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last run down the mountain, Calgary, Canada travel blog

last run down the mountain

A travel blog entry by cobi

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We returned from the Rockies last night, and we fly out to Montreal this morning. This is officially my last day in Calgary. I'm all packed and ready to venture out into the world again! Ian and I were meant to go to Sunshine on Tuesday, had pre-booked ...

islands and dreams, Calgary, Canada travel blog

islands and dreams

A travel blog entry by cobi

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Yesterday Marie and I decided to have a leisurely Sunday stroll in the city. The University of Calgary is located in the city's Northwest, which about 8 train stops away from Downtown. Here, the city is 'downtown'. For a while I couldn't hear people ...

Australia Day forty below zero, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Australia Day forty below zero

A travel blog entry by cobi

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... the idea of feeling your cheeks freeze, go numb and then start burning with cold within fifteen seconds of exposure? Come to Calgary! It's f*cking freezing! Luckily a Chinook is due later in the week, bringing us back up to liveable conditions. If -11 ...

snow bunny, Calgary, Canada travel blog

snow bunny

A travel blog entry by cobi

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... will be weighted at 60 percent), and then bye bye West Coast, hello East Coast! Meanwhile I'm having a great time here in Calgary with all these new experiences and cool people. I'm really, really glad I came. If you're thinking about travelling, do ...

carrots and the impending national holiday, Calgary, Canada travel blog

carrots and the impending national holiday

A travel blog entry by cobi

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... universities for entertainment value, between the free movies, free gym facilities and easy public transport. Australia and Canada are so remarkably similar (climate excepted) that little differences are even more noticeable. My 'Canadian Cities and ...

Europe becons, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Europe becons

A travel blog entry by pidgeandpie

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Summmy Rummy Doo Wop? CANADA SUMMARY Highlights: - Lowlights: - Places Visited: ? Days Visited: ??-Days Budget: GBP ?.?? per day per person (1GBP=?????) Total Distance travelled: ????kms Cost of transport: GBP ??.??(Rail, Road, Water) 1Km ...

birthday antics and NHL, Calgary, Canada travel blog

birthday antics and NHL

A travel blog entry by cobi

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... experience to be. We drank cups of beer and heckled Pheonix, laughed at the half time entertainment and cheered when Calgary scored their way to victory. Everyone grumbled that there wasn't enough fighting though. They had that stupid organ music ...

Winter Wonderland!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Winter Wonderland!

A travel blog entry by kevandsian

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Happy New Year Everyone! Well, here we are in Calgary, people said we were mad to come to Canada in the winter and the minus 25 temperatures have been a tad on the cold side, but we've really enjoyed exploring this amazing winter wonderland. We said ...

Getting ready to leave cowtown..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Getting ready to leave cowtown...

A travel blog entry by jay29

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All my worldly possessions - sitting in a mini-storage unit in Calgary.  We'll see 'em five or six or seven months.  maybe.   ...

Destination: Nippon, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Destination: Nippon

A travel blog entry by corisan

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In less than an hour, Mom will be here to pick Dad & I up and drive us to the airport hotel. Our adventure begins tomorrow morning at 4 am, and neither of us wanted to waste 45 minutes driving from home at that time of day. I can barely believe that ...

Easter, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by cobi

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... , Easter signifies the beginning of the end. Traditional religious significance aside, of course. I have exactly 20 days remaining in Calgary. Next Friday is Bermuda Shorts Day, the last day of lectures before the summer holidays. On Good Friday we ...

kinesiology and multimedia, Calgary, Canada travel blog

kinesiology and multimedia

A travel blog entry by cobi

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I'm starting to get into the swing of things... get over jet lag, register class locations in my spatially challenged mind, know my bus timetable and stuff like that. I have to say it sucks not having a car like I do at home, but then I wouldn't want to ...

Not to know is bad not to wish to know is ..., Calgary, Canada travel blog

Not to know is bad not to wish to know is ...

A travel blog entry by bradleyt

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... seat 6 worshippers but the highlight of the trail is a stop at an outlook over top of Horse-Thief Canyon. On the way to Calgary I also stopped at (a different) Horseshoe Canyon for some hiking. I arrived at Tara's house in Calgary just in time to watch ...

Why did I decide to spend 3 days here, again?, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Why did I decide to spend 3 days here, again?

A travel blog entry by sarahx

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... , a tiny little chapel (clutching at straws here).  After a comfy night's sleep on the couch, I went to explore Calgary a little more. The main downtown street is fairly pleasant, lined with restaurants and shops. Quite like the Oracle in Reading. ...

Freakin' OUT!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Freakin' OUT!

