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Bubbling Volcanoes!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Bubbling Volcanoes!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... of a Viking cafe for the BVS! Two lovely sausage rolls later and we were starting to recover and settled down for our journey to Pucon! It was basically like being back on the M1...just a long, straight motorway with not a lot going on! But to be fair it ...

Adventures and more over-indulgence, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Adventures and more over-indulgence

A travel blog entry by neilandamy

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... of Jackson in the US, but with a more Swiss feel. It was all very nice, but then we wouldnt have expected any different of Chile. We had toast with marmelade and nice coffee....had a wander then headed back to check in. Our room was nice. We then decided ...

Am I the only one that notices the VOLCANO??, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Am I the only one that notices the VOLCANO??

A travel blog entry by kerenk1019


Our next destination was Pucon. Pucon is a little town in Chile that just happens to be right next to a huge freakin volcano called the Villarica. For some reason I was the only one that got a little freaked out about being so close to the volcano but I ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by sam_sandro


... and not as definitive as "climb", we really didn't even make it to the top... but my name IS Sandro.   The city of Pucon is situated on a peninsula overlooking Lake Villarica at the foot of a volcano of the same name. As such, it is chock-full of ...

Prodigious Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Prodigious Pucon

A travel blog entry by laorfamily

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We arrived at Pucon and stayed at Casa de Roberto for our several nights there. Roberto and his wife run a very warm, friendly place, the sit and talk with the guests, help out if you need and recommend guides for the area. We wanted to climb ...

Another once in a lifetime experience!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Another once in a lifetime experience!

A travel blog entry by maddieuk


... to go to the loo! It was a relentless climb, and really steep, but a scorching clear day and the views down were incredible – Pucon is on a big lake and it was so picturesque. The top of the Volcano eventually came, we had made it to 2,800 metres! ...

Santiago & Snow-Capped Volcanoes, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Santiago & Snow-Capped Volcanoes

A travel blog entry by walshy_88

Leaving tomorrow for Bariloche, Argentina, I am now in the rather idyllic, Swiss-influenced ski town of Pucon, Chile. Back in La Serena, after a couple of relaxing days at sea level, we headed after dark up into the mountains beyond the city and ...

Canyoning and Kendama, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Canyoning and Kendama

A travel blog entry by mattyjordan

Someone did a shit in the shower last during last nights shenanigans so the morning was playing cluedo to try and find out who the culprit was. There were a few suspects that slowly got weaseled down to a few. I think I know who did it, I'm not ...

Feb. 17, 2006 - Pucón, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Feb. 17, 2006 - Pucón

A travel blog entry by fintax

Friday, February 17, 2006 (Villarrica): We woke up rather late and spent some quality time lazing in bed. The sun was high in the sky when we sat outside on the veranda for a bite to eat, overlooking the mountains across the lake. What a view! ...

Volcano Sledging, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Volcano Sledging

A travel blog entry by tomtranter


After a few stops in some quaint little places (all providing most excellent ice cream strangely) we headed back to Chile one last time to climb Volcano Villarrica. It was a slow 3 1/2 hour climb to the summit but the views were quite stunning. The best ...

Villarrica, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by aggi

... in den Bus gesetzt und bin in den Touriort Pucon gefahren. Hier kann man alles machen, was irgendwie aufregend ist, weshalb Pucon wohl auch als Queenstown Suedamerikas bezeichnet wird. Allerdings hab ich nichts gegen Queenstown und so ist Pucon auch ...

Raining in Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Raining in Pucon

A travel blog entry by vblowry2000


... so much snow in one place.  The driving was scary in parts and we slipped on the icy roads more than once.  Pucon is indeed a beautiful place - I'm glad we got to see that before we left although we still haven't seen the volcano through ...

Climbing an active, snow-covered volcano, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Climbing an active, snow-covered volcano

A travel blog entry by dmp3380


... the most wanted criminals by the US government, although there has since been an amnesty, but it means he can't leave Chile without risking imprisonment.   The museum was pretty good and started with fossils that were millions of years old, before ...

Having a lava-ly time!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Having a lava-ly time!

A travel blog entry by garrykctravels


... properly begin our time in Chile. 1st April – Today we caught another bus out of Argentina and over the border to neighbouring Chile. We had the nice surprise of a small breakfast on board the bus, which we had been told we weren’t getting. ...

