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Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by toviva


Extempore tyyliin järkättiin skootterit alle, guesthousen monitoimipoika oppaaksi ja lähettiin kiertelemään kylän ympäristöä. Lähistöllä kuulemma löyty useita vesiputouksia, mutta vaan kahessa oli tällä hetkellä tarpeeksi vettä. Myös ...

Welcome to the Jungle, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Welcome to the Jungle

A travel blog entry by leongerrits


... ik de eerste avond een bierestafette mee onderneem. Na tientallen pinten concluderen we dat Angkor bier toch beter smaakt dan Cambodia bier. De zoetwater dolfijnen die hier rondzwemmen en matige tempels kunnen me niet echt boeien dus ik besluit om snel ...

Dusty Red Everything! (or how to poison yourself ), Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Dusty Red Everything! (or how to poison yourself )

A travel blog entry by planteroftrees


... ... The big draw to Banlung is this beautiful jewel of a crater lake called Boeng Yeak Lom. Probably the most pristine water in Cambodia (or that can easily be accessed). Great for swimming, with a nice trail around it.  We visited on a weekend so ...

A local Cambodian family to the rescue, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

A local Cambodian family to the rescue

A travel blog entry by nozwhitts


We turned up in the evening after what seemed like a long bus ride.  Once off the bus, we decided to get a lift on the back of two bikes. They were taking us to what sounded like a nice hotel, with all the amenities that we required, and all for ...

Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gabetmaggy


... galères aux passages de frontières, nous voilà au Cambodge. Pour notre 1ère vrai halte, nous nous arrêtons à Banlung. Vraiment ?! C'est où ça ?!!! Située au Nord-Est du Cambodge, cette petite ville, très calme et peu touristique, ...

Ban Lung, Ban Lung, Cambodia travel blog

Ban Lung

A travel blog entry by daveandjenna


... , ready for our unsociable 5.30 am start. Tempting as it was to ask to stay another day, we know we have a lot more of Cambodia to explore. The following morning, we waved goodbye to the hotel owners, and jumped in a pre-arranged tuk tuk to the bus ...

Jungle Trekking and Waterfalls, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Jungle Trekking and Waterfalls

A travel blog entry by hev23


... pantos - James) and and lake (which is a volcanic crater) - (which is also amazing - you'd think you weren't in Cambodia, more like Switzerland minus the Nazi gold and creamy chocolate!- James). Unfortunately when we had a test drive of the motobike ...

Hello Moto, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Hello Moto

A travel blog entry by thelittlehobos


We checked for tours but didn't find any that were both affordable and of enough interest to us, so we borrowed a map and decided we would rent bikes and ride around to the various places of interest. We found one shop which rented bikes, then went ...

Laos in the morning, Cambodia in the afternoon, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Laos in the morning, Cambodia in the afternoon

A travel blog entry by thelittlehobos


... our favourite sticky rice for breakfast before getting a boat back to the mainland at 8 am then a bus to Stung Treng in Cambodia. We had heard that this border crossing would be ínteresting and possibly more difficult than some of the others we have ...

Waterfalls elephants and a bit of swimming, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Waterfalls elephants and a bit of swimming

A travel blog entry by feckinirish

Was expecting the worst roads ever with our trip to NE Cambodia to Banlung coz the guidebooks had said it, and no way we believed the bus ticket seller that it took 5-6 hrs. However no probs - guidebooks exagurate - well it was fine on the main road until ...

Aan de toeristen ontsnapt, Ban Lŭng, Cambodia travel blog

Aan de toeristen ontsnapt

A travel blog entry by gabrielajoris


De groep die die dag vanuit don det naar de grens ging, was behoorlijk groot. Iedereen regelt van tevoren een ticket naar waar ze naartoe willen gaan in cambodja, en het bleek al snel dat het overgrote deel naar Phnom Penh of naar Siem Reap(met de ...

Day 1 in Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Day 1 in Cambodia

A travel blog entry by padraicop


Made Border crossing into Cambodia. Met the 2 french girls from the group, who were travelling on the same bus and to Banlung in Cambodia. Met the 2 other french girls I bumped into mostly when eating. We got the ferry crossing over to the mainland, and I ...

Mar 21, 2011, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Mar 21, 2011

A travel blog entry by bayleyontour


Waterfalls, lakes and accidents., Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Waterfalls, lakes and accidents.

A travel blog entry by padraicop


I got up sometime after eight in the morning. I tried to order some food in the guest house, but the girls english wasn't up to scratch, so I had to settle for a pancake with apple, and leaf tea with sweet milk, rather than the lipton tea I was trying to ...

Regenzeit, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by giniundfabi


... stundenlang dort rumtreiben können, jedoch war nach einer knappen Stunde Schluss, damit wir unseren nächsten Bus nach Banlung erwischen. Diese Provinz-Hauptstadt ist tatsächlich sehr nett und von natürlicher Schönheit umgeben ...

