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Rubbing Shoulders With the Rich and Famous, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Rubbing Shoulders With the Rich and Famous

A travel blog entry by kimandmartin

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... by the government. Lazer eye surgery costs about half what it does in Canada. It was definitely warmer in Gocek than anywhere else we'd been in Turkey. Although cool at night, there were a number of tourists on the beach during the day. Temperatures ...

Travertines of the gods, Pummakale, Turkey travel blog

Travertines of the gods

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... have been an incredible spectacle back in Roman times. So if you are heading this far out of the way on your travels through Turkey it is worth a stop. Oh yes, bring enough money with you to cover your first night in town and the entrance fee. ...

BLUE VOYAGE CRUISES TOUR, Gocek - Mugla, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by bluevoyage


Blue Voyage is a yachting tour, Cruising along Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. We offer this tour, using traditional Turkish "Gulet" which are picturesque and comfortable. Full board is offered and tours can last from 3-5-7 days to 2 weeks or ...

Last days on the gulet, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Last days on the gulet

A travel blog entry by zolab


... one day! Luckily, the water is not cold! Tonight we had our last meal on the boat - we bought a special chocolate cake in Gocek and Nevraz put sparklers on it to celebrate! Then we had a last challenge game with Luqmin. It has been a great seven ...

Sailing on a gület, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

Sailing on a gület

A travel blog entry by evamaria85


... it was a five hour drive in yet another tiny bus, where my short legs hardly fit between the seats. Going on busses here in Turkey is quite different from home, as there is a purser on each bus, serving coffee, tea and water at regular intervals. We ...

ISLA YACHTING BLUE VOYAGE TOUR, Gocek - Mugla, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by bluevoyage


... coast of Turkey and Greece respectively. It is a perfect holiday, in which you can discover the southwestern coastline of Turkey with many secluded bays, peninsulas, sandy beaches and historical attractions. You can also enjoy the sun and the crystal ...

Turkey Cruise, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

Turkey Cruise

A travel blog entry by midgesrtw


... ) and the site of King Mausolus' Tomb (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World). Today, it one of Turkey's most popular holiday resorts. The entire Bodrum peninsula is covered with white houses and various holiday resorts with the marina and Bodrum ...

ANGELO YACHTING BLUE VOYAGE TOUR, Gocek - Mugla, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by bluevoyage


... current life is like in our cozy little Mediterranean towns and admire the local arts and handicrafts. MORE INFO These scripts and photographs are registered under © Copyright 2006, Angelo Yachting / Göçek - Mugla - Turkey. All Rights ...

from the land of giggly girls and arthritis, Denizli and now Göcek, Turkey travel blog

from the land of giggly girls and arthritis

A travel blog entry by karensheets


not much time but now in a small resort town staying with a very cool woman who reminds me of Peggy Christensen and a sweet apartment with two precious dogs. she took us to a turkish bath. this one co-ed with empahsis on the Ed of "co-ed" (kinda ...

Artemis, Artemis, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by shandst


Visit to Mary's House and the Temple of Artemis before heading to our hotel at ...

Rabbit Island to Gocek, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Rabbit Island to Gocek

A travel blog entry by wareameye


Tuesday, May 30, 2006 Rabbit Island to Gocek / Sixth Day Aboard Yacht One last day of excitement aboard the Holiday 10. After breakfast we swim and snorkel before calling out the main entertainment. We treat some of the crewmembers to another ride on ...

Gocek gunleri, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Gocek gunleri

A travel blog entry by synilo


... Cannes ve Monaco boatshowlari icin hazirlamamiz gerekti. Bu surec cok yorucu ve cetin gecti, ama arada sirada yelkenli ile Gocek'te keyifli gunlerimiz de oldu.  Haldun Catikkas yaptigi maketi bitirdi ve yerine monte etmek uzere tekneye geldi. Bu ...

A pleasant surprise, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

A pleasant surprise

A travel blog entry by peacelovemusic


The town of Gocek is a very pleasant surprise.  Last year when in this vicinity we did not visit the town, imagining it to be just another big town, however, it's delightful.  They have done a lot of development in the last year (according to ...

Pummakale, Pummakale, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by longwaydown


Sorry for the delay in updates..... internet has been very hard to come by over the past few days.  We will try and get some more pics up soon......... Another drive day and another windy coastal road - destination Pummakale.  It was a ...

