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Tag 1:  Aspendos und Alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Tag 1: Aspendos und Alanya

A travel blog entry by stephanberlin


... und kommen überall flott und sicher voran.   Aspendos ist nach 40 km unser erster Halt auf der Fahrt nach Alanya. Das besterhaltene Amphitheater der Antike steht wie ein riesiger Legostein am Fuß des überwachsenen Burghügels. Der römische  ...

Beautiful Country. Beautiful People, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Beautiful Country. Beautiful People

A travel blog entry by jefehenk


Barely hit the ground and it's been amazing. Yesterday went to Alayna and visited an 11th Century castle on a high rocky area surrounded on 3 sides by the Mediterranean Sea. Pretty cool. Fellowship with my friends has been the best. Some great convos ...

Along the coast of Turkye, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Along the coast of Turkye

A travel blog entry by tabasamu2010


... where we found great views: turquoise water next to steep cliffs with some small sandy beaches to complete postcard settings.  Arriving in Alanya it was time to find a campsite.  We decided to drive south along the coast until we see a suitable ...

Alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by d-nomad

Day 18 of Trip: 1. Day trip to Alanya (2.5 hour transfer) 2. Stalagtite Asthma Cave (Humidity 94%) 3. Hike to ancient castle ...

The Turkish coast is packed with old ruins, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

The Turkish coast is packed with old ruins

A travel blog entry by jnewcomb

... as there is a whole lane not used by traffic. Following this for a short whileýle I arrived at the last town on my turkey tour, Alanya. First stop was the Red Tower (Kizil Kule). The next stop was a bit more of a challenge - the Alara Fortress. 250 ...

Better on top of Alanya than in Side, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Better on top of Alanya than in Side

A travel blog entry by fatduck

... too, but these ones required effort to reach, or a 20 lira taxi ride. I opted for effort and climbed the rocks that made Alanya famous in ancient days. A peninsula juts out about a mile from the beach, making the first natural harbour in many scores of ...

Wherever the wind blows, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Wherever the wind blows

A travel blog entry by samcujes


... as they're on the main drag. My kind of tourism! And then after some more hours driving along the coast we came to Alanya, another coastal tourism centre. This was a strange place. Ancient fortifications (like a mini Great Wall of China) wound through the ...

From Silifke to Alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

From Silifke to Alanya

A travel blog entry by robertandtanja


... Gazipasha, but the eatery we spotted next to a petrol station was closed, so we bought some snacks and continued towards Alanya. Twenty kilometres of beach for 110000 inhabitants and about twenty tourists at this moment. But the rows upon rows of ...

Turkish adventure waiting, Alanya, Turkiet travel blog

Turkish adventure waiting

A travel blog entry by swampyomnom


After a long cold adventure free winter we're longing for sun and blue waves. Destination Alanya and the Mediterranean Sea for one week of ...

Castles and Ruins, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Castles and Ruins

A travel blog entry by resiststatusquo

... After exploring Side, we headed back to a bus that took us to the town’s real otogar and got on a bus to Alanya. The secret to transportation in Turkey is following your gut. More often than not I have no idea if the bus I am getting on will lead me ...

Coastal caravan, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Coastal caravan

A travel blog entry by hdh


... enter the European Union. They've been ready since Ataturk. Their membership will be the culmination of his dream that Turkey be accepted into it's rightful place in the Western world. During his presidency he decreed that, henceforth, Arabic ...

The darkness of day, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

The darkness of day

A travel blog entry by hdh


... to your sunnies - but probably not many. We, and hordes of others, were about thirty minutes east of Alanya (on the southern coast of Turkey), on the midline, waiting for a solar eclipse. We were pathetically under-equipped. We did not have a ...

Turkey_May, Alanya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by ritz

Turkey_May ...

Drama på bussen och framme, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Drama på bussen och framme

A travel blog entry by josma


Puuuh, nu är vi framme! Vi hann med ett litet drama på bussen igår, mycket intressant och spännande för oss som var förberedda på en totalt oproblematisk charterresa. Men det blev aldrig värre än att bussen plötsligt tvärdog, som av en ...