Kinchaan Waterfall, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Kinchaan Waterfall

A travel blog entry by conrad.bear


day 328: rest of story, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

day 328: rest of story

A travel blog entry by ursburs

I forgot! I completely forgot to tell you about the spider! I didn't even remember when I searched my lovely Ecolodge room for the eight-legged creatures, nor when my hand went through a solid cogweb plugging in my laptop. I had successfully eliminated ...

Go here......., Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Go here.......

A travel blog entry by lifeisawesome


... to get lost in Banlung, but the monument in the town centre is a ideal landmark. So the next day I read the statement "Cambodia, the kingdom of wonders, where angels rule" Not a truer statement could be made about Cambodia. So the next day we wanted to ...

Maybe we're just not meant to ride bicycles?, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Maybe we're just not meant to ride bicycles?

A travel blog entry by smerbs


... nature.  This was also the place where Tony heard from AFID (Accounting for International Development) with 2 options for volunteering in Cambodia. Boy, did he get excited!! The choices were either to be: - the 5th Volunteer at an NGO providing ear ...

The Power of Nature, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

The Power of Nature

A travel blog entry by gavin_davies

After breakfast Darren headed back to the room. We've all had stomach pangs but his seem to be the worse. Alex and I jumped into a tuk tuk we'd already bartered to tour the three nearby waterfalls. The first wasn't too impressive high and narrow with ...

Day 281: Kratie - Bang Lung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Day 281: Kratie - Bang Lung

A travel blog entry by danielandai


... a satellite TV.  There were lots of helpful information about the jungle trekking tours with homestead and buses to other cities in Cambodia or Laos on the wall.  His wife also speaks good English and cooks excellent Khmer food too.  It was ...

Hannah Montana of Cambodia, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Hannah Montana of Cambodia

A travel blog entry by miravakily


Banlung is worth it just for being a celebrity to small local kids!!! Everywhere we're turning up we get a "Helloooooo" from somewhere and it’s the cutest kid waving at you. And then the next one is the cutest and then the next. From toddlers to ...

Banlung, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog


A travel blog entry by chris_rackley


... for a lot of photos (and not asked on occasion!) as westerners in this part of the world is much more rare than central Cambodia.  I was fairly ill for the next couple of days so missed out on some waterfalls, temples and jungley stuff but I decided ...

Borderline Cross crossing Cambodia's border, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Borderline Cross crossing Cambodia's border

A travel blog entry by miravakily


... . But oh well! I really don’t want to spend the night in a bus in the middle of nowhere, somewhere in northeastern Cambodia. There’s a spare tire on the back seat and the boot is full as well so Elijah, me and our two huge backpacks get ...

Chup Rubber Plantation, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Chup Rubber Plantation

A travel blog entry by papadisu


This is one of five rubber processing planes in Cambodia. It was built by the French prior to Cambodia becoming independent and is now a private run facility that pays the government fees. The factory was only partially running today since it is still a ...

Kratie-Ratanakiri, wieder richtig Cambodianisch, Ratanakiri, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Kratie-Ratanakiri, wieder richtig Cambodianisch

A travel blog entry by hansiundcaro


Als uns der Bus um 8 Uhr vor dem Guest House abholte, sah das eigentlich nicht schlecht aus, ein etwas aelterer Minivan, aber nicht schlecht. Dann fuhren wir mal 1 Stunde durch die Stadt (eine sehr kleine Stadt, wir fuhren aber zu ca jedem Haus) und ...

What a glorious morning!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

What a glorious morning!

A travel blog entry by papadisu


The sun is shining, the temperature is perfect and there is not a cloud in the sky. I woke at 6 am and went for a run around the lake in front of our hotel. I saw a couple if tourist runners and a local taking his ducks for a morning walk. Came back and ...

Koupani v krateru, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Koupani v krateru

A travel blog entry by eva-honza


... jsme si to strihli kratsi, ale o to horsi cestou ke krateru, skocili par salticek (Jenda) a vydali se pokracovat chillouvat. Banlung je temer na konci sveta, cesta k nemu je strastiplna, ale toto misto ma ducha a urcite stoji za to sem ...

Ban Lung!, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Ban Lung!

A travel blog entry by arsenalalice

... party in innocence, not knowing the direction things would turn, and of course then they were practically trapped. What a fascinating country Cambodia is. It is, without doubt, my favourite country to date. I love the people who are gentle and generous ...

Přejezd do Banlungu, Banlung, Cambodia travel blog

Přejezd do Banlungu

A travel blog entry by lukibali


Ráno mi pořád ještě není ůplně dobře, takže posílám Marťu na snídani samotnou. Naštěstí je to holka ůžasná a přinesla mi bagetu s medem, měl ...

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