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Wat's it all about, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Wat's it all about

A travel blog entry by piholland

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... and to finish off a lousy rip-off the bus dropped us off miles from anywhere. We had to negotiate another taxi to Phetchaburi town, price agreed this time, clearly! Another important lesson learned. After six hours on the bus being dropped off in the ...

Still here (and still working), Kao Look Chang, Thailand travel blog

Still here (and still working)

A travel blog entry by mills-mcshea

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Hello, hope you are all good. Sorry about the lack of communication I am slack and lame and there is no excuse (am working really hard thought!) I am still at the Wildlife Rescue Centre and absolutely loving it! It is hard work and long hours in the ...

Bears, Boxing and Bald heads, Kho Look Chang, Thailand travel blog

Bears, Boxing and Bald heads

A travel blog entry by mills-mcshea

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... Danny the next day and spent the night there before taking the million hour night train to Penang in Malaysia. So farewell Thailand its been fun maybe see you again soon but hello Malaysia and your new sewage system, ringgits and hairdressers.... Take ...

Bears at Dawn, Kao Look Chang, Thailand travel blog

Bears at Dawn

A travel blog entry by mills-mcshea

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Hello Everyone, hope you're happy. I am in Kao Look Chang, working hard and completely exhausted! After saying goodbye to Danny and heading to the station it felt a little strange to be alone but also exciting to be starting the volunteering. The ...

Heading South to Singapore, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Heading South to Singapore

A travel blog entry by pollyandmikey

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... sleeves to keep warm, rather than keep off the sun. The last two hours were incredibly fast, with a strong tailwind and we reached Phetchaburi  just as the night market was being set up, making for a scenic, if hectic entrance. A very kind man in a ...

An unforgettable experience, Ban Tha Mai Ruak, Thailand travel blog

An unforgettable experience

A travel blog entry by miriamdieperink


... , 3 maanden Thailand. Heb zo veel leuke lieve mensen ontmoet, met de geweldigste dieren mogen werken en in het prachtige Thailand geleefd. Een onvergetelijke ervaring ! Als het had gekunt was ik langer gebleven, ookal begin ik thuis stiekem toch wel een ...

Flying Blind, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Flying Blind

A travel blog entry by disoriented


Our arrival in Phetchaburi was less than exciting, which is only fitting for this less-than-exciting town.  We got off the bus, walked the 500m or so to the guesthouse recommended by LP, and were quickly able to secure a room. Upon leaving our ...

Od Laporja do Phetchaburija, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Od Laporja do Phetchaburija

A travel blog entry by tinateodor


Laporje - Phetchaburi Komaj nekaj od ur od doma pa ze toliko kilometrov in dozivetij za nama. V ponedeljek zjutraj, ko sva krenila iz Laporja proti Grazu, kjer sva pot nadaljevala z vlakom proti Münchnu, se je zaradi del na avtocestah skoraj ...

Take a closer look!, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Take a closer look!

A travel blog entry by gigisodyssee


Beste mensen,  Alhoewel we pas aan het prille begin van onze reis zijn, hebben we de afgelopen dagen al enorm veel mee gemaakt. (en niet veel tijd gehad om deze blog up te daten) Eindelijk, zittend in de bus richting Petchaburi, kan ik rustig ...

Taken for a ride !! Fare enough, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Taken for a ride !! Fare enough

A travel blog entry by ian_parnaby


... ..   We had decided to again endeavour to be "locals" and catch a ferry up and down the Ganges of the Thailand - Chao Praya River. Somewhat another pilgrimage for me. Tom dropped us at the flower market's pier and we caught the next commuter boat ...

Do you have a well ventilated room?, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Do you have a well ventilated room?

A travel blog entry by dolly_would...

I spent a couple of days in Phetburi. It's a very busy, crowded city and felt in parts just like Bangkok.  It is on a river, however, meaning there are some nice spots.  I had a really good day of watting & think I might have OD'd on ...

monkey town, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

monkey town

A travel blog entry by joandcraig


nightmare monkey place with lots of ...

Eine süße Stadt, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Eine süße Stadt

A travel blog entry by lisalaurin


... trotzdem nicht und als wir endlich, viel zu spät, was den Zug - und viel zu früh, was unseren Schlafrythmus betrifft, in Phetchaburi halten, sind wir völlig erledigt und schleppen uns zum Quartier. Unser Zimmer ist ein großes Bett, das mit zwei Seiten ...

Phetchaburi, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by vachon_88


We got here last night  Phetchaburi is  a really nice change , a laid back city about 2 hours SW of Bangkok. We ride the train here from Surat Thani a 6 hour journey through a part of Thailand I never actually seen since I have always skipped ...

