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Riots, Thieves and the Beef., Buneos Aires, Argentina travel blog

Riots, Thieves and the Beef.

A travel blog entry by jag

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I flew into Buenos Aires not really knowing what to expect from South America. I had been told to expect food poisoning and that I'd probably get robbed at some point. I had booked a hostel before I flew out from London but unfortunately there was a ...

Uruguay, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by kevandsian

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Hi Guys, You can read our update from Colonia in our entry from Buenos Aires, Argentina entitled 'Tango in the Night!'. Cheers, K & ...

Full Circle Back to B.A., Buneos Aires, Argentina travel blog

Full Circle Back to B.A.

A travel blog entry by jag

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Had to catch a bus back to Bariloche from El Bolson where I had been livin large at the music festival. Eventually caught the connecting bus and was shooting across back overnight towards B.A. where it had all begun six months ago. Now I don't usually ...

Time for some fun in the sun!, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Time for some fun in the sun!

A travel blog entry by suze.lance


... year and a half and only once on this side of the road. I was a little scared myself. Driving along the dirt roads of Uruguay I was starting to feel pretty comfortable and Marty looked much less tense. We were talking away and before I knew it I had come ...

Couchsurfing near Carmelo, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Couchsurfing near Carmelo

A travel blog entry by dianeontheroad


... really enjoys meeting new people - so I was lucky to have the perfect host and a beautiful setting for my first time! He met me at Carmelo and we drove from there for about half and hour to his farm. Wow, what a place! So peaceful and scenic... David has ...

Buenos Aires, Buenas Aires, Argentina travel blog

Buenos Aires

A travel blog entry by lennyandcat


Wow. Buenas Aires. It is said to be the Paris of South America and it certainly has similarities. It is Paris with a Tango Twist to it. We have spent a lot of time walking around and have stumbled across lots of tango on the streets and peeked in through ...

Colonia, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by fishyfive5

Okay...if you plan to come to Uruguay make a little port town called Colonia more than just a notch on your city checklist.  Fortunately mine was a notch that I got to "check off", but it doesn't totally count.  I managed to make the very most ...

decouverte de lurugay, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

decouverte de lurugay

A travel blog entry by pepsouille


... dailleurs elles st magnifiques, immenses, ac une vegetation luxuriante, avec un ponton,,, et une tranquillite hors pair!!! jarrive  a carmelo et je me retrouve encore seule ds un hotel un peu tritounet heureusent le moins cher de tt ce que ...

Carmelo landing, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Carmelo landing

A travel blog entry by bron_and_eli

Carmelo ...

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay travel blog

Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay

A travel blog entry by wouterf


Just back from Uruguay..., Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Just back from Uruguay...

A travel blog entry by thedays


Friends...Nate and I just got back yesterday to Buenos Aires after a great weekend in Colonia, Uruguay. Its a little town that in some ways resembles St. Augustine, FL, but WAY WAY WAY less was originally settled by the Portugese, and then ...

Back in time at least 100 years, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Back in time at least 100 years

A travel blog entry by denisita


... de la Plata, avenues of palms escorting the road into the city, stately old buildings, clean open plazas. Old town of Carmelo, a history of smuggling, cobblestone streets, quiet. Nueva Palmira, huge port for hauling all that grain out through the river ...

Nueva Palmira, Nueva Palmira, Uruguay travel blog

Nueva Palmira

A travel blog entry by mikeandmary


Moving on again and our first stop was at the Park Anchorena, presently used as the countries Presidential Retreat. It was left to the country by an Argentinian Diplomat who built and lived at the farm for many years. It was only possible to go on a ...

Long lost cousins, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Long lost cousins

A travel blog entry by everardt


Hi everybody, I've finally got around to doing my entry on my relatives in the town of Carmelo, Uruguay. Starting from the beginning - I've known that we have relatives in Uruguay since I was a kid. When I know I'm going I'm going to South America I ...

Hair of the Dog, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Hair of the Dog

A travel blog entry by millarmotortour


... -foam party atmosphere is amazing! I arrived by Buquebus Ferry $35 US in the 17th century - Portuguese contraband city of Colonia, Uruguay. Strategic port and fortress on the Rio de la Platat is a UNESCO World Culture Heritage Site. The locals party ...

Unique Uruguay, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Unique Uruguay

A travel blog entry by shaunandkaren


... ;in the unique country of Uruguay, was the colonial town of Colonia. We headed there via a bus, and unlike Australia, Uruguay's buses have wi fi! A beautiful, colonial town with bright coloured buildings and cobbled stone streets, Colonia is breathtaking. ...

Dusty Streets and Muddy Deltas, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Dusty Streets and Muddy Deltas

A travel blog entry by dockerills


... walk around town later, we found alot more signs of life, a cafe and the bus company to get us out in the morning. Carmelo is a nice quaint town.  Everyone goes to the muddy "beach" during the day and rides around on their motor scooters like ...

Passing Through, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Passing Through

A travel blog entry by hollytravels

looked at the hotels and didn't love ...

BA lots of news, Beunos Aires, Argentina travel blog

BA lots of news

A travel blog entry by tangoroger

Right have got a bit behind. Forgot to mention that when we were horse riding we (the whole group) were filmed by a Dutch film crew, who were making a doco on some Dutch girl going to Arg. and wanting to marry a gaucho(thinks that spelling is right). ...

Old town Uruguay, Colonia, Uruguay travel blog

Old town Uruguay

A travel blog entry by pmsmith2005


A nice short day to Colonia, a pretty town on the coast west of the capital. On the way we stop at this bizarre car museum, which is really a local private collection opened to the public. Our campsite is a stones throw from the beach and after ...

Hello, Carmelo!, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Hello, Carmelo!

A travel blog entry by ekmetz


... ; it may actually be my favorite part of our trip, so far. It felt like we were in Provence or Tuscany - not Uruguay. The vineyard was founded in 1909 and the structures on the property reflect their age and the history of the place. The buildings were ...

R&R Carmelo Style, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

R&R Carmelo Style

A travel blog entry by ekmetz


... ;quote lines from White Men Can't Jump about words that start with Q. :). We took the rest of our Uruguayan pinot noir and our coffees outside by the fire and checked out the stars. Muy hermosa. Another great day in Uruguay with my wonderful husband. ...

Apr 02, 2011, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Apr 02, 2011

A travel blog entry by nadsadventure


Gym Tan Laundry, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog

Gym Tan Laundry

A travel blog entry by ekmetz

Last day in Uruguay. It was nice to sleep in today. We had planned to go kayaking, but cancelled in favor of sleep and shade, both of which are needed. We ate breakfast and headed to the pool. We are both pretty burnt from yesterday- the sun here is HOT - ...

Carmelo, Carmelo, Uruguay travel blog


A travel blog entry by ccchrissie


... blah! Got the 9.45, thankful the rain stopped for the 10 min walk to the bus station, to Montevideo and changed for Carmelo. My plans for the loading up on dollars were thwarted by a defective ATM, but thankfully the main square in Carmelo ...

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