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Chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by saralouisekelly


Chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by tjanus


... now without our presence in Montevideo and in the meantime we decided to rent a car and drive along the south coast of Uruguay. We woke up with a huge hangover yesterday but it doesn't really compare to today's – the cheap foul wine tonight beat ...

A Night (Not) To Remember, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

A Night (Not) To Remember

A travel blog entry by jl_bigtrip


... there is – not even the immigration offices are in town, being 3 kms on each side respectively ( i.e. stamp out of Uruguay 3kms before Chuy ; stamp into Brasil 3 km after Chui ). Hereby lies the beginning of the complications. From Punta Del Diablo, ...

Adventures with the Brazilian Consulate, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Adventures with the Brazilian Consulate

A travel blog entry by sarahpearl


Uruguay summed up, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Uruguay summed up

A travel blog entry by kateharland


... a summary of Argentina but after only three days there, it didn't seem fair to make a judgement. So after a week in Uruguay- here's what we think: The people are fantastic, very friendly and never one to let you wander around lost, thirsty or ...

Stamps Stores and Streets, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Stamps Stores and Streets

A travel blog entry by nikstravel2010


... to the ladies and my legs got mosquito raped by about 50 bites in abourt 5 seconds but whose complaining then baaacccckkk to uruguay for some bbq lunch and then ovvver to brazil for some gelato... we had 8 hours to kill in this weird town. then ...

Bordertown Club, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Bordertown Club

A travel blog entry by upriver


... of the club and getting the bus outta there with some new duty free shoes was delayed an hour as we were on Uruguay time instead of Brazilian. Five very drunk male Aussie backpackers also got on the bus after creating a scene with swearing and argueing ...

Brazilian Border, Chuy or Chui?, Uruguay travel blog

Brazilian Border

A travel blog entry by peacefrog


... Note that this was my second incursion in Brazil, which I have entered at its two most faraway points (I think): Oyapoque across St Georges in French Guyana, and now Chui across Chuy in Uruguay. Maybe I should try to reach the border in Bolivia ...

Chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by stubo

... heading back to Argentina - eventually to cross the boarder in Iguazu falls to Brzil hoping it will be cheaper for Sarah. While in Chuy we saw a load of Contraband CDs and Cigaretts which the Brazilians come over to buy on the cheap, I ate a really ...

Another border, Chuy, Brazil travel blog

Another border

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


... in the passport and we were out of the country. We drove on the 3 kms and arrived at the town of Chuy, in Brazil, or Chui, in Uruguay. We actually drove a couple of kilometers past the town until we came to the Uruguay Customs and Immigration. Once more ...

Saving turtles...or eating carbs!, La Coronilla, Uruguay travel blog

Saving turtles...or eating carbs!

A travel blog entry by katherinelevy


... cancels all activities, turtles melt in rain... It's a known fact. I'm later told that they have massive electical storms in uruguay and its dangerous to volunteers. But we do get to do rehab...interbate the turtle and then chuck yummy fish smoothie down ...

Idź Pan w Chui czyli jedziemy do Brazylii, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Idź Pan w Chui czyli jedziemy do Brazylii

A travel blog entry by darienzoitberg


Miałem chytry plan zwiedzić Urugwaj. Niestety wszelki pech mnie dosięgnął i trafiłem w okres burz, deszczu i okropnej atmosfery. Trudno. Jak to mówią w takich sytuacjach - idź Pan w Chuj - no to ...

Chuy is like Tijuana with no ATMs, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Chuy is like Tijuana with no ATMs

A travel blog entry by intrepidfred

... the El Diablo Tranquilo hostel had given us a map and directions that were almost comically complex. We arrived in Chuy and managed to check out of Uruguay with no problems. But when we got to the bus station and tried to buy tickets, it turned ...

between the countries - Uruguay and Brazil, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

between the countries - Uruguay and Brazil

A travel blog entry by pinkymary


... Porto Alegre in Brazil. After 40 minutes bus ride the bus dropped us off at the migration office just 2 miles out of the boarder town Chuy. We had to get out exit stamp and then wait 3 hours to catch our bus to Porto Alegre. We went into the building and ...

the accidental invasion of brasil, barra del chuy, Uruguay travel blog

the accidental invasion of brasil

A travel blog entry by 2monkeys

... we did try to go other places but they had pretty much gone the way of la paloma or required a car) we also visited chuy a border town with good shopping potential, but didn´t find much of interest except some havaiana flip-flops, which were so very ...

