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All Tombed Out, Kas, Turkey travel blog

All Tombed Out

A travel blog entry by 2totango

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... where waves beat the rocks into sand to create secluded little beaches.  It would be wonderful to camp there sometime! Arrived in Kas.  By far one of the most picturesque villages we've seen so far.  They must have a great influx of ...

Life on a Caique, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Life on a Caique

A travel blog entry by tracystravels

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Made our way down to the city of Kas in the morning of the 2nd of August.  We had packed daybags because space on the boat was limited and our large bags were stored downstairs.  The boat had a main covered area with tables and benches, and ...

Our day in Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Our day in Kas

A travel blog entry by guykb

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Today was a rest and recuperate day. It's best described in ...

A Sunken City And Oh So More.., Kas, Turkey travel blog

A Sunken City And Oh So More..

A travel blog entry by natandkat

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... we finally forced ourselves to move on. The only problem was where? Well, as you can probably guess from the title we chose Kas in Southern Turkey. We had planned to spend a few days in Kas but on arrival we made the snap decision to only spend 1 day as ...

Chapter 46: The Sunken City, and Chimaera Flames, Fethiye/Kas/Olympos, Turkey travel blog

Chapter 46: The Sunken City, and Chimaera Flames

A travel blog entry by easyread

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... Wardrobe"). There were a surprising number of Turkish tourists at Olympos, which may explain why it was the first place I'd visited in Turkey that actually seemed packed. Aslan and I had a few beers, and he re-taught me how to play backgammon before we ...

Cruising the Turkish Mediterranean, Around Kas, Turkey travel blog

Cruising the Turkish Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... autumn apparently. Oh well. Whatever the difficulties of getting to the actual attractions, the Mediterranean coastline along southern Turkey is spectacular and quite bizarre. Rocky and swept of tall vegetation by the prevailing winds and a ...

The Turqoise coast, Kas and Olympos, Turkey travel blog

The Turqoise coast

A travel blog entry by mightylongway

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... petrol is ridiculously high at 2.8 million lira a litre ($2.70!!!)and that women don't drive in Turkey, making Kate a bit of a spectacle on the country roads. Kas was a nice place to base ourselves with good food and Lycian rock tombs carved into the ...

A hair-raising journey, Kas, Turkey travel blog

A hair-raising journey

A travel blog entry by guykb

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... the map, we only had about 200km to travel so it looked like it wouldn't take too long. We were to learn that in Turkey, distance is not always a good indicator of time. Given that it eventually took us 5 hours to travel this distance, that's an average ...

Turkey Beautiful Coast, Olympos, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Turkey Beautiful Coast

A travel blog entry by barrettbingley

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... a "ghost town" = Kayakoy = which has been abandoned ever since the 1923 population exchange when the Greeks were forced to leave Turkey. The newly-transferred Turks refused to live in the houses but stole all their roofs and windows to build their own ...

Kosh for the weekend, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kosh for the weekend

A travel blog entry by gtrob

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... It was just more canyon. Then we turned around and went back. Good fun. Lunch (one of the worst meals I have had in Turkey) was spent mostly discussing how much we would have to be payed to do something like that again. The consensus was around ...

The Lycian Way to Phellos, and, Sigh, Back, Kas, Turkey travel blog

The Lycian Way to Phellos, and, Sigh, Back

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... to do algebra). Anyway, across the plain, the middle section of the hike, I came upon a turtle, as one often does in Turkey. This one obviously had taken some shocks. One wonders how these blows were rendered, as the Turks, I have read are respectible of ...

Kas-tastic!, Kas, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by smyth


We are loving Kaş...a bit more our speed than Bodrum and Kalkan.  We have a great place to stay and we are exploring the local beaches.  This is where we have to point out that these are not beaches like we know and love.  What they ...

confession time, Kas, Turkey travel blog

confession time

A travel blog entry by skye

... , I drink a lot of water. Which I am well aware is good for me. And while on the beverage topic, would you believe that both Greece and Turkey are crazy for Nescafe?? They even advertise it on their signs and menus. So glad I'm not a coffee ...

Kas Kas Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kas Kas Kas

A travel blog entry by hugoanddenis


... tried being a travel agent but found it too crooked so now he will try his hand at managing the newest location of one of Turkey's largest food stores. He hopes he will like living in Kas.   We also meet a young woman from Las Vegas who let us know ...

Bayram Break on the Mediterranean, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Bayram Break on the Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by cotafamily4


... many who loved to party till the wee hours of the morning... not what we had in mind...  We left on route to Kas, Turkey's outdoor recreation area... The journey was stunning as we drove the coastal road... yet beauty can blemish after hours of twists ...

