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Roast Turkey, Saray, Turkey travel blog

Roast Turkey

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... gave a honk and a wave.  Kıds very excıted to say HELLO.  The weather ıs amazıng, so hot (Roast Turkey, get ıt now? Good huh?)  Clımbıng some of the hılls today wıth the sun beamıng down was ...

A trip to the hairdresser by Steve, Kıyıköy, Turkey travel blog

A trip to the hairdresser by Steve

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


... we were both greeted with much joy and tea. Some sign language later, we established what I wanted doing and we begun with Turkey's answer to Nicky Clarke giving me the most thorough and detailed hair-cut I have ever known. Then it was cut-throat blade ...

Kirklareli, Turkey, Kirklareli, Turkey travel blog

Kirklareli, Turkey

A travel blog entry by dutchiesdiary


... ..(shame I didnt have my raincoat packed). We cycled for around 7km up a step hıll to reach the border between Bulgaria and Turkey...another bordercrossıng. This was the fırst bordercrossing which was on the top of a hill, all previous ones had a river ...

Jul 01, 2009, Kiyiköy, Turkey travel blog

Jul 01, 2009

A travel blog entry by kyc


The Only Gringos in Town, Kıyıköy, Turkey travel blog

The Only Gringos in Town

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


We left Istanbul on the Sunday to travel to the Black Sea coast and the town of Kiyikoy. Our primary source of knowledge of Turkey, Ilker, had never even heard of the place, but off we went to Istanbul bus station, a place of such utter bedlam that it ...

Gobble gobble (Turkey), Saray, Turkey travel blog

Gobble gobble (Turkey)

A travel blog entry by springy100


... ! Nipping over the border I passed through acres of empty forest, with the occasional wild tortoise wandering by. Bliss. The locals in Turkey instantly seem to take to a cyclist. Free coffees and teas at every stop. The landscape is hills galore - legs ...

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs..., Saray, Turkey travel blog

Signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

A travel blog entry by lorievans


We are almost there!! After a few days of tough climbs (nothing's flat in Turkey), we are within 50 kilometers to the end of our journey. The people here have been unbelievably friendly, helpful and generous, giving us apricots, protecting us from dogs, ...

Killing time (softly), Vize, Turkey travel blog

Killing time (softly)

A travel blog entry by ashventures


... Pınarhisar. The road was not brand new, but was stıll pretty good. I was surprised at how militarised this part of Turkey is, with large army bases every 5-10 kilometres along the highway. Vlad is a real history buff and has been telling me all ...

125km on a packet of biscuits, Saray, Turkey travel blog

125km on a packet of biscuits

A travel blog entry by dynamo


... up steep switchbacks to the border. The border crossing was snowy and involved the usual delays, including having to buy a visa for Turkey which I hadn't prepared for - for some reason you have to pay in GBP or EURO not Turkish Liras. Luckily I had ...

Turkish Delight, Kiyiköy, Turkey travel blog

Turkish Delight

A travel blog entry by noodlerhead


We crossed the Turkish border on Monday, and so far I love Turkey. It took us about two hours to cross the border; our longest crossing yet, as we all had to get our visas and our passports stamped. We drove through the breathtaking forested hills up to ...

good bye bulgaria, hello turkey, Vize, Turkey travel blog

good bye bulgaria, hello turkey

A travel blog entry by bikes_beans4all


Tracie en een ontvoering, Vize, Turkey travel blog

Tracie en een ontvoering

A travel blog entry by ludtjes


Istanbul uitfietsen is een uitdaging. We lieten ons helpen door een veerboot die ons van de Aziatische kant redelijk ver naar het noorden van de Europesse kant van de Bosporus bracht.  Door vissersdorpjes die aan Istanbul zaten vastgekoekt and ...

Traumatic Time in Turkey, Safaalan, Turkey travel blog

Traumatic Time in Turkey

A travel blog entry by marmite_boy


... like he knew what was going on and even spoke a bit of English. There are few things that I noticed straight away about Turkey, firstly as mentioned it has become rather expensive in the last few years, partly because of the introduction of the Euro in ...

Van and done! Heading for Iran, Saray, Turkey travel blog

Van and done! Heading for Iran

A travel blog entry by rloc


... now prepared for Iran. She bought a veil and I took a picture when she was trying it. She said I will be buried in Turkey if I published the pictures in this blog… After lot of hugs and goodbyes we drove towards the Iran border crossing. We wanted ...

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