Alanya, Turkey, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Alanya, Turkey

A travel blog entry by chrisny2


... a last minute holiday. At the travel agent in the grocery store in Leiden, we found a trip with Holland International to Alanya, Turkey, a beach resort on the Mediterranean. We arrived to Schipol Airport this mornýng to pick up our travel documents ...

The ancient harbour of Alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

The ancient harbour of Alanya

A travel blog entry by tizwoz


... tail end of the hurricane that hit the UK a few days ago. However we donned our wet weather gear and set off from the ship in Alanya only to have the sun come out by the time we had reached the town. It is a pretty harbour with a walled citadel on top ...

alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by kiedrea

.. ...

Alanya, Alanya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by hansen

Alanya ...

Family holiday, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Family holiday

A travel blog entry by frankbs

Family ...

Sapadere & Dim'i koobas ja jõesäng, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Sapadere & Dim'i koobas ja jõesäng

A travel blog entry by aetal


Kuke, kanade ja imaami ühine pingutus ja äratuse värk oli sama mis eile. Tuleb sellega vist harjuda. Peale hommikust omletti sätime end väljasõidule. Kõigepealt on plaanis Sapadere kanjon. Teekond sinna ei ole pikk, ...

Bränn, bränn, bränn, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Bränn, bränn, bränn

A travel blog entry by josma


Vi började dagen med en plan om att gå upp till piratborgen på berget, så först gick vi förbi Vingvärdarna på ett hotell en bit bort här för att prata med dem om bästa vägen. Vi fick jättebra tips på både berg, båttur och restauranger. ...

Turkey Day 4, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Turkey Day 4

A travel blog entry by mediterranean12


... .) Even in my headscarf the old ladies were mad at me. On the way back to the ship with only minutes before I would leave turkey for good, I saw one last group of old ladies. So I put on my biggest smile andpractially glowed my way toward them. They ...

Sep 01, 2011, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Sep 01, 2011

A travel blog entry by hedinke


Shopping och utekväll, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Shopping och utekväll

A travel blog entry by josma


Igår morse var det molnigt när vi vaknade, precis som "vanligt", vilket passar oss perfekt då det ger oss flera timmars ursäkt att inte ligga på stranden utan faktiskt aktivera oss. Så det gjorde vi nu! Vi gav oss ut på en shoppingtur. ...

Alanya, Turkey, 1996, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Alanya, Turkey, 1996

A travel blog entry by stine.tholund

Alanya, Turkey, ...

Nice, Alanya, Turkey travel blog


A travel blog entry by oliwier5432

The weather didnot let me and my family down even though it did rain only once - in 40 degrees ...

Första dagen, första doppet, första...., Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Första dagen, första doppet, första....

A travel blog entry by josma


... vet vad jag menar. Hur som helst, vi solade alltså både på "framsidan" (stranden) och "baksidan" (poolen) på vår första dag i Alanya. Man måste ju prova allt! :) Magnus simmade som en liten firre :) Sen när vi tröttnat på att doppa oss tog vi ...

Hajókirándulás, Vörös torony, Barlang (5.nap), Alanya, Turkey travel blog

Hajókirándulás, Vörös torony, Barlang (5.nap)

A travel blog entry by geoneo


...  A második látnivaló az erőd egy része, a hajóépítő műhely volt, ami szintén elég nevezetes itt Alany''ban. Szinte csak elhaladtunk előtte, de amit kellett láttunk és nem is lett volna értelme tovább elidőzni ...

But it was a grind...., Alanya, Turkey travel blog

But it was a grind....

A travel blog entry by jcontheroad


... , it's a freight ferry mainly so no cabins, and it was full, loads of kids running around so no sleep, no shower... I'm in Alanya tonight, I managed 157 miles today, it took 6 hours. The cost road is very scenic, but the road itself is nasty, very twisty ...

1st port 3rd cruise!, Alanya, Turkey travel blog

1st port 3rd cruise!

A travel blog entry by sophie.jane

... , as I know we have an easy life! We are hardly working after tomorrow! After opening 3 hours this morning we docked back in Alayna, Turkey. We then don't have to go back to work till 8:15 tonight! So work 4 hours get 6 off. Then work 3 hours. It's ...

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