of the Caribbean charm. .... Another part of the Caribbean charm, that I learned the hard way, is late bags. In Dominica, and many other Caribbean islands, late bags is just a fact of life when most of the planes are the small 20-seater ...

My first Porn story I wrote, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

My first Porn story I wrote

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty

Please request this entry privately. :) Gotta do something in a plane, right? If you can't eat, sleep, read, ...

Hike to the boiling lake, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Hike to the boiling lake

A travel blog entry by troispistoles


We woke up quite early to be ready. It was raining a lot so I was scared we couldn't go. But finally the guide showed up, and didn't care if it was raining! So we started the climb, explaining really nicely to the guide that we were in a terrible ...

Murphy's Law, Luperón, Republica Dominica, Dominican Republic travel blog

Murphy's Law

A travel blog entry by hejira


    After leaving Samana there was a moment of hesitation... We were 140 miles for Turks and 80 miles from Luperon. The decision was made to head to Turks, since we had calm seas and good wind. Around 0500 the wind had picked up and ...

Sleepless nights, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Sleepless nights

A travel blog entry by ellisasailing


... passed glowingly and now are left to test it out in Martinique. A 2 day sail down there and all good except Roseau, down south in Dominica! We decided to give up on Stu the lure, as by now he had done over 300 miles and only caught one Baracuda so Ruthie ...

Diving Dominica + Falls, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Diving Dominica + Falls

A travel blog entry by troispistoles


First thing in the morning (after struggling to get a taxi, as we are located far from Roseau) we went to Anchorage Dive, for our first dive ever outside the BVI. It was quite expensive, around 100$ each for 2 dives, but there was not much place ...

Next Day, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Next Day

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


Here I am in the treehouse, about 15 minutes after I took my video. Did I mention how I should have a brought a watch? Does anybody think about how hot and wet it is in a rainforest? You are anywhere from damp to sopping wet from sweat and/or rain, all ...

Wastin' away in Margaritaville, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Wastin' away in Margaritaville

A travel blog entry by pirates_booty


I would be remiss if I didn't talk about last night. I had a lovely dinner made by local chef, Steve. Sat around talking for a while, all the time knowing that it was getting dark, which is at 6:50/7pm.  It was a pitch black hike up to the ...

Dominca: Are we in the South Pacific?, Portsmouth, Dominica travel blog

Dominca: Are we in the South Pacific?

A travel blog entry by marsdenfamily


Author: David What a spectacular place.  Towering peaks, impossible steeps, deep valley’s, lush vegetation and waterfalls everywhere.  Seriously??  Even today Dominca still has 7 potentially active volcano’s.  A common ...

Definitely Pirate Territory, Prince Rupert Bay, Dominica travel blog

Definitely Pirate Territory

A travel blog entry by bellavita


... , as the boat came close we realised it was in fact a boat boy anxious to pick us up as customers for his services in Dominica. Raymond's greeting was quite friendly and he told us of all his services he could provide for us while in Prince Rupert Bay, we ...

Ninja Man, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Ninja Man

A travel blog entry by venema


... open for lunch .the view from the boat made me feel like I was on a tropical vacation rather than on a study abroad program. Dominica is beautiful and leaves one feeling carefree and relaxed, but to a tourist. To the locals it’s a harder life ...

First blog entry from the Skipper. Photos tomorrow, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

First blog entry from the Skipper. Photos tomorrow

A travel blog entry by yachttaboo


... . We have been making reasonable southerly progress along the westward side of the Leeward Islands. Currently we are 20 miles west of Dominica at position 15 23 121 N  61 28.328 W Distance travelled since setting off is 128 nautical miles. The wind ...

Dominica, Roseau, Dominica travel blog


A travel blog entry by smachim


... the cave until the cascade. Take your waterproof camera), Trafalgar Falls (very nice, but wet, slippery, tricky hike) and snorkel in Champagne Reef (the bubbling from the sea bottom is really unique). Dominica also deserves a couple of days to be ...

Such a Tragedy, Curaçao, Dominica travel blog

Such a Tragedy

A travel blog entry by easygeeze


 Friday 03/04/09          Curacao - The Dutch Antilles   Temps Air 32°C           Sea 27°C Our berth once again is ideally placed being right ...

Dec 01, 2012, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Dec 01, 2012

A travel blog entry by medinah.m


Jurassic Park Minus Raptors- Dominica, Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Jurassic Park Minus Raptors- Dominica

A travel blog entry by lottyh


... also view the steaming pot holes. We spent the next several hours driving around the island enjoying the natural sights of the dense lush vegetation. With the rich bio-diversity of its surroundings, Dominica offers nature and tranquility at its best! ...

Roseau, Dominica (Port #1), Roseau, Dominica travel blog

Roseau, Dominica (Port #1)

A travel blog entry by adrianjl


Trip to Dominica, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Trip to Dominica

A travel blog entry by grubbj2

Hello, Today we toured the Island of Dominica...Christopher Columbus actually found this island, named it, but didn't land on it.  It was a Sunday so he gave it the name in honor of the Lord's day.  We arrived in port about 9:00 A.M. and caught ...

Rain of seriousness, Dominica, Dominica travel blog

Rain of seriousness

A travel blog entry by jamsheedmaster

31 March 2012 – Dominica It's pouring with rain. When it rains in rain forest countries, it’s pretty serious business. They seem to cope with the flooding very well but it means the roads and buildings suffer all kinds of damage throughout ...

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