Proti morju, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Proti morju

A travel blog entry by tinateodor


Danasnji dan sva se zelo optimisticno napotila proti zelezniski postaji, da se odpraviva proti Jugu. Ugotovila sva, da imajo Tajci zelo zanimiv sistem prodaje kart in sicer najprej eni dve uri cakajo da se nabere ogromno ljudi, nato pa zvoncek zacinglja ...

Monkeytown, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by kittenbum


We decided to go to Phetchaburi on our way to Bangkok to see the dozen wats around town. We arrived in the rain on the side of the highway as the sun was going down. On our way to our hotel we came across a  ...

Floating market, Damnoek Suduak, Thailand travel blog

Floating market

A travel blog entry by gabifilova


Tak tento den zacal pekne brzy. Vyrazila jsem z Kanchanaburi svizne prvnim busem v 5.10h smer - znamy Floating market- trh na lodkach. Prestoupila sem na dalsi minibus, bagl slozila do hotelu a mazala na trh. Chtela jsem ho videt drive nez prijedou ...

Phetchaburi, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by angelaliotta


... last 2 days me and 2 scotts explored the national park (called Kaeng Krachan and it's the biggest np in Thailand) near Phetchaburi. It's famous for its wild life, caves and a beautiful waterfall! We saw a scorpion, 2 porcupines, a deer, ...

Last beach..., Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Last beach...

A travel blog entry by thailand_dream


After leaving Prachuap Khiri-Khan, I headed north again to the province of Phetchaburi (often simply called Phetburi). I stayed here just shy of a week and had an awesome time, including a day trip to Cha-am that's home to a popular stretch of coast which ...

Back to WFFT, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Back to WFFT

A travel blog entry by annek

Back to WFFT after Koh Chang ...

Wildlife Friends, Part 2, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Wildlife Friends, Part 2

A travel blog entry by annek


As my time at the Wildlife Rescue Centre ends, it hasn't escaped me just how out of date my blog has become, and how bad I have been at keeping in touch with people during the last six weeks. It's hard to explain the effect the Wildlife Rescue Centre ...

Small City Life, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Small City Life

A travel blog entry by minerguy


Phetcburi is a nice small city.  You can walk nearly anywhere you need to go although it has gotten quite warm and humid that last couple of days.  Just gave what I needed for an excuse to siesta.  After my overnight journey and bus back ...

Motorcycle Mishaps, Kanchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Motorcycle Mishaps

A travel blog entry by bonnieandpaul


Sawsadee Krup! The first thing I've noticed about Thai, is that for 1 english word you must use a minimum of 3 Thai words. For example: we say 'thanks' they say 'kop koon krup' (for a male)and kop koon kaa (for a female) Needless to say, we're not ...

Wildlife Friends, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Wildlife Friends

A travel blog entry by annek


Monday 11th August I got up early and made it onto my morning flight from Kota Kinabalu to Bangkok, stopping off briefly in Brunei, despite being taken to the wrong airport terminal by the taxi driver. I thought a taxi from Bangkok down ...

Train journey Bangkok - Prachuap Khiri Khan, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Train journey Bangkok - Prachuap Khiri Khan

A travel blog entry by agi_and_rudi


After having spent three weeks in different northern parts of Thailand, we are now making our way south and closer to New-Zealand. The train leaves Bangkok station on time but soon after departing starts stopping repeatedly in the suburbs. Our train ...

Petchburi, Thailand, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Petchburi, Thailand

A travel blog entry by subtlebydesign

Cave temple via ...

Peaceful riverside town.....but hot!, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog

Peaceful riverside town.....but hot!

A travel blog entry by mellowmantaray


Hi, This morning we got up and visited Khao Wang, a hill studded with wat and crowned with King Mongkut's palace. There were lots of pesky monkeys hitching a lift on the tram ride up. We went for lunch in a restaurant next door, they had no English ...

Chiang Mai, Part II, Ban Tha Sen, Thailand travel blog

Chiang Mai, Part II

A travel blog entry by byrnedm


... 8226; Trip day: 11 Now we’re really movin’! We’re en route to a place called Krabi, a town on Thailand’s southern Andaman Coast used as a jumping off point to access some of the country's most backpacker-friendly and thus popular ...

A little bit of paradise, Petchaburi, Thailand travel blog

A little bit of paradise

A travel blog entry by annietheowl


... Thailand. We spent our first night in the small town of Petchaburi before heading to Kaeng Krachen, the largest national park in Thailand and by all accounts, a great place for birding. Just before the park entrance, we came across Samarn Bird Camp where ...

Bangkok-Phetchaburi-Chayia, Phetchaburi, Thailand travel blog


A travel blog entry by laiadevic


... Se trataba de la foto de mas arriba, y de un rumor que decia que los monjes de un templo de Phetchaburi, en Tailandia, habian experimentado extranhas experiencias espirituales despues de tomar un misterioso liquido negro. Asi pues, cogimos el primer ...

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