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On the Move, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

On the Move

A travel blog entry by juliannet

... south again on Saturday. Hopefully I will get myself organised and put up more photographs before I leave Brazil. So far Paraty is a much nicer place, whitewashed buildings and cobbled streets and no nasty smells!! Speak soon Love ...

Brazil-First stop on the gringo trail, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Brazil-First stop on the gringo trail

A travel blog entry by mjozwell


... a day in Copacabana Marja has been thinking about getting a Brazilian Bum lift we saw on offer in New York. The woman of Brazil have no problems of gravity getting the better of their bums. It was Saturday, sunny and packed full of local tourists who ...

Trindade Beaches - THE BEST, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Trindade Beaches - THE BEST

A travel blog entry by marcelo.heather


... a bit tiring but nice to cool off. On the trail a red hairy spider jumped out at me, my first encounter with a scary spider in Brazil, but I easily side stepped it. I'm not sure what type of spider it was or if it was venomous or just protecting it's ...

Party? Paraty?, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Party? Paraty?

A travel blog entry by harkanmanva


... av "måltiderna", åtminstone coolast i Brasilien.  Anton har även hittat paradiset på jorden, eller i alla fall, god mat i Paraty.  En arabisk restaurang som serverade så god mat, typ pitabröd med fyllning (fast som låg platt likt en ...

Got a haircut, got a silver tooth ...., Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Got a haircut, got a silver tooth ....

A travel blog entry by lizsandell


Gonna get myself arrested Got some friends in my BMW (well the rest of the bus) Trying to get themselves arrrested So onto Paraty. I had flown to Rio and stayed in a hostel overnight before heading to the bus station for the final bit of a my 3-day trek ...

Last day in Paraty, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Last day in Paraty

A travel blog entry by sharor


... and decided to eat cheaply in a self service restaurant where all you can eat buffet cost 4 euro - bargain! So today we are leaving Paraty - we said bye to our friends in the Pousada (both man and dog lol!) and have come down to go on the internet. We ...

Pretty Paraty 12/9/13-15/9/13 days 11-14, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Pretty Paraty 12/9/13-15/9/13 days 11-14

A travel blog entry by vikkiandchris


... , Itaprava for 3 Reais, less than a quid! First day there we got the local bus over to a nearby village 25km south of Paraty, Trinadade which is said to have some incredible beaches. The bus ride in itself was quite an experience, with easily over a ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by kieranocal


After 30 Hours of travelling we finally arrived in Paraty. Unfortunatly it was raining and didnt stop for 2 days.It didnt bother us too much the first day as we were wrecked when we arrived at our pousada. So a bit of grub, a few beers and then bed. ...

trips to trinidad, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

trips to trinidad

A travel blog entry by jackalexandroff


... all that uncomen in paraty but for now i was satified watching that little storm (and it was little probebly localised to just paraty, fluds to) i could see it huf and puf itself across the oshian, spiting sparks of lighting and letting out beltching ...

Paraty: Brazil bankrupts British backpackers, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty: Brazil bankrupts British backpackers

A travel blog entry by whichwaynow2011


... feel  and was a few degrees cooler than Rio with a great breeze. Yesterday we did a boat tour to four beach islands (Paraty doesn’t have a beach itself). There was a mediocre guitar player singing the whole way which was nice enough but we were ...

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

A travel blog entry by maddieuk


    Quite a disastrous drive today in to Paraty, what should have been a fairly quick hop to the coast ended up taking us about 14 hours! We expected heavy traffic around Sao Paulo which we had to drive through but the roads were fab and it ...

Paraty - Beautiful little town, Parati, Brazil travel blog

Paraty - Beautiful little town

A travel blog entry by sharor


... than it was last year - the dreaded R word I´d say is having that effect although they are not in a recession here in Brazil.  The breakfast was huge, lovely scrambled eggs, bread, cheese, yoghurt drink, lime drink, fruit and nice cake so it filled ...

hejdå Ilha Grande. hej Paraty!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

hejdå Ilha Grande. hej Paraty!

A travel blog entry by harkanmanva


... ;dla bak på byxan också. Det ligger dock bakom oss nu. Äventyret har fört oss vidare till fastlandet och Paraty. En gammal kolonialstad tre timmar söderut från Ilha Grande. Här bor vi på hostel och delar rum med ...

Pirate Town, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Pirate Town

A travel blog entry by squiresmm

... Though we all enjoyed a brisk walk back to the hotel! The next morning we woke up and went searching the streets of Paraty for breakfast after deciding to try something local instead of what the hotel was offering - we found something eventually! Today we ...