Blowing through beach towns, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Blowing through beach towns

A travel blog entry by chuckonearth

... the whole thing back and forth, pretty fun.  We ended up staying at this swank place last night outside of the town Chuy (yup just like from starwars).  It was this building built back in 1941 as a hotel and restaurant.  It was ...

Cruising along, Gervasio, Uruguay travel blog

Cruising along

A travel blog entry by yachttaboo


Position 33° 58'.9S by 053°11'.9W All good on boat. After setting out in 30kts of wind, since 1900 last night we have had to motor as no wind. See has calmed right down from very rough to nothing now. Fishing line out and 1 catch so far! Best from ...

La gran sorpresa, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

La gran sorpresa

A travel blog entry by thom_rm


La gran sorpresa fue saber finalmente saliamos de paseo para conocer las playas del este de Uruguay que luego de numerosos veranos en la zona, siempre me quedo pendiente! Tomamos la ruta 9 en donde pasando la ciudad de Rocha tomamos un desvio por la ...

Chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by fnasse

Border between Brazil and Uruguay. Nothing special happened here. Story:  ...

Ausflug an die Grenze zu Brasilien, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Ausflug an die Grenze zu Brasilien

A travel blog entry by hifi


... um vor allem dem wieder eingesetzten Regen zu entgehen lässt die Zeit verstreichen. Auf der Fahrt zurück zum Zoll nach Uruguay (obwohl wir eigentlich nie richtig draussen waren) zücken wir ganz einfach unsere ID's und wir werden durch gewunken. Zum ...

Between Countries, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Between Countries

A travel blog entry by aly5ia



Day 21, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Day 21

A travel blog entry by samanthahogan


... up and got tickets. Interesting fact about Chuy is it's no mans land it's technically not Brazilian or Uruguayan. On the Uruguay side they call it Chuy and on the Brazil side they call it Chui. The main avenue divides the two countries. This made finding ...

The Border Town, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

The Border Town

A travel blog entry by aly5ia

We arrived mid afternoon to a small town with stores galore. Chuy is a boarder town with a street that separates Chuy Uruguay and chui brazil - no passport required to walk to and fro. We found our cute little hostel and after dropping off our luggage ...

Getting to Uruguay, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Getting to Uruguay

A travel blog entry by kirstenty


... in a town called Chuy, only to find out that the main road in town was the border between Chui and Chuy and crossing the street was entering into uruguay. You try to figure that out with very broken portuguese "where is Chuy?" "your in Chui" ...

Crossing into Uruguay, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Crossing into Uruguay

A travel blog entry by zoeandluke


... town Chuy. The border is literally the main street so by crossing from one pavement to the other you switch from Brazil to Uruguay and you also have to change the clock by 1hr. It’s probably the most crazy border line we have had. We ...

Karumbe, La Coronilla, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by winsherlocks


It was a five hour bus ride up the coast from Montevideo to La Coronilla - it's actually only 30k on to the Brazilian border. We got off the bus in what is pretty much a one street town and followed our noses towards the beach where we found the Karumbe ...

Bus from Punta diablo to chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Bus from Punta diablo to chuy

A travel blog entry by aparki1973


... as each passport office was several kms out of town!! Whole thing took an hour or so but at least I'd now technically left Uruguay and entered Brazil! The towns Main Street marks the border so by crossing the road you cross the border! Chuy is not much ...

hi im in chuy, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

hi im in chuy

A travel blog entry by fricke


Hi im in chuy. Half Chuy is in Uruguay,half is in Brazil. Nothing much else notable to say here about this place. We had to wait here 15 hours for a bus to Brazil. Boring. It was a holiday so everything closed at 8pm and our bus was at 230 am. We made ...

Accidentally in Brazil!, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Accidentally in Brazil!

A travel blog entry by rozmcloughlin


... didn't know this oops and just thought they were creeps, however your pretty much paying for them not to break into your car. In Uruguay all the poor people have horse in cart instead of a car so you see heaps on them clopping along the roads, pretty ...

Une avenue pour frontière, Chuy, Uruguay travel blog

Une avenue pour frontière

A travel blog entry by sn4tch


... avec une grande avenue pour représenter la frontière. Hop, d'un côté Chui au Brésil et hop de l'autre Chuy en Uruguay ; avec tous les changements que cela implique : autre monnaie, autre langue ! Le truc emmerdant par contre c'est de devoir sortir ...

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