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Views, hikes and yodelling, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Views, hikes and yodelling

A travel blog entry by tan14


... a boat on the Brienz lake from Interlaken to visit the Ballenberg museum, a living history museum with houses and traditional ways of Switzerland. The boat trip was beautiful and the water was a gorgeous aqua blue colour , the trip takes around 1 hr 10. ...

Jungfraujoch, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by aabr


We went up to the Jungfraujoch today, although we almost didn't. It started very cloudy. We couldn't see two feet from the train - well until we got to the tunnel - about a 20 minute ride up THROUGH the mountain to the top. Just as we got there the ...

Swiss Alps Fun, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss Alps Fun

A travel blog entry by trent


... Also, if you recall, I made a few Swiss friends (well 2 Swiss, 1 German, and 1 Austrian - but they all live in Switzerland) while on safari in Botswana and they decided to come meet us in Wengen our first night for a small reunion. Arriving in Interlaken ...

Where many have gone before, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Where many have gone before

A travel blog entry by lmcfarland


... by folks who consider it reasonable not to force everyone to wield an ice axe and crampons in order to reach one of Switzerland's recreational assets. We could sit and eat a tasty lunch indoors between ventures into the icy outdoors. The view from atop ...

Bounding around the Berner Oberland, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Bounding around the Berner Oberland

A travel blog entry by lmcfarland


Switzerland is known for many things. For example, there are Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese, and Swiss clocks. But Switzerland offers at least one commodity that cannot be managed by the export market: The Swiss Alps. On Sunday afternoon, via increasingly ...

SNOW!, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by trent


... Alps is all about hiking, so we picked one out and hiked the Leiterhorn trail.  This trail takes you up above the village of Wengen and around the mountainside for a view of the valley near Interlaken.  What can I say - it was a gorgeous hike, a ...

Milk Chocolate, Cowbells, and Scary Apparati, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Milk Chocolate, Cowbells, and Scary Apparati

A travel blog entry by lrandal

So, we're in Switzerland, in the Bernese Oberland, or Swiss Alps.  Everywhere we look is like an IMAX movie--the mountain scenery, the wildflowers at our feet, the picturesque cog railway trains, which get you up and down mountains.  We've had ...

Relax & Recover day, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Relax & Recover day

A travel blog entry by tmarq4


... down to town. Feeling lazy, we took naps and then were rewarded with some breaking sunshine! Hopefully that's a good sign for tomorrow! Wengen is an interesting little ski town at 4200 feet above sea level, with only 1300 year-round residents but up to ...

Saanen to Interlaken to Wengen, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Saanen to Interlaken to Wengen

A travel blog entry by tmarq4


... We can see snow on the nearby mountains, and the forecast is for some snow tonight. Our hotel was about another 5 minute walk. Wengen does not allow any cars, only some small electric vehicles to transport people around. It should be a fun town to explore ...

blah, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by cde3879

blah ...

Switzerland Day 4 World Cup Skiing, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Switzerland Day 4 World Cup Skiing

A travel blog entry by nedk


Switzerland 2009 Day 4 World Cup Ski Race Wengen Today and tomorrow are the reasons I come to Switzerland in January. A huge party atmosphere in the mountains. To the Swiss, this weekend is their Super Bowl as this is the only Swiss ...

training day, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

training day

A travel blog entry by spinas

Today we walked from Wengen (altitude 1260) to Kleine Scheidegg (altitude 2060). This trek is normaly done in 2h45 but we did it in 2h30. At the beginning the way was ok, going up quit hard but ok. After 1 hour, we had to walk on snow and ice and the last ...

Swiss Shoppe, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Swiss Shoppe

A travel blog entry by kinkajou25


... First. Dallin was having problems with his lip, so he stayed in Lauterbrunnen trying to find some medications. We first took the train up to Wengen to go on the lift back up to Männlichen. But anyway, I guess we had a good amount of spare time until the ...

Foggy in Wengen, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Foggy in Wengen

A travel blog entry by kinkajou25


When we got to Wengen, we walked across town to the lift station, where we waited a while for a lift to Männlichen.     See, Männlichen is supposedly a place higher up where on a clear day, has amazing views of the valley. Today, was ...

Switzerland 2009 Day 5, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Switzerland 2009 Day 5

A travel blog entry by nedk


Switzerland 2009 Day 5 World Cup Downhill I awoke to another beautiful day in Switzerland.  Sunny skies and around 35 degrees, a perfect day to be up in the Alps.   Had breakfast and went to the station to get a ticket to Wengen and ...

