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Sod's law - a textbook case, Paysandú, Uruguay travel blog

Sod's law - a textbook case

A travel blog entry by nigelball

This is a top pick!

... : (1) this was due to be my last day of cycling anywhere, and (2) My original plan was to have already reached Paysandú, Uruguay, from where I could get a bus to Montevideo. However, as you know, last night, for the first time, my usual perfect timing ...

Trick or Treat - Paysandú Style, Paysandú, Uruguay travel blog

Trick or Treat - Paysandú Style

A travel blog entry by thymeoff

This is a top pick!

... number of travel days remaining for us in South America, our planned schedule included a quick stop in Trinidad (Trinidad, Uruguay that is!), before crossing back into Argentina at the Paysandú/Colon border post. Nary a mention of Trinidad appeared in ...

Through the roads in Argentina, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Through the roads in Argentina

A travel blog entry by pamericas


We will post trip information here as soon as it starts. For 2010, we will continue planning the project and look for Sponsors that are willing to invest and support the Project. All indications in that regard is highly appreciated. Please contact us by ...

More wildlife spotting on perfect lake Ibera, Carlos Pelligrini, Uruguay travel blog

More wildlife spotting on perfect lake Ibera

A travel blog entry by nancydeb


After Igazu, we bused back down the mid east to Corrientes, Mercedes and finally Carlos Pelligrini, which is the best spot to visit the wetland area around Lake Ibera. It is a magnificent lake. Its indigenous name means something like brilliant or ...

feliz navidad, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

feliz navidad

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


So after 2 planes and a bus ride i was in paysandu uruguay Ready to celebrate Christmas with the ...

Crossing the border, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Crossing the border

A travel blog entry by countryroads

... . It all turned out fine in the end - the taxi turned up and took us across the border to the bus station in Paysandu, all for only $15US including tolls. We were very lucky that there were 2 cancellations on the next bus to Montevideo so we lost no ...

URUGUAY, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by aleman


... uruguay. I could (should!) have taken the ferry from buenos aires to colonia for about 200$, but... i didnt. Some Basics about Uruguay: Money: 20 pesos UR = 1$ Gasoline:  about 30 pesos a liter, thats 1.50$ . Thats expensive But other than ...

The end, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

The end

A travel blog entry by senorbrian

well hope you enjoyed Thats all folks Now i ponder my next move.... Keep pushing on.... Or try living somewhere... If so both questions need the answer of WHERE bye ...

Visiting  family, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Visiting family

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


... , and mostly boring e'mail, i´m only updating this because i have some time to kill... So heres the scoop i am in paysandu uruguay visiting family however this is how life works down here if your young, You leave to the capital city montevideo... Get ...

new years, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

new years

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


So its a hot hot day in paysandu about 40 degrees, i finnally managed to find a internet cafe with a good connection and a respectable usb port, so i managed to upload all my photos from the past month i hope everyone enjoys. new years eve New years ...

Cumple De 15 (15th b-day party in latin america), Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Cumple De 15 (15th b-day party in latin america)

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


... years, i figure i´ve had my far share of crazy nights. Beyond that I´m in the proccess of figuring out how to go from paysandu to colon (argentina) and then to santa fe as i´ve already been to colon if possible i´d like to head directly to a new ...

Lost in translation, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Lost in translation

A travel blog entry by senorbrian


... drink and drive "BUT NO CRASH" if you crash you could get into some additional trouble. then we went the only place in paysandu that there was a party on whatever night last night was, yeah its all blurry these days... way to much booze... anyways this ...

Zwischenstopp, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by moeller

... -gefragt, ob es denn wohl auch offen ist am nachsten Morgen. Zufalligerweise befand sich das Museum gerade in Restauration, womit mein Besuch in Paysandu ziemlich kurz ausfiel, weil ich dann am nachsten Morgen gleich den ersten Bus nahm nach Fray ...

Pourquoi l'Uruguay?, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Pourquoi l'Uruguay?

A travel blog entry by skrynois


L’Uruguay a hésité à exister en tant que pays. Alors que Napoléon, en envahissant l'Espagne, a sonné le tocsin de l'empire ibérique en Amérique, les deux géants du coin, le Brésil et l'Argentine, reprenaient les disputes pour la possession ...

Paysandu, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by wakusrgh


... qui fument du crack au camping sans vraiment se planquer. Un peu hardcore quand même, je m'attendais pas trop à ça en Uruguay. Bon au moins les mecs savent t'accueillir. Je fais ensuite connaissance avec les autres (les voyageurs). Salut, ...

Paysandu, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by hollytravels

Nice Coastanera and fabulous ...

Un Tramo mas largo, Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

Un Tramo mas largo

A travel blog entry by sgearthy


... llevado adelante por 3 aburridos vecinos nos llevo hasta Colon, en la Prov. de Entre Rios. Desde alli pasamos la frontera y llegamos a Paysandu, una calida ciudad con un lindo encanto provinciano. Muy activa de dia y con una  noche movidita. ...

We reach Uruguay (by Mark), Paysandu, Uruguay travel blog

We reach Uruguay (by Mark)

A travel blog entry by jim.coates


... Villaguay to get out of the heat at a gas station.  We then took route 130 to Colon (opposite Paysandú on the river Uruguay).  We went through chicken and soya bean farms, more lush than previously.  We got to Villa Elisa some 60 km ...

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