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Colonia... a refreshingly relaxing town., Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Colonia... a refreshingly relaxing town.

A travel blog entry by shanewilson

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I crossed the Rio De La Plata from Buenos Aires to Colonia, to what is my 6th South American Country... Uruguay. I´m in Colonia del Sacramento which is an amazing little spot. The beauty of the town is that it is surrounded by ocean, and feels totally ...

Three Days Away from Buenos Aires, Colonia  Del Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Three Days Away from Buenos Aires

A travel blog entry by arewethere.yet

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... it with a spoon...and the sauce!!!! Everywhere we went, people were sipping on "Mate"; the national drink of Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.  It is a very strong infusion of yerba mate (tea leaves) and water.  It is served in a hollow ...

More yummy steaks!!!!, Monte Video, Uruguay travel blog

More yummy steaks!!!!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... far from the truth! Alot of the city´s buildings are quite run down though and even in the main square, the Mausaleo de Artagus (a big statue) is offset by a crumbling apartment building!!! We then headed down to the seafront and the amazing ´Mercardo ...

Beach, lake and wetlands, San Gregorio de Polanco, Uruguay travel blog

Beach, lake and wetlands

A travel blog entry by glassmerchant


Driving east from Montevideo we head for the white sands of eastern Uruguay. The Brazilian and Argentines come here for their holidays. This is the costas of Uruguay. We stop for lunch on a headland and can see Pinta del Este in the distance we could be ...

Montevideo,Punta Del Este & Colonial, Uruguay, Uruguay travel blog

Montevideo,Punta Del Este & Colonial

A travel blog entry by simbah


... the Argentinien side also which is supposed to be more impressive! So i got the bus across the border from Argentina colon to Uruguay,Montevideo & spent 5dyas here. It is a really clean country & the people are nice. Met a few people that speak really ...

Colonia - Our last Unesco World Heritage Site, Colonia de Sacremento, Uruguay travel blog

Colonia - Our last Unesco World Heritage Site

A travel blog entry by candcthai


... I mention this for the benefit of my father in law who is not! All in all we have really enjoyed our brief time in Uruguay. The people are really friendly, the pace of life  is relaxed (even by South American standards) and the food is ...

Mount Video, Montevideo, Uruguay travel blog

Mount Video

A travel blog entry by robandjoan


Got the bus from Colonial to Montevideo and first impressions of the capital were that it was very dusty and very noisy!  The wind was blowing all the dirt from the street up into our faces and it was difficult to see! The proximity of the buildings ...

Festival n camping on the beach, La Palamo, Uruguay travel blog

Festival n camping on the beach

A travel blog entry by sneekybeeky

1 ...

La Pedrera Beach, La Pedrera, Uruguay travel blog

La Pedrera Beach

A travel blog entry by gab123


I set off to seek my own small beach paradise. A kind friend told me to find La Pedrera while in Uruguay. Awaiting me was my own private beach-there was not a soul. Upon first sight of La Pedrera, it looks like a very small town and you get this idea that ...

Chilling in Colonia, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Chilling in Colonia

A travel blog entry by kat_p


Just a quick entry to say that after 30 plus hours of travel we made it safely to a hostel in Colonia, Uruguay. Getting off the bus we found ourselves in a massive bus station which had hundreds of shops but apparently no ATMs. A slight problem as we ...

Feliz Navidad, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Feliz Navidad

A travel blog entry by valetroy


Totally in love with Uruguay.  It´s another of those places that I had no expectations of (hey, it´s just that tiny country between Brazil and Argentina) and I´ve been totally captivated by.   It´s the Laos of S America.  ...

The Full Montevideo, Mon, Uruguay travel blog

The Full Montevideo

A travel blog entry by valetroy


If only all capital cities were as nice as this.  It´s very like Barcelona without the Gaudi architecture with a bit of the Parisian boulevards thrown in.  In almost every direction there´s a view of the sea at the end of the street.  ...

Montivideo, Uruguay, Montivideo, Uruguay travel blog

Montivideo, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by philfran1033

... they got lost. Our venture into <Montevideo was very enjoyable. The ever present taxis are, apparently, a part of the latin culture. Uruguay is a country of very literate people.. 98 % of the people can read and write. It is next to the smallest ...

Just call me Rubia, Buenos Aires, Uruguay travel blog

Just call me Rubia

A travel blog entry by kdeeny


... to lug it around. After my program ends, my best friend is coming and a group of us are going to travel to Punte del Este in Uruguay, Salta and Mendoza before I head back to the states. Yep, I think that will cover it all. The fact I will be home in ...

we have a techincal complication, Uraguay, Uruguay travel blog

we have a techincal complication

A travel blog entry by monstermunch


... flights, after a short stop in Uruguay we landed in Rio – our final destination on our little trip!! The stop over in Uruguay deserves a mention for the flight..... we were on the run way picking up speed ready to take off and then the plan stopped ...

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