A walk in the woods, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

A walk in the woods

A travel blog entry by ladieswotyacht


We all felt fairly jaded after the delivery to Fethiye and while the boys hit the local bars on Monday night, Laura and I went straight to our bunks... I know after the Santana debacle I said that I wouldn’t bail out early on the crew again but I ...

Gocek, Ulubey, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by davidjhutchison

This is purely for a world map to keep count of the distance I have travelled. No blog as such just a list of places ...

Breaking Free, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

Breaking Free

A travel blog entry by ireneandchris


... to know and love.  There were strangers amongst us!!!  It was time to move on. May 1.  We set sail for Gocek the next morning, some 30 nautical miles south.  Accompanied by Belle Helene we went from virtually no wind to a stiff 30knots ...

From Göcek to Muğla, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

From Göcek to Muğla

A travel blog entry by travelincognito


... shielding it from the open sea, it and nearby Fethiye are some of the most popular sailing and luxury yacht destinations on Turkey's south coast. I have visited a few other towns during the last few weeks. Marmaris is the largest city in the area. It is ...

Tadilat kolay olmadi, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Tadilat kolay olmadi

A travel blog entry by synilo


... anca dortbasi mamur bir tersanede yapilabilirdi. Ama Willem'in tekneyi daha once yapmis olmasi bizi cesaretlendirdi ve islemi Gocek'te yapmaya karar verdik. Hic kolay olmadi, ozellikle lojistik acisindan cok zorlandik. Gerekli parcalarin Avrupa'dan temin ...

New Friendships, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

New Friendships

A travel blog entry by andrewthedonkey


This was the first day I met the gang.  They were all on a boat trip from England and they invited me to join their gang.  Mind you we are flying back to England tomorrow and going to stay with Graham and Trudy - I'm not sure what they are ...

Winding down, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

Winding down

A travel blog entry by ladieswotyacht


... ; As we prepare the boat over our final 4 days here, I have reflected on the last 4 weeks.  I have enjoyed being in Turkey and been lucky enough to go to some amazing places I wouldn't have seen otherwise but I'm tired of the coastline, all the rock ...

The Mediterranean, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

The Mediterranean

A travel blog entry by krystinea


Probably the highlight of the tour so far is the four days on the Gulet. Sailing through the Mediterranean has been amazing. The thing that is most amazing is the colour of the water. It ranges from deep navy blue to bright turquoise and everything in ...

Gocek'ten batiya gitmeye basladik, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Gocek'ten batiya gitmeye basladik

A travel blog entry by synilo


Artik Gocek'ten gitme zamani geldi. Antalya donusunde Esma'nin dogum gununu kutladik, birkac guzel gun gecirdik, ama senelerdir bize ev olan Gocek'ten gitme zamani ...

perfect paradise, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

perfect paradise

A travel blog entry by rtwma

... out the system! We can understand now why so many people have told us to come here. We sadly said goodbye to gocek, hoping to return someday, and set our sights away from the sea to the interior of turkey. Next stop is the travertines of ...

Pammukale, Pammukale, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by jasonfern

... me. I left Marmarýs and halfway to Denýzlý (the maýn cýty near Pammukale) I realýzed I had lost my Lonely Planet-Turkey guýde. It makes stomach flýp just thýnkýng about ýt. For those that dont know, Lonely Planet ýs the equývalent to the ...

Disaster strikes, Göcek, Turkey travel blog

Disaster strikes

A travel blog entry by peacelovemusic


We decided to make an "unplanned" stop at Gocek. The reason being was that they were running an STCW 95 training course during the following week.  The STCW 95 training is a basic seamanship course covering first aid, fire-fighting, survival ...

Göcek, Göcek, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ligur

After driving for 18 hours I finally arrived at the Marina in göcek and spent a week on the ...

Another relaxing day., Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Another relaxing day.

A travel blog entry by beverlyndavid


Wednesday  We got back to our boat, some of our fellow passengers were still up, the temperature is about 25 degrees, so hope the cabin is not too hot this evening. We go to bed about 11.00 and it's quite comfortable for a change, had a good nights ...

Just another relaxing day, Gocek, Turkey travel blog

Just another relaxing day

A travel blog entry by beverlyndavid


... our drinks. We know that in a few hours time we will be awoken by the noise if the anchor being raised and the engines starting up.So I'll finish my blog for today but I'll be ask tomorrow as we make our way back to Marmaris for our last night in Turkey. ...

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