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We ain't in Kansas anymore, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

We ain't in Kansas anymore

A travel blog entry by piholland

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... Koh Lak was just as bad, we waited four hours and watched as buses refused to stop. Its hard work trying the independent route in Thailand, your much better off with the organised mini buses. When we did finally get a bus and get out of there it felt like ...

Myanmar, Ranong, Myanmar travel blog


A travel blog entry by kevandsian

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Hi Guys, You can read our update from Ranong in our entry from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia entitled 'Travel Rehab!'. Cheers, K & ...

Following in Grandpa's footsteps, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Following in Grandpa's footsteps

A travel blog entry by technotrekker

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... wish me luck anyway! First things first however. Ranong is an obscure border town on the west coast of Thailand about 300 kilometres north of Phuket. Ranong province is the most sparsely populated in Thailand and also the wettest, with rain getting caught ...

Jungle is Massif!, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Jungle is Massif!

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... our instincts through the town. Just as it was looking like we should have stuck on the highway we hit the jackpot. Le Ranong Cafe and Bistro had immaculate rooms for £14 and the bistro below was heaven. The owner was baking brownies when we came down ...

Tsunami Relief Camp, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Tsunami Relief Camp

A travel blog entry by awdickin

Hi everyone! This has been a really amazing week. I've been at a Tsunami Relief camp in a small village outside Ranong. The experience was a bit different from what I expected, and it's had it's ups and downs, but it has been really great to work with ...

Dive, eat, sleep, repeat...!, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Dive, eat, sleep, repeat...!

A travel blog entry by mattgottwald


... boat for scuba diving that I was. Scuba diving was... Awesome! I spent 4 days and 4 nights aboard a boat diving the best dive sites in Thailand and some of the best in the world. It's meant to be a top 10 area and I can see why! We did 4 dives each day, ...

Visa Runn Take 2, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Visa Runn Take 2

A travel blog entry by beckye


Ranong We left Ko Sok early 4 a long day. Quick stop over between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Coast. A day trip across Estuary of Mae Nam Chan (Chan River). The city is a gateway to many travellers to pass through on quick trips across the ...

chumpon, Chumpon, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by jubble11

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Monkeys and Monsoons, Koh Chang, Thailand travel blog

Monkeys and Monsoons

A travel blog entry by appleandparsnip


... . Tons tasty cooking, whilst watching the monsoon hammer down. Mr.Ton tells us the full extent of the rains damage in southern Thailand. Floods and mudslides have wiped out villages and killed over 15 people. We start to realise that our 60 day visa run ...

South Thailand Island life, Koh Chang, Andaman Coast, Thailand travel blog

South Thailand Island life

A travel blog entry by mistyandmark


... :  We made the long train rides down from north Thailand to the Andaman Coast.  I am writing this entry from Ranong, Thailand.  The Train rides from Chiang Mai on the overnight second class seat instead of sleeper (there weren't any left ...

Ranong Transit, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Ranong Transit

A travel blog entry by tomandlizzie

Ranong ...

Thai islands - Here We Come!!!, Ko Phayam, Thailand travel blog

Thai islands - Here We Come!!!

A travel blog entry by joanknab


... Hmmm.  Off we head across the ocean that now looked like a good friend as long as it was heading back toward Thailand. I mean, I didn't even care about holding on for dear life. Finally we pulled up to our Thai immigration docks and there sat ...

Thailand, Koh Phayam, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by bel_und_pesce


Similan Islands und Taucherlebnisse Thailand war das nächste Ziel. Die Reise mit verschiedenen Bussen dauerte rund 20 Stunden. Da wir etliche der südlichen Inseln bereits von früheren Reisen kennen, steuerten wir die Similan Islands und Koh Phayam an. ...

Ranong, Ranong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by jubble11

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Date a girl who Travels, Koh Phayam, Thailand travel blog

Date a girl who Travels

A travel blog entry by nopiensodiaries


Inspired by the popularity of "Don't date a girl who travels" and in a bid to prove that women who travel will not end up alone with 17 cats (not least because I detest animals and 'alone’ and ‘lonely’ are infinitely different entities) ...