Volcan Villarica, Pucón, Chile travel blog

Volcan Villarica

A travel blog entry by samandpriya


I didn't sleep that well on Friday night.  Although Sam and I were both excited, I had that nervous feeling in my stomach (like you do at school before an exam).  Couldn't believe we were actually going to climb the volcano today!  ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by karien


a ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by danaandtom


From San Martin we took a 6 hour bus ride to a town called Pucon, in Chile. We were mentally ready for Chile, the high prices and the unpleasant people. But, to our surprise, Pucon is pretty nice... it´s not Argentina, but it was okay compared to our ...

Cachai?, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by aallen02


... groups, teaching a class in Spanish could be a different story... Last weekend, I took vacation (from my vacation) and went to Pucon, which is about a 6 hour bus ride south of Concepcion.  I went with 2 other girls: one from Illinois, and one ...

¡Pucón Y Más!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

¡Pucón Y Más!

A travel blog entry by kristinclaire


... Communication -Grammar for Foreigners -Contemporary Chilean Poetry -Study of the Psalms -History of Hispanoamericana -Traditional Dances of Chile So basically, I am a busy bee! A couple of the classes are dreadfully boring and the professors can ...

Did you see where that Puma went?, Parque national Villarrica, Chile travel blog

Did you see where that Puma went?

A travel blog entry by kiwi_surfer


... to host them in NZ one day. But no need to worry, after a short time walking down the road, we had hitch hiked a ride to Pucon. From a interesting man who, wait for it; loved Rugby, the All Blacks and is going to NZ next year to watch the world cup. He ...

Salta to Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Salta to Pucon

A travel blog entry by chrissygoes

... town in the evening and cooked us an amazing lunch with fresh fish. We were treated like Queens! I´m now in Pucon heading down to the south of Chile, the temperature has gone from 30 degrees in Santiago to 13 degrees in Pucon, I have to drag all the ...

From hot to hammered, Pucon, Chile travel blog

From hot to hammered

A travel blog entry by alohagypsies


... time go?   That evening we all went out to dinner to Trewen, the healthy restaurant we discovered when we first entered Pucon. We bought our own wine from the supermarket and four bottles later plus a few more pisco sours we were slurring our ...

Hidrospeeding and the Villarrica highway, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Hidrospeeding and the Villarrica highway

A travel blog entry by nancydeb


... scree where you can come down without expending any effort, just stepping down in a steady rhythm. For our final afternoon in Pucon we rented mountain bikes and went out along a gravel road beside a range of foothills and a river to amazingly blue ...

please have good weather..., Pucon, Chile travel blog

please have good weather...

A travel blog entry by southwickchris

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Into hot water, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Into hot water

A travel blog entry by andyryder


... their spoilers cost more than the car, so there wasn't much racing going on. Onward then, back across the Andes to Pucon in Chile. A now customary route of gravel and absolute beauty all round, passing  Volcan Lanin to Pucon. We had emailed a few ...

Pucon, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by will.traveller

... in this part of Chile. They have been fair at best. I am going to miss Argentina.   It is Good Friday. Pucon has doubled the number of visitors, mostly Chileans. A procession of people following a recreation of Jesus carrying the cross parades ...

Lost, Pucon, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by kerenk1019


... wasn't worth it and that I just wasn't very lucky in Pucon. I was very happy to get on a bus to Mendoza the next day. Pucon- you are very beautiful and your volcano is freakin awesome, but I just didn't have luck with the weather. Oh well, next time! ...

A week in Chile - smog and Santiago!, Pucon, Chile travel blog

A week in Chile - smog and Santiago!

A travel blog entry by lizette

... to Argentina. I finish this entry with thoughts of the fun things I have done and places that I have visited in Chile. I realise that with the comforts of Westernised Chile were everything works well, that I miss the idiosyncrasies of the ...

The Lake District, Pucon, Chile travel blog

The Lake District

A travel blog entry by natecropp


... the hill. As we did so, we passed a few people on their way down. Not too much else to report from Chile. Great country. A bit expensive. Beautiful scenery. The best fruit in the entire world. CHEAP DELIOUSIOUS WINE. The people are polite, but ...

Pucon-the rafting, Pucon, Chile travel blog

Pucon-the rafting

A travel blog entry by hastie_gringo


Its a cold wet day, its about to get colder and wetter. We are teamed up with Danny and Karen from the uk and Ailsa from Belgium(who we have run into about 6 times between here and Caleta Tortel). For some strange reason the english speaking guide is in ...

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