Travel Blogs from Kale, Turkey

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La neige turque!, Aşkale, Turkey travel blog

La neige turque!

A travel blog entry by sebjossi


Un reveil un petit peu premature... Pas remarque que l hotel etait a cote de la mosquee... L'appel de 5h m'a un peu surpris... Sinon tjs un plaisir monstre sur ces routes de montagne. Un tres jolie col a 2300m aujourd'hui. Et la neige turque qui je vous ...

In search of death. I didn't find it., Başkale, Turkey travel blog

In search of death. I didn't find it.

A travel blog entry by samuelfensterhe


... I had lodged in it to keep the gear on the right chainring and off I went. The road was noticeably quieter here than the rest of Turkey and in the back of my mind I still had a picture of being ambushed. Fortunately, this stayed a picture in my mind and ...

Let's see Santa., Kale, Turkey travel blog

Let's see Santa.

A travel blog entry by triskele


... to Olympos to see the ancient city. There was not much left of it but it was along a very nice beach. From here, we went Kale where we went to see the church of St. Nicholas. The excavations are still going on but it was in beautiful condition. I got ...

Patnos: Why Patnos?, Patnos, Turkey travel blog

Patnos: Why Patnos?

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... By miserable I don't mean to put it down, just to describe its appearance. This is a very poor, hardscrabble area of Turkey. The people still maintain a friendliness, all the same. I stuck it here because it was mid-afternoon when I got here, ...

Blue Cruise 2., Kale, Turkey travel blog

Blue Cruise 2.

A travel blog entry by nickyates


It was so good the first time I had to do it again, although on this occasion I didn't have a horrendous hang-over to deal with on the first day.  So with the sun blazing we boarded the boat for a few more days relaxing ...

Friday the 13th, Kale (Demre), Turkey travel blog

Friday the 13th

A travel blog entry by danielfernandez


Its friday the 13th and mosquitos are savoring my blood. Wakened by the sounds of their flight by my ear, i cover my head with my sleeping bag liner. Asleep again I woke up drowning in my own sweat. The sun beating directly on me, I'm on fire. Up ...

Man-made caves from Hellenistic period!, Taşkale, Turkey travel blog

Man-made caves from Hellenistic period!

A travel blog entry by adnan.altunisik


Dear Kerem and Emre,  This was an exciting trip where I met very precious kids, just like yourselves.  Ok...I passed the Manazan caves on the road and kept up to Taskale. This used to be a 5000 population small town, now with so many youngs ...

Ancient Myra, Home of St. Nicholas, Kale (Demre), Turkey travel blog

Ancient Myra, Home of St. Nicholas

A travel blog entry by ruserj

Ancient Myra was a Lycian town.  Later, St. Nicholas was the Bishop ...

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