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Border Bollix, Kap Choeng, Thailand travel blog

Border Bollix

A travel blog entry by alasdairm

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... the fields as you would expect to see some sheep or cows back home. We arrived at the Kap Choeng - Chom Som border south of Surin in the late afternoon with me again only just woken up (eyeing all monks with suspicion from now on) as I realized I had ...

Ko Chang and Surin, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Ko Chang and Surin

A travel blog entry by nomadic-brands

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... I think the ice-cream seller may be back tonight though as he definitely thought he was onto a good thing!! Tomorrow we head back to Bangkok on the day train for a couple of days before we leave Thailand ready for the next ...

Similan and Surin Islands, Similan and Surin Islands, Thailand travel blog

Similan and Surin Islands

A travel blog entry by m-and-c

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Similan and Surin Islands Live aboard 31st to 2nd February 2009 Day 1 At about 7.45 we are collected from Amsterdam Resort and taken to the Wicked Diving dive shop. There we gather as a group of 12 and are then transferred to the harbour at Koh Lak. ...

Paradise on earth!, Ko Surin National Park, Thailand travel blog

Paradise on earth!

A travel blog entry by dawn_smedley

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... off the coast and seeing manta rays and reef sharks! We thought we should find out for ourselves... The Surin Islands are located on the east coast of Thailand and was the first place that we went to to have been hit by the Tsunami therefore visitor ...

Phuket Surin, Choeng Thale, Thailand travel blog

Phuket Surin

A travel blog entry by oandb


Arrivée à l'hôtel Surin Phuket à 13h30. Magnifique resort avec plage privée et palmiers. Accueil check in avec le manager franco-macédonien vivant en Australie ! On a été upgradés dans les chambres avec vue sur la mer. Superbe villa. Plage ...

My Thai family, Surin, Thailand travel blog

My Thai family

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


... School. She's very helpful but her English is very poor. They also have a son but he is much older and goes to university in Surin. He only comes back in the weekends. And as a fifth member of the family, there is the dog. He's very large but listens ...

Working at Rajabhat, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Working at Rajabhat

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Wednesday until Friday The last few days we had to record a CD for an economical class. It was about excises. The professor will use it in her class and luckily we get a copy. It’s funny to hear your own voice on a CD and the ...

2. English camp is fun., Surin, Thailand travel blog

2. English camp is fun.

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Hello everyone Today our second camp took place at a primary school, of which I don't know the name unfortunately. Probably some Thai name... It was an hour drive.   Schedule Morning  Opening ceremony. What did you expect? Entertaining ...

Thai culture: Dance.Fruit.Food.Music.Series., Surin, Thailand travel blog

Thai culture: Dance.Fruit.Food.Music.Series.

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Hello De Zonnebloem The Thai students made you a video. We hope you'll enjoy it! Let's watch, shall we?   ...

Thai wedding!, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Thai wedding!

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Sawadee ka! Sunday evening we went to a Thai wedding. We didn't know what to expect. Would there be food or not? Did we need to bring money to pay for drinks? Should we give a present? If so, what?  After some research, we discovered ...

Wedding Day!!!, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Wedding Day!!!

A travel blog entry by bee.sass


... day, I'm so excited for Zeb & Morgan and can't wait to see them get married. I'm heading to the Twin Palms Resort at Surin Beach (where the wedding is) a little earlier so I can help Gan get ready and any last minute things that need to be organised. ...

Day 2 of being a mahout!, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Day 2 of being a mahout!

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


Woke up at 7am and attempted a Thai breakfast of chicken rice and soup - was ok but I miss my cereal! Got picked up by Uui and taken to Thongbai - she lives right outside my mahouts shack. We cleaned her out, cut plants and fed her. Didn't wear long ...

1st weekend at S(urin)ally, Surin, Thailand travel blog

1st weekend at S(urin)ally

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


... even at a guy's shoulder. Apparently, they were sitting just beneath the men's toilet so it was piss. Ieuw! Sally: "Well, this is Thailand! After dinner, we went to a bar to drink some Thai beer but I ordered SPY. It's delicious (read: really sweet). ...

Last day as a whole group :(, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Last day as a whole group :(

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


Had a leisurely breakfast and didn't start work until 10am due to the late night. Spent most the morning with Brittany and her mahout feeding her elephant Ma Now. Mr Kong bought me 2 rings made from my elephants tail hair! Today is the first day I ...

Giving a scholarship!, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Giving a scholarship!

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade

Dear readers I'm proud to announce that I was part of a team that's specified in giving scholarships to bright children, who live in poor living circumstances because their family doesn't have enough money to provide the life that's rightfully ...

