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Esperance - Ooops, meant Kalgoorlie., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Esperance - Ooops, meant Kalgoorlie.

A travel blog entry by katclassy


Hey everyone, Welcome to Esperance – Ooops, I meant Kalgoorlie and our 2+ weeks South Western Australia adventure… We were excited (went with my friend that I met in Perth)…it was to be two awesome weeks of traveling around the South ...

Left, Right, Right - Closing the Loop ..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Left, Right, Right - Closing the Loop ...

A travel blog entry by kyser


... same roads we travelled to get here a few weeks ago. However repetition is not always bad, and life is certainly never dull in Kalgoorlie. It’s another one of those places where I first declared I didn’t like it, but today I felt like I was ...

Mission Offsider, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Mission Offsider

A travel blog entry by worldwidewidu


... wie moeglich wieder nen Abflug gemacht ... Doch nun hatte ich schon zum 2. Mal 600 Km Anfahrt in kauf genommen um nach Kalgoorlie zu kommen ... denn meine Mission lautet : Mach nen LKW Fuehrerschein, nen Erst Hilfe Kurs und dann finde so schnell wie ...

Two days in a Train, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Two days in a Train

A travel blog entry by delsanders


... microwave burgers and toasted sandwiches. (painfully in my case!) We stopped at about 22:00 in a mining town called Kalgoorlie, famous for the Superpit. Literally consisted of 5 streets. Walked about, dodged cockroaches and found a fountain. Helped ...

die ersten Arbeitstage, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

die ersten Arbeitstage

A travel blog entry by worldwidewidu

Bis ich am Montag morgen mit Ralle ins Buero trat und dort merkte, dass wir doch tatsaechlich erwartet wurden, war ich nicht sicher ob wir wirklich angestellt waren, denn alles was wir von dem Cheffe hatten, war sein Wort ... und darauf kann man sich ...

Goodbye, Sandstone, Goodbye, Blonde!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Goodbye, Sandstone, Goodbye, Blonde!

A travel blog entry by decemberchick

... and still feeling quite like crap. Anyways, Monday night who turns up but the truckie who passes through every so often and lives in Kalgoorlie. I had wanted to go there but I gave up the plan at the hassle/cost of it. Anyways, turns out he was going ...

reunited!!, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by helz_on_tour


... !) got here about 3.30 and miki met us in our car! its pretty cool :) checked into a hostel and weve been for a tour round kalgoorlie and to the superpit which is just amazing, its unreal how big it is, im sure the photos wont do it justice. anyway ...

Trucklicense die erste und die erste Arbeit., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Trucklicense die erste und die erste Arbeit.

A travel blog entry by worldwidewidu


... schleppen ... und klein zu machen bis dann auf einmal die Sindflut kam und innerhalb von 30 Minuten standen die Strassen von Kalgoorlie unter Wasser. Tja von nun an arbeitete ich fuer Don Green und bekomme dafuer die Fahrstunden  und darueber hinaus ...

Kalgoorlie- Ogromna kopalnia zlota, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie- Ogromna kopalnia zlota

A travel blog entry by skleroz75


... trzy stany. Ale przygoda! Przyejechalismy dzisiaj 560km i nawet tego nie poczulismy, tak jestesmy nakreceni. Nocujemy dzisiaj w Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Jest to piekne, stare blizniacze miasteczko o bujnej historii zwiazanej z poszukiwaniem i wydobyciem zlota. ...

will never look at a gold ring the same way again, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

will never look at a gold ring the same way again

A travel blog entry by twooldchooks


... are 1.5 kilometres across and 3.7 kilometres long. The pit produces 800000 ounces (22 tonnes) of gold per year for KCGM (Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines). The operation runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and each tyre for the heavy machinery is ...

Indian Pacific-Day 1, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Indian Pacific-Day 1

A travel blog entry by becklett


... is nice to have a "circle of friends." We've passed through some beautiful scenery so far and the only constant is the Kalgoorlie pipeline, which carries water from Perth to Kalgoorlie. So far, a good portion of the track has been alongside the road, so ...

Seasoned travellers, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Seasoned travellers

A travel blog entry by rooksfamily


... and playing with their parents.  They aren't relying on structured games such as meccano or other board games we've brought. In Kalgoorlie we did the Super Pit Mine Tour.  This is the largest gold mine in Australia and it is huge at 1.5km wide, ...

April 15 - Angela Davis, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

April 15 - Angela Davis

A travel blog entry by ard0414


... us, but they were cheating of course. Today we went to a water pump station (Mundaring Weir) that pumps water all the way to Kalgoorlie. Then the club dropped us off at a beautiful little house in Fremantle so we have can a nice 1 ½ day break. They ...

April 19 - Angela Davis, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

April 19 - Angela Davis

A travel blog entry by ard0414


... at Tommy's host family for a farewell BBQ dinner. On Tuesday, we caught the early morning train that goes from Midland to Kalgoorlie and is a 7 hour train ride. We were able to view the changing landscapes and tried to rest but I think we were on ...

