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On the road, Wethersfield, United States travel blog

On the road

A travel blog entry by wheresmisty


... and soda making machine on board?), so if you had to choose, you'd go for the battleship. Anyway, am now in our room Motel 6 at Wethersfield, catching up with you guys, the Red Sox are on TV, trying to win so that they get to the World Series...its been ...

"Dahlias' Delight" by William Schmidt

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

Up early and walked to Old Wethersfield and back (about 4 miles), taking lots of photos of everything from the full moon, old houses (built in the early 1700s), scarecrows, and autumn leaves.  Stopped at the little bagel shop for coffee and was given ...

"The Oak" by Alfred Lord Tennyson

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

Full day!  Long walk to the cove in Old Wethersfield and back.  Took Jack to his art class at the senior center, then drove to the Hartford State Capitol where we were given a private tour with our guide, Alice Hinchcliffe, who was very ...

"Fern-Leafed Beech" by Moyra Caldecott

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

Woke to a cloudy, rainy day and went for a seven mile walk.  For lunch we ate soup, then Jan and I went downtown to the Mark Twain House Tour.  We missed the parking lot and ended up parking on the street, which was fine, although a bit ...

"Maple" by Robert Frost, 1932

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

... and rain, but decided to walk anyway, albeit a bit later than usual, and was quite glad I did.  The maple trees of Old Wethersfield littered the streets with color.  I had a nice talk with Jan before the three of us left for a ...

Rhode Island State House, Wethersfield, United States travel blog

Rhode Island State House

A travel blog entry by wheresgordon


I checked out of my hotel and then went to a Toyota dealer to see if I could get my car serviced.  Fortunately, they could take me.  I then headed for the Rhode Island Capitol or, as they prefer to call it, the State House. I had met someone ...

"The Copper Beech" by Marie Howe

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

Another beautiful weather day.  Woke at 5:00 and was out the door for my walk by 6:00, even though it was still dark.  After my return, we departed for Mystic Seaport, but first stopped for gas on our way out of town.  I walked across ...

"The Poplar Field" by William Cowper

A travel blog entry by lisajagmin

After a restless night at the airport I waited with the crowds for the 6:45 a.m. flight out to Dallas, but again had no prayer of getting on.  An agent told me I probably would not get out all week, as Boston is almost always short on planes.  ...

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