The "other" Koh Chang

A travel blog entry by sophiam


... . I drifted off in the afternoon following my sleepless night and endured another vivid nightmare, involving spontaeous brain surgery in Thailand. I don't know what it was - the sunless afternoons, the black sand creeping through yellow on the beach, the ...

over the rainbow, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

over the rainbow

A travel blog entry by carson_nicki


... definitely helps too :) After about 2 mos in Pai, the majority of our Unicorn family traveled down to southern thailand for the world Rainbow Gathering. I had never been to one before and hesitated initially about whether to ...

Andaman continued... Koh Phayam, Koh Phayam, Thailand travel blog

Andaman continued... Koh Phayam

A travel blog entry by neilm_83


... taken over to supply the shops and restaurants on the Island. We soon learned on arrival that the locals call Phayam the island that Thailand forgot. There's no 7 eleven, no pharmacy and not even an ATM! Our first digs were at 'Lucky Resort' ran by a ...

BAINS CHAUDS, Ranong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by marie-claude.g


... si nous maintenons notre visite. Nous n'avons pas vraiment le choix et cette partie là est accessible sans encombre depuis l'aéroport. Ranong étant un port de pêche, nous allons diner dans une des adresses préférées de Christian qui nous fait ...

Classy New Year's Festivities and a Visa Run, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Classy New Year's Festivities and a Visa Run

A travel blog entry by dmilord

... getting ready to leave the island.  Our Visas were about to run out so we booked ourselves a trip to Ranong on the Thailand/Burma border so that we could cross, come back and get issued another 30day Visa exemption.  ...

Ranong . . again, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Ranong . . again

A travel blog entry by grynn


... ;  On the Burmese mainland, the immigration office is right beside the pier, so we spent spent no longer than a wonderful 10 minutes in Burma, before heading back to Ranong and jumping on the return bus back to Phuket. Next stop, Koh Phi Phi. ...

23-10-07 * from Ranong to Patong, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

23-10-07 * from Ranong to Patong

A travel blog entry by michael77


That's it - I'm tired of the country-side of Thailand Need people around me... ;-) So let's go South! Ranong (the place I stay right now) is nice - but very very quiet... even the "hot springs" are not more than a big tickle... and the "big" spring ...

VISA RUN (Ranong) - THAILAND, Ranong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by unbound


... water we have ever seen.  And it was splashing on us too.  But the ride was okay and we had it back into Thailand, but probably carrying a new disease from the water.  Once we got to the boarder, a guy and his posse guided us the 500 ...

The Day I Was Left Behind in Burma, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

The Day I Was Left Behind in Burma

A travel blog entry by nikkiviper

... worse places to be stuck than burma" its actually not strictly true - there arent really much worse places to be stuck.  basically thailand has this scam where you get a 30 day visa on entry but like me, most people stay longer. so rather than ...

Hoellentrip, die Zweite!, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Hoellentrip, die Zweite!

A travel blog entry by nax

... in ein kleines Guesthouse gegangen und haben dann dort Leute gesehen, sie man nicht jeden Tag in Thailand trifft! Das Guesthouse war bevoelkert von einer Gruppe original Berliner Punks mit Irokesenschnitt, Springerstiefeln, Schottenroecken und alle ...

Phuket, Visa Run and trip to Samui, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Phuket, Visa Run and trip to Samui

A travel blog entry by simonmain1

... reckoned 'it wasn't clean' shagging some Thai whore clean?!?!?) to Rangon where we queued up and checked ourselves out of Thailand, we then boarded our little bus again anjd drove to the harbour where we boarded a fishing boat.  All passports ...

Ranong, Ranong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by marcorusti


... scrive ) che la mattina dopo per la modica cifra di 10 bath ( 20 cent di euro ) mi ha portato dritto al molo pronto per prendere la barca del 9.30. Ragazza birmana alla fermata del bus: Il molo di Ranong, punto di partenza verso Ko Chang. ...

Ranong, Ranong, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by jubble11

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Rank Ranong, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Rank Ranong

A travel blog entry by grynn

We came through here to get the ferry boat to Koh Payam. The ferry wharf stunk worse than anything I have smelled in my life. It was a pretty quirky boat ride though. A boat travels twice a day from the mainland and it mostly ferries supplies for the ...

Post & Mangroves, Ranong, Thailand travel blog

Post & Mangroves

A travel blog entry by linda-and-rick


... you don't already have their current one. We walked back through town, noticing all the things that tell us we're in Thailand: it's clean, the vehicles drive on the LHS, brand names such as Teashop, Tesco Lotus, and the wonderful sounding Top Charoen, ...

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