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just who were the Ottomans?, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

just who were the Ottomans?

A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... Muslim)... but this actually feels different than anywhere else I've been.  Today is market day so we get to the town of Ayvalik at peak excitement.  This town is right on the water in Western Turkey.  It's got maybe about 30,000 people ...

Happy Birthday to Rumi..., Ayvalik to Konya, Turkey travel blog

Happy Birthday to Rumi...

A travel blog entry by rawhideone

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... of the area before moving on...hard to leave....   Right now its about 800 is a rainy day in the paradise of Ayvalik so we get on a bus to Konya....that's about an 11 hour trip...but we get the best seats for both legs....right in ...

GÜNEY AMERİKA (GA) GEZİ HAZIRLIKLARI..., Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by gurcanelbek


AYVALIK...14 OCAK 2013, PAZARTESİ YEDEKLEME ve GÜVENLİK ÇABALARI... Güney Amerika (GA)'da cep telefonumun kaybolmasına karşı telefonumdaki kişi ve numaralara ilişkin tüm bilgileri yedeklemeye ...

Incidents: Bursa to Ayvalik, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Incidents: Bursa to Ayvalik

A travel blog entry by oldrover


... , a couple of more hours later, I again overcame my ambivalent undecidedness and elected to--what the h--go on to the coastal town of Ayvalik after all, even though I didn't think I'd get to a place to have a swim. In Ayvalik the otogar is only 1.5 km ...

Ayvalık Independence Day, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Ayvalık Independence Day

A travel blog entry by traceybelle


Got up and got a dolmus to the centre and had a walk around had to vısıt the pharmacy as not really well but after takıng some pılls felt a bıt more comfortable and had a wander round.  Today ıs a holıday ın ...

It's all Greek to Me, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

It's all Greek to Me

A travel blog entry by welovemondays


After another multi-vehicle trip involving a minibus, ferry, minibus, ferry, bus and finally another minibus we arrived in Ayvalik - a lovely harbour town backed by old Greek stone houses built into the steep hills. This time the climb to find a room was ...

If Bus Rides Were A Measure of Wealth..., Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

If Bus Rides Were A Measure of Wealth...

A travel blog entry by kieser_family


(Entry to be entered in great detail by Susan and Allison) (Alli)Andy's great amount of detail might be asking for a bit much for our last few days but I'll see what I can do, blame him for any boredom. We had mentioned that we were getting lots of rain ...

I am not kıddıng, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

I am not kıddıng

A travel blog entry by traceybelle


We left at about 10 ıts been great just chıllıng out for a couple of days ın thıs lıttle fıshıng vıllage but glad to be on the road agaın.  We got the bus to Ayvalıc whıch took us a ...

Kitties!  They're all over our room., Alibey, Turkey travel blog

Kitties! They're all over our room.

A travel blog entry by gr8escape

... find.  This place is really one of the nicest joints on our trip.  Just near the edge of town on the Ayvalik Caddesi, we have a kitchen, bathroom and separate bedroom right off the street.  It's a BEAUTIFUL apartment for only about ...

Belly Dancing vs Wet T-Shirt Contest, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Belly Dancing vs Wet T-Shirt Contest

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

... home, we would have our women participating in wet T-shirt contests. Something tells me you will never find that kind of event in Turkey. I think belly dancing is a lot better. Yes I am gettıng old! The boat trip ended at 630 pm. After the boat trip ...

Ayvalik day 1, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Ayvalik day 1

A travel blog entry by kieser_family


... expected to Ayvalık.  The countrysıde looked a lot like Californıa coastal regıon.  We arrived ın Ayvalik around 2 pm had lunch and then Andy and Susan left to find lodging.  We were hoping to find lodging for 2 ...

A long and boring travel day, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

A long and boring travel day

A travel blog entry by dinovagabond

... wasnt a problem. I had to pay 10 liras extra as it meant being on the bus for a few hours longer. I ended up arriving in Ayvalik at 930 pm. I didnt have a place to stay and wasnt sure where I needed to go to find a decent hostel. Looking lost immediately ...

Aegean cruise, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Aegean cruise

A travel blog entry by tom_white_5588


... expect. It was a real rush. We had to quickly swim back as our boat was about to leave without us. When we got back to Ayvalik, we had dinner in a local kebab joint and then had a fairly early night as we would have an early start the next ...

Day 4 of  the Turkey Experience cont...., Kucukkuu, Turkey travel blog

Day 4 of the Turkey Experience cont....

A travel blog entry by travelledkiwi


Arrived at a little town called Kucukkuu, at 5pm after traveling from Pergamom, about 120 miles north. We checked in and unpacked our bags and then came down for dinner in the hotel restaurant where we found there were six other topdeck buses. Had dinner ...

The Night Bus South, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

The Night Bus South

A travel blog entry by koppers


... tickets to Lesvos (50 euro for the pair).  The daily ferry leaves at 6pm, so we had a good 10 hours to explore Ayvalik and the surrounding area.  We left our pack at the ticket office and set out on foot, heading south, towards the town center. ...