On the way to Kas, Kas, Turkey travel blog

On the way to Kas

A travel blog entry by dhensby


... very popular village, on the Mediterranean. Before we leave Antalya we visit their museum, one of the top in Turkey. It has a fantastic collection of archaeological artifacts, ranging from prehistoric to the Ottomans. Arranged well and certainly worth ...

Row row row your boat, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Row row row your boat

A travel blog entry by markturner


... old tombs we moved on to the sunken city. An ancient city that as you can guess, had sunk. We continued on and arrived at Kas, a local port. We had a look around and sat and ate ice cream while drinking wine with KB (Kendall) and Luke, our new best ...

SCUBA Diving, Kas, Turkey travel blog

SCUBA Diving

A travel blog entry by meganfisher


... I wanted to go to Kas was for the Scuba diving. I did a bit of research and talked to people, and apparently Kas has some of the best diving in Turkey. It is also not a town full of young British people partying which is a plus. I arrived in the town and ...

Leisurely day on the water, Ucagiz, Turkey, Turkey travel blog

Leisurely day on the water

A travel blog entry by dhensby


... cool off and catch their collective breaths. After all of that we returned to the boat for our journey back to the hotel. Back in Kas, I decided to skip the community meal to try to get my health back to working order at least as good as it gets.  I ...

Pantless in Pamukkale, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Pantless in Pamukkale

A travel blog entry by millervilles


... steep grades, roads under construction, and Chris G.'s super small 15 dollar ipod speaker playing super quiet American tunes.  Driving in Turkey is as insane as you think it is, but, surprisingly, I haven't had road rage episodes like I do in ...

Food Glorious Food!, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Food Glorious Food!

A travel blog entry by hugoanddenis


... pricey and comes FRIED and that's that.  The hardest part of traveling is BREAKFAST.  With out exception, breakfast all over Turkey has been the same. Everywhere.  Every morning.  Its charming at first  but sometime I just want oatmeal, or ...

Sea Kayakıng and Paraglıdıng ı, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Sea Kayakıng and Paraglıdıng ı

A travel blog entry by ebowley


... them are Brıts who faıthfully return to Kas every year or Russıans who seem to be everywhere ın Turkey) for the deep sea dıvıng, Canyonıng, Kayakıng and boat cruıses that are plentıful ...

You guys, Kas!, Kas, Turkey travel blog

You guys, Kas!

A travel blog entry by kirstenelise


... found a cafe on the water that had wifi so I could text Peri. She and her friends were hanging out at a place called Kas Camping, a mellow campground that has a little restaurant/bar to lounge in all the livelong day. The property was littered with tents, ...

Capping off Antalya, Antalya-Kas, Turkey travel blog

Capping off Antalya

A travel blog entry by petkatravels


Our visit to Termessos has been very memorable! We went into the Taurus Mountains that lie behind Antalya. The man who drove us had English that  was pretty good and we enjoyed talking with him about many different things. Once off the main ...

Lycian ruins at Myra and Kas, Turkey, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Lycian ruins at Myra and Kas, Turkey

A travel blog entry by hippler


... :// My full photo albums are at Saturday January 10, 2015 Kas, Turkey A short vid of Kas and Myra is at The drive along the ...

More Than Just a Bicycle Tour, Kas, Turkey travel blog

More Than Just a Bicycle Tour

A travel blog entry by sethandholly


... for a place to stay, as well as the exchange of ideas and learning of one another's respective cultures. Before arriving in Turkey we looked through the Servas host list. We noticed one member listed cycling as one of his many outdoor sports interests, ...

Kayaking to Kekova, Kas, Turkey travel blog

Kayaking to Kekova

A travel blog entry by millervilles


... with us, Ruta from Lithuania under the statue.  We all had Efes and discussed traveling, culture, sports and all things Turkey.  Eventually, everyone had gone to bed but Hasan, Chris G. and me.   Chris and I thought it was hilarious ...

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny..., Kas, Turkey travel blog

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny...

A travel blog entry by gr8escape


... .  The picture on the front of our Rough Guide has been a target for a long time.  Today, we drove from Kas to Kaputas along the Turquoise Coast, then hiked down the long staircase to the perfect mediterranean beach.  The water was crystal ...

mmmmm turkey, Kas, Turkey travel blog

mmmmm turkey

A travel blog entry by mkosmack


... a nutshell! As you can imagine thats only the tip of the iceberg but time and space leaves me constrained...internet is not easily accessible here in turkey and being on a boat doesnt help... anyhow! much more to come as soon as possible! gule gule ...

Kas, Kaş, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by chrisandhana


... the way. Kapatas was a lovely little beach at the bottom of a cliff. It's on the cover of the latest lonely planet for Turkey - with good reason. Like most of the Turkish beaches it was a stoney beach (and stones get hot in the Turkish sun!) and really ...

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