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visite en solo, Arica, Chile travel blog

visite en solo

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


me voila tte fraiche, apres un bon dodo ds mon 3 metres carres!!! je me leve et finalmt decide de quitter la ville le soir meme direction san pedo de atacama par le us de nuit encore une fois il ny  apersonne ds lhotel, c un peu triste.... je prends ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by danaandtom


... next destination: Arica. Luckily, the bus was great and it went by pretty fast, again, we took bus-tur. Arica is all the way in the North of Chile, and from here we plan to enter Peru. Turns out Arica is little town, which is very similar ...

Holiday from the trip, Arica, Chile travel blog

Holiday from the trip

A travel blog entry by ian-sue


... but we did get a nice photo of a flag... :) Next we decided to check out the beaches which changed our minds (a little) about the place. Overall, the best part of Arica has to be the fantastic hot shower and TV in our room! Perfect winter seaside ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by tjarlie


... een zwembad erbij. Ik kwam alleen pas laat in de middag aan, dus daar had ik vrij weinig aan. Vanmorgen weer vertrokken richting Arica in Chili. Ik wilde eigenlijk met de bus, maar ik ben er gister achter gekomen dat er ook colectivos rijden van Tacna ...

Surf´s Up, Arica, Chile travel blog

Surf´s Up

A travel blog entry by henrikstrodl


... Got up early to catch bus to Arequipa, Peru.  Got to the bus station at 7am.  Apparently to cross the border from Arica, Chile one must catch a colectivo (or at least it is easiest this way).  So I have now experienced another land country ...

Traversée Pérou/Chili...tout en couleurs, Arica, Chile travel blog

Traversée Pérou/Chili...tout en couleurs

A travel blog entry by sebou


... view. It was a jolly 1 hour ride. Upon our arrival customs totally went through our bags but wihtin 10minutes we were out and at Arica. Walked to a hotel foundin the guide book. They had one room left but at 40 dollars (this was a hostel) so we went to ...

Hangover Food, Arica, Chile travel blog

Hangover Food

A travel blog entry by davyandelve


2 Day rest period after 17 hour bus journey and from the altitude. Food: Davys favourite Sizzling Grill :Chips covered in Sausages, Beef, Chicken, and all covered in cheese, great hangover ...

Jedziemy do Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Jedziemy do Chile

A travel blog entry by marcos1230


... , w ktorym nie dane bylo nam sie wyspac. Przed 5-ta jestesmy na dworcu w La Paz. Szukamy polaczen do Arici w Chile. Niestety jestesmy troche za wczesnie, wszystkie stanowiska sa zamkniete. Siadamy w poczekalni i czekamy. Po okolo pol godzinie po dworcu ...

Through the Atacama Desert, Arica, Chile travel blog

Through the Atacama Desert

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

"Lets just keep on going"

A travel blog entry by harrisbrown

... a flight to Santiago, we were again forced into having an early night. Simon: Arguing long and hard as to whether Arica reminded us more of Farnborough or Birkenhead (Birkenhead winning I believe on account of the large quantities of readily available ...

Petit detour au Chili !!!, Arica, Chile travel blog

Petit detour au Chili !!!

A travel blog entry by nadinekarl


... : REPOS, REPOS et REPOS ! Nous nous sentons maintenant beaucoup mieux tous les deux ! La santé est de retour et l`énergie aussi !!! Arica est un endroit magique !! La température y est parfaite !!! La ville se trouve dans le désert, mais sa proximité ...

Escaping the floods, Arica, Chile travel blog

Escaping the floods

A travel blog entry by eeyore82

... floods. Finally I managed to find a bus for the next day, together with Bujar who I met in the hostel we bought a ticket to Arica.  So off were to the surf city Arica, a first stop on the way to Peru. Nothing spectacular, very chill little city ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by tjarlie


... Ik moest wel een beetje aan Hans en Grietje denken toen ik het zag. Het is ontworpen door meneer Eiffel en vervolgens naar Arica gebracht om de andere kathedraal te vervangen die was verwoest door een vloedgolf. Het is helemaal van ijzer gemaakt, maar het ...

A desert in the ocean, Arica, Chile travel blog

A desert in the ocean

A travel blog entry by cookage

... almost full.  It was the milk-run flight.  We stopped twice on the way to Santiago and twice more between Santiago and Arica.  Six take-offs and landings, my least favourite part about flying.  Oh well, we got there in a day for the ...

The driest place in the world. A contender, anyway, Arica (18º21' S 70º20' W), Chile travel blog

The driest place in the world. A contender, anyway

A travel blog entry by manuelgomez

... (if you can call three hours of sleep a night). This morning I hopped a plane the 2000-some km to Arica, at the northern extreme of Chile, about 30 km from the Peruvian border. Arica lies on the coastal edge of the Atacama desert, which is literally ...