Trojans, Romans, Ruins and Wrecks, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Trojans, Romans, Ruins and Wrecks

A travel blog entry by billnpat


... From Assos, we carried on along the secondary (meaning rough and lumpy), then main highway around the bay and toward Ayvalik. We definitely left the primitive country behind, and are back into modern civilization, with gas stations, supermarkets, and ...

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts

A travel blog entry by sarahimray

It was with no small dose of irony that we waited impatiently for a large German tour group hogging the museum at Troy. Troy, the place of legends, was originally excavated by a German called Schliemann who managed to damage much of the site and run off ...

Taking the Ferry Back to Turkey, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Taking the Ferry Back to Turkey

A travel blog entry by koppers


... in on the top deck.  The weather was perfect, yet again, making the hour and a half ferry ride back to Ayvalik wonderfully peaceful and relaxing -- and before we knew it, we were once again disembarking on Turkish soil. Unfortunately, the ferry was ...

Day 239 - The Ancient City, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Day 239 - The Ancient City

A travel blog entry by craigadventure


... few more that we have yet to grasp… The son of the owner undertook a peculiar practice, we would see throughout Turkey, that of ‘watering the pavement’.  It seems the intention is to trap dust, particularly around eateries, ...

Ayvalik/Turkey, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by globalbedu

... drive, mainly along the coast. Saw perhaps 150 flamingoes in small groups in what appeared to be a salt pan. First impressions of Ayvalik were good. It quickly started to change though. The first pansiyon was closed, then the next, and the next. I ...

A Busy Travel Day, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

A Busy Travel Day

A travel blog entry by katherinecle


This was the day I was most concerned about as there were any number of travel logistics that could go amiss but it all worked extremely well. We took the ferry from a small port 10 minutes by taxi from our hotel.. It was a large modern ferry and a ...

Rest day in Ayvalik, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Rest day in Ayvalik

A travel blog entry by avocaparktours


... the night before. spent the day relaxing in the shade, catching up on our blog, and wandering the back streets of Ayvalik. Dinner at the neighbouring restaurant was delightful, fish of course (being a friday), and a selection of meze (traditional turkish ...

The Trojan Experience, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

The Trojan Experience

A travel blog entry by mickjules

... tan as it was about 38 degrees and no shade. We managed to negotiate another minibus and super coach trip south to Ayvalik that evening. Ayvalik is a seaside village on the Aegean Sea and is very popular with locals. The area is quite renowned for ...

Troy and Ayvalik, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Troy and Ayvalik

A travel blog entry by kazanddamo


From Canakkale we drove to Troy to see the ruins, then onto a town called Ayvalik which we had not heard of but was on our way around the coast so we decided to stop there for a couple of nights. We went on a boat cruise which stopped at some beautiful ...

Izmir to Ayvalik, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Izmir to Ayvalik

A travel blog entry by milesd


... city and the second largest city in Turkey. It is also a stop for cruise ships. Then we got our rental car and drove to Ayvalik, another coastal town, but super small. There are cats that had dirty feet in that town. On the way here we stop at the city ...

Molyvos - Ayvalik - Kusadasi, Ayvaik, Turkey travel blog

Molyvos - Ayvalik - Kusadasi

A travel blog entry by pme34847


The same taxi driver who brought us here, mr stop and go, came to pick us up. However the drive was prettier this morning than at 3:00 AM. The embarkation area  is a surprise.  No Starbucks or WIFI.  The only signs I could translate said ...

Ägäis, Ayvalık, Türkei travel blog


A travel blog entry by schmutzi


Nach kurzer körperlicher Ertüchtigung vom ihr (laufen) ging es um 11:15 Uhr los. Der Blick aufs Meer war zwar schön, das war aber auch alles Schöne an dem CP. Eigentlich nur dreckig und von den Zuständen im ...

Troy, Ayvalik, Gumuldur/Kusadasi, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Troy, Ayvalik, Gumuldur/Kusadasi

A travel blog entry by kiwijods

Day 5 - 26th April - Ayvalik - Gumuldur/Kusadasi - breakfast Today, we drive south. Set on a high hill are the Roman ancient ruins of Pergamum, once one of the Middle East's richest and most powerful little kingdoms. Home to one of the steepest, ...

Die türkische PrePaid Karte, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Die türkische PrePaid Karte

A travel blog entry by schmutzi


An dem Tag also, als der Sohn ins KKH gekommen ist, waren wir - gefühlt - völlig vom Rest der Welt abgeschnitten. Der Tarif in Ländergruppe 2 der Deutschen Telekom bedeutet 1,70€ die Minute. Nicht wissend, was uns noch bevorsteht, wollte ich ...

Ambling down the Aegean coast, Ayvalik, Turkey travel blog

Ambling down the Aegean coast

A travel blog entry by brentandglenda


... our drive south through grove after grove of olive trees and alongside stunning seaside scenes, stopping at the fishing town of Ayvalik. Olive-oil production is the main business of this delightful little village; shops had large jars of olives and ...

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