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Stonetown, Paje and Daladalas!, Stonetown, Tanzania travel blog

Stonetown, Paje and Daladalas!

A travel blog entry by tracystravels

This is a top pick!

Flew from Nairobi to Stonetown the historic city on the Tanzanian island of was an easy flight on a prop plane with marginal pressurization capacities!  Stayed in the Malindi district 'near the port' as the ad for the hostel ...

Zanzibar, the spice island, Stonetown, Tanzania travel blog

Zanzibar, the spice island

A travel blog entry by amykclancy


I caught a bus back to Dar es Salaam the next day.  The bus ride was less eventful this time as I only had to guard my window (as I mentioned in the last email, no one likes the window open despite the 40 degree weather so they will actually ...

Paradise Beach, Pingwe, Tanzania travel blog

Paradise Beach

A travel blog entry by thecheeses


... plying their daily trade. The beach we were able to access by boat was not that attractive and we decided to walk towards Pingwe and some rather swish beach resorts on the far eastern peninsula. As usual Team 3 made their own luck and we were soon ...

Ras Michamvi Resort, Ras Michamvi Resort, Tanzania travel blog

Ras Michamvi Resort

A travel blog entry by smithafrica2013


Zanzibar, Pingwe, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by deigo762


Today is our first full day at the resort. We arrived last night and got settled in, went for dinner, and it was your typical resort show. It is our rest day, time to unwind, sleep in (didn't happen) and lay on the beach (did happen) and look out at ...

General slobbage..., Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog

General slobbage...

A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


This is our 6th day here and we leave for Stone Town tomorrow. So here is a general round up of some of the things we have seen, done and smiled about so far. Coconut Beach.. There is a beach below the pool here, and another one just round the ...

Picture Perfect, Kendwa Beach, Tanzania travel blog

Picture Perfect

A travel blog entry by tototheturtle

I took the shared minibus to Nungwi Beach, but it seems like they are trying to rip off tourists, so I said screw it and went to Kendwa Beach instead. It is the low season right now in Zanzibar and instead of selling single rooms, they lie and say only ...

Traveling to Zanzibar, Pingwe, Tanzania travel blog

Traveling to Zanzibar

A travel blog entry by muellebt


Today marked the day when we part ways with Joy and Joel, pronounced Jo-el. A couple that we never knew and now will never forget. Living on opposite sides of the planet we happened to plan the same exact Kilimanjaro hike and 5 day safari. It's been ...

Zanzibar, Safari Blue, Kusini, Tanzania travel blog

Zanzibar, Safari Blue

A travel blog entry by muellebt


Our first full day in Zanzibar, we went on the safari blue tour. It was a snorkeling trip with a barbecue after. It was a great time, we stopped at this sandbar in the middle of the ocean just before the snorkeling to let the boat crew get things in ...

Wet goodbyes to Michamvi, Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog

Wet goodbyes to Michamvi

A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


RAIN. Not pretend rain, but real actual heavy straight down and no messing rain. The sea was no longer blue, but the sort of grey we associate with Southend on a grey August day. Only wetter. Thankfully it was our last morning so all we had to do was ...

Reefers, Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


It only looks a breath away at low tide. A breath with a wee bit of blue separating the exposed shoreline from the reef itself. "Let's walk there! If we go from Coconut Beach it will be sandy most of the way!"Hmmn. Right.It was hot as we walked ...

Beach Boy Capers, Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog

Beach Boy Capers

A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


Ali Ali Ali! Having been duly warned by the home team about the Beach Boys and their tricks we were not surprised to be accosted by one after the other as we strolled along the beach. Obviously they want to sell you a tour and all at a cheaper ...

MVTB#17A: Special Edition, Pingwe, Tanzania travel blog

MVTB#17A: Special Edition

A travel blog entry by adammallon


I thought I was done blogging for a few days.  Given the pace we've been moving since we arrived in Zanzibar, it didn't seem likely that we had enough to write about...but then, this morning we SWAM WITH DOLPHINS.   We've had some incredible ...

Tell tale tail ..., Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog

Tell tale tail ...

A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


I believe he is called Robert, but I can't be totally sure.(Actually, I think his full name is Christopher Robert Colobus, but his friends call him Robert, or Bo for short.) Robert is a little aloof, but often joins us for meals. He announces his ...

Pingwee und The Rock, Pingwe, Tansania travel blog

Pingwee und The Rock

A travel blog entry by alexmerlin


...and every day is Christmas, Michamvi, Tanzania travel blog

...and every day is Christmas

A travel blog entry by alicebeetle


*PROBLEMS IN PARADISE*STOP*PLEASE SEND A CD*STOP*ANY CD AT ALL*STOP*EVEN A COUNTRY MUSIC ONE*STOP*BUT NOT A MARIAH CAREY ONE*STOP*... *HELP*STOP*  ... with which she shoves the note into the bottle and chucks it in the Indian Ocean with an air of ...

Paradise...., Kendwa Beach, Tanzania travel blog


A travel blog entry by tototheturtle

The only thing I've been doing while I'm on Kendwa Beach is sleeping in the shade under some thatch roofing. It's great. I must admit I should be a bit more active, but it's hard when the sun is beating down on you. From after breakfast to noon, I sit ...

MVTB#17: R&R, Pingwe, Tanzania travel blog

MVTB#17: R&R

A travel blog entry by adammallon

When we were planning this trip, my wife reminded me that when travelling I can occasionally try to pack something in to every minute of every day.  While this might work for a couple weeks, Megan had some doubts about our ability to sustain that ...

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