Chile!!, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by conor_m

... took about 3 times as long and involved drug and fruit sniffing dogs, a bigger line and more hassle in general. I arrived in to Arica and it turned out to be a pretty nice city. Nothing spectacular but it had a nice pedestrian mall and a lookout over ...

Day 49 - Arequipa, Peru to Arica, Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Day 49 - Arequipa, Peru to Arica, Chile

A travel blog entry by guruzers


... nbsp; Of course, this is the form outlet.  We should have known. This just adds to the zest of the day.  Wheeled into Arica early in the afternoon and hailed a cab for service to a nice room (this is our favorite way to find ...

Crazy Hostel, Arica, Chile travel blog

Crazy Hostel

A travel blog entry by sarahandaimee


On arrival we booked our ´bus´ to Arequipa in Peru for the next day and got a taxi to our hostel.  We were greeted by a friendly german girl who promptly handed us a free ice cold beer - marvellous.  We relaxed for a bit, drank our beer and ...

Quick Stopover, Arica, Chile travel blog

Quick Stopover

A travel blog entry by calmyourjets

Being back at the Surfhouse was nice and comfortable. It's always good to go somewhere that I know once in a while so I don't have to swot up on the map beforehand or risk looking totally befuddled when I arrive! Nothing exciting to report here - I got ...

Beach side resort.... thanks LAN, Arica, Chile travel blog

Beach side resort.... thanks LAN

A travel blog entry by katenjosh


... the first two legs of the flight. Those were the legs that actually had people on them. We spent time on the plane at Arica airport, then time in the terminal, then time in the terminal restaurant, before being told that we would not be continuing on to ...

Welcome to Chile! (And good riddance to Peru!), Arica, Chile travel blog

Welcome to Chile! (And good riddance to Peru!)

A travel blog entry by sarahpearl


... on shore.  Giant rocky ledges that jut out into the water serve as wave breakers for the otherwise unruly ocean. The nightlife in Arica starts early, which is perfect for me!  At about 8pm the main pedestrian street, which is lined with bars is ...

Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog


A travel blog entry by ellenmilton


aa ...

Chilly in arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Chilly in arica

A travel blog entry by blueknows2


Brenda here.We are in Ari ca Chile as of yesterday.We are staying at a party type hostel.....Used my ear plugs to sleep ,which were great.It is very nice and warm here.The water at the beach is very brown because a river going into it is Hugh and ...

On top of the World !, Arica, Chile travel blog

On top of the World !

A travel blog entry by v5rcb


... stone, hence the name. Took the opportunity to try Guinea Pig and Llama - Llama was ok but not an experience I'll be repeating. Chile then beckoned and we are fast approaching the Atacama desert ! The change in cultures (or may be it's just wealth) is ...

Most Northern City in Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Most Northern City in Chile

A travel blog entry by stevelegassick


... win by Chile in the War of the Pacific (1880) when they took this steep nearby hill from Peru.....and by winning the war, Chile landlocked Bolivia and ended up with the land with all the nitrates and copper that has been the source of wealth ever ...

Destination: Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Destination: Chile

A travel blog entry by elianasiri


... plads. Saa tidligt torsdag morgen tog vi fra Tacna, en by taet ved graensen til Chile, i haabet om at komme med toget til Arica i Chile. Kl. 06.30 stod vi klar ved hvad der viste sig at vaere en nu nedlagt togstation, hurtigt maatte vi i stedet tage til ...

Tacna (Peru) & crossing the border to Arica (Chile, Arica, Chile travel blog

Tacna (Peru) & crossing the border to Arica (Chile

A travel blog entry by huntingaurochs


... about 100 agitated people jumped the gates and fled into Chile. I think the joke was on them when they found they had escaped to Arica, Chile. Now perhaps that is not entirely fair to Arica, as there are a few things to do. We hired a surfboard and ...

Earthquake in Arica, Arica, Chile travel blog

Earthquake in Arica

A travel blog entry by alexandlucy

... the wheel!!!  Then the earth started to move literally (not because of Al's good looks!) with cars shaking and the ground rumbling under us.  We'd only been in Chile for a couple of hours and we experienced our first earthquake!  ...

On the road to Chile!, Arica, Chile travel blog

On the road to Chile!

A travel blog entry by

... . We were now officially in Chile and feeling quite relieved it hadn't been too stressful! The taxi drove 15km to Arica, the first town in Chile and we were dropped off at the international terminal. After taking some money from the ATM and buying an ...

Sun, Surf, Earthquakes and Jellyfish, Arica, Chile travel blog

Sun, Surf, Earthquakes and Jellyfish

A travel blog entry by braynbrooks


... and how lucky we were to be experiencing it. We were off to Bolivia the next day and were looking forward to our return to Chile in 2 weeks time. We were going to miss the surf hostel with surf obsessed Kurt and the Aussies, but not the Earthquakes and ...

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