A travel blog entry by cobra1899

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D-Day! I leave at 11h59 tonight.   I'm putting a disclaimer right at the beginning saying that if you haven't read my "Paul's Journey" blog a lot of what I will be referring to might not make sense. It would be like watching the movie The ...

Road Trip - Luxeries and disappointment, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Road Trip - Luxeries and disappointment

A travel blog entry by neilandamy

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... On the way in we spotted the old winter olympic stadium, so went to check it out...afterall this was the only thing i knew about was the home of the winter olympics in 1988 and the setting of the Cool Runnings movie! It was cool. The stadium ...

Good Life, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Good Life

A travel blog entry by pwong


... flight back to Calgary.  It was a fitting manner to finish the trip, as these past two and a half weeks were a blur. Calgary to London Gatwick to London Heathrow to Barcelona to Sitges back to Barcelona to Sofia ... the first 48 hours were insane, ...

Farewell Trevor, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Farewell Trevor

A travel blog entry by rossport


... to B&B's and the only two that really stick in our minds are the Elephant and castle pub in Bloxham and here in downtown calgary they have both been spectacular so if you need email addies for both these places please don,t hesitate to contact me. so ...

Bombings in London, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Bombings in London

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Wow... just heard the news about the bombings in London. Hard to believe I was there less than a week ago. Thank god for my angels watching over me. It's weird to hear stuff like that, to think that you were just there. And to think that my original ...

Calgary Rocks and so does baby Spencer!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Calgary Rocks and so does baby Spencer!

A travel blog entry by steph_444

... I got back from Calgary today. Took a little trip with my mom to see my uncle and aunt and new baby cousin Spencer. I love Calgary and I had such a good time there. Gerry, Kari you guys were so great and I loved it all. Thanks for everything. Spencer ...

Calgary, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by fourherrings


... ! We met his mates in the former Source store which is now Less 17 & the Source on 11th Ave where he works now. Calgary has very conveniently numbered it's grid of roads as streets going north-south & avenues going east-west so it's easy to find ...

Bigfooting it to Calgary and the Stampede!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Bigfooting it to Calgary and the Stampede!

A travel blog entry by raniroo

... They had a nature sweat house. Then a brief overnight stop back in Banff where I then caught the bus to......... Arriving in Calgary. I was looking forward to one week of the Calgary Stampede. Cowboy country. And I ended up buying cowboy boots and a ...

The Dash Across the Plains, Calgary, Canada travel blog

The Dash Across the Plains

A travel blog entry by josie.scott


... the trees thinned out to the occasional cypress or poplar in a protected gulch, but the horizon stretched for miles. We landed in Calgary this evening.  Tomorrow, we head for the mountains, but it is likely to rain.  Nonetheless, we have already ...

Back in cowtown, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Back in cowtown

A travel blog entry by skye


Of course two weeks in Calgary has flown by. The highlights: seeing more friends and my Dad, a huge Christmas dinner, a trip to Eckville, movies, more shopping, more eating, and surviving court! We are finally completely done with all things associated ...

Happy New Year!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Happy New Year!

A travel blog entry by ben-theresab


We travelled to Alberta to spend time with Theresa's family over the holidays. We spent time with Theresa's sister Anna and her husband Jordan as well as Theresa's parents Ellen and Steve.  We have had a few days relaxing as well as a few days of ...

YYC departure, Calgary, Canada travel blog

YYC departure

A travel blog entry by melissa.johnson


... ; LHR Our original flight time was to be 2132 with a delay until 2345; this was due to mechanical problems in London to Calgary. As I wait with all my friends we get to share in some tales of school and previous travel experience. Boarding As boarding ...

Another thing done, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Another thing done

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

Yesterday became the big day without even having planned it. I handed in my resignation. I was going to do it this Friday, but yesterday afternoon I just thought, why wait? So I quickly wrote up my letter and handed it to my boss. Given how many ...

Goin' to China!, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Goin' to China!

A travel blog entry by incrediblelife

... in an attempt to save money for our RTW trip starting in November, that our vacation days this year would be spent just camping within Canada. Well, that plan lasted all of about.. a week? The other night John looked at me and said he's been thinking of ...

OOPS, Calgary, Canada travel blog


A travel blog entry by everywhere


OOPS!  It appears it went to everyone - so much for the experiment - I thought I could send it to just a couple of people to test it.  Honestly, I will not be like will not receive hourly messages with nothing inside and you do ...

Ride a Bull at the Calgary Stampede, Calgary, Canada travel blog

Ride a Bull at the Calgary Stampede

A travel blog entry by teresatraveler


Held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the Calgary Stampede is a ten-day event, which bills itself as The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, attracting over one million visitors and featuring the world's largest rodeo, a parade, midway, stage shows, ...

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