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Day 28, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Day 28

A travel blog entry by mikaylalebo2


... train to Zurich for about 4 hours. We ordered a drink and chips at the bar, and the total was $6! We REALLY were headed to Switzerland. Once we arrived, we went to the ATM, and tried taking a taxi to our hostel, however, the taxi driver said it was too ...

Grüezi, Zürich!, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Grüezi, Zürich!

A travel blog entry by isy_

I really thought Oslo was expensive but Zurich is even worse! I flew here with SWISS which truly is a premium carrier and everything seems to be pure perfection. I liked it! Arriving at the central station I walked along the river to get to my hostel ...

Our final hours spent in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Our final hours spent in Zürich

A travel blog entry by ohwanderlust


... to see American Apparel there. We had lunch at Manor and did a bit of shopping in Globus which is my favorite department store in Switzerland. I just love the quality of everything and when there is sale no one can stop me there. Next we went to the ...

Nice-Zurich-Lucern-Bonigen journey, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Nice-Zurich-Lucern-Bonigen journey

A travel blog entry by hsaddy


Switzerland made it a no stress journey even though it was late in the night! That was a great first ...

Pick up the bike / Töff abholen, Herrliberg, Switzerland travel blog

Pick up the bike / Töff abholen

A travel blog entry by infiniteroad


17.10.2012    Herrliberg (CH)    Km 60800    Pick up the bike / Töff abholen Organize a van to transport the motorbike from lakeside Zurich to my home. I took the longer way through Sihltal (for whatever reason, ...

What a start..., Zürich, Schweiz travel blog

What a start...

A travel blog entry by chrito


Upgraded to Business Class :-) ...

Morgen geht es endlich los:D, Zürich, Schweiz travel blog

Morgen geht es endlich los:D

A travel blog entry by yvonne87


... Hause habe ich gut überstanden und mit wenig Nervosität ging es um 6.30 Uhr von Bern Richtung Flughafen Zürich. Der Flug nach Helsinki verging total schnell und wahr angenehm. Jedoch beim zweiten Flug nach Bangkok schien die zeit nicht zu ...

Home, sweet home, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Home, sweet home

A travel blog entry by cathaytravelers


Es ist immer wieder erstaunlich wie schnell die Zeit vergeht. Einmal blinzeln und schon sind fünf Monate um. Die Tage werden wieder kürzer und kühler, die ersten Bäume bauen bereits ihr Chlorophyll ab - und Benj und Seraina sind ...

Let the adventure  begin, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Let the adventure begin

A travel blog entry by swisschris


Abflug, Zürich, Schweiz travel blog


A travel blog entry by hasi


Um 12.20 gehts los nach ...'s Google!!!, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog's Google!!!

A travel blog entry by alison_tran


... some swiss chocolates before we left. I must say, of my entire trip so far I have met the nicest people here in Lucerne Switzerland. Everyone here has been so happy, friendly and helpful ... such a lovely place to be :) I'll remember it fondly.  On ...

Escale à Zürich, Zürich, Suisse travel blog

Escale à Zürich

A travel blog entry by le-bon-jack


Jour 1 6h20, on atterrit à Zürich. A peine 1h plus tard, nous sommes déjà en train de déambuler dans le centre ville. Seul hic, rien n'est ouvert à 7h30 un 24 juin à Zürich. Ce n'était pas si grave; nous en ...

Wedding Day, Greifensee, Switzerland travel blog

Wedding Day

A travel blog entry by taaotravel2013


We came for a wedding and today was the day.  Unfortunately it didn't just rain. It poured.... all day! We were honoured to attend the official ceremony at the city council office, and then a more casual ceremony in a loft room at a modern ...

so jetzt ist es soweit, Zürich, Schweiz travel blog

so jetzt ist es soweit

A travel blog entry by alexcampa


ganz verwirrt habe ich nun doch noch das gate erreicht:) vielen dank euch allen für eure unterstützung in den vergangenen wochen/monaten. nun kann die reise beginnen:)) mit einem weinenden und einem lachenden auge verlasse ich die schweiz und ...

Munich to Zurich., Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Munich to Zurich.

A travel blog entry by gaosborne


... at 1.15pm for our ride to Zurich. We are country hopping skirting in the boarders of Germany & Austria to reach Switzerland. Wonderful scenery of mountains,valleys & farmlands on our travels to Zurich. Arrived a little later than expected as hit ...

Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by gaosborne


Sitting at the airport in the lounge waiting to board our aircraft @ 0035hrs. Had to show passport & boarding pass 4 times so far & both of us were frisk searched as the "beeps" went off going through security. Singaporeans are certainly doing ...

Our last stop in Switzerland, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Our last stop in Switzerland

A travel blog entry by gill.peterhosie


... to Raleigh-Durham in the USA and we took the airport fast train to our gateway. It was time to say good-bye to Switzerland and head to London where we were connecting with our American Airlines flight. Arrival in London at 07.30 am and Heathrow was ...

Packing, Glattfelden, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by klooser

Dany and family went for lunch and a children birthday party, we relaxed, had lunch at home and packed for our trip. Marlyse and I prepared Wurstsalad for dinner. Dany joined in later to have a drink with ...

Arriving in Switzerland: Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Arriving in Switzerland: Zurich

A travel blog entry by jolotravelling


Coming ...

Buy me a ticket for an airplane, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Buy me a ticket for an airplane

A travel blog entry by travellingfools


We're up early this morning, headed to the Copenhagen airport for a flight to Zurich. It was tough waking up with the sun at 4am after a full day of Copenhagen and an evening of Tivoli yesterday, but we're excited for today. We're visiting a total of ...

The 25 hour flight, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

The 25 hour flight

A travel blog entry by tomiwithers


Our flight from Hong Kong to Zurich was much better than our flight from Auckland to Hong Kong. The sight out of the window of the aeroplane was amazing. You could see all the city lights because it was dark. There was a bright light at the end of the ...

Munich to Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Munich to Zurich

A travel blog entry by charlottedv

... that it was still discussed frequently by her peers - probably 60s. She has lived in Germany for 30 years but still regards Switzerland as home. Our one difficulty was understanding that some had pre booked seat and so we did have to move once they ...

Hello fro Davos, Zürich District, Switzerland travel blog

Hello fro Davos

A travel blog entry by


Welcome to Friday in Davos,so yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a lunch meeting about THE NEW WAY OF PHILANTHROPIC GIVING ,the speakers were Bill Gates,Richard Branson, again I say O M G !!! I also was able to listen to the new head of Iran and ...

Bye bye Switzerland, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Bye bye Switzerland

A travel blog entry by haldimanns


... Schweiz für zwei Wochen hinter uns! Wir fuhren von Gümmenen Bahnhof nach Bern und von Bern nach Zürich Flughafen. Wir mussten unsere Pässe mehrmals zeigen. Alls wir im Flugzeug waren mussten wir die elektrischen Sachen abstellen. Wir ...

Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by thegages


After traveling halfway around the world we landed in Zurich and  after trying to sort out what train to catch into the city we got off one stop short so we got a cab to the hotel - we like these cabs Mercedes - very nice good first impression got ...

Off to Ireland, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

Off to Ireland

A travel blog entry by donaldsdoeurope


Big day of travel today. Left Hong Kong at 11.30 pm and arrived in Zurich at 6.30 am then a 3 hour stopover at Zurich airport before our flight to Dublin. Arrived around 10.30 am our transfer driver was late but he was a nice bloke so we forgave him.. ...

Test, Zürich, Schweiz travel blog


A travel blog entry by ivoegeli


Test ...

Bernina Express and Zurich, Zürich (Kreis 4), Switzerland travel blog

Bernina Express and Zurich

A travel blog entry by bmwjohnno


When we left Florence, it was in a state of readiness to tackle the unknowns of the following two days. Firstly we had to get to Milan, where we would board a local train for Tirano (not to be confused with Torino - which is Turin). We had accommodation ...

En route, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

En route

A travel blog entry by csilver


We're in Zurich! A quick two hours and we have another 8-hour flight. We didn't have to get our bags or go through customs which was a huge relief, just a couple hours to hang out and get coffee. The first flight was easy, although neither of us slept ...

On our own, Zürich, Switzerland travel blog

On our own

A travel blog entry by molandmail


... - not a piece of paper in the floor. Wonder who cleans them all day or does no one ever leave trash? All of Switzerland is so fitness and nature oriented. Buildings are preserved - the outsides have to remain the same but the interior can be gutted and ...

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