The Goldfields, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

The Goldfields

A travel blog entry by westwoods


... were being farmed, we later learned that herds of Kangaroos often invade farms because of the good grazing. Like Norseman, Kalgoorlie had wide streets, giving them a frontier town feel, every opportunity is taken to direct tourists to points of interest ...

There's gold in them thar hills!, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Australia travel blog

There's gold in them thar hills!

A travel blog entry by markgemmell


... on driving! So, after travelling through Northham, Cundering, Kellerberrin, Burracoppin, Yellowdine and Boorabbin, I made it to Kalgoorlie-Boulder... Established in 1893 after gold was discovered nearby, Kalgoorlie-Boulder (or Kal) is actually a ...

Restoration of Masculinity, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Restoration of Masculinity

A travel blog entry by biggmik

After the event with the spider, i've felt like i've somewhat let down my fellow man with such a show of 'girly running around' (even if it did go without witness). so, this weekend it's been service time on the Falcon, so i got completely bleathered in ...

QantARSE, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by biggmik

My second tour of Kalgoorlie has been pretty cushty so far with no major dramas bar the lack of work in december, but 2 jobs since have rectified that. That is until i decided to change my flights schedule. A month ago i called Qantas to revise my ...

hey-hooooooooo..., Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by biggmik


Hey ho, hey ho, Its off to work i go... After about 24 hours in Kalgoorlie i managed to get get myself work at a silver mine. Nothing particularly exciting and involves me, a shovel, lots of barrels and a pile of cementex (nod like you know what this ...

Kalgoorlie and Conference, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Kalgoorlie and Conference

A travel blog entry by ard0414


... for a tour. (Jim and I had already been there). We then met up at Langtrees. Langtrees is a well-known brothel in Kalgoorlie and it provides tours that give the history of prostitution, the brothels, and an inside look at the rooms. Eugenia went for ...

Gastro capital of the world, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gastro capital of the world

A travel blog entry by biggmik

... , and the 30 decided the center of town would be great for a drink fueled round of fisty-cuffs. Up turns the entire of Kalgoorlie-Boulder's boys in blue, only to find they're actually out numbered 30:7. Not good odds, so a number of bouncers were called ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by bafreux


... quand tu les croise... heureusement j ai pas eu a en depasse un... la route de Perth ca s appelle la route d l or... car Kalgoorlie c est repute pour ces mines surout d or.. meme si ils extraient beaucoup de nickel ces temps.. en plus le long de ...

Looking for gold - or a door handle will do!, Boulder, Australia travel blog

Looking for gold - or a door handle will do!

A travel blog entry by kyser

... , but he has obviously started to enjoy being a kept man. We found out this morning whilst feeding the lambs that half of Kalgoorlie was going to be in Esperance for the next fortnight, as we have accidentally arrived here at the start of the WA school ...

Road Trip WA...1, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Road Trip WA...1

A travel blog entry by biggmik


... also worrying to watch the change in fuel prices as i went inland. $1.12 in harvey per litre (45p) york: $1.16, southern cross $1.25, Kalgoorlie $1.29. can't wait to see what it'll be in Alice Springs! now i'm tired and have to be at work in 10 ...

Kalgoorlie, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog


A travel blog entry by gerry_goosehart

Continued from ; Norseman With a notorious reputation for bandits and prostitutes, Kalgoorlie sprung up in the early 1900's as a gold mining town. In this preserved wild west town there are some 25 historical pubs ( also known as hotels ) that are still ...

Togturen - Dag 1, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Togturen - Dag 1

A travel blog entry by lasse-kaya


... toget for første gang, klokken var rundt 22.30 og det var derfor ikke så mye annet enn barer som var åpent i byen Kalgoorlie. Vi fant oss en restaurant/bar ved navnet Monty's, her spiste vi litt og tok et slag biljard før vi begynte å bevege oss ...

South West Loop: Day 1, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

South West Loop: Day 1

A travel blog entry by travelnshit


... see or feel much. Meh. Cop out. Its a free way to kill a few minutes though and believe me, after a day in Kalgoorlie - Boulder you'll be looking for anything to kill a few minutes.  Langtrees Brothel Tour Langtrees 181 BrothelI think there are ...

What Earthquake ?, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

What Earthquake ?

A travel blog entry by jessen


... of the schools is closed and the laundry in our park has large structural cracks causing it's closure. SUMMERS CARAVAN PARK REPORT: Kalgoorlie Discovery Caravan Park . Rating  6/10 I couldn't believe that kids live in a caravan park. One ...

13 more sleeps, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

13 more sleeps

A travel blog entry by snookymumma


 I definately feel like I'm on the countdown now .... what's left to do apart finish writing the work bible, in case I don't come back ........ pack my bag of ...

Gold Rush!, Kalgoorlie, Australia travel blog

Gold Rush!

A travel blog entry by melsymo


... bar the locals ran ouside and mooned us! Apparently they do this everytime the coach trip goes past. Luckily, the train did leave Kalgoorlie on time and without any of us girls meeting a millionnaire gold miner - not sure I could stay in that town no ...

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