Schooner trip, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Schooner trip

A travel blog entry by riege


... lovely and warm and just the right temperature for swimming in the ocean and last but not least delicious fish for lunch. Paraty has a small and beautiful historic center with cobblestone streets which are not that easy to walk on. Bin gerade zurueck ...

the troble with phoneys, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

the troble with phoneys

A travel blog entry by jackalexandroff


... . well the replacement one from dhl had arived after mutch stirfe as to weather it would be released from customes or not. brazil electrical things like ipods and phones are twice as expensive. the tax is huge, though the goverment subsudise there own ...

Sipping rum in the pirate town Paratay, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Sipping rum in the pirate town Paratay

A travel blog entry by mikeymouse


Paratay is really something. Its an old colonial style village with old cobble stone roads and spanish looking shops. There is an international writers festival on at the moment, so the place is quite busy. The place used to famour for is rum. It seems ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by mattock


... center and everything reflects in the water.. its a shame i missed this, i saw pictures and its amazing !  Im glad i visited Paraty, it was comletely different from anywhere else id been, I stayed for 3 days.... then went back to be with Fran... Rio ...

Brazil with the Brazilians, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Brazil with the Brazilians

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... just show up in Campo Grande and hope for a tour of the Pantanal in a few days. More to come on that adventure later! Paraty is a lovely little colonial city with rocks for roads and white buildings. I walked around the streets and poked my head in the ...

Paraty Fun & Adventures, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paraty Fun & Adventures

A travel blog entry by charlotteandben


... Susan, who just spent a couple of months travelling through Botswana and Namibia on her ace. Seeing as Paraty is pretty much the Cachacas capital of brazil, we had to have a couple of caipirinhas (Brazilian cocktail made with cachacas, lime and sugar). ...

Much needed unwinding in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Much needed unwinding in Paraty

A travel blog entry by atullgupta


Monday 18th May - Wednesday 20th May Paraty provided a soothing effect to my woes - proving to be a good place to chill out and relax for a few days. We checked into a hostel called Misti Chilli, which was a great choice - as people here spoke good ...

Colonial beach, mountainside river town, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Colonial beach, mountainside river town

A travel blog entry by benyclaire


... go forward or back! I think the scream actually frightened the punters more than the trapped nun! 4 hours later we were safely in Paraty, checking into a hostel that had no recollection of our booking, but luckily a spare room. It was a nice B and B; so ...

Mudslide misery, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Mudslide misery

A travel blog entry by gazanova

... course, Steve. So even if I am peregrinating straight, I may still be mentally going round the bend. Arriving in Paraty I was met with a quaint and pretty sight, most buildings are still decorated the colourful colonial Portuguese style, a mode that ...

Paradise in Paraty-more 80p Caipirinhas por favor!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Paradise in Paraty-more 80p Caipirinhas por favor!

A travel blog entry by woodywanderlust


... a wardrobe, actually, just take the whole bloody house and shove it on the back... It'll work, somehow...! But no, here in Brazil, people are less imaginative and just stick to what's manageable. Although, we did see one guy in Rio (fairly old ... name is Nicholas...can you help me out?, Paraty, Brazil travel blog name is Nicholas...can you help me out?

A travel blog entry by jlabbe


... from "3 for 4$" to "3 for 5$" when he didn't think we were listening.  Whatever.  Its was a unique and memorable moment as it was not encountered regularly. We LOVED Paraty.  It was the perfect two day vacation after our ...

There Are So Many Parrots In Paraty!!!, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

There Are So Many Parrots In Paraty!!!

A travel blog entry by julesandjosh


... fireworks as people were celebrating the first big festival of winter. We had heard lots of great things about Che Lagarto in Paraty and we were not disappointed; extremely helpful staff, very spacious, clean and a good party atmosphere. We organised a ...

Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog


A travel blog entry by lynda.30


Tour review under Iguassu ...

Party in Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Party in Paraty

A travel blog entry by samsonite32


... life of the laptop! We left Rio on the Tucan tour about 3 days ago and went straight on to a little fishing village called Paraty, about 5 hours drive down the coast where we set up camp there for the next three nights. The campsite is right on a ...

Historic Paraty, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

Historic Paraty

A travel blog entry by brenards


... had planned to settle in Trindade for at least 3 days and become a beach bum! So yeah after a couple more days literally just hanging in Paraty in the rain, I caught up Lucy, Fin and Jess who we had met in Rio and we decided to to a boat tour the next day ...

1001 beaches, Paraty, Brazil travel blog

1001 beaches

A travel blog entry by benjamine


... quite challenging hikes so it was all worth sleeping on the ground for three nights! We have arrived yesterday in Paraty (in a proper hostel with a real bed!), a very nice old colonial town, with amazing architecture. The windows of houses are ...

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