Belgians' introduction & questions about Thailand, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Belgians' introduction & questions about Thailand

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Dear Thai students Here are the Belgian students. Let's get to know them and answer their questions! ...

So I weakened..., Korat - City of Brotherly Love, Thailand travel blog

So I weakened...

A travel blog entry by lozexpat


So I decided to commission my very first Classic Thai Scooter. I have just bought a Honda C70 cub who's original colour dates it to circa 1970/1971. It is in a pretty poor state of dis-repair. The good news is, that incuded in the purchase price is ...

On route to Surin for the Elephant Village!, Surin, Thailand travel blog

On route to Surin for the Elephant Village!

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


... road were overtaking and queuing on our side of the road - crazy people! Our bus left at 9.25am, we were supposed to arrive in Surin around 3.30 but got there at 5.30pm. Our leader at the Elephant Village (Nang) collected us in a people carrier and it was ...

Rajabhat university, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Rajabhat university

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Hello Yi di ti dai lu tjak, ka. (= Nice to meet you all.) After reading all about the holiday and the dormitory's resort vibe, you must wonder what we actually have to do at the university? So here it goes. TASKS During the week, when we're not ...

My pupils introducing themselves, Surin, Thailand travel blog

My pupils introducing themselves

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Hereby a video of some of my pupils introducing themselves. Hope you enjoy it. ...

Elephant trek, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Elephant trek

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


Rooster woke me up at 4am today - bloody thing! Brittany's mahout dropped her off at mine so we got to cut plants together and feed the elephants. Relaxed at lunch time and done some sketches of Thongbai for my mahout. People have started putting ...

Planting and Meditating with Monks, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Planting and Meditating with Monks

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


There was a party nearby most of last night and the music started up again at 5am - mental! So had very little sleep. Everyone's mahout turned up for 8am as usual but mine was nowhere to be seen - again! So Jazz (a leader of the mahouts) took me all ...

My first day., Surin, Thailand travel blog

My first day.

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade

7 o'clock sharp P'Gaew (my Thai mom) bangs on my door and yells my name. I have to get up. I slept good, the bed is fine and I have a hard matress. Just how I like it. At 8.30 school begins so we had plenty of time, at least that's what I thought ... I ...

Poignard, Surin, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by pvdyck


Nous sommes dans la province de Surin et dans la ville de Surin ... Nous parlerons donc de l'éléphant d'asie, de l'ondinisme (ou urolagnie) est une paraphilie caractérisée par une forte excitation érotique éprouvée en buvant (ou faisant boire), ...

Elephants and temples, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Elephants and temples

A travel blog entry by julie_sam42


... c’était bien un gros truc gris : on n’avait pas vu beaucoup d’éléphants. Pour y remédier, on a été à Surin, à quelques heures d’Ubon, avec un village éléphant dans le coin. Surin est une ville tranquille et plaisante, et ...

Introduction day, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Introduction day

A travel blog entry by lrgibbs


... - they have lunch here at 11am!) and we had pad thai - very yummy! We then attempted to find the bus stop to go into Surin - had no luck and everyone we tried asking couldn't speak a word of English! So we decided to go back to our homestay to play card ...

Hat Surin Continued, Hat Surin, Thailand travel blog

Hat Surin Continued

A travel blog entry by sykospark

So another full day in Hat Surin. This time we decided to be a lil more 'full on' touristy here, as our sunburns have subsided and we had some chill out time. Strolled to the beach and got a massage - it is a fixed price at Hat Surin, 300 baht ...

Fruit paradise, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Fruit paradise

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


This entry will be updated regularly because during my stay I will post information and pictures of typical Thai ingredients: My first three Thai kind of fruits I bought from the local market: mangosteen, roze apple and dragon fruit MANGOSTEEN ...

1. English camp is fun at Saikaew Wittaya., Surin, Thailand travel blog

1. English camp is fun at Saikaew Wittaya.

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


Sawadee Ka! Khun sabai dii, mai? (= How do you do?) Today was the last day of the first English camp. It was 4 days and it took place in Saikaew Wittaya School, so the school where I worked. I had so much fun preparing and doing it. Scouts Loes relived ...

Daily life, Surin, Thailand travel blog

Daily life

A travel blog entry by loesdeparade


... a book or making plans for the upcoming trip. The latter is really something I look forward to. Holiday; seeing another side of Thailand. Yesterday I ate ants for dinner. I saw that there were ants in the dish so I decided to try them because I know ...

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