Exploring Interlaken, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Exploring Interlaken

A travel blog entry by vbhughes


We walked around Interlaken today getting our bearings and watched hang gliders landing in the park. I was very keen to hang gliders but due to wearing moon-boot not able to as I am unable to run down the hill for takeoff -Devastated! Ended the day with ...

Up in the Clouds, Männlichen, Switzerland travel blog

Up in the Clouds

A travel blog entry by kinkajou25


Männlichen isn't much. There's basically the lift station, a hotel, a playground, of course, and a bunch of cows. The playground had another spinny rope thing and even a giant hammock! After playing around here, we were ready to do the hike to Kleine ...

Very Small Lift, Männlichen, Switzerland travel blog

Very Small Lift

A travel blog entry by kinkajou25


  Once in Männlichen, we took a smaller lift down to Grund. These lifts were very small, and could hold only four people. Allison, Mom, Susannah, and I got in one and Dad had to go in another one.    On the whole ride down to Grund, I ...

Apr 01, 2013, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Apr 01, 2013

A travel blog entry by matthewswilcox


Finally facing the Eiger, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Finally facing the Eiger

A travel blog entry by jrutledge


... stopped in Interlaken in 1977 and then in 1981-- no luck. Socked in by fog. We've been experiencing the same  in Wengen, but decided to take the cable car up higher yesterday-- Monday--to see if conditions were better there. Thanks to Kevin, we ...

BIGGEST HIKE OF MY LIFE - Wengen to Mannlichen, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

BIGGEST HIKE OF MY LIFE - Wengen to Mannlichen

A travel blog entry by manda2010


... to be easy.  We decided, randomly, to hike to a place called Mannlichen.  When we walked past the gondola station in Wengen and I looked up and realised just high up we were planning to hike I got nervous and was wondering whether it was a good ...

Skiing Prologue and Test, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Skiing Prologue and Test

A travel blog entry by thebigmansam


Hello there.  Just before going away I managed to go off to Wengen in Switzerland for a little skiing and apres ski of course.  Just thought i'd write in here and put some photos in just to see how this thing works as well! We managed 3 days ...

Oh Yes!, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Oh Yes!

A travel blog entry by monicahughes


... difficult to navigate the crowd to have dinner and see the town.  We enjoyed fondue (but very expensive, like everything else in Switzerland) and then instead of waiting an hour to take the train back to Wengen, we took a cab to another train station ...

Berner Oberland, Switzerland, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Berner Oberland, Switzerland

A travel blog entry by nedk


... up and then I headed out for dinner. Good dinner, but slow service again. missed one train to Wengen because of it, but on vacation in Switzerland, who cares?!! Wednesday morning up the Mannlichen cable car again. This time at the top I took ...

Only In a Swiss Toilet, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Only In a Swiss Toilet

A travel blog entry by fos53


Mad For it Dave! Right, as you probably remember, I have had a week off to go skiing in Switzerland. Now, I have got to say at the outset I met somebody who is more pumped up than I am in the mornings to get the first lift! The first 3 mornings, he beat ...

Rainy day, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Rainy day

A travel blog entry by anna_oshea


As it is rainy and cloudy today, we spent most of the day at the hotel, we did some much needed washing, (also Kaian is a bit sick so it was good to have a rest too). Hopefully the weather is better tomorrow and then we can go up to the Jungfrau and to ...

Traversing the Alps, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

Traversing the Alps

A travel blog entry by monicahughes


Today in the Swiss Alps, was another chance to be flexible with nature.  The clouds decided to hover over the tops of the peaks and thwarted our attempts at going to the tope of the Shilthorn.  We made it to the part where you have to hand over ...

OMG!, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by realmccoys


Not a very imaginative title, I know - but there are seriously no words to express our awe at the magnificance of this area.  I'll publish a few of the 600+ pictures George took (seriously - three days and 600 pictures) and leave the rest to ...

Grindenwald, Grindenwald, Switzerland travel blog


A travel blog entry by maryjnelne


The Mannlichen Mission, Wengen, Switzerland travel blog

The Mannlichen Mission

A travel blog entry by witheyski


... up the Lauberhorn chair and skied across to the top of the Wixi run. We then set off down the Lauberhorn Men's downhill run towards Wengen. The snow conditions were mostly good and we all went past the big jump on the course (the Hundchof) and under the ...

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