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Finding Mao -by Sukriti, Changsha, China travel blog

Finding Mao -by Sukriti

A travel blog entry by tungandmathur


... and marked out our trail on it. This was going to be the start of real freedom with no commitments. Our first stop was Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, about 4hours south of Lixian. Changsha is a big town offering a choice of McDz and KFC's ...

Changsha Vacation!, Changsha, China travel blog

Changsha Vacation!

A travel blog entry by aswanson


... Changsha.  When we arrived, we checked into a hotel room and went out to explore.  The shopping was quite amazing in Changsha, and we walked around shops for a few hours.  We stopped at McDonald's or KFC whenever we were hungry!  Miss ...

Adventures in the Middle Kingdom, Changsha, China travel blog

Adventures in the Middle Kingdom

A travel blog entry by evanforrester


I am currently living and teaching at Hunan City University in Yiyang, Hunan, China. I am a teacher of Business English and an assistant football (soccer) coach. I arrived in China Aug 12th 2009 and I plan on staying until July 2010. This is my rundown ...

Hommage to the

Hommage to the "Marques de Dai" & to Mao Tse Tung

A travel blog entry by tom-of-boracay


... the war against the Japanese.Mao Tse Tung has come back here just once for a short visit in 1959. On the way back to Changsha, we had a bus accident , nothing serious, but the driver had to report to the police, and I had to look for a taxi, but ...

Ni chile ma?, Changsha, China travel blog

Ni chile ma?

A travel blog entry by rikkitikkitaavi


... clock at night and grab a stick of spicy yangrou (lamb) or a box of freshly made jiaozi (dumplings). Nightsnacks in Changsha was, without a doubt one of the best bonding experiences we WorldTeacher's shared. To explain it simply Nightsnacks are guerilla, ...

Booze, Bums and Brits Abroad, Changsha, China travel blog

Booze, Bums and Brits Abroad

A travel blog entry by chrisinchina

... , and generally enjoying the quite life after the previous nights carnage. The walk made me realise what a stunning place Changsha is, its a massive city with about 8 million inhabitants making the everyday hustle and bustle of the place brilliant.It has ...

Spirituality, Architecture, and the People, Changsha, China travel blog

Spirituality, Architecture, and the People

A travel blog entry by mrcwoodsman


... for Guangzhou's foreign trade during the Qing dynasty as know as the Manchu Dynasty. It was the last ruling dynasty of China from 1644 - 1912. Trading companies from Britain, the United States, France, Holland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, and Japan built ...

Talk of the train, Changsha, China travel blog

Talk of the train

A travel blog entry by timandzan


... to Yangshou. Our first 15 hours was spent in a fairly luxurious soft sleeper cabin with a friendly Chinese couple. We got off in Changsha, pretty tired and Tim had picked up a bit of a nasty cold in Xian. We found our hotel and realised pretty quickly we ...

Changsha and my Bucket, Changsha, China travel blog

Changsha and my Bucket

A travel blog entry by korizornes


Adam and I just got back from a weekend in Changsha (the capital of Hunan)  It was about a 5.5 hour bus ride up north. We went with our foreign affairs officer and another student from our school.  The city was a completely different scene from ...

Going, Chang Sha, China travel blog


A travel blog entry by johnsjourneys

The first day comprised a late afternoon flight of two and a half hours from Taipei to Chang Sha, a rather good dinner at an upmarket restaurant in Chang Sha, and finally a transfer to the East Kirin House Hotel. The dinner provided the opportunity to ...

Chang Sha, Chang Sha, China travel blog

Chang Sha

A travel blog entry by johnsjourneys

Another day of a strict schedule: 0700 to 0730 Wake up, coffee 0730 to 0830 Breakfast 0830 to 1200 Travel by bus to Chang De - with one comfort break on the way 1200 to 1230 Visit city park beside the river with Stone Wall of Poems – it's a small ...

There are poodles everywhere., Changsha, China travel blog

There are poodles everywhere.

A travel blog entry by aprilinchina


... him sad, he told me I was beautiful, hugged me and ran off. (nothing out of the ordinary in China) Life is just different in Changsha. Nothing seems to be really pressing, there are few social rules ( which gets frustrating) but ultimately everyone seems ...

June 16 - Adoption Final!, Changsha, China travel blog

June 16 - Adoption Final!

A travel blog entry by peterandsusan


Our first full day... yesterday was a little intense. Picture if you will, being dragged into a hot non-air-conditioned Adoption Center, and unceremoniously being shoved into the waiting arms of 2 martians who speak in a language that seems dominated by ...

Life Decisions, Changsha, China travel blog

Life Decisions

A travel blog entry by aprilinchina


... maybe I shouldn't stay in China, one major one is health. I dont feel like I am as healthy as I was before. Changsha unfortunately is somewhat of an unhealthy place from terrible sanitation laws to cigarettes in my face everywhere I go to poor air ...

Let it go

Let it go "It's China"

A travel blog entry by aprilinchina


... very little sleep, I have made it!!!! I have been in China since Friday. Boy is it a culture shock! I am currently staying in Changsha China. It is where I will be teaching for the next year! We are staying in a hotel for the next two weeks so that we ...

Tianxin Park and Tea, Changsha, China travel blog

Tianxin Park and Tea

A travel blog entry by mrcwoodsman


... liaisons or maybe higher stakes gambling.   The second part of the park involves passing under an arch with a story about the Changsha Battle and then a short climb up to the temple, pavilion, tea house and overlooks. Along your climb there is a ...

Travel with Love and Civilized Behaviors, Changsha, China travel blog

Travel with Love and Civilized Behaviors

A travel blog entry by kyelito


What a long day!  We flew from Shanghai to Changsha in Hunan province.  We are in the hottest province in the country the hottest week of the year.   It has been a whirlwind day.  I have never been so happy to shower.  ...

Strawberry Jam, Mayo  Ketchup: good to go!, Changsha, China travel blog

Strawberry Jam, Mayo Ketchup: good to go!

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... of traffic. Everyone tries not to be the one to yield, knowing though, it seems, woe to the one who hits someone or another vehicle. China is a different world, but for the most part, it seems to work. I'll post a few photos now and let them say the rest ...

Teaching in China Guideline, Changsha, China travel blog

Teaching in China Guideline

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... Z Visa will be affixed to a blank page in your passport. If you get the Z Visa, you are a certified foreign expert. Welcome to China. Any good employer will promise to reimburse your air fare (we were reimbursed 2 months after our arrival in China on a 10 ...

Changsha interlude, Changsha, China travel blog

Changsha interlude

A travel blog entry by mbryred

The trip too Fenghuang was worthwhile, in so many ways. Our students are beginning to realize we're serious about "if you help us see China, we'll help you." We've been trying to get to Hengshan, and will make it some day. The week before Fenghuang it ...

Changsha: finally got me into a KTV, Changsha, China travel blog

Changsha: finally got me into a KTV

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... Google Maps showing me there I thought we were going, I may have made a mistake: I went forward and verified our destination, mentioning Changsha. When we got off the bus, a man met us saying 'Changsha.' He took us to a nice sleeper bus, but we weren't ...

Wee hours of the morning..., Changsha, China travel blog

Wee hours of the morning...

A travel blog entry by mbryred

... a bank again, even getting personal help by 1 lady at one bank with very poor English, who sent me back to Bank of China where that lady spoke better English, but couldn't help me, though she seemed amazed and more than cooperative after she saw me try ...

China Day 1: Changsha, Changsha, China travel blog

China Day 1: Changsha

A travel blog entry by mbryred


Flying in to Changsha, I saw it was raining and flight attendants said it was only 71 degrees. Yeah! Forecast is to get back up into the low 90s. I smartly got a baggage cart, collected my bags and exited the baggage area, after a worker verified I had ...

Portland Ain't Got Anything Like This, Changsha, China travel blog

Portland Ain't Got Anything Like This

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... dear, please, please...?     I picked up a nice desk organizer but still no handkerchiefs to be found for sale in Changsha. I went down and made my purchase, hoping to see some sign that they would take a Visa card. I didn't see such, paid ...

Just living and loving it!, Changsha, China travel blog

Just living and loving it!

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... do her job. Then we mosey down dormitory/food court row dropping off students as we go, and usually look for the latest China Daily English newspaper. We're experimenting with an English movie night, an have shown Avatar and 2012 a few times each, mostly ...

It's the Best of Times..., Changsha, China travel blog

It's the Best of Times...

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... . That would be nice so Ruth & I could both be online, once she's here. I believe my last short entry was at China Mobile, just yesterday. What an eternity ago that seems! I continue to get my bearings, and as far as the campus necessities, I’d ...

I Love the latter part of the week..., Changsha, China travel blog

I Love the latter part of the week...

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... 's to have her in a class, assisting. hopefully within a few days of here arrival she'll be up to posting some of her own impressions of China here. Someone had heard that if you put 00 in front of a 4 digit pin, it's been known to work... So, at about my ...

Friday 8/14 part 2, Changsha, China travel blog

Friday 8/14 part 2

A travel blog entry by mbryred


I got up from my nap yesterday, and took down the clothes line so I could get out, and got ready for the big outing of the day. After much research I concluded that the Yuelu District (German) Metro supermarket was hardly more convenient than the old ...

Changsha People: delightful and helpful, Changsha, China travel blog

Changsha People: delightful and helpful

A travel blog entry by mbryred


... students and warmth, one north to the Harbin area to visit students there, see the ice sculpturing, and maybe swing down through Beijing, probably by train on our way back to Changsha. Dreaming gives hope, and we will be content however things turn ...

Nanjiao Park, Changsha, China travel blog

Nanjiao Park

A travel blog entry by mbryred


It's cold, by local standards, and wet. It feels more and more like work as the daylight and play time decreases. Still, there’s always good fun to be had, and tasty, if not so good food to enjoy. We’ve knuckled